Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 13 Recap



Hyun  Ji (Kim So Hyun) encounters the ghost and after she falls she calls for Bong Pal (TaecYeon). He runs to her but while he gets rid of the ghost she passes out. He calls for help but no one hears.

While Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) is looking around Hye Sung’s (Kwon Yool) office, Hye Sung arrives. Hye Sung finds the monk coming out of his office and tells him he’s lost since that’s not the bathroom. He tells him, no kidding. He excuses himself and goes to leave. Hye Sung asks if he hadn’t come to see him and Myung Chul had wanted to asks about Bong Pal at school Hye Sung tells him he’s doing very good. He leaves him with a story about how curiosity killed a cat and Myung Chul provides someBuddha’sah’s words about evil and karma. He asks that he keeps them close to his heart because not an animal or even a ghost is exempt from the rule. Hye Sung moves closer to the Monk because a worker comes to tell him someone is there to see him. He tells her he’ll be up and he bids farewell to the Monk.

The older cop goes to see Hye Sung’s mother later in the evening. He asks her about the accident which she doesn’t understand why since it was ruled an accident. He mentions some discrepancies in the case after he went to the scene. He mentions that it would have been difficult to fall over the railing and he believes that he would have been pushed. When he asks her what her son was doing she tells him to leave.

The doctor tells Hyun Ji’s mother that everything is fine and it’s just temporary. She thanks the doctors and when they leave she tells Bong Pal he could leave to. He tells her ok and hands her Hyun Ji’s cellphone before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 11.11.29.png

Myung Chul is drinking while trying to figure out how Hyun Ji is linked to Hye Sung. Meanwhile, Hye Sung is in his office also thinking about Hye Sung and probably Myung Chul.

The cop comes back to the police station to find Sun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) bugging his partner. He asks what’s going on and In Rang asks him to find the  person who hurt their friend Hyun Ji. He asks them about the case and they tell him as little as they know. His partner tells him that it was the hit-and-run 5 years prior and due to no information the case was suspended. He tells them that he gets the gist so they can leave. They try and make him promise to reinvestigate but the younger officer tells them it’s not up to them. They get removed from the police station. The older cop tells him that the chief wants to see him because he’s been digging into Hye Sung’s past.

Bong Pal is applying a band-aid when a drunk Myung Chul arrives. He asks him why he drank so much and Myung Chul said because he wanted to. He goes for a kiss and when Bong Pal refuses he mentions that he used to give him tonnes as a child. He tells him that he’s not a child anymore and ushers him t the couch. He offers to make tea but Myung Chul just wants a glass of water. He passes out while Bong Pal gets it and is muttering that he’s sorry in his dream.

Hyun Ji wakes up and calls to her mother. She tells her she’s fine and when he mother asks she tells her that she say something scary and passed out. He suddenly remembers about Bong Pal and struggles to sit and asks her mother about him. He mother doesn’t want to hear about him because she doesn’t know if he’s a good person. Hyun Ji assures her that he is and he wasn’t the reason for her passing out. After her mother leaves, she wonders why she passed out and then thinks back to the incident and wonders what she saw.

Bong Pal is at home researching Amnesia and texts Hyun Ji t makes sure she’s fine. She smiles to herself when she notices that Bong Pal changed his caller ID.  They talk and when she asks about what she saw, Bong Pal promises to tell her later. She tells him that she’s being discharged the next day and invites him and he tells her that he’s going.

Hyun Ji’s mother comes in and tells her to go to bed. When Hyun Ji tells her after she’s sent something, her mother takes her phone. She reminds Hyun Ji that she’s still a patient and needs her sleep. If she finds her playing with her phone she will confiscate it. She tells her mum she’ll go to sleep

Once Her mother falls asleep Hyun Ji pulls out her phone and starts texting Bong Pal. They texts so late that they both fall asleep while holding their phones around 3am.

The next morning Bong Pal wakes up and smiles at his phone. He puts it into charge and goes about his day. He makes hangover soup and wakes Myung Chul up. He tells him to eat and when Myung Chul asks where he’s going first thing in the morning. He admits that Hyun Ji is being released and he’s going to see her. After Bong Pal leaves, Myung Chul admits to himself that he’s not sure if it’s ok that the pair continues to see each other.

Bong Pal is heading to the hospital when he sees a sign for a necklace and decided to go buy one. When he goes into the store he suddenly turns into a yes man but when he sees the necklace and hears that it was designed to represent destiny, he buys it.

Bong Pal arrives at the hospital to see Hyun Ji when her mother comes along. She tells him that she doesn’t like him coming. She fainted while with him and since she’s only just woken up from a 5-year come she can’t have the happen again. She asks him to leave. After she walks away Bong Pal looks dejected.

