Uncontrollably Fond Episode 14 Recap



Joon Young ( Kim Woo Bin ) has No Eul (Bae Suzy) pinned to the bed. She tells him she’s not leaving and staying by his side. He leaves the room.

Young Ok (Jin Kyung) and her staff are running around because the restaurant is packed. She’s ringing up a bill when Joon Young calls. She answers and he asks her to tell him 3 reasons he can’t be with No Eul because he can’t seem to remember anymore. She tells him to call her back. He decides to pretend like there is no reason he shouldn’t be with No Eul and just be with her. He looks out the windows at No Eul and remembers Ji Tae’s (Lim Ju Hwan) words about the USB. He remembers the near miss of Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong). His phone drops from his hand and he raises his hand to the class while looking out at No Eul.

The next scene we see Joon Young shave, get dressed and set up a camera at his home. He records his story about his diagnosis.

Young Ok fixes the signs forbidding Joon Young fans. When she returns in the back she sees Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) washing dishes. He tells her that he quit being Joon Young’s manager because of how he treated No Eul. He calls him a bastard when his father hits him. He asks if he’s still drunk and should go home.  He starts chasing him around. He hides behind Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) and the part-timer. He acts like a brat and when he hits Man Ok the part-timer stops him. Young Ok calls to him and asks him what he did to No Eul.

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No Eul gets brought into Jik’s (Lee Seo Won) school to talk with his teacher. His teach tells her that Jik has decided not to apply for school and with his grades he could get into a good school. Jik storms in and tells his teacher that he asked her to keep it a secret from his family. The teacher defends herself by telling him that she believes that he’s wasting himself. Eul grabs his brother’s ear and tells the teacher she’ll return after she has a talk with her brother. She drags him outside and yells at him telling him that she’s working hard to get the money. He tells her that if she has so much money that she should get them a place to live and pay off the loan sharks. Once she does he’ll go to college. Right as he walks away she receives a call from Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung).

Joon Young is sitting at home with Pororo when he starts to have issues with his eyes again. When Dr Kang calls Joon Young had to try a few times to answer the call. His doctor wants to get him admitted to the hospital but Joon Young tells him that all it changed is that he’ll be dying in the hospital rather than at home. Dr Kang tries to explain about treatment but Joon Young refuses. The doctor tells him that he’ll tell his family and Joon Young tells him that he respects him and not to force him to sue him. Joon  Young apologises for being busy and promises to call back.

Jung Eun comes to see Joon Young and asks him why he sent her a necklace because she’s engaged. He tells her that he knows and admits that it was sent to everyone on staff as an apology. He admits it is a bit much and offers to take care of it for her. She thanks him for getting on his knees and apologising. He tells her that since she was going to go on her knees if he did he had to because he couldn’t let a beauty like her get on her knees for a bastard like Sung Ho. There is a silence before she excuses herself and leaves. She turns back around and tells him that she felt like he said something when she saved her from the pool. He tells her that it’s a secret and said it before he knew she had a faincé. She tells her it doesn’t matter and he ushers her off.

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Ji Tae is working in the receiving bay and sees his co-workers talking. They scurry after he looks over. He smiles but says nothing, returning to his own work. His secretary comes to see him and when he tells him that he’s not the section chief anymore he admits he’ll talk to him informally. He can’t believe that his parents are so mean. He tells him that at least they gave him a job rather than tell him to leave. He tells him that it may be bad if he’s seen to be close to him and tells him to leave. He tells Ji Tae that he saw No Eul and he’s certain the chairwoman called for her.

No Eul meets Eun Soo. No Eul tells her that she’s not leaving Korea and Eun Soo agrees. She gets her secretary to bring in a 1 billion won check. Eun Soo tells No Eul that the money is hers if he allows Ji Tae to go back with his fiancée. Ji Tae storms into the room and accuses his mother of doing something. Eun Soo tells him that she’s solely giving her money. He goes to rip the check up but No Eul stops him. She takes the money and leaves.

Ji Tae follows her out and asks her to give him the money because she deserves an apology, not money. She tells him that it is futile to fight because his parents will never apologise no matter how much she badgers them. She’s sold him out for 1 billion won, a sum of money she can’t even fathom. She thanks him for allowing her to hit gold and promises to buy  him a bottle of liquor later.

Joon Young notices that Jung Eun is still there looking at the river. He comes out and asks why she hasn’t left. She asks about his relationship with No Eul because it seems like she really likes him. HE tells her that he really like her too and that’s why he beat up Sung Ho. Jung Eun mentions that it doesn’t make sense that he acts to cold to her. He admits that it’s because she so precious that he can’t have her.  She tells him that it doesn’t make sense that he and Ji Tae are so enthralled by someone who’s worth nothing. He tells her to be careful because he likes her. She walks away and her heel gets stuck in the grate causing her to fall and twist her ankle. He covers her legs because she’s shy and picks her up before bring her in his house to takes care of her ankle.

No Eul goes to Na Ri (Kim Min Young) and tells her she won the lottery. She asks what she would do with 1 billion won. When she says shopping she takes her. She goes to pay with the check but the manager refuses the large check. Ji Tae shows up and hands the sales rep a card. Na Ri calls him by his fake name. No Eul corrects her and he hands No Eul back the check he tells her to not use it . He asks if he’s only worth 1 billion won and he asks her to think what that money is really for before using it. He tells her that she should ask for all of his parent’s money if she’s really willing to forget her father’s death since that would be a fair exchange.

