Cinderella and four Knights Episode 4 Recap



We rewatch the scene where Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) has his mild altercation with Ha Won (Park So Dam) and he leans in to kiss her. It turns out to be a dream but be he wakes up he sees her. He asks if she wanted to see him so early in the breakfast and she tells him to come to breakfast.  He tells her that he doesn’t eat at home. She tells him that he better start because he needs food to start the day. He tells her that he likes her playing housewife. He tells her to lay down and she tells him no and to come to the dining room. Once she leaves he thinks back to the actual ending to the evening with Ha Won kneeing him before the kiss. He says to no one in particular that Ha Won sparks his competitive side.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is sitting in her studio and thinks back to the night before. Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) suddenly steps in front of her and asks if she really wanted to see Hyun Min because she’s not in the best condition. She asks him if he’ll answer her question and he promises to do so later but insists they leave.

Ji Woon is running on the treadmill when he thinks about the night before. He gets off and takes off his shirt.

Screenshot 2016-08-20 14.32.36.png

Ha Won looks into Ji Woon’s room and notices that he’s not there. She complains that it’s harder to track them down than eat with them. She remembers the call briefly and then is determined to get them all together. Though thinking about food is making her hungry.

Ha Won stumbles on the pool and finds Ji Woon swimming. He asks her what she’s looking at. She asks him to come eat, when he tells her to get lost she tells him that she’ll wait until he’s out. He tells her that he’s not wearing a swimsuit since he swims alone. He tells her that he’s coming out and she runs out of the room screaming. She comes back in with a board covering her face and his cell phone he threatens him that he has to come eat if he wants it back. He tries to get it back at the pool but she warns him that if he tries t come closer she’ll drop it. She tells him once more to come to the dining room and runs away. We pan out and see him in his swimsuit.

Ha Won finds Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) in the recording studio. She calls to him but he can’t hear her. When he looks over at his sheet music he looks over and sees her. She tells him to come out. She asks him if he woke up early. He tells her that he didn’t go to bed. She is surprised and he writes it off as being an artist. She tells him that he should come eat and he agrees readily.

Ha Won comes and bugs Mrs Belgyo to let her help her and she’s given the job of preparing the eggs.

Hyun Min comes into the dining room right after Ha Won finishes plating the food. He asks to go on a date with her after eating. She tells him that she has to do the dishes. When he asks what she would do that she mentions that she clean up after herself. Seo Woo comes in and asks what’s going on and Hyun Min tells him that she’s relaying his love through touch and asks why he’s there. Ha Won says that it would be nice to have a family meal. Ji Woon tells her that no one in that house is family to him and the only thing they share is the address. She asks if it’s that hard to sit down to have a meal. Hyun Min tells her that he would do anything for her but he draws the line at the meal and leaves. Seo Woo tells her that she shouldn’t try so hard because they don’t get along. He asks her to no longer bother him in the morning since he gets most of his inspiration at that time and leaves. Ji Won comes over and asks for his phone. She tells him that he would choose his phone over his family. He tells her to stop talking like she knows them and he pulls her close to him. He tells her to stop fooling around and takes his phone before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-08-20 14.53.46.png

The chairman (Kim Yong Geon) is arriving back and laughs at the current events in the Sky house. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) tells him that they are encountering much more resistance than expected. He feels like 1 weeks isn’t long enough and Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) agrees and asks if he’s not being too harsh. He tells him that he’s not and that it’s only natural that family eats together. The chairman is curious  to see how Ha Won succeeds.

Ha Won brings back her cup to Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung). Ja Young reminds her that she said that she wouldn’t mooch off of someone else life. She tells her that she’s there to work and not for fun. Ja Young tells her that she’s lucky that she gets to see the Kang cousins faces every day. Ha Won tells her that it’s not fun and then asks her how she wouls get Seo Woo to eat. Ja Young is jealous that she gets to eat with them but she tells her that it’s an impossible mission to have them all eat together because their relationship is so bad. She tells her that only with her sheer will power will she succeed because she has a stronger will than anyone she knows.

Ha Won tries to have them eat together by catching them off guard. She plays games against Seo Woo and Hyun Min  and wins but Ji Woon tells her to get lost. That evening she’s standing with Yoon Sung and he remarks that that plan failed. She tells him that it’s ok, they’ll just have to move on to plan B.

