Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 3 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is brought into the Sky Huse. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) notices that not only is she soaking wet, but she’s also shivering. He takes off his blazer and hangs it on her shoulders. He leads her further into the house to the bathroom.

She sits in the tub, fully dressed and thinks about what her father had said to her. He shakes her head to rid her of the thoughts and then lays back into the tub, submerging herself.

Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) are all waiting in the living room for the announcement. Yoon Sung comes in and tells them that starting from that moment Ha Won will be living with him and while she’s there, no one is allowed to date. Seo Woo mentions that Hyun Min will have to break up with her. Yoon Sung is about to tell them that Ha Won isn’t Hyun Min’s finacée when Hyun Min stops him and pulls him aside. He tells him to not tell them that she’s not his fincée as it would make sure that the other 2 won’t date her. He tells him that they go crazy for anything in a skirt and Yoon Sung mentions that it’s him and not them. He promises to keep them in line and if he fails he’ll give up his cards. Yoon Sung mentions that he better keep up his side of the deal and then comes back out. Yon Sung reiterates that there is to be no dating in the Sky House and Hyun Min mentions that he’s the exception.

Ha Won comes out of the bath and looks around the room. She dries her clothes with the hair dryer because putting it back on. She picks up her mother’s urn and looks around. She places it on the stool that comes with the make-up desk. She tells her that it’ll only be for a little while and she’ll be fine until her father isn’t mad anymore. Her stomach growls and she giggles a little.

Ji Woon goes into his room and looks around before coming out. Yon Sung tells him that with that he has agreed to live as Kang Ji Woon. Ji Woon tells him that it was more coercion. He tells him that he returned for one reason. He wants to know why they want to erase Han Ji Woon so badly and what type of man his father was to abandon his mother and himself. He promises to find out by himself. Yoon Sung tells him to do that but warns him that while living at the Sky house he shouldn’t dare try and disobey the Chairman.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.14.40.png

Ha Won wanders into the dining room and wonders why it’s so big if only 3 people live there. She goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge. Mrs Belgyo comes in and introduces herself. She tells her that the Masters will be mad if they see them and she bring her to the staff housing. Ha Won admits that she much prefers that. Yoon Sung comes in and asks why Ha Won is there. He’s told that she’s the new employee. Yoon Sung tells her that she’s the Chairman’shonouredd guest. and Mrs Belgyo apologises. She tells her that it’s ok and not to worry while Yoon Sung ushers her out.

They are walking back and Ha Won tells him that the other staff shouldn’t have to treat her differently because she’s staff too. He tells her it’s the chair man’s wishes. No matter what argument she brings up is responded with it’s the chairman’s wishes. Her stomach growls and he asks if she has not eaten yet and she tells him she hasn’t.

They go back into the house and Ha Won watches as Yoon Sung whips something up to eat. She digs in and he smiles as he watches her eat. Eventually, she asks him if he’d like some.

Ha Won is walking around the house when Hyun Min comes and grabs her arm before pulling her to a secluded spot. He tells her that they are still engaged. She tells him to stop talking crap. He asks if she’s really so brave to live with 3 men alone. He asks if she really wants to reveal that she did everything for money and she said she can’t change what she did in the past. She reminds him that dating is forbidden. He reminds her that he’s not asking her to date him just pretend to be his finacée. She refuses and he reminds her that he hasn’t paid her and offers to pay more. She tells him that she doesn’t need his money and he wonders if she’s fallen for him so quickly. she asks him to raise his hands and eventually he raises them high enough. She goes to punch him but he dodges but catches her before she can fall. He reminds her that he said he’d protect her and she tells him to stop talking crap. He rights her and she scurries away.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.45.53.png

She walks back to her room and crosses path with Ji Woon. He asks how much money she got this time and walks away.

