Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 12 Recap



We rewatch the doctors fight for Hyun Ji’s life. Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) disappears from Bong Pal’s (TaecYeon) arms and returns to her body. We see Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) find out that she’s awake.

Bong Pal calls out to Hyun Ji a few times a couple of times before collapsing. Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) go looking for Bong Pal to find him collapsed on the ground.

Hye Ji wakes up and her parents are crying. She asks what she’s doing there and why he parents her crying. She can’t remember the accident and didn’t know that she was in a coma for 5 years. The doctors assure her that she should get her memories back.

Hye Sung is in the hall when he heads the doctors what to contact the neurology department because there might be something wrong with Hye Ji. He looks in as Hyun Ji tells them that she doesn’t remember anything. Her mum tells her that it’s not important and she’s happy that she’s back. Hyun Ji mentions that if she’s happy she shouldn’t be crying.

Chun Sang asks the doctor about Bong Pal and he tells him that he’s overworked himself. He can be discharged after he rests for the entire day. Chun Sang mentions that it was bound to happen after Hyun Ji’s departure. In Rang asks why Bong Pal was having difficulty with it and Chun Sang admits that he believes that Bong Pal and Hyun Ji were an item. Chun Sang hugs In Rang and tells him that it’s ok and reminds him not to hurt Bong Pal.

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Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) goes to see the priestess and tell him that Bong Pal’s mother went to get another weapon made before her passing. The priest didn’t know where the weapon was hidden. The Priest assumes that the item that Bong Pal’s father came to get was the weapon. Myung Chul gets ready to leave and the priestess tells him to be careful.

Hye Sung sits, looking at Hyun Ji’s student card and asks what he should do with her, out loud to no one.

Myung Chul arrived at Bong Pal’s house and find him not there. He wonders if he’s in trouble so he calls his cell phone. Chun Sang answers it and tells Myung Chul that Bong Pal is in the hospital and tells him where. When they hang up In Rang asks who it was and he admits he doesn’t know.

Myung Chul arrives at the hospital and meets with Chun Rang and In Rang. When he asks what happens In Rang tells him that Bong Pal just collapsed from exhaustion. Myung Chul gets introduced to the duo and is told about the exorcism business. Myung Chul accuses them of using Bong Pal about Chun Sang assures him that it’s mutually beneficial. He tells him how dangerous exorcisms are and tells them they should stop. He tells them to stay where they are as he goes to talk with the doctor. Neither of the boys recognises who he is and In Rang decides to go get food.

Hyun Ji is examined and it’s determined that there is no damage to get nerves. The hospital has prepared a basket for her to congratulate her on waking up. Hyun Ji notices a stoic doctor but brushes it off. (She can see ghosts!!!)

In Rang is coming back when he sees a crowd. When he looks over the heads of the crowd he notices Hyun Ji. When he checks the name he runs back Bong Pal’s hospital room.

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Bong Pal wakes up fro the memory of Hyun Ji disappearing in his arm. He tries to get out of bed to find Hyun Ji but Chun Sang stops him telling him he needs to rest. In Rang comes in and tells them that he say Hyun Ji. Chun Sang this he’s nuts for thinking that he’s seen a ghost. He tells them that they are saying that she’s woken up from a 5-year coma, and with that Bong Pal is off in a flash. They follow him and In Rang directs him to where she is.

Myung Chul comes back to find all 2 men are missing and starts looking for Bong Pal.

Bong Pal checks every wing in the ward and finds Hyun Ji. However, when he hugs her she asks him who he is. She tells him that she doesn’t know him and doesn’t know how he knows her. Her mother comes in and asks who he is. He apologises and must have mistaken her for someone else but leaves on the verge of tears.

Once outside Bong Pal tells Chun Sang and In Rang that she doesn’t recognise him. They figure it’s because she was in limbo and then returned to her own body. Bong Pal walks away and they look in. When Hyun Ji comes out, In Rang is devastated that she doesn’t recognise him but Chun Sang tells him that if she doesn’t recognise Bong Pal that there is no way she’d recognise him.

Bong Pal is leaving the hospital when Myung Chul calls to him. He asks who he found him and Myung Chul tells him that his seniors told him. He asks if he’s better and Bong Pal assures him that he is. Myung Chul decided to take him out to eat.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.58.34.png

Back home, Myung Chul is preparing Ox Tail soup when Bong Pal comes out to help. He shows him away to rest. Myung Chul goes to the bathroom and right then Chun Sang and In Rang comes to give back his backpack. They tell him that it’s not only him that she doesn’t remember. She has no memory before her accident 5 years prior. Since she was a victim of a hit-and-run she has memory loss from the trauma. In Rang tells him that  they should be happy that she’s alive. Myung Chul comes out asking about the hit-and-run and the du tells him they came to return Bong Pal’s bag and leave. Myung Chul asks if Hyun Ji is alive and he confirms that she is and is staying at the hospital he was at. Bong Pal goes to his room and Myung Chul wonders why Bong Pal is jumping for joy at the news.