Ha Won sets out the boy’s favourite foods and Yoon Sung asks how she found out. She tells him that she did some research and asked the sat. The 3 men are in their respective rooms when they become hungry and notice the delicious smell. When they come out they find Ha Won and Yoon Sung eating. She asks them if they want to eat. Seo Woo is the first to turn away and tells him that he has a shoot the next day and that they are monsters. He retreats back into his room. Hyun Min asks why she’s obsessed with them eating together and she tells him that it’s her mission. He warns her that nothing will work and then goes back into his room. Ji Woon asks is it’s good and Ha Won confirms it. She preps a wrap and offers it to him. He tells her to get lost and goes back to his room. Yoon Sung tells her that mission was impossible from the start because the idea of family is a sore spot for the 3 men. He tells her that what normal people find easy is hard for them.

Screenshot 2016-08-20 15.21.42.png

Ha Won is doing the dishes when Mrs Belgyo comes in and chastises her for working. She tells her that she should call her Ha Won. Mr Bulgyo tells her that she can’t since she’s a guest at the Sky House and she is an employee. Ha Won tells her that it’s the people that make the home not the house. Finally, Mrs Bulgyo agrees and they finish up the dishes together.

Mrs Belgyo couldn’t believe that none of them ate and Ha Won admits she’s out of ideas. Mrs Belgyo tells her that Ha Won has always eaten alone so he finds it awkward to eat in front of others. She asks why and he tells her that his father died when he was young and his mother was always out. The Chairman sent him to boarding school to study and she’s certain that he ate there alone too. She asks about the others . Mrs Belgyo tells her that Seo Woo makes a living selling his looks and he doesn’t eat much because he has to maintain his image, even though he should be eating more to stay strong enough to sing. She finally asks about Ji Woon but Mrs Belgyo tells her that it hasn’t been a year since he found out he’s related to CEO Kang and it’s not an idea that is easy to accustom yourself with. The conversation leaves Ha Won a lot to think over and she gets an idea.

Seo Woo is heading out to his shoot and Ha Won lefts a little package in his van. Her note tells him  to make sure that he eats and wishes him good luck. He smiles but wonders if she thinks he’s a child. His manager mentions he normally doesn’t drink milk the days of his shoot but he admits he’s been craving it and starts to drink.

Ha Won goes in search of Ji Woon in his workshop. but he’s not there she bumps into something and notices the picture. He arrives and asks what she’s doing, but he doesn’t wait to listen to her telling his the pictures fell. He tells her to get lost, and she asks why he always says that to her. He tells her that it’s not his fault that she came not expecting what life really was there and he tells him to leave her alone. She tells him that threats won’t work on her and she can’t promise to leave him alone because she works hard on what’s she’s been given. She asks if he ever considered the Sky House his home or even thought about accepting the other men as his family. He’s so wrapped up in his own emotions that he doesn’t care who he hurts. She tells him that he can’t find a family if he stays locked up in his dark place. She starts to walk away and then turns to thank him for finding her bouquet before actually leaving.

Ha Won comes to find Hyun Min and he’s playing a puzzle game. She’s surprised that he likes them. He asks if she only thought he was into women and she admits she did. She picks up and Rubik’s cube and mentions that she loved playing with those as a child. She teases and says that if she finishes it if he’ll grant her a wish. He tells her that he was 2 minutes and she fails. She complains that it’s not enough time. He hands her his phone and tells her to start the timer. He solves the cube in a little over 8 seconds and she’s surprised. He apologises for not being able to grant her wish and takes back his phone. He agrees to meet with the caller before leaving. Of course, he hands back the cube to Ha Won.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.49.49.png

Ji Woon is thinking about Ha Won’s words and everything horrible he said to her. He weighs her words about family before getting a phone call. He answers and tells Hye Ji that he’ll be right over.

Hyun Min is out ‘eating’ with a girl and texts Ha Won wondering if she’s still playing with the Rubik’s cube. The woman he’s with takes his phone and asks if he’s texting another girl. He reminds her that he always has girls around him. The woman across from his picks at her food and he tells her to eat with gusto. She mentions that he doesn’t like girls who eat a lot and she’s the type of person to gain weight by drinking water. He asks her if she can throw a punch and she tells him that she can. He asks if she can really hurt someone and tells her to hit him. She tells him that she can’t and he finds her boring. He suggests the breakup and leaves.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) are at home sulking when Yoo Na exclaims that she doesn’t get it. So Kyung asks if she confirmed it with Ha Won’s friend and Yoo Na tells her that she saw the pictures herself. Soo Kyung says that she must be a dishwasher or something. Yoo Na screams at her mother and asks he if she thinks that Yoon Sung would have come to get her things if she was a measly dishwasher. She admits that she has a point. Yoo Na is determined to witness it with her own 2 eyes.