Ha Won lays on her bed but can’t get comfortable. She thinks of Ji Woon and says that he’s a jerk out loud. Her thoughts stray to Seo Woo who make her feel at ease. She remembers the altercation with Hyun Min and complains about him being a playboy. She thinks back to what Yoon Wung told her and she wonders if he’s crazy because she wouldn’t date any of them.She lays back down but can’t get comfortable on the bed. She notices that the desk is the right size so she takes a blanket and a pillow and sets herself up on the ground which allows her to finally go to bed.

Hyun Min and Ji Woon are both out walking when they bump into each other. They both try to side step but they keep going the same way. Ji Woon tells him that they should try to not interfere with each other. Hyun Min mentions that he didn’t think that he would come back and he would like them not to see each other. Ji Woon agrees and tells him he would appreciate it if he ignored him and walks off. Hyun Min asks why he returned and Ji Woon tells him to mind his own business.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.55.44.png

Ji Won goes to a hidden area and opens a door. He finds a dust covered workshop. He goes in and grabs a box from under that table. He pulls out a picture of himself as a child with his mother. He holds back the tears and he thinks of the reason of why he returned.

She wakes up to her alarm and bashes her head. She looks around and remembers that she slept at the Sky House the night before. She gets a text and tells her girlfriend what happened and send her a pic. She’s stretching and notices that you can see into her room. She looks in the room on the left to find it’s Hyun Min’s. He sends her a message telling her that he’s not dressed. She freaks that it’s so close and then goes to check the room on the right when Ji Woon comes over and asks why she’s looking into someone else’s room. She tells him that’s not it so he tells her to get lost. She has a mild freak out realising that she’s surrounded.

Ha Won explores the property and sees everyone working hard around. When she sits at the table she waits for the men. Yoon Sung comes in and asks why she’s not eating. She admits that she feels back eating before everyone else. He tells her to not worry because the boys won’t come as they have yet to sit down together for a meal. She is shocked by this revelation. She asks why happens to the food and he tells her they have their way. She mentions that it’s a waste. Yoon Sung receives a call from his tablet and tells her it’s the chairmen.

CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) greets her. He asks how her first night was and she admits that she doesn’t know. He tells her to try and eat with everyone and that’s her first mission.

Ha Won sits down in front of the contract that CEO Kang had drawn up. He tells her that she gets a bonus every time she completes a mission that the CEO gives her, however, should she fail she must leave the Sky House. The bonus is directly proportional to how hard the mission is. She is reminded that the only rule is to not date any of them.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.23.49.png

Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) is leaving and he tells Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) not to let Ha Won come back. She tells him she understands and asks if his previous wife really cheated on her. He tells her to not bring it up. HE warns her that he’ll be working on an apartment construction so it’ll take a while. She goes to call Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) but he tells her not to wake her.

Once in his truck, he gets a call from someone who knows a taekwondo master who he’s been looking for and arranges to meet him.

Yoon Sung goes to Ha Won’s old house and introduces himself. He explains that he’s there for Ha Won’s personal effects. While Yoo Na is packing them up, Soo Kyung tries to offer him some tea but he refuses. She asks how Ha Won got to live at the Sky House and he tells her that she was given an invite by the chairman. He tells them he;ll be taking his leave and Soo Kyung tells Yoo Na to say goodbye. He ignores it and asks if her father went somewhere.

Ha Won puts her contract away in her room and feels like she’s going important work. She sits on the couch in the living room and asks what’s so hard about getting them to eat together. She notices that there isn’t a single family photo in the entire house. Seo Woo shows up and hands her the bouquet that she was looking for. This thrills her as she was looking for it.  Seo Woo sits down and asks if something happens the night before because it looked like she was crying. He tells him that she wasn’t it was just because she was caught in the rain. He understands and admits he was worried that something happened to her family. She asks why he thought that and he says it’s just because. She asks if him deleting her texts wasn’t by accident and he assures her it was. She asks if the text were that bad. HE tells her they were and he was worried that they would hurt her feelings. He couldn’t believe that Yoo Na was part of her family because of how badly she treat her. Ha Won mentions that her relationship with her sister isn’t as bad as his with his cousins. She admits that she’s heard they’ve never shared a meal together. She would always sit down for a meal even if it was just for appearance. She suggests that they have a meal together and when Ji Woon passes, Seo Woo tells her that he won’t ever have a meal with them. Seo Woo walks away.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.37.02.png

Ha Won follows Ji Woon outside. She finally follows him to his workshop.

