Uncontrollably Fond Episode 15 Recap



We rewatch the altercation between Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) and No Eul (Bae Suzy). No Eul meets with Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) at the elevator. He voice over tells us that she had a dream of meeting with Joon Young at a moment where she was feeling so useless. She wipes away her tears and gets on the elevator and he steps out. Joon Young stands there for a second and when the doors started to close he lets go of his presents and stops it. He steps back in and takes her hand. He asks jokingly if her jacket ate everything that she was supposed to eat. He asks if she’s hungry. She stays quite but her monologue tells use that she believes that it’s a dream and everything will go away once she wakes up.

Joon Young makes her pasta and she stares at him as he tries to make her eat it. He takes a bite and then tells her not to eat it. She does anyways and her monologue tells us that it was the first time he cooked for her and even though she knows it’s a dream she couldn’t not eat it. She asks for some kimchi and he goes to get it for her but instead gives her a kiss. The Monologue reiterates that it’s a dream and it makes he feel so lonely.

They play Jenga and when she looses she runs away from the consequences. Joon Young ends up faking difficulty breathing to catch her. He doesn’t end up flicking her but kisses her forehead instead. She begs for morning not too come. She threatens that if anyone tries to wake her from the dream then she will get her revenge on them.

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Back to reality and No Eul gets on to the elevator and though it kills him Jon Young doesn’t look back.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) tells Jung Eun that she can make him pay but to leave No Eul alone. She tells him that she will kill her with her own hands. He tells her to stop and she asks if he thinks that she can’t. He asks her if once wants enough. She doesn’t follow and he asks if playing with someone’s life once wasn’t enough for her. She should never joke about it. He goes to leave but he grabs on to him. She tries to get him to stay for her birthday, but it takes Joon Young to step in for him to be able to leave.

Ji Tae leaves and because the elevators are so slow he takes the stairs. He calls her but No Eul is lost in her world and she doesn’t answer.

Joon Young hands Jung Eun a pair of shoes and a bouquet. The shoes were to replace te ones she damaged at his house. She asks him why he’s being so nice to her since he’s told her that he’s not interested in seducing her. He tells her to not plan any ideas of revenge but rather show him what he’s missing. He tells her to try and fall for himself and leave Ji Tae behind, or better yet seduce him.

Joon Young is in his car when Ji Tae calls him. He asks him what he’s plotting getting close to Jung Eun. He tells him that he’s trying to help him. He tells him that people should be together when they can and tells him that a few good deeds before he dies won’t kill him. Ji Tae tries to tell him off and he tells him that if he appreciates it to buy him a drink one day and he hangs up.

Na Ri (Kim Min Young) comes in and chastises No Eul for leaving everything outside and they can’t even return it or sell it. Na Ri wants No Eul to give back the 1 billion won even if she has to take more money from the loan sharks. She tells her she’s not going to and she threatens to tell Jik (Lee Seo  Won) about it. She tells her she can’t, and Na Ri warns her to return the money before Jik finds out. Na Ri goes to check the door after the doorbell rings but No Eul refuses to see Ji Tae so he leaves a coat on the doorstep for her before leaving.

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The part-timer gives Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) a box of lipsticks. She tells him that he didn’t have to and then tries them on. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) sees what going on and Man Ok grabs the part-timer’s hand and runs away. (I really got to figure out what his name is.)

Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) is working when he overhears some customers talking about Joon Young. He tells himself to not get involved with them as he’s no longer Joon Young’s manager. Young Ok (Jin Kyung) steps in and tells the customers that she gave birth to Jon young and she’s surprised that he got everything from plastic surgery. Joon Young comes in a tells his mother that she shouldn’t be yelling at the customers. He sits down and talks with the customers. When the customers tell him that they didn’t say that, Kook Young comes over and tells Joon Young every other thing they said. Young Ok chastises him for called the customers bastards. Joon Young tells Kook Young that he needs to stay at the restaurant for a bit longer and leaves.

Joon Young gives his mum a lift and asks her if she can prick his finger because he’s been feeling ill for the last few days and none of the medicine is working.

One inside she is patting his arm and asks if he’s lost weight. He admits that he’s been feeling fat so he’s on a diet. She yells at him that he’s crazy because he’s just skin and bones. He tells her to just tell him that she loves him. She’s lost and he tells her to stop pretending to be mad when she’s not and tell him her true feelings. She brushes off his hands and stabs his finger hard.

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Joon Young is driving home when he thinks of his mother’s parting words. She tells him that Kook Young has told her that he’s being terrible to No Eul. She tells him that Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has no ties to that family so she doesn’t want him to stop doing what he wants because of him. He thanks her for telling him.

He pulls into the drive to finds No Eul sitting there. She stands when he pulls in but he doesn’t look in her direction. She is about to ring the doorbell when Joon Young opens the door.

No Eul steps into the house and mentions how hot it is. She coughs and Joon Young turns to look at her briefly.

No Eul is sitting at the table and Jon young brings her a cup of tea. She tells him that she wants to come and tells him her last goodbye She tells him that since they did date she should do it properly. However, she didn’t want to ask why they are breaking up. Joon Young doesn’t say anything so she continues to ramble on by herself. She tells him that he should compensate her for the wasted time and requests for 10 million won. She tells him that she was going to ask for a loan but that way they would have to see each other again and this way she’ll be too embarrassed to see him again. He tells her ok and asks for a moment. He goes into his room and fights back tears while No Eul steels herself at the table.

