Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 5 Recap



We rewatch when Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) tells Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) that he’s going to steal Ha Won (Park So Dam) away from him. The fireworks start and Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) comes out to wish her a happy birthday. Hyun Min tries to brush off Ji Woon’s plan as a joke. Seo Woo ushers her to the table to eat.

They all sit down and Ha Won guesses that Yoon Sung (Choi Min) did the cooking while Seo Woo decorated. Hyun Min asks her how she liked his present when she asks what present her tells her he left it on her desk. She realises that he had bought her the face cream. When get to see him looking up the cream samples online and deciding to buy it for her. He had then snuck into the room while she wasn’t there to leave it. She tells him that she doesn’t need the cosmetics and when Hyun Min asks what she does need she tells him a school uniform. When Hyun Min teases Ji Woon about not having a present she takes a picture. She informs them it’s not her birthday. Though the day is right the month is wrong. Ji Woon leaves as he doesn’t need to be there, but he promises to keep an eye on her because things are starting to get interesting. Seo Woo encourages her to dig in.

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Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is sitting at home working when she pricked her finger. She remembers the last time that she saw Ji Woon. He asks her if she remembers when he told her he’d protect her. She admits that she does and he tells her that though he can’t protect her from the scars that Hyun Min already gave her she can stop it from happening again. He tells her that he thought of something that he can do for her but doesn’t tell her what.

Ha Won walks into her room and replay Ji Woon’s admission of stealing Ha Won from Hyun Min again in her mind. She wonders what he’s thinking. She steps out on the patio and notices Ji Woon standing there looking at her. She is shell-shocked for a second but then steps back in. She looks out her window and then further into her room, leaving a curious Ji Woon in her wake.

Seo Woo starts piecing together her agenda to find out when her birthday is. He’s excited that he’s figured out that it’s in May. But he suddenly realises that is shouldn’t concern him when her birthday is.

The next morning Ha Won comes out to find Hyun Min waiting for her. He asks if her heart is racing from what Ji Woon told her. She tells him it isn’t. He warns her that the only person in Ji Woon’s heart is Hye Ji and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Ji Woon walks by and tells them if they want to talk behind his back they best do it somewhere else.

Ha Won meets with Chairman Kang (Kim Yong Geon) and he is thrilled about the picture. She complains that it should have been in focus but he tells her not to worry. Yoon Sung tells her that he’s prepared the 1st year of college tuition as well as her cash bonus. She complains that it’s too much but the Chairman assures her that he’s not paying her enough for her skills.

Once they leave, Ha Won asks Yoon Sung if he’s the one who told the Chairman about her mother’s crematorium. He doesn’t understand at first then she mentions that it’s odd that the money left to pay for her mother’s spot is equal to her bonus. He apologises and she tells him it’s ok . When he offers to take her to the crematorium she tells him that she’ll take the bus. He starts to nag her about coming home at a reasonable time and she tells him that he reminds her of her parents.

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Kang pulls out a picture of his 3 sons and he tells them that their children have finally eaten together for the first time in their lives.

Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) is at work when she sees Ji Hwa Ja’s (Kim Hye Ri) name in the list. She asks if she can take over the appointment and since Hwa Ja doesn’t have a preference yet of which girl she has the other girl agrees. She starts chattering with the woman and she tells her that there is a rumour that a woman is living at the sky house. She admits that her daughter heard it from school and Hwa Ji tells her that there is too much chatter.

Soo Kyung calls Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and tells her that it seems to be true that Ha Won is living at the Sky House. Yoo Na starts throwing a tantrum and Soo Kyung mentions that it’s not like she’s going to marry one of them.

Ha Won places her mum back in her spot and tells her about everything that has happened. She shows her the picture of the 3 men and tells her how happy they made her throwing her a birthday party, even if it was on the wrong day. She turns to leave but notices Ji Woon’s mother’s urn. She takes one of the white roses from her mother’s bouquet and puts next to the flower Ji Woon left that last time he came, before leaving.

Ha Won comes in and sees Mrs Blgyo working. She asks if they are preparing a party. She tells her that it’s soon to be Chairman’s Kang’s Son’s death anniversary. She tells her that the 2nd eldest took his own life and the other 2 died in a car accident at the same time.She’s told that none of the boys have never come to mourn their father’s death anniversary.  She understands that the death of a parent is less painful that the death of a child so they should at least show some respect to their grandfather.

