Uncontrollably Fond Episode 16 Recap



We get walked through all of the times that Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) spoke to the security cameras. The final recording was of him telling the camera that his condition has gotten worse and he doesn’t have much time left.

The other editor comes in and tells her that he doesn’t think it’s an audio problem more that he’s not actually vocalising his words. No Eul (Bae Suzy) tells him that he can hear his words all too clearly, and she sits there crying to the video.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) tells Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) that she’s giving up on Ji Tae (Lm Ju Hwan). Joon Young comes back and kisses her. Jung Eun drops her phone.

Eun Soo hangs up the phone and Ji Tae admits his mother that he’s not there to admit defeat but rather to declare war. He warns her that he doesn’t know how far she’ll go but he’ll follow her. He gets up and leaves.

Jung Eun goes and washes her face. She comes back and tries to hit him but he catches her hand. He tells her that maybe next time she can remove her engagement ring for the kiss because he isn’t as generous to accept a woman still wearing the ring.  (I do like the ring.) Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) comes and notices Jung Eun there. He accuses him of doing something and asks if he’s forgotten who she is. He walks away while Kook Young is cursing him out.

Kook Yung comes out and takes Jung Eun’s keys. She slaps him and accesses him of looking down on her just like Joon Youn had. He tells her that’s not the case and admits that he will try and forget everything when he drops her off.

No Eul arrives at Joon Young’s house and hesitates before ringing the doorbell. During the hesitation she sees Kook Young pull out in the car, with Jung Eun in the back seat.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 11.40.22.png

Joon Young is in his bedroom and the memory of him telling No Eul that he’s really good at disappearing, but the time hasn’t come yet plays. He breathes on the glass and draws a character of No Eul. Meanwhile, No Eul squats and starts t cry having figured everything out.

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) performs her elementary school spell when Mrs Jang comes in and asks her why she’s still doing it. She pulls the paper from her mouth and Ha Ru complains that she has to eat it for it to come true. Her phone rings and she tells Mrs Jang to apologises because the spell worked.

Jik (Lee Seo Won) and Ha Ru meet up and he asks if she’s mad that he’s ignored her texts. She tells him that she’s not because she’s met plenty of guys while he was ignoring her. He understands and goes to take his leave but she stops him. He tells her that she’s met better men so why would he stay. She chastises him and tells him that even though she looks like a player she’s faithful. She stops gets embarrassed. He lays down some ground rules, like no touching until he’s graduated and he wants to get permission from their families to date. She accuses him of being so old fashion  but he wants to follow his values and take care of her.

Joon Young wakes up at 2:02 pm and gets a phone call from his doctor tell him that No Eul went to see him. He’s told that No Eul knows about his illness and he asks her to help him. He finds No Eul setting up in his living room and he asks how she’s gotten in. He then asks if their relationship wasn’t over, she says it was but it seemed like a large lost to her if they ended it there. She asks to continue working with him but he refuses and tells her that she has 1 minute to leave the house.

Ji Tae gets eaten out by his uncle who can’t believe that he’s trying to get his mother fired. Ji Tae simply explains that what she’s going doesn’t help the company. His paper’s get thrown in his face and he leaves. While picking up the papers Jung Eun comes and asks him to stop. She tells him that the only one to get hurt is him. He doesn’t answer and starts to tell him about Joon Young winning her over and asks if he’s not going to stop her. He stands and reminds her that he’s already given her his answer on the topic and walks away.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 12.12.50.png

Jung Eun goes to see Eun Soo and when she tries to talk about their phone conversation, Eun Soo talks about everything but. Finally, Jung Eun tells Eun Soo that she’s truly giving up on Ji Tae and has found another man. Eun Soo asks if she wants her to take care of it just like last time. (Warning! Danger! lol)

Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) parks in front of Joon Young’s house and runs through everything he knows and even his interactions with Joon Young. He is nearly brought to tear when he realises that Joon Young is his son.

Ji Tae pulls up to Joon Young’s house to find his father standing there. He gets put and asks what brings his father there. and Hyun Joon admits that he came to asks Joon Young to perform at a festival his section his holding. Ji Tae asks his father how much he knows about his relations this with Joon Young, though Hyun Joon pretends to not understand, when Hyun Ji Tae turns away he reiterates the question. Ji Tae looks to his father and tells him that he knows as much as he does.

Ji Tae is standing in the driveway when Jon Young comes out. The go inside and Ji Tae asks him how long he has left to live. Joon Young tells him that there is no given time but he’s determined to not die. Ji Tae tells him that he will get revenge for him and No Eul so he shouldn’t make a fuss and should just die as the cool tragic star he is. He tells him it’s his last warning and then gets up to leave. Joon Young yells after him that he’s determined to not die.

Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) calls Joon Young and tells him that No Eul is at the shop.

No Eul is stuffing her face while Yong Ok (Jin Kyung) watches. Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) mentions how No Eul is like Young Ok that when she wants to cry she stuffs her face. No Eul starts dissing Joon Young and Young Ok tells her to date another man if Joon Young is weird. Once she’s done eating Young Ok and No Eul step outside and Young Ok tells her that she shouldn’t have let it get so far until she got hurt. No Eul asks her to hug her but hugs her instead. She holds in the tears and tells her mother that she shouldn’t cry or get too worn out no matter what. Joon Young pulls up and watched No Eul hold his mother.

Jung Eun goes up on the roof top and thinks about her conversation with Eun Soo. She looks at her engagement ring and then other at the billboard of Joon Young’s new documentary. She remembers her last time with Joon Young.

Ji Tae also sees the promotion.

They are shooting the documentary but Joon Young is distracted. He gets reasked the question and starts talking about his girlfriend. Namgoog (Park Soo Young) says it’s Yoo Na, but Joon Young disagrees. Kook Young asks who and starts naming off people Joon Young confirms it Jung Eun. No Eul shoes up with a meal and Namgoog is mad that she showed up after being fired. She tells him that she won’t hand over her videos if sheès not a part of the project.

Meanwhile, Joon Young starts to having an attack and suddenly stands and tells everyone to leave. He goes inside and No Eul tells them to leave. Namgoog blames No Eul for the issue and Kook Young asks if she’s ok. She tells him she’s fine and then he tells Namgoog that he’s quitting and will send his resignation letter to him later.

Inside the house, Joon Young struggles to the bathroom. He manages to get there and take his pills before collapsing in the hallway where No Eul finds him. (They still look like tic-tacs to me.) He comes to with her wiping his face. She tells him that she contemplated calling 911 but it would have been bad if it got out. She tells him to go to the hospital but he throws her phone. She begs him to get treatment but he doesn’t want to hear any of it. He drags her out and she swears that she will tell everyone that he’s sick. He tells her to do as she pleases and pushes her out.

Joon Young changes his passcode before collapsing to the ground and No Eul becomes frustrated and sadden by his lack of drive to live.

Ji Tae arrives home to find his father sitting in his car. He mentions that he’s gotten home late. Hyun Joon could say the same. Ji Tae makes his father promise to stay with his mother no matter what happened. His father agrees and asks Ji Tae the same thing but Ji Tae admits that he can’t make the promises. That’s why he’s making his father make the promise for him, so at least one of them will stay by her side.

Jung Eun is in the bathroom at the Choi household and she removes her engagement ring in the bathroom. When she comes out Ha Ru wants to ask her questions about relationships. Hyun Joon and Ji Tae arrive and Ji Tae tells his mother that she should have told him that Jung Eun was coming. Eun Soo tries to break the tension and being Jung Eun into the kitchen. Jung Eun walks up to Ji Tae and tells him that it is time they stopped the charades. She hands him back the ring and tells Hyun Joon that she’s found herself another man. She goes to leave and Hyun Joon inquires as to the identity of the new man.

Joon Young is laying in his living room and then suddenly gets up. He starts looking for Pororo how is missing.

Jik is sitting with Na Ri and asks for her hand. He tests out several things that make his heart race with Ha RU. Na Ri asks if he’s going insane. He kisses her cheek and wonders why he feels normal with her but feels like his hearts going to explode with Ha Ru. No Eul suddenly stands and calls out bastard and leaves. This leaves a very confuses Jik and Na Ri in her wake.

Joon Young looks for Pororo and then finally calls Kook Young. He asks if he wants to talk he should have found a better excuse because he sent Pororo to the countryside not that long ago. Joon Young starts to disagree and then remembers that he had. Kook Youn hangs up because he doesn’t want to talk with him.

No Eul starts banging on his door and tells him that changing his passcode is petty. She screams at him and accuses him of thinking that pushing her away was for her best since he thought it would be painful after he dies. She tells him that it’s not the case and wants to spend all of the time he has left with him. She starts to cry and tells him that she loves him. He gets a message about a 13 days expiration and the Kook Young calls him again. He reminds him that no matter how big a star he is he can’t go messing with people. Joon Young asks about an alarm on his phone and Kook Young doesn’t know about it. The signs that his memory is starting to go.

Jung Eun arrives and walks right past No Eul to ring the door bell. Joon Young comes and answers the door. He’s surprised to find Jung Eun there. She tells him that she’s come without her engagement ring and asks to come in. She hugs him and he stands there motionless. No Eul peeks around the corner.

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