Joon Young comes out with a chequebook and writes her a blank check. He tells her to write whatever about she wants and when she asks if she can have his fortune, he tells her she can. She tells him that she’s not a thug and will only right 10 million won. She tells him she’s leaving and tells him to live a good life, before calling him an evil bastard and leaving. She leaves crying and he sits at the table. He says out loud to no one that he’s sure that he’ll get his punishment when he gets sent to hell.

Jik is at the library thinking about Ha Ru (Kyu Woh) kissing him. He’s read the books and even consulted an online forum. When Ha Ru calls he shuts off the phone.

Ha Ru can’t believe that he’s gone silent. She tries to make herself feel better by telling herself that he must have been taken back from her sudden kiss but suddenly gets pissed at him for ignoring her. The maid tells Ha Ru that her breakfast is in her room because Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) has a guest.

No Eul sits across from Eun Soo and slides an envelope across to her. She tells her that it’s the 1 billion won she gave her. She tells Eun Soo that she won’t be seeing Ji Tae with or without the 1 billion won. She tells her that if God exists then surely he’ll help her just once, but she tells her not to worry because she’s certain that God is dead.

Ji Tae pulls in right when No Eul comes out of the house. She tells him that she’s returned the 1 billion won. Though he’s proud of her she tells him that she won’t be seeing him again since she’s not going to be seeking revenge he’s of no use. She walks away leaving him with the blow.

Eun Soo gets a call from her secretary telling her the Ji Tae has called an emergency board meeting. It appears like he’s trying to get her fired at the next shareholders meeting. She doesn’t believe it, but when Ji Tae comes home inquiring about his suit she knows the report is accurate.

Ji Tae is getting dressed when his mother barges in. She mentions it would have been nice that he warn her before calling for an emergency board meeting. He tells her that it’s not a surprise that it’s happening. All of the projects that she’s greenlighted without the shareholders’ approval have crashed and burned and everyone associated with them have been fired. She asks if he’s thought of what people would say about him. He tells her that they will either thhe’s his the prodigal son whose blinded by ambition or they’ll have faith in him. She asks if No Eul is more important than his mother. He turns to her and tells her that it’s not because No Eul is important it’s because Hyun Jon and Eun Soo are wrong.

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Hyun Joon goes to talk with Ji Tae and asks if he can finally tell the world about his parents. He admits that he can’t but he can’t change the past, however, he can fight to stop them from using the wealth and influence to destroy anyone else’s life. Hyun Joon tells him that her rooting for him to win this fight and walks away.

When they get out Hyun Joon’s secretary tells him that Joon Young has no father listed on the birth registry which is why they took Young Ok’s last name. Though Hyun Joon is sure that she was married, they couldn’t find any proof of that.

Young Ok was developing a new dish when Jung Sik starts plucking her which hair. He starts going off about stress and Young Ok asks him if he likes her. Jung Sik turns red, which gives us the answer we already knew. Namgoog (Park Soo Young) comes in and tells her that he’s noticed it that he’s liked her for a while. When Jung Sik tries to retort he digs himself a hole. She gets made and leaves. Everyone gangs up on him about his feelings and then when Namgoog tells him about introducing Young Ok to a single father, Jung Sik pulls him aside says something that makes him freeze. He then heads out to talk with Young Ok.

Jung Sik tries to talk with Young Ok but she ignores him. He grabs another white hair and she goes after him. Hyun Joon watches from the car but it seems almost painful for him.

Jung Eun goes to see Ji Young at his house. She tells him that she’s received expensive wine and wants to share it with him. He apologises that he needs to step out for a moment and she tells him that she’ll just look around the house while he’s gone. He leaves and parks his car a little way down the road and sits there.

No Eul goes to the stares at the footage that she shot. He tells her to organise it. She tells him that he’s taken over the project and now he’s just rubbing salt in her wounds. He waves three 100,000 won bills in front of her.

Jung Eun looks around Joon Young house while he simply sits in his car.

No Eul is working on the video from the documentary. She tries really hard but finally gives up right when the scene from the beginning played with him asks her to go out with him for 3 months.

Secretary Kang tells Ji Tae that none of the board members will come no matter how long he waits. Kang asks if he thought that Eun Soo was going to let herself be attacked. He tells him that he didn’t but he wanted to test how much power his mother had.

Joon Young falls asleep in his car and wakes to Jung Eun calling him. He throws his phone on the passenger’s seat. Jung Eun gets up and is about to storm out when she stops.

No Eul continues going through the footage and she runs through all of the times that he essentially tell her how much she means to him. When she gets handed another tape it’s all the times that he mouthed worried of adoration to the camera, but because she can’t hear it she assumes he’s cursing her out.

Jung Eun sits alone at the table and drinks the wine. When Jon Young comes in he surprises that she was still there. She throws the wine glass at the window shattering it. She screams at him about knowing his place, but he simply called Kook Young to come and get her.

No Eul sits there and tries to figure out what Joon Young meant about not having much time.

Jung Eun tells Joon Young to come out and apologise to her. He comes out and apologises then picks up her phone when Eun Soo calls. He hangs up and tells her that she shouldn’t come to him with loose ends. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he is the top star.

Eun Soo is calling with Ji Tae tells her to stop. She tells him that if he’s there to surrender he can do it over dinner with Jung Eun. He tells her that he’s not there to surrender.

Jung Eun picks up the phone and tells her mother that she’s giving up on Ji Tae because he will never come to her. She is in the middle of telling her to give up when Joon Young kisses her.

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