Hyun Ji gets a clean bill of health and is told she could leave. He mother inquires about the fainting spell and the doctors assure her that it’s normal. Hye Sung arrives and apologises for being late. They are told that he’s the one who agreed to help wth the outpatient care for her. They thank him and when they inquire about her father, she mentions that he’ll be home that evening. Hye Sung offers to help bring her belongs. Hyun Ji doesn’t like it but her mother reminds her that it would be rude to refuse. Meanwhile, Bong Pal is watching everything from the hallway.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 12.10.20.png

Hyun Ji and her mother thank the staff at the hospital and get into Hye Sung’s car. Hyun Ji looks around oncer more and wonders what happened because he said he would come. He mother asks what she said and she days nothing. Hye Sung gets in and tells them that he’s going to get going.

Bong Pal arrives home to find Myung Chul getting ready to leave. Myung Chul tells him that he’s stepping out for a bit. He asks why Bong Pal has come back and when Bong Pal puts Hyun Ji’s discharge gift on the table he admits that she doesn’t remember her time as a ghost. Myung Chul tells him that he shouldn’t be saying anything for his sake but he asks if it’s really a good idea that she remembers being a ghost. He tells him that he doesn’t know how she’ll react once she remembers. It might be for the best to let her g and help her live a normal life.

Hye Sung asks if Hyun Ji has gotten any of her memories back and she admits that she didn’t. She tells him that she hasn’t. He mother tears into her about going to an unknown academy to fulfil ad favour to an unknown person and he being too nice. She then starts in on the hit-and-run criminal(obviously not knowing that she’s in the car with him). they arrive at their house.

Hye Sung drops the items inside and they thank him. He promises to call to schedule their appointments and takes his leave. Hyun Ji asks if this is their new home and she’s told that this is just the place where they’ve been living temporarily since her accident. She gets told to go upstairs because she made sure it was perfect.

Hyun Ji runs upstairs and finds her room exactly how it was, she also sees the clothes her parents bought her over the years. Her mother tells her that they bought it for her birthdays and prayed she would wear them when she woke up. She tells her to organise everything and to come out. Hyun Ji starts to hold out the outfits. She comes out and kisses her mum promising that she’ll be a good daughter from then onwards.

Hye Sung watches from outside and says to himself that it’s clear that she’s always had the item. We get a little flashback of them crossing paths at the shrine. He gets into his car and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 12.28.48.png

The two cops are in the chief’s office and gets eaten out about wanting to reopen the hit-and-run case. He tells them that it’s been closed for a while. He tells them to leave without saying a word. The younger one can’t believe that he told the chief that he’s was reinvestigating. He tells him he only told him because he made him report.

Bong Pal is in his room when he gets Hyun Ji’s text asking him what he’s doing. He decided not to answer which pisses her off.

the next day Chun Sang is eating some off cookie cereal meal in the club room across from In Rang. He asks what he’s doing and he finds him on a website trying to figure out what happened to Hyun Ji. He tells him that he should be studying. In Rang accuses him about not feeling bad for Hyun Ji and Bong Pal. Though he tells him he does he doesn’t see what will come of posting on a website that no one will read. Right then a package arrives and Chun Sang gets it. In Rang is chastising him for ordering games as ‘bare necessities’. He hands him something and tells him to walk backwards. They unravel a sign says that they are looking for witness and tells him that they should hang it where people walk. He tells him that he’s had several already printed. In Rang is thrilled about it.

Hyun Ji gets ready to go to school to sit in on Hye Sung’s class.

Bong Pal runs into In Rang and Chun Sang heading to class. They tell him that they are going to hang a sign looking for Hyun Ji’s hit-and-run driver. They ask if she’s remembered anything and he admits that she doesn’t. In Rang tells him that he wishes she remembers soon so that they can all hang out together again.

Hyun Ji arrives and notices Bong Pal, she goes up to him and asks why he ignored her text message. He admits to not seeing it and asks what bring her to campus. She tells him that she’s sitting in on Hye Sung’s classes. He pauses for a second and realises that it’s his class. She tells him that it’s a god thing and then asks for him to take her to class. They head off and In Rang is worried about how Bong Pal is acting around Hyun Ji.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.04.51.png

When they get in she asks who they are and he tells her that they’re his seniors. She admits that they look familiar. He asks how she knows Hye Sung and she tells him that he’s helping with her treatments. HE continues on. they arrive at the class when Hye Sung arrives. He asks Hyun Ji if it was ok for her to come and Hyun Ji assures Hyun Ji that her doctors want her to go out more. He asks if Hyun Ji and Bong Pal know each other and she tells him that they know each other a little.