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Yoon Sung tells the boys that they have to come to the anniversary. Hyun Min and Seo Woo tells him no because they find it a nuisance. He asks Ji Woon about it, but he reminds him that it’s only been a year since he should out he had a father. Yoon Sung turns to see Ha Won standing there.

They move to Yoon Sung’s rooms and she goes off about not understanding why they refuse. Yoon Sung tells her that he understand where they are coming from. He tells her that some things are hard to explain when it comes to the Sky House.

She goes to the CEO and tells her that she wants to give it a try. He warns her that it’ll be difficult. She agrees but she tells him that it’s more important than anything else. She tells him that she really wants to succeed because she thinks that their fathers want to see them.

Yoon Sung comes in and asks if he accepted. He admits that he wants to believe in her but it’s been 10 years since he’s been doing it on his own.

Ji Woon is swimming when Ha Won checks on him. She notices that he’s wearing swim shorts. When he pops up she asks if he’s not wearing anything he tells her that she’ll find out when he gets out. She tells him she doesn’t care since he said he’s liked her. She wonders if he would be able to say that in front of Hye Ji. She asks if it’s his hobby to have complicated relationships because he, Hyun Min and Hye Ji share a love triangle and she wonders why he’s trying to force her into the mix. He says it is and she offers to come in with him ‘naked’ since he likes it so much. He tells her to stop playing around and gets out of the pool. She smiles and realises that his innocent and goes for  a swim.

She gets into the shower when Ji Woon comes in. She admits that he scared her and he asks if she had something to say to him. He warns her that he wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to steal her away from Hyun Min. He leaves and he curses herself for letting him make her heart race. She also chastises herself for not asking him about the death anniversary.

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Ha Won asks Seo Woo about the anniversary and he admits that he feels like his grandfather didn’t treat his father like family until his death. She finds out that Seo Woo’s grandmother wasn’t married to the CEO so his father had to live in hiding. He asks her to leave because he has to work and she apologises for getting in his away before leaving.

Hyun Min is on the phone with his mother and tells her that he’s not going. She can do as she likes but not use him as an excuse. Ha Won knocks on his window from inside his room and he steels himself for a bit before entering. He asks her what she wants and then when he tries to tease her he complains that she never goes with the flow. She asks him why he won’t go, but he admits it’s because there is someone there he doesn’t want to see.

Ha Won is in the hallway when she is determined to get the guys to go to their father’s death anniversary. Ji Woon asks why she’s blocking the entrance to someone else’s room. She asks about his father’s death anniversary and he tells her he has no father.

Ha Won goes to see Seo Woo but she finds his room empty. She notices the lyrics of the song he was working on and when she picks up the book a picture of him and his father slip out. He comes in and asks what she’s doing and she apologises. She tells him that if he wants to sing a song to his father and see him, he should come to the event. She leaves and Seo Woo sits down. He looks over the lyrics once again.

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Ha Won comes out and gets called over by Hyun Min’s mother. She inquires to her identity and reveals that she is Hyun Min’s mother. She mentions that Hyun Min seems to have gone somewhere and asks for help. Ha Won gets dragged shopping. After a while, Mother stops and turns to her and asks if she’s ok. She tells her that she’s fine. While they’re thinking about anything else that she should get Ha Won suggests a book since it may be morning staying at a hotel by herself. This makes Hyun Min’s mother smile.

Yoon Sung is heading down when He bumps into Hwa Ja. He doesn’t look her in the eye before bowing and getting on the elevator.

Hwa Ja is sitting with Kang when Yoon Sung comes in with a blown up picture that Ha Won took. He’s happy and suggests that next time himself and Hwa Ja show take a picture with the boys.

Mrs Belgyo asks Hyun Min if he’s seen his mother.

Ha Won and Hyun’s mother are eating when mother tells her that she’s worked hard and tries to pay her for her time. She tells her that she doesn’t have to because she only did what she should have. She asks when they had a relationship past what they have. She tells her that she’d appreciate it if she didn’t assume otherwise. Mother is about to leave when Hyun Min comes in and tells her to leave. Ha Won is confused as he completely ignores his mother.

