Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 14 recap



Bong Pal (TaecYeon) meets Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) at the park. She reveals to Bong Pal that she can see ghosts and he promises to protect her.

They stop at a convenience store to get her some slippers. She finally asked him what it was like the first time he saw a ghost. He admits that he had been frozen in terror and couldn’t think, but then one day he stopped being afraid. We get a little flashback of Bong Pal playing ball and then getting scared by a female ghost. Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) comes to see him and reminds him that he needs to be brave and he’ll always have his back. Back in the present, Bong Pal tells Hyun Ji that there is nothing to be scared of because he will be right beside her. He tells her to come along. He offers her his hand and she takes it before they head back to her house.

She calls him and makes sure he has arrived home. He assures her that he has but really he’s outside. He tells her to go to sleep but she can’t so he starts singing to her. She smiles while listening. Eventually, she falls asleep and Bong Pal hangs up the phone wishing her to sleep well. When her mother comes home she tucks her in properly.

Bong Pal arrives home to find Myung Chul still awake. Myung Chil asks if something happened and Bong Pal tells him that Hyun Ji can see ghosts. He asks if there is a way to fix it because she doesn’t want t live the way he does. Myung Chul tells him that she was in a coma for 5 years and it’s normal to see things when her memories come back. Myung Chul tells him that it may be temporary and not to worry. Which, obviously, doesn’t stop him from worrying about his girlfriend.

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Hyun Ji wakes up the next morning with Bong Pal asking her if she slept well. They exchange a few texts agreeing to meet in the afternoon after her appointment with Hye Sung (Kwon Yool). When Bong Pal sends her a text telling her that he misses her, she’s happy and only realises how late it is when her mother calls her to wake up.

A hunter is out with this dog but is having no luck catching fowls. His dog breaks free and when he tries to stop it from digging he notices a dehydrated hand peeking out from under a covering of dry leaves.

Hye Sung is giving Hyun Ji a little lesson on raising puppies and how as an owner that person needs to calm their anxiety. Hyun Ji relates to that and though Hye Sung believes that for her it’s not that extreme but her trauma was great. He tells her that she should come play with Happy as much as she wants at the hospital because playing with dogs can increase the production of endorphins. This will help her become emotionally stable. She agrees and suddenly gets a headache. When Hye Sung puts his hands next to her head the ticking brings back a memory of the accident. She tells him and he reminds her to not force herself because her memories will come back gradually. He tries to encourage her to only remember the god memories and she tells him that she’ll try to. She gets a phone cal, presumably from Bong Pal.

Hye Sung is driving her and asks how she met Bong Pal. She tells him that they were destined to be together. She tells him that it was odd how they keep bumping into each other.  Hye Sung admits liking the sound of that and then she notices Bong Pal. Hye Sung pulls over and Bong Pal opens the door. Hyun Ji thanks him for the lift and promises to see him next time.

Bong Pal brings Hyun Ji to an athletic clothing store to buy her an outfit.

Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) tells In Rang (David Lee) that it was odd that Myung Chul asks them for such a favour. We get a small flashback of Myung Chul asking the boys to be with Bong Pal as much as possible and to call him if Hye Sung does anything odd to him. In Rang wonders if something is going on with Hye Sung. In Rang then asks where they are going and Chun Sang tells him that Bong Pal asked for a favour.

Bong Pal and Hyun Ji at in the gym and Bong Pal wants to practice fighting. He grappled her from behind and she breaks it. They proceed through a few moves until Bong Pal has her pinned to that mat and at that point, Chun Sang and In Rang come in and they break apart.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 07.17.44.png

In Rang and Chun Sang come up to the mats and Chun Sang calls them love birds and asks if they need to learn from an expert. Bong Pal tells her that he’s a kinesiologist major. They do a brief introduction and then Chun Sang becomes all full of himself. He plays the part of a pervert and she kicks him in the crotch. He falls to the floor and the men go to check on him but Bong Pal is laughing.