Bong Pal stares at the study guides and toothbrush. He packs them up and leaves.

Chun Sang stops his car and asks if he’s ok with trying to get Bong Pal and Hyun Ji back together. He tells him that Hyun Ji’s happiness is his happiness and there are more important things. In Rang is determined to find the person who put Hyun Ji in the coma 5 years prior. In Rang asks if he had the card from the detective and they head to the police station.

The police officer goes and looking into the death of Hye Sung’s father. A police officer from the local precinct tells him that it was just an accident. They go to the apartment and look inside. The Seoul police officer gets a call from his junior and is coming back . He tells him that the accident doesn’t make sense and the only people home were Hye Sung and his mother.

Hyun Ji is rehab when he mother takes a phone call. Her mother still isn’t back when she’s done so she heads to her room alone. She greets everyone including the ghost doctor. While going up an incline she has difficulty and starts rolling backwards. Not to worry because Hye Sung is there to catch her. He offers to take her back to her room since she’s tired. They talk briefly and he tells her that he’s a volunteer. She tells him that she doesn’t remember anything about the accident but it should come back in time. He mother comes and they part ways but Hyun Ji tells her mother that he’s totally her type.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 12.26.16.png

Hyun Ji is playing with her new phone when Bong Pal comes. He shows her his ID and promises that he’s not a weirdo. He tells her that they were boyfriend and girlfriend while she was a ghost, but she doesn’t believe him. He jokes that shells regret it when sh e remembers. He assures her that he is simply there to return her things that day. He places the book and her toothbrush on the table. He assures her that he will return every day until she remembers.

Her mother returns and notices the things and asks if she bought them. Hyun Ji tells her to throw it away and she asks if she’s sure because it’s the same items she always uses. He tells a story of her throwing a fit because of the change of colour. She tells her to leave it. As her mother is putting away the study guides Hyun Ji looks at on and sees the photo with her writing on it. She remembers a memory of her and Bong Pal together. HE head starts to hurt and she assures her mother that she’s fine.

Bong Pal comes every day to see Hyun Ji, doing small things to make her life easier. One day she’s in physio and comes out, after finding out the news that she can start getting out patient care in 3 days. She doesn’t see him and finds it odd. When she’s walking and looking around she spots Hye Sung with the children and she stands to watch for a bit. Once it’s over they talk for a little and she holds happy the dog.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 12.53.38.png

Myung Chul goes and gives a gift to Hyun Ji’s mother and tells her to apologise for him.

She’s outside talking with Hye Sung about schools and he invites her to come and sit in on his class when she’s out. She thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Myung Chul happens to notice that they’re together stares. Bong Pal sees him and asks what he’s going there. He tells him it’s just happened. Bong Pal briefly wonders what Hyun Ji is doing with the professor.

Bong Pal waits for Hyun Ji inside. He mentions that she’s in a good mood. She tells him that she was until she saw him. He asks if she’s eaten lunch and she tells him that it doesn’t matter to him. He shows her the bags of pack lunch and tells her that it’s boring eating hospital food every day. She tries to leave but he bribes her with meat.

They go and sit down and she tells him that she’s only being polite for trying the food. He lays out everything that she loves. She starts eating and finds everything fantastic. He pours some kimchi stew (Yum) and she starts telling him that there should be a lot of meat in it, when he finishes the sentence and he assures him that there is. He says to himself that her appetite is there regardless of her being a ghost or a human.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 13.06.41.png

Myung Chul goes to the vet hospital and asks if Hye Sung is there he’s told he’s not he tells them to  not bother him. He asks to use the bathroom and instead looks through his office He finds Hyun Ji’s student ID there. Hye Sung comes back early and finds him there. Myung Chul says he went into the wrong room.

Hyun Ji finishes eating and she tells Bong Pal she’s going to leave. He offers to take her to her room but she refuses. He grabs her arm and nearly tumbles. He catches her but they nearly kiss. She remembers the incident on the stairs. She freaks and asks him what he’s doing and he mentions that she was falling. She tells him that she hasn’t had her first kiss yet and he mentions that it’s not true. When he insinuates that they kissed she freaks and starts leaving him. She leaves and he sits up smiling since she’s a good fighter.

She arrives back and the doctor asks where she was. She tells him she went for a walk and he ushers her in. He tells her that the professor isn’t in, and she tells him that she also doesn’t see the taller ghost doctor. She finds out that there is no doctor by that name at the hospital and they leave she notices that she forgot her cell on the roof and foes to get it.

Bong Pal notices the cell phone and decides to bring it down.

Hyun Ji is walking and feels a presence. Off screen, two doctors are talking and he asks if he’s heard of Kim Jun Won. They other doctor tells him how he would kill patience during surgery and when the police started to investigate him he killed himself in his office. The ghost reveals himself to Hyun Ji in all his glory. She turns but he’s there too. She screams and falls. Bong Pal hears her scream. While she’s backing away from the ghost she screams Bong Pal’s name.

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