Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13 Recap



We rewatch the accident No Eul’s (Bae Suzy) father has with the voice over of Joon Young. The facts are run down of the culprit. We see that Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) on the beach in Hawaii for a healing trip with No Eul is looking for the driver of the hit-and-run. There is a slideshow of what No Eul had to go to next to Jung Eun.

Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is scrolling through Jung Eun’s Instagram while sitting in the bar that Jung Eun is drinking at. He follows her when she walks away with the bottle in her hand. He follows her to the pool and dives in when he notices her fall into the pool. His voice over continues telling the audience that there is no evidence and the witnesses changed their statements so there is no chance of a retrial.

NamGoog (Park Soo Young), Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) and Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) are all looking at Joon Youn like he’s grown a 3rd head. He tells them that he’s changed his mind about the movie because he heard the new section chief is beautiful. Namgoog tells him to stop making jokes because he didn’t have his medication. He tells him that he’s not joking. They remind him that Jung Eun is already taken by someone else. Joon Young tells him that the plan anyways. They remind him that it’s already been announced that the actor had changed. He tells them to call the production and asks his who they who prefer, the biggest Hallyu Star of the current actor.

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They arrive and Koon Young asks if he really changed his mind because of the section chief. He list off all the pro about her and when Kook Young mentions she’s marrying into the KJ group and is marrying Choi Hyun Joon’s (Yu Oh Seong) son. He walks off looking stunned but really he already knew. Man Ok asks if he didn’t have a thing for NO Eul and Koon Young tells her that no one can tell what’s going on in his head.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) catches up with No Eul and offers her his back. She tells him that she’s fine. He tells her that there will be a lot of people for KJ group watching. He pretty much wants to bug them.

Joon Young here Jung Eun walking when he hear Jung Eun talking with Sung Ho (Jeong Dong Hwan) He walks towards them while thinking about how the statue of limitation runs out in 40 days and he has minimum 30 days maximum 60 days left to live. He surprises them by speaking up.

While he’s talking with Jung Eun, Ji Tae turns the corner and No Eul asks to get down. She walks towards Joon Youg and tells him it’s been a while. She pulls out his phone and confirms that he hasn’t changed his number. She asks why he’s ignoring her calls. He tells her it’s just because. She mentions that he hasn’t changed his number and he tells her that he was planning too but it’s too much of a hassle. He tells her that he’s busy and has nothing else to say. She tells him that she has a lot to say to him but he tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Jung Eun he’ll see her again and walks away leaving the trio there.

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No Eul excuses herself and goes to her room. Ji Tae apologises to Jung Eun and she asks if that’s all he has to say. He tells her that had they come to the conclusion earlier she wouldn’t have had to go through that. He walks away and calls to Joon Young. He asks him if he wants to share a drink.

No Eul goes to the store to buy Soju but then asks herself what type of trouble she wants to get into by getting drunk. She puts the soju away. (I should get a bottle) She calls her boss and asks if he wants to hang out with her that night. They go to karaoke and she sings a bunch. It takes a few moments but soon he’s into it too.

Ji Tae pours him a glass of alcohol and asks if he came to see No Eul. He tells him he can because he has a soft spot for pretty women. Joon Young goes for the alcohol and Ji Tae stops him and drinks it himself. He tells him he forgot that a sick person shouldn’t drink. Joon Young tells him he’s not sick, Ji Tae looks around before switching into English and dictates his diagnosis. He tells him that he’ll protect No Eul and that Joon Young should take care of himself. He tells him that he doesn’t have the time to claim her as his and he should stop toying with people’s feelings. He takes the bottle of alcohol and leaves a very shocked Joon Young.

No Eul is walking back from the bathroom at the Karaoke place when she sees Man Ok being harassed. At first, she just walks by but notices that her brother isn’t noticing anything since he’s singing. So she goes to Man Ok’s rescue.

Joon Young calls Kook Young and asks here he is. He tells him he’s not anywhere and then Joon Young hears screaming. He arrived to find Kook Young, Man Ok and No Eul beating up the guys who were harrassing Man Ok.  He screams at the top of his lungs and asks what’s going on. When Kook Young Tries to explain Joon Youn tells them that he wants them to leave.

Joon Young is so mad when No Eul tries to explain he snaps at her stumbling explanation. She tells him that since Man Ok was harassed she got hurt and starts listing them off. Joon Young is on the verge of tears when he calls over a worker. He asks if there is a hospital nearby which she confirms that is. He asks her to escort No Eul because she seems to be hurt. She asks if she’s hurt and she apologises for everything but she’s fine.

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Ji Tae wakes up with a hangover, having drunk the entire bottle of liquor the night before. He finds Jung Eun in his room. He inquires as to why she’s in his room. She tells him that his mother wants to talk with him. She calls her and passes the phone to Ji Tae. His mother explains how his position will he given to Jung Eun and he will work under Jung Eun. She also tells him to vacate the room. He tells her he will. She starts to tell him what he should do to stay healthy but he tells her that he doesn’t care what she wants. He tells her that he will not allow anything to happen to No Eul and will not tolerate if anything does after all he has quite a trump card. Jung Eun tells her that she will hold his position until he returns and he tells her that there is no need for that ever.