They go out to eat and Hyun Ji apologises again. He asks why she didn’t mention that she had a black belt in Taekwondo. He adds on that it was no wonder she was good at fighting as a ghost. In Rang mentions that he hopes she gets her memories back soon. Bong Pal tells them they can’t rush it and Hyun Ji tells them that she’s sure they will return. Chun Sang tells her that he doesn’t care about the accident but he can’t believe she forgot Bong Pal. Chun Sang tells him that they need to exercise in a way that it’s natural and stimulate her mentally. They go to Karaoke and let’s just say you should watch the scene because it’s so funny.

Bong Pal drops Hyun Ji at her house. Once she goes inside she finds the real estate broker leaving because they are selling the house to return to their house.

Myung Chul is walking when he gets a phone call from Officer Choi about his missing person report. He is told that he’s found but he needs to confirm his identity, which tells him that Bong Pal’s father is dead.

Myung Chul goes to see the body and confirms the identity of Ji Hoon and asks the body what Bong Pal and he are supposed to do now. he gets brought to the lobby and the officer asks what he thought about taking the body to Seoul because the doctor said his neck was snapped but it doesn’t look like he died in a fall. Myung Chul asked if he was murdered and the officer tells him that it’s best to get an autopsy.

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Hye Sung is at the hospital when the TV in the lobby plays the story about the body of Mr Park being found after being buried 2 months prior and being reported missing the month before.

Myung Chul goes to see Bong Pal but can’t get up the nerve to knock on his door. Bong Pal comes out and tells him to go outside because he’ll be back. Myung Chul tells him that he’s found his father and when Bong Pal doesn’t react he tells him that he should go see him. Bong Pal tells him to see him himself. Myung Chul yells at him to come with him.

They go and Bong Pal asks Myung Chul way his father is laying on an autopsy table. When the attendant goes to cover up the face again Bong Pal stops him and asks Myung Chul again the same question.

The officer is told of the body arriving that was killed in the same manner as Hyun Joon. The doctor tells them that his next must have been broken after a large fight because he was bruised all over. The officers ask when the autopsy will be performed and the corner tells them as soon as they have consent.

Myung Chul hands Bong Pal the consent form. He tells him that the police find his father’s death suspicious and want to perform an autopsy. He warns him to think carefully before signing his name and Myung Chul leaves him alone for a bit. Bong Pal signs his name but is in a daze and doesn’t know hears his phone ringing when Hyun Ji calls.

The next day Hyun JI is still trying to get through to Bong Pal with no success. She sends him a warning text.

Bong Pal receives the text while he’s at the ceremony fro his father’s death. He proceeds with the ceremony with only Myung Chul has the witness.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 08.04.20.png

Hyun Ji goes to Bong Pal’s house and finds him not home so she begins to worry. She gets a call from Hye Sung about her appointment.

Myung Chul notices the missed phone calls and opens the phone.

Hyun Ji is in the car with Hye Sung but is spacing out when he talks to her. She gets a phone call from Bong Pal’s phone and he tells her what happened. She automatically worries about Bong Pal and tells him that she’ll be there.

Hyung Ji arrives and she comes in at find Bong Pal sitting against the wall. She asks why he didn’t call her and he apologises for being busy. He’s told h needs to go somewhere and she tells him that she’ll be right back. Myung Chul thanks her for coming and when Hyun Ji seeing the picture of Bong Pal’s father she remembers him. She tells Myung Chul that she met him at a temple and was told to bring something to his son without showing it to anyone. When Myung Chul asks if she saw what was inside, she only remembers the note.  Myung Chul tells her that it’s ok that she can’t remember and tells her to rest. He ushers her to the resting room and tells her to tell him if she remembers.

When he comes out he finds Hye Sung paying his respects. When Hye Sung leaves Myung Chul follows him out. Myung Chul pushes him against the car and asks what he’s going there. Hye Sung tries to play innocent but Myung Chul tells him that he can sense the same spirit that he forced out of Bong Pal in him. The spirit accuses him of causing the deaths because they forced him out of Bong Pal. When Myung Chul tells him to get out he tells him he can’t because Hye Sung will die. He saved the boy from hell.

We see a flashback from the boy’s past where he was being beaten up by his peers and them calling his mother a murderer. After they are gone he cries that his mother isn’t a murderer. The spirit took over the body.