Hyun Min calls her and asks what she’s doing because he wants to play. She tells him that she’s busy. He asks if it’s because of his grandfather’s mission and she says it is/ She tells him that if he’s not going to help her then he should leave her alone. He tells her that he’ll help because he knows the other 2 men better than her. She asks if he has a plan and he confirms it.

Yoo Na arrives at the Sky House and is in awe of the grandeur of the place. She sees Ha Won come out and get into Hyun Min’s car. She can’t believe that not only does Ha Won like there but he also sticks to Hyun Min like glue.

Ha Won and Hyun Min arrive at a store and she asks her why they’re there. He tells her that they are going to do things his way and to follow him without saying a word. Yoo Na arrives moments after them. (This chick was on foot so this makes no sense, so we’re going to call K drama logic here.) Ha Won is ushered to a room and she asks if all risch guys like playing pretty women. He tells her to just follow his lead. He hands her a pair of shoes and she tells him that she’s going. When he leans forward she glares at him, but he assures her that he’s simply closing the door. We see that the next plan is to make their hearts race. She starts coming out with different outfits to show Hyun Min and he keeps asking for the next. Once she’s done he points out 3 items and tells the staff he wants everything minus those 3. Ha Won tells him that he’s playing the rich boy again and she doesn’t need them. He tells her that they are gifts and to listen to him. Her stomach growls and he can expect her to be hungry. She tells him that she has no time to eat idly and he tells her he’ll explain how to win them over.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 14.21.05.png

once they’re gone Yoo Na goes and asks to see why Ha Won was buying and the clerk just stares at her. The clerk hands her the same dress to find it’s 5 million won. She pretends to get a phone call and hands the dress back and walk away.

Ji Woon arrives at Hye Ji’s studio to find her sleeping. He smiles and places his jacket over her shoulders. When she wakes up she apologises and he tells her it’s ok. She mentions that she thought that he would give her an answer in Hyun Min’s stead. He tells her that they should eat first. She asks why and he tells her he’s hungry.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 14.30.30.png

They go to a restaurant and she asks if he planned this. He jokes and says that he thought she was paying. She mentions getting the cheapest item, and he tells her not to worry and he’ll pick up the bill. She asks if she could buy something expensive and he tells her she can. He teases her by telling her to grow tall by eating and she asks why he always acts like her older brother. She’s happy he’s not though because that way she can treat him as an equal.

Hyun Min and Ha Won arrive at the same restaurant and he wants to leave. She tells him that they can just eat together. She asks Hye Ji if that’s ok and she agrees. The two couples sit facing each other and Hye Ji starts asking Ha Won questions but Hyun Min won’t let her get a word in edgewise. When they get the claim Hye Ji wants to ask for them to be cooked more because Hyun Min won’t eat them.  he tells her not to worry as he’ll simply not eat them. Ha Won reaches over the hot plate to get something a burns herself and drops her drink on her. She is worried because it was expensive and he tells her not to worry because he’ll buy her more. She tells him he won’t because she’ll just return them. Ha Won excuses herself to the bathroom.

She tries to get the stain out when she notices Ji Woon. He asks her if she’s happy that Hyun Min bought her those clothes and took her out to eat. She asks him why he’s starting with her again. He mentions that if that was the reason she came to the Sky House it was pitiful. She tells him that she has less shallow goals while working for his grandfather. She promises that though they have never shared a meal she will make them a family. He tells her that if she says the word family one more time he’ll make her pay. She starts to say something about how no matter how much hates it cousins and family –  and then he pins her to the wall. (How is she to regret that?) He warns her that there is only so much trifling he can stand.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.13.20.png

He walks away and in the hall he remembers what CEO Kang told him to do. He warns him to cut ties with everyone he was associated with as Han Ji Woon because they will just start to mooch off of him. They are different now. He tells him that he can’t cut ties with his family. He overhears Hyun Min’s conversation with his mother and he tells her that he has no family and he’s sure that Ji Woon won’t last a day.