Joon Young is jogging when suddenly he trips. He thinks nothing of it and gets back up again. He tries to grab his bottle but it slips from his grasp again. He briefly remembers what his doctor had said.

No Eul is looking at her bruise and complains to herself that it look worse than the day before. He remembers back to her meeting with Joon Young. While thinking about him she cracks the raw egg on her face. She calls for another one.

She goes out to walk when she notices Joon Young sitting on the boardwalk, looking at the ocean. He’s riding out his blurry vision and when he opens his eyes No Eul is right in front of him. She starts going on about her 5,000 won bill but when she gets him to remove his shoes he stands to leave. No Eul grabs his hand and they stay like that for a beat. She tells him that she doesn’t believe what people are saying because she knows him. She tells him that she even knows what he’s thinking and it’s that he misses her. He laughs at it before No Eul admits how much she misses him. She tells him that she’ll see him the following back and wants to see him every day. She leaves and Joon Young is close to tears.

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Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) arrives at the store and a worker tells him that Young Ok (Jin Kyung) is acting weird. When he notices Jung Sik’s purchases he asks if he should call a doctor for them. Jung Sik goes in back to help Young Ok but takes the ingredients away because she is constantly adding too much.

Young Ok thinks back to the meeting with Hyun Joon. There is an awkward silence and Young Ok adds far too much sugar in her coffee. He switches their coffee and she tells him that her taste has changed. When she grimaces he laughs and switches them. He asks if she got married and Jung Sik comes in. He asks why she calls and he didn’t want him in the parking lot. She introduces Jung Sik as her husband and holds his hand. (Oh! He wishes that were true.) She tells him that Joon Young takes after his father and is nosey. When Jung Sik starts to chock again she starts patting his back and Hyun Joon gets jealous. Hyun Joon is also thinking about the meeting in his office.

Ha Ro (Ryu Woh) is buying all of his friends a meal to try and dig up information about Jik (Lee Seo Won). He asks if digging up information on people is her past time. She tells him it’s not. He tells his friends that if they say one more thing about him to her their dead. He goes to pay the bill for the table when Ha Ro tells him she’s paying. His friends tell him that she loaded and he should date her. He accidently knocks her over after she grabs his arm and she hits her head.

Jik brings Ha Ro to Na Ri’s (Kim Min Young) place of work and tells her that she’s forgotten everything. He offered to bring her to the police station and she refused. Na Ri goes and asks her a bunch of questions to which she answers. Na Ri pulls Jik aside and tells him that she’s crazy about his so she’s acting like a crazy woman to stay by his side. He doesn’t understand why since he’s a nothing special and she seems like she would be popular with the men. Jik goes over and reads her notebook. She tells her that everything she has in it is wrong and tells her the truth. He tells her to ask him directly instead of asking his friends.

No Eul is in her bathroom with the clothes that she forgot to hang in the tub. She gets a call to go down but she only has her track suit. She tells him she’s coming. She gets eaten out by Sung Ho. Finally, No Eul snaps at him and speaks her mind. He realises that is why No Eul got fired from her position with Joon Young. He calls to him and tells his he should have warned him. He tells him that he didn’t know that she was working for him but he would have. No Eul grabs her equipment and leaves.

She meets up with Ji Tae in the hallway and tells him that she was fired, so he offers to grab a coffee with her. He brings her coffee and she asks if he got fired too because she saw that Jung Eun became the new section chief. He tells her about his engagement and how he ditched it to be with her. He asks if she likes Joon Young so much and wonders why she only sees him when he hurt her so much. She mentions that he’s the same running after her. He tells her that he’s just clever because he knows she’ll come to him if he waits long enough. He suggest they go back to Seoul together since they both got fired.

Kook Young storms out even though Man Ok tries to stop him. Joon Young breaks while filming and beats up Sung Ho. He talks with Jung Eun and when she tells him that Sung Ho will sue he tells him to let him. She asks if he’s looking for the movie to be cancelled. He admits that he doesn’t care. She tells him that she does and he goes to apologise.

They go but Sung Ho refuses to accept his apology with out him being on his knees. Jung Eun tells him he’s just being mean because he did the same thing to him. He tells him that he did it on purpose, which is accurate. Joon Young kneels and tells him that he’s sorry and they should finish filming.

No Eul goes to see Joon Young and asks if he did it because of her. He tells her that her narcissism is stronger then he thought. He tells her to take some medication and go to bed. HE goes into his room and tells him that it doesn’t matter how cold he is to her, she will not believe anyone else. He tries to ignore her but finally he drops her to the bed and ask if she wants to sleep with him. He promises if she doesn’t that he’ll open the door and let her leave. No Eul looks to be on the verge of tears.

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