Back to the present, Hye Sung laughs at Myung Chul when he tries to threaten him. He asks what he’s doing and then picks Myung Chul up by the neck. He tells him that this is how you threaten someone. He throws him down on the car and tells him that if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut Bong Pal will be next. He tells him that for this time he’ll spare him but next time he will snap his neck. Right after Hye Sung drives off, Bong Pal finds Myung Chul and asks what happens. Myung Chul tries t brush it off but Bong Pal can’t help but noticed the destroyed car.

The Police get the autopsy report and are told that there was a DNA sample under Mr Park’s fingernails. It was a male with a B blood type which matches Hye Sung’s. They have to pull the DNA request for the professor.

They move Bong Pal’s father’s memorial picture to be with his mother. Hyun Ji looks on sadly at the proceedings. Once finished Myung Chul tells Bong Pal to stay home and centre himself. He assures Myung Chul that he will be fine. Bong Pal leaves. Myung Chul tells Hyun Ji she did good at the funeral and asks how she knows Hye Sung. She tells him that he’s helping her with her psychotherapy. He asks her to take care of Bong Pal and she agrees, then trails off after him.

Hyun Ji and Bong Pal are walking home when she calls to him. Bong Pal tells her that he’s ok. She offers to get him something to eat but he tells her that he’s tired and really just wants to sleep. He tells her that he’ll call her later and they part ways.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 08.55.42.png

When Bong Pal gets home he starts packing his father’s things up. He finally reads the last letter that was sent to him. He breaks down crying and apologises over and over again. Hyun Ji is standing in the hallway with some food but she overhears Bong Pal’s break and starts to cry herself.

Myung Chul goes to see the priestess and tells her about Hyun Ji’s memories. She asks if Hyun Ji knows who hit her with a car, and he admits that he hasn’t told her because Hye Sung is around her. She asks if Bong Pal knows but Myung Chul isn’t sure he should tell him. The priestess is confused as to why the spirit isn’t going after the weapon rather than running away. Myung Chul reminds her that the weapon could take his life so it concerns him. She wonders if he’s after Bong Pal. Myung Chul doesn’t answer but asks to leave his sword with her.

Hyun Ji comes hem to find that the house was sold. She asks her mother if she can stay with her uncle. Her mother asks if it’s because of Bong Pal, she doesn’t say anything but her mother knows it’s correct. He mother doesn’t want they to break up but she should study for her GED and go to college. She assures her that she can see him after she gets into college. Hyun Ji gets up and tells her mother that she’s going out.

Hyun Ji runs to Bong Pal’s house. She knocks but he doesn’t answer the door. She tells him that she’s moving back to her father’s the following day. She promises to return and to call him. She tells him that he has to answer. Bong Pal sits at his coffee table crying and Hyun Ji is crying in the hall. Hyun Ji, finally, walks away.

While walking home Hye Sung spots Hyun Ji in front of his clinic. He calls to her and asks if she’s ok because she doesn’t look good.She doesn’t give him a straight answer and he invites her in for tea.

Bong Pal wakes to find Hyun Ji’s texts and the police officer at his door. He lets him in.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 09.17.12.png

He’s told that his father was murdered and asks how his father would have known Hye Sung. This throws Bong Pal and he asks if the professor had something to do with his father’s death. He tells him that there is a possibility. They finish and Bong Pal shows him to the door. As soon as the police officer is gone he calls Myung Chul.

He meets with Myung Chul and asks if he knew. He elaborates and tells him that the detectives believe Hye Sung has something to do with his father’s death. Myung Chul tells him that Hye Sung is not human and that the evil spirit that came out of him years ago is in Hye Sung. He’s been hanging around Hyun Ji because he’s after her.

Hyun Ji is having tea with the professor and tells him that she’s feeling dizzy. She gets up to go to the bathroom, however, it looks like the professor might have spiked her tea.

Bong Pal tries to call her but Hye Sung turns off the phone when he sees his call. Hyun Ji is having trouble staying upright and bong pal starts to run. Hyun Ji drops to her knees and drops her necklace.

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