Yoon Sung is returning with Ha Won’s things and he gets a call. He tells the caller he understands and leaves Ha Won’s possessions on the walkway near the pond.

Ha Won goes into the workshop and Ji Woon asks if her hobby is invading other people’s privacy. She tells him that she doesn’t see what so special about the workshop. She steps towards his pictures and he stops her. He tells her that living there isn’t going to be east and she tells him that she’s away. He asks why he came and when she said it’s to protect something precious to her he jumps to money. She tells him that it’s not like that. She goes to leave but he stops her and spins her around. She backsup and tells him that she’s warned him not to touch her. She walks away and we get to see that she nearly nicked her that with a blade. He puts everything away and closes the tool trunk.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.45.24.png

Ha Won comes out and runs right into her things scattering her things into the stream. She gets in and starts picking everything up. She smiles to herself realises that this reality is her life.  Hyun Min notices Ha Won and goes over. Seo Woo runs over and asks what she’s doing.  Hyun Min asks if she likes cold baths and wonders why there is so much trash. She tells him that it’s not trash but her belonging. Seo Woo tells her that she’ll get sick and should just throw the items away. She asks why she would do that. Seo Woo thinks for something and runs into the house.

Ji Woon is walking along the stream. He notices the bouquet in the water. He places it with Ha Won as he’s seen it the day he went to visit his mother.

Seo Woo comes out with a net. He tells her to get out so that they can finish up. She tells them that it’s fine and they can go in. Ji Woo tells her that she’s forced her way in and that’s how she treats them. He comes over and hands her the bouquet. He tells her to take better care of her belongings so that she doesn’t worry people. Hyun Min drapes his arm across her shoulders and tells him not to bother with her because he’ll worry about her. Ji Woon asks if she’s his new toy and he asks if he wants her. Seo Woo tells her to not mind them since they are always like that. She pushes Hyun Min’s arm off her shoulders and tells all 3 of them to leave her alone. She takes her things and goes inside leaving Hyun Min and Seo Woo near the river.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 20.22.16.png

once inside she sees Ji Woon going into his room and notices that the bottom of his pants are wet, similar to hers. He looks down and his pants once in the room and remembers getting the bouquet back.

Ha Won is drying her things when Yoon Sung comes. He apologises and tells her that he should have been more careful with her belonging. She tells him that it’s fine and thanks him for bringing it back. He tells her to get ready because the car is waiting.

Yoon Sung brings her to a clothing store and she asks if they are filming pretty ladies. He tells her that they are there to buy her clothes but she refuses. He tells her it’s the Chairman’s command and she tells him that she can just return everything he buys. He starts to say it’s the chairman’s command but she cuts him off. He tells her to grab a coffee and wait while he picks some things out.

Ha Won is walking in the mall when she bumps into a woman. The woman tries to con her because she says that she scratched her 30 million won bag and she wants her to pay her back. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) steps in and examines the article to discover it’s a fake and the woman continues on her way.