Bong Pal takes his seat and Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) comes and takes the seat next to him right before Hyun Ji could. Seo Yeon asks who she is and Bong Pal tells her she’s sitting in on that day’s class. Hyun Ji sits across the alley and gets irritated by his comment. When Seo Yeon mentions Bong Pal’s injury he tells her it’s just a scratch and not to worry. Hyun Ji wonders if he got hurt because of her. Hyun Ji glances over at Bong Pal and gets irritated by how close Seo Yeon is to him. Meanwhile, Bong Pal doesn’t like the looks that she shares with Hye Sung.

Chun Sang and In Rang get torn into about their excessive use of signs and not getting permission from the police department.

Myung Chul goes to the police station and tries to get them to look into Hye Sung. The older police officer comes to see him and is surprised that he’s talking about Hye Sung. They interview her and Myung Chul tells them that Hyun Ji’s ID was seen in Hye Sung’s office. The police acknowledge that none of her possessions were found at the crime scene. They are apologetic but without evidence, they can’t investigate. Just then Chun Sang and In Rang get brought in for hanging illegal banners about the hit-and-run.The police detective tells his partner to pull the accident file because things are getting interesting.

Before Chun Sang and InRng get called over to Myung Chul. He asks if they know Hye Sung and In Rang places him. Myung Chul asks if they can do him a favour.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.23.37.png

Hye Sung heads to Hye Sung after the class but he goes to talk with Hyun Ji. He asks her about the class and she found it interesting. Bong Pal sneaks out behind the professor and heads out. Hye Sung asks if she wants her appointment later that day and she admits that she has something to do and leaves this allows Seo Yeon to asks if she can talk with him.

Seo Yeon finally admits to liking him and he apologises. He asks if he led her on or acted inappropriately in any way. She tells him he didn’t it was her own fault for liking him. He tells her that he will appreciate her feeling, hands her a pen and walks away.

Bong Pal is reading when Hyun Ji comes across him. She asks why he left and he reminds her that she was talking with the professor. She sits beside him and asks if she’s been there before. He reminds her that she followed him around. Though she doesn’t believe it the location feels familiar. She tells him that she has to get going because her friends are going to help her pass her tests. He tells her not to rush and she admits that she’s 5 years behind and has so much to catch up on. Bong Pal watches her leave as he remembers Myung Chul’s words.

Hyun Ji meets up with her friends and has a good time.

Bong Pal is heading home when he bumps into Seo Yen. They go out to drink . He asks if something happened but she won’t tell him. He tries together to stop drinking and she spills some beer on him. When he’s in the bathroom she has some more beer.

Hyun Ji finishes with her friends and while walking home she sees a ghost. When she walks into a pharmacy, she calls Bong Pal but Seo Yeon answers the phone.

Bong Pal wants to take Seo Yeon home but Hyun Ji arrives and tells Seo Yeon to take the taxi that just brought her and drags Bong Pal away.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 13.48.09.png

She asks what up with him, she starts screaming at him about changing his feeling and how it bothers her. She admits that seeing him with another girl bothers her to no end. He starts to smiles and she tells him that he should be trying again and again until she remembers. Without thinking, he kisses her and she kicked him. She starts t walk away and he calls after her to at least put the ointment on before leaving.

She ends up putting on the ointment roughly and smacks the cut after she puts on the band-aid. He pulls out the necklace from his bag and hands it to her as a welcome home gift. She thanks him and loves the necklace.

While he walks her back home he asks if they’re going out. She tells him that it depends on how he behaves. He assures her that he’ll behave and that she’s the only woman for him. He wishes her goodnight and goes inside.

Her mother asks her what took her so long and reminds her that she was out with friends. He mother tells her she’s going to her uncles and to lock up. She tells her not to worry and asks her to pick up ice cream. When she is alone she notices the ghost again outside but she doesn’t know it’s a ghost.

the older cop starts looking into Hye Sung’s cars and finds that he had a white car and scrapped it 2 days after the accident. They find the timing interesting.

Hye Sung burns all of Hyun Ji’s belongings.

Hyun Ji is alone when she suddenly feels someone beside her. She turns to see the ghost. She runs out of the house and calls Bong Pal. Hye Sung is standing at the end of the street.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 14.03.51.png

Bong Pal finds Hyun Ji at the park crying. She asks him what she to do now. She can see ghosts. Bong Pal holds her and tells her that no matter what he’ll protect her.

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