Joon Young ices Jung Eun’s ankle. When she mentions that he seems to be an expert. He tells her that Eul trips all the time and sprains her ankles. At that point, she tells him that she should be fine and will head home. She tries to drive the car but asks him to drive her.

While driving Jung Eun he asks if she’s sure she doesn’t need a hospital. She tells him that it’ll be just fine. She asks him about her appeal as a woman and if he had any thoughts of seducing her. He mentions that she has a finacé and she tells him that all Ji Tae cares about in No Eul. Since No Eul since so attached to Joon Young, she can’t fathom why he’s following her around. She tells him that she wants to steal him away from No Eul and make her feel the pain she’s felt. Joon Young pulls the car to the kerb and he tells her that he’s left that keys in the ignition. As he walks away she re-asks if he thinks that she could steal him away from No Eul and Joon Young tells her that he doesn’t think so. He walks away while she’s shell-shocked.

Joon Young gets a taxi to drive him to No Eul’s place. He hides when he sees Na Ri come out. when No Eul arrives they have a huge fight. Na Ri tells her that she can’t believe she turned into the type of person that accepts money. No Eul asks her watch she wants her to do, her father won’t come back from the dead if she didn’t take it. Her father always complained about her being too generous. However, with that money she has a chance to give Jik a chance to a normal life. Na Ri tells her to leave and not to come back because she won’t have someone so twisted in the house.

Ji Tae arrives home to hear his mother praising Jung Eun. He tells her that everyone is bad mouthing Jung Eun. Hyun Joon reminds him that it was the same way when he started working. He asks his mother to lets Jung Eun. He tells her that he’s not going back to hear and she should stop toying with her feelings.

Ji Tae is putting on heating pads when his father comes in to help. He tells his father about his mother paying of No Eul. Hyun Joon asks if No Eul refuses the off and stormed out. He says that she’s accepted it and his father can’t see what he wants to protect. He tells him to get some rest.

Eun Soo is painting when she throws her paintbrush down in rage.

Ji Tae gets a call from a hysteric Na Ri telling him that she wants her old No Eul back because she’s never been this weird. She tells him that his money has ruined No Eul. He calls Hyun Chul and tells him that he might need to take everything his parents have.

Hyun Joon is in his office and he looks at a piece of paper with Young Ok’s and Joon Young’s names on it.

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) comes out and asks why Young Ok hasn’t left. She asks him what would have happened if she hadn’t run away from Hyun Joon and wonders if he wouldn’t be so messed up. Her heart aches for Joon Young who can’t love the woman he loves freely because of his father’s crimes.

Joon Young watches No Eul as she gets drunk. She starts talking to the items and she chastises her brother for giving her an ethics lecture. He waits till she passed out to go to her. He picks her up and carries her back to Ba Ri’s house. He tells her that she’s done nothing wrong and goes to kiss her. he stops and pulls away. He rings the doorbell and Na Ri comes out and freaks out that she’s sitting there.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 14.53.47.png

Joon Young asks his mother in his head if he could scrap his plans and spend his last few days kissing, hugging, travelling with, and laughing with No Eul. He accepts that no one would fault him for it.

Jik and Ha Ro (Ryu Woh) are at the library and Jik chastises her for staring at him. She tells him that she can’t study because he’s there. He asks if she’s planning on taking her college test a third time. She tells him that she’s not good at studying. She turns her back to him and asks if he’s happy of her admission. He notices her Joon Young jacket and asks if she hasn’t left the fan club yet. She promises she has and then teases him about being jealous. He tells her that it’s just because he doesn’t want her distracted by anything. She promises that she will try not to worry him anymore and study hard. He notices that she is having difficulty with a question and helps her. While he’s explaining it she kisses his cheek. He jumos away and asks if she’s crazy.

Joon Young is at home doing hand exercises when an alarm goes off for Jung Eun’sbirthdayy.

No Eul wakes up in Na Ri’s bed and gets a cup of water. When she sees her note she wonders how she got there and wonders if she walked herself. She gets some hangover soup that Na Ri made were and after the 1st mouthful, there is a knock on the door. Secretary Kang is there to bring her to see Jung Eun.

Joon Young buys a pair of heels and asks for them to be gift wrapped. He calls to find out he can find Jung Eun.

Ji Tae is driving with a pensive look on his face and then speeds up.

No Eul gets brought to her restaurant and shown to her table. Jung Eun mentions that it’s her birthday and she has no one to eat with. She tells Kang that she’s going to have a long talk with and after the food is brought out everyone can leave.

Jung Eun inquires if No Eul knows who she is. No Eul rattles off her titles. Jung Eun flips out and tells her that she’s Ji Tae’s finacée and thanks to her the engagement was broken off. She apologises and says she won’t see him again. No Eul gets a phone call from Ji Tae and goes to hang up but Jung Eun takes her phone and answers it. She tells Ji Tae that she’s promised not to see him and she’s already breaking the promises. Ji Tae tries to get Jung Eun to talk to her but she hangs up. She gets physical with No Eul and tells her that a person not worthy of jealousy shouldn’t be doing this to her. She says she’s sorry so Jung Eun tells her that if she’s really sorry she should go and die.

Ji Tae arrives and yanks Jung Eun off of No Eul. He tells No Eul to wait outside. She apologises to Jung Eun and tells her that she won’t see Ji Tae again. She walks out and Ji Tae screams at Jung Eun and asks how far hr has to go to have her give up on him.

No Eul is waiting for the elevator and she looks at her reflection in the mirror like finish. When the elevator opens Joon Young is standing there, a little taken aback by seeing No Eul. They stare at each other for a moment before a tear rolls down No Eul’s cheek.


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