Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 6 Recap



The staff is preparing for the 3 son’s death anniversary when Ha Won (Park So Dam) turns to Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and asks if the boys are coming. Seo Woo’s (Lee Jung Shin) mother arrives and complains when Yoon Sung greets her. He tells her she can go in , she starts to but then turns to Ha Won and asks who she is. She introduces herself and she’s automatically placed as Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) finacée. The mother asks about Seo Woo.

Seo Woo is in the studio recording and the last conversation that Ha Won had with each of the grandson’s plays. When Seo Woo stops singing his producer tells him that it was good. When her comes out, he’s told to reign in his emotions and try again. He replays Ha Won’s words in his head and goes to leave. He tells the recording crew that he has someone he wants to see.

Hyun Min’s mother arrives and Seo Woo’s mother starts to chatter. When Hyun Min’s mother brushes her off, Seo Woo’s mother mentions that she’s as similar to Hyun Min as ever. The memory of the day she dropped Hyun Min off at the sky house plays. She tells him to stay and protect his place even though he begs for her not to go. She hugs him one last time before pushing him to the ground and walking away, leaving him to cry after her.

Hyun Min wakes up from a nightmare of the day. He gets up and grabs a glass of water when Mrs Belgyo arrives. She apologises having not known he hadn’t left yet. She apologises and leaves complaining that he’s heartless and doesn’t understand Ha Won’s situation. He comes out and asks what she means.

He’s told about the conversation she had with Ha Won. Ha Won helped to cook because she could. She admits that she would watch her mother prepare her grandparents death anniversary meals. When Mrs Belgyo mentions that her mother must be proud when she celebrates her anniversary, Ha Won admits that she’s never done do because of her step-mother. She tells Mrs Belgyo that she’s sure her mother is waiting for visit her so she’s certain the boys’ fathers are too.

We next see Hyun Min in his car as he replays Ha Won’s words in his head and the conversation that Mrs Belgyo has with him.

Yoon Sung tells her that it’s nearly time. She is discouraged that they’re aren’t coming and Yoon Sung tells her that it’s not too late for her to not be completely disappointed. Seo Woo pulls up to the temple. When Seo Woo gets out of the car and asks if he’s the only one who showed up, she nods, but then Hyun Min pulls up. and asks if she was waiting. She tells him of course and his father is probably waiting too. Seo Woo and Hyun Min head into the temple together.

Once they are left alone, Yoon Sung tells Ha Won that he doesn’t think that Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) will be coming. Ha Won goes in last after waiting for Ji Woon a little longer.

Ha Won goes to CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) and apologises for failing her mission. Kang goes in and Yoon Sung tells her that having Ji Woon arrive would have been nothing short of a miracle. She felt like it could have happened if she could have just gotten through to him. She tells him that she’s going since it’s a family gathering and she doesn’t feel it’s right to intrude.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 14.54.16.png

Kang arrives and tells them to begin because the children are probably hungry. They start the ceremony.

While outside watching a monk approaches Yoon Sung. He tells him that they must all be very happy this year having seen their sons. Yoon Sung admits that one of them must still be lonely. The monk is confused by the statement because Ji Woon had already come and left a rose as a gift to his father.

After the ceremony the mothers eat with CEO Kang. Hyun Min’s mother tells Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) how well she cuits CEO Kang. Then precedes a contest of the mothers as to whose son will become the heir of the company. Kang stops them and mentions that if she talks about the heirs out of the son’s that are under qualified, he will search the earth for other sons her husband might have had.

Ha Won leaves the temple looking defeated.

Kang and Hwa Ja gets into the car and Kang is sad that Ji Woon didn’t come. Hwa Ja tells him that his mother and father are happy together in heaven. He doesn’t want her to talk to him about his mother. He blames her for forcing Ji Woon to fend for himself for so many years. When Yoon Jung gets in the car, he reiterates that he wishes that Ji Woon came. Yoon Jung tells him that he’s heard the Ji Woo actually did come.

We see Ji Woon visit his mother and notices the flower that Ha Won left for his mother. He thinks long and hard at the crematorium about what to do. He takes the flower that Ha Won left for his mother and gives it to his father instead.

Ha Won packs up and reminisces about her time at the sky house. She leaves a note telling them that she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be there anymore and leaves. However, the notes falls to the floor.

Hyun Min is driving his mother and she starts to asks him about Ji Woon and if he’s given up trying to be heir. Hyun Min asks if that’s all she wants to talk about when he’s with her. She mentions that he past the exit to the hotel. He tells her that he’s not taking her to the hotel but the airport. He tells her to never come back to Korea.

Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) go to the sky house. Soo Kyung likens it to a castle and tells her that she’s Ha Won’s mother after all so Ha Won isn’t the only one who can live there. They are brought in and greeted by Mrs Belgyo. Soo Kyung plays the worried mother card and she is brought to Ha Eun’s room. Mrs Belgyo is pulled away to work. Yoo Na heads to Hyun Min’s room because she doesn’t care about Ha Won’s room, while the mother checks out Ha Won’s room.

Yo Na walks around Hyun Min’s room when she notices Ha Won’s school uniform. She throws it on the floor and steps on it thinking that Ha Won is trying to worm her way into Hyun Min’s room. She spills ink over the uniform out of spit.

Soo Kyung is trying to gets Yoo Na out of Hyun Min’s room when Yoon Sung arrives. He inquires to the purpose of their visit and Soo Kyung tries to play the worried mother card that doesn’t work on him. He asks if Ha Won knows that they are there. She mentions that it doesn’t matter because she’s her mother. He assures her that Ha Won is being treat like a guest and when the mother mentions that she should also be a guest, Yoon Sung puts her in her place. He escortes them out leaving the last bit to the security guards.