They go to have a drink together and Hye Ji asks if she’s shopping. she admits that she’s not but rather waiting for someone. She thanks her for helping her and asks how she news about the stitching. She admits that people who deal with needlework a lot then to know. She reveals that she wants to go college for fashion. She mentions that Ha Won isn’t one of them either. Ha Won is taken back that she isn’t rich. She admits that she and Hyun Min were childhood friends and have known each other for a long time. She starts to pry into how they met and Ha Won only volunteers that Hyun Min came into the convenience store that she was working at. They talk a little bit more before Yoon Sung comes back and tells her that the shopping is done. Hye Ji is surprised that Yoon Sung did some shopping for her and asks if Hyun Min asked him to do so. He tells her that Ha Won is currently residing at the Sky House so he’s taking care of her. Hye Ji excuses herself and leave. Ha Won asks Yoon Sung why he bought so much after she told him that she’ll just return everything. He tells her that it was the Chairman’s command. She tells him that it’s too much and he reminds her that he has a duty to fulfil. He tells her that she’s going to have difficulties with the Kang cousin’s so he’s there to make sure she doesn’t have to worry about anything. She picks a bag and tells him that she’ll wear this one thing and pushes him to return everything else.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 20.48.21.png

Yoo Na is waiting for Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) at the coffee shop. When she comes out with the garbage she calls to her. She asks what she wants and she tells her she’s heard the Ha Won is living at the Sky House. Ja Young tells her that she doesn’t think so. Yoo Na hears the slip-up and asks her what she knows that she doesn’t. Ja Young tries to tell her that she knows nothing but Yoo Na grabs her phone she looks over the pictures and Ja Young asks if she’s jealous she takes her phone back and tells Yoo Na she’s busy. When Yoo Na turns her around her hand goes straight into the trash bag. While she’s freaking out Ja Young leaves.

Seo Woo finds Ha Won’s check book on the ground. He goes to hand it back but decides to look at it instead.  He sees a 3.99 million transaction to the crematorium which leaves her with 800 won. He can’t believe that she only has so little money.

Ha Won tells Yoon Sung to not worry about her. She’s had plenty of part-time jobs to make money and she has experienced much worst. He tells her that she’s not only the part-time worker but also a guest.

Ji Woon meets up with Hye Ji at the art gallery. He finds her staring blankly at a picture. He takes his place beside her and waits for her to speak. She admits that she doesn’t get it and then asks if she can ask him something.

She asks him if it’s true that Ha Won has moved into the Sky house. He tells her it is. She tells him that she can’t take it any longer. She wants to go to the house and ask some of Hyun Ji herself because she knows that Ji Woo won’t tell her.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 21.14.16.png

Ha Won arrives home to find Seo Woo in the living room. He asks if she went out with Yoon Sung and she tells him that he bought her new clothes. He suddenly remembers and hands her back the bank book. She asks where he found it. He tells her that it was on the ground. She starts to asks if he looked inside but he volunteers the information. He tells her not to worry because it’s only natural for a high school student to have no money. She tells him that it’s ok. They have their world and the bank book is hers. Their worlds are just overlapping for a short while. He tells her that it hurts her to say that and wonders if she’s a bigger player than Hyun Min. She tells him no to pry or else he’ll get hurt. He fist bumps her extended fist and walks away.

Ha Won gets into her room and sees some face cream and wonders if it’s Yoon Sung who left it there. She lays down and she gets a call from Hyun Min that she ignores. They text each other and he asks her to come to his room but she refuses. She lays down and he sends her a few more text before noticing that she’s ignoring him.

He runs out to her room and knocks on the glass she comes out and he tells her not to move. He comes out with her uniform and scissors. She tells him to give it to her and he threatens to cut it but she must wear it to her graduation. She runs over and he back up into the room. Once she steps inside his room he tells her that she’s the first girl in his room. She tells him to forget about that and starts telling him about the 2 types of customers who come in at 4 am in the morning and the partyers always come on strong like him. He takes offence to the idea that he’s like those people. She starts backing him up and asks him if he knows what she does. she gives what she receives. She goes to try and kiss him but ends up head butting him. He tells her that she keeps going doing the unexpected and tells her that she’s getting more amusing. He leans in for the kiss.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 21.40.54.png

Hye Ji and Ji Woon arrive at the house and Ji Woon is the first to notice Hyun Min leaning in for the kiss. He steps in front of Hye Ji. She tries to look over his shoulder but he still her head.

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