When they are outside she asks why he’s acting that way. He asks why she followed a complete stranger and acted like her slave. She tells him that she’s his mother and she only helped her because she asked. She asks if she has no right to help her friend’s mother. He flips out at her calling him her friend. She apologises for assuming that she meant more to him that she actually does. She leaves him standing in the road.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 18.38.15.png

Ji Won is sitting in his room and he replays the dinner and conversation what Hye Ji in his mind. He tries to call her but she doesn’t pick up. He decides to go a see her. He finds her lost in thoughts of the dinner. He comes in when she throws out her dress. She apologises but tells him that she has a lot to do that day.

Hwa Ja asks why Kang isn’t eating but he admits he doesn’t have an appetite. He tells her that he always remembers the boys at that time of the year. She asks if what he needs right now isn’t a son he can rely on.

Ji Woon comes home to find Ha Won doing exercises. He asks what’s wrong and she admits that she’s not feeling well. He tells her to take medicine and sleep but she tells him that she already has and it makes her feel worst being sick and home alone. She tells him to not bother with her but he tells her to follow him.

They go to a bench and he preps her to prick her finger. She’s scared because it’s been so long since someone pricked her finger. He tells her not to move. He pricks her finger and it’s over in a second. She tells him he’s a pro and he admits that he’s been doing it for his mother since he was 8. She compliments him and then thanks him. She mentions that no one has done it for her since her mother’s passing. He mentions that she still has her father. She confides in him that her father would never do it because she’s not his biological daughter. Though she likes to pretend he is. Ji Woon reminds her that there are people like him who have never met their father. She admits that if her father isn’t her biological father than she would love to meet with him at least once. This makes Ji Woon thinks but Ha Won ruins the moment with a burp and tells him that he’s the best. He leaves her be.

Hyun Min is sitting in his room and is worried about what he said to Ha Won. He tries to call her but she doesn’t answer. When he goes to her room he finds it empty.

Ha Won and Ji Woon are at the convenience store making ramen. Ji Woon keeps glancing over to her with a dreamy smile. Finally, Ha Won tells him that he secretly wants to see his father and he should. He tells her to stop playing around and they go back to their food.

Seo Woo is waiting for his mother to arrive. He tells her that she should have gone to the hotel. She tells him that she wanted to see him before she went to the hotel. She tells him that she wants to go on dates with him so that they can spend time with him, He tells her that he has a recording session in the morning. She complains that she wants to go see his father’s death ceremony with him. He tells her that he’s always will them even if he doesn’t go. When she’s leaving they bump into Hyun Min to doesn’t answer any questions about his mother and Seo Woo’s mother notices that they are still on bad terms.

Hyun Min ignores a call from his mother along with the text telling him that he better be there.

Ji Woon is driving them home when he notices the Ha Won is dozing off. He pulls to the side of the road and tilts her seat back slightly, before repositioning her head. She starts to mumble in her sleep but she says that she misses her father out loud. She repositions herself and he smiles before driving off. When they arrive she can’t believe that she snored and when he told her that she spoke in her sleep she wants to know what she said. She grabs his arm and he suddenly thinks of all the things that happened that night. He tells her that he doesn’t know. she tries to make him promise to come the next day.

Hyun Min comes to see Ha Won in the kitchen. He asks if she as  Ji Woon were flirting and she tells him to mind his own business. He reminds her that dating is forbidden and he can’t believe his own finacée is doing that to him with his own cousin. She asks him to draw a line so she knows where she stands because she’s told her that they are nothing to each other. She tells him that though she has no right to tells him to make up with his mother or to go to the death anniversary she will say one thing. She believes his father is lonely. And she leaves.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 19.40.14.png

Ji Woo goes to his workshop and thinks of Ha Won’s words. He pulls out a box and looks at the pictures in them. He remembers his mother’s funeral where 2 women bad mouthed his for leaving his mother.

They cycle through all of the grandsons and what they’re doing but they leave Ha Won waiting in front of the temple. She apologises to CEO Kang and tells him that she’s failed the mission.

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