Hye Ji and Hyun Min are left alone at the table. She tells him that she’ll ask him anyways and asks if he’s the one who brought Ha Woon into the house. He tells her of course and asks who else would have. She mentions that she must be different from the other girls. He asks if she can’t tell that she’s totally different. Hye Ji apologises for getting in the way of his date and leave.  He looks after her sadly.

Ji Woon comes back and asks Hyun Min what he said to Hye Ji. He tells him that he didn’t say anything. Ji Woon accuses him of being the expert of hurting Hye Ji and Hyun Min tells him that he’s the expert at healing it, since he’s been doing it since he came to the Sky House. Ji Woon mentions that he acts like he doesn’t like that. Hyun Min asks why he would care and Ji Woon reveals that he still thinks of her has his woman. He tells him that he never has and when Ji Woon questions him about his sincerity Hyun Min tells him that to have sincerity would take out the fun of life. He walks away before Ha Won returns to the table.

Ji Woon goes in search for Hye Ji to find her crossing the street. A truck is heading her way and is honking but she’s oblivious. to it. Ji Woon goes and gets her out of the way and tells her to come to her senses. She asks what she’s supposed to do and he warns her that he’s saying this as a friend but it’ll hurt her. He asks why she’s acting out that way she is when she can’t say anything to his face. She tells him that she doesn’t want much but she wants Ha Won to no be at his side.

Ha Won is staring at Hyun Min and he tells her to take a good look because his beauty won’t fade. She asks why Hye Ji left, she can expect it from Ji Woon but it’s odd for Hye Ji. She then asks why he’s so mean to her and figures that he likes her. He refuses and she asks why he’s going about it as like a child with a crush. He asks if she’s jealous and of course she isn’t. ( She has 3 other guys to choose from if you’re knocked out.)

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.28.33.png

She asks where they are and he tells her her house. He mentions that she’s bound t get kicked out. She takes offence to him deciding her future. Normally he grants the girls a wish after they break up but he’ll grant it right away because he’s determined to date her. He drapes his arm across her shoulder and starts saying house great he is.  She grabs his arms and pulls it behind him and pins him to the car. She warns him that she has no intentions of dating him and if he tries anything else she’ll make him crawl home. She lets him up and gets in the car.

She is at home and the bath is made but she’s scrubbing her clothes and complaining about the men. She wonders why none of them thinks before they act. She is determined t battle them head on.

She’s in the kitchen setting up and sends a group chat to the men. She tells them that they should eat together and it’s the last time she’ll ask. They all leave the chat room and she’s mad. Mrs Belgyo comes in and says that she wanted to do it herself. She said she did but wonders if she could get a basic idea of how. Of course, she agrees.

Seo Woo is tired so he steps out into the courtyard and stretches. The wind blows something over to his door. He picks it up and is surprised that she didn’t throw out anything. He notices her planner with the day marked as her birthday. He gets an idea.

He goes inside and Yoon Sung comes and sees him, He asks what he’s looking for and Seo Woo mentions that he wants to throw Ha Won a party since it’s her birthday. Yoon Sung didn’t know as well. Seo Woo mentions that since she was kicked out of her house she has no one to celebrate with and he doesn’t think that she heard from her family either. He finds that supplies and tells Yoon Sung that they need to hurry because they only have an hour. They pass Hyun Min who I can only assume overheard the conversation.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking of everything that has happened and it falls on how much he hates Hyun Min. He stands and leaves. Hyun Min comes out of his room after Ha Won scurries by and Ji Woon watches him.

Hyun Min goes to the fridge and grabs a juice that Ji Woon then grabs, he takes the next drink too. Finally, when Hyun Min asks him what’s he’s going he tells him that if he’s sure that he doesn’t know anything about sincerity that to come to the courtyard and he’ll show him something amusing. Hyun Min recalls the conversation that Seo Woo was having with Yoon Sung.

Seo Woo and Yoon Sung finishes setting up when they party. Yoon Sung asks if he’s told the other boy and he’s forgotten. They quickly cover it when Seo Woo notices her coming.

Ha Won comes out with a plate and starts to wonder what’s under the sheet when someone hugs her from behind. She assumes it’s Hyun Min but is surprised to find Ji Woon. He holds fast when she tries to move away. He turns them to face Hyun Min and he asks her why he belongs to him. Hyun Min asks what he’s going and Ji Woon admits that he’s going to try and steal Ha Won. Hyun Min grabs Ji Woon’s collar and Ha Won pushes them apart. The fireworks start and though the 2 men don’t notice she does.

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