Yoo Na goes to an internet cafe and puts a post about Ha Won on the internet. Basically, a tell all.

Ha Won goes to see Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) at work. She tries begging her to let her stay at her house that one night, but Ja Young tells her that he room is too cramped as it is. No matter what Ha Won tries the answer is still no. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) walks into the cafe which surprises Ha Won.

Ja Young is thankful to Hye Ji for letting Ha Won stay at her house. She gives Hye Ji her phone number should anything happen. Though Ja young didn’t wait to hear Hye Ji’s answer, she shoves them off. Hye Ji tells her to come with her.

She gets to Hye Ji’s house and she finds it amazing. She compliments her room says it’s as pretty as her. She sees the picture f her, Hyun Min and her older brother together and asks about it. She apologises after she finds out her older brother has past way. When Hye Ji asks her about leaving the Sky house and Hyun Ji, Ha Won admits that she was never Hyun Min’s finacée and she was living there due to a job she took from the CEO. She tells her that She found that she and Hyun Min looked good together and not to worry about her. This relieves Hye Ji and offers to let her wash up first.

That night Ha Won thanks her for letting her stay, because had it not been for her she would have stayed at school the night before her graduation. Hye Ji asks if she’ll see her family. Ha Won admits that she doesn’t know, but really all she has to do is go and get her diploma. Hye Ji promises to goes see her. Ha Won hugs her and thanks her for coming.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.00.37.png

Yoon Sung tells knocks on Ha Won’s door and tells her to sleep well. He turns to Ji Woon and mentions that he heard that he went to the temple. When he asks if it was because of Ha Won he’s super offended and tells him that it’s not it. Yoon Sung tells him that it’s Ha Won’s graduation the next day and he should drop by to congratulate her if he has time.

Ji Woon goes to his workshop and tells himself that it doesn’t matter to him if she’s graduating. He lays down for a second and then he’s back up thinking again.

Ha Won texts her father to find out if he’s coming to her graduation the following day.

Hyun Min goes to check on Ha Won the next morning and asks where she could have gone so early. He notices her calendar and sees her graduation day. He remembers her asking for her uniform and then he runs to his room. He looks for it and then notices the stains. He freaks out and runs to get changed.

Ha Won is in class and everyone is ignoring her. When everyone leaves to get ready she stays behind. Ja Young arrives late and asks where everyone is. Ha Won directs her to the auditorium and Ja Young drags her to the graduation.

Hyun Min arrives at the uniform shop and asks for the same uniform. He tries to call Ha Won bit it goes to voicemail. He tells her to wait for him because he’s bringing her the uniform.

Hyte Ji goes to pick up Ha Won a bouquet of flowers. After thinking about her conversation the night before she tells the owner to give her the prettiest.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.25.59.png

Mrs Belgyo is cleaning when she notices the note that Ha Won left. She calls Yoon Sung to tells him the news. He reports back to the chairman that Ha won left thinking that she had failed the mission. When Kang asks where she might be, Yoon Sung reveals that it is Ha Won’s graduation that day.

At the graduation, everyone starts reading the post that Yoo Na wrote about Ha Won.  They all act coldly to her. When he stepmom comes she warns her never to return to her house. Only moments later someone calls her out.

Ji Woon arrives and gets bombarded but the flower people but he tells them he’s not there for the graduation. He overhears a few students saying that they are catching Ha Won and he goes in.

Hyun Min arrives with food trucks and tells everyone that it’s on him. When he asks for Ha Won a girl tells him that she’s been called out from the auditorium a little while ago. Hyun Min goes to look for her.

Ha Won is being held down by a group of girls in the recording booth. They starts accusing her of not being good enough to hang out with the Kang cousins and that she should be sleeping with CEO Kang.

The 2  cousins start looking feverishly for Ha Won.

Ha Won tells the girls that the weird rumours about her are not true. The also tells her to take back what they said about her. The lead girl pulls out a pair of scissors and tells her that if it’s not true then she’s going to check how pure she really is.

Ji Woon notices the 4 boys in the hall and walks over. He asks if Ha Won is there. When they don’t answer directly he knows that she’s there. Enter a random fight scene that makes Ji Woon look amazing.

The lead girl suggests filming it with the big camera and the 2nd girl starts it. Ji Woon comes in and asks if they were in the middle of something. The girl notices that the boys were beaten up and tells everyone to run. Ha Won looks scared and ashamed of her position. Ji Woon removes his jacket and draped it over her shoulders before leading her out.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 16.43.07.png

Once outside the gang shows up again and he goes to fight but Hyun Min tells him he shouldn’t be using his fists. He offers his car to the gang and shows him what it was. He tells them he doesn’t care what they do with it and then throws the keys out the window. The gangs thanks him and runs outside, meanwhile, the girls head in the opposite direction.

Seo Woo arrives and gets mobbed. He asks if there is anyone whose being mean and they tell him no. He asks to be brought to where Ha Won is and the entire group heads out.

Hye Ji arrives at the school and looks happily at the bouquet.

Hyun Min removes Ji Woon’s jacket and throws it at him before putting Ha Won’s new school blazer over her shoulders. Hyun Min tells her that it’s her graduation gift. Ji Woon says he’s going to leave and Hyun Min says that he should. Ha Won looks at him pleadingly and tries to stop him but he leaves anyways.

The gang goes after the keys but Yoon Sung picks them up. They try to beat him up but Yon Sung has no problem defending himself.

Ha Won changes and she thank him for it. When he gets up he accidentally turns the system on so people can see them all around the school. The tells her that he wants to talk and decided to talk there. Everyone freaks out about it . Meanwhile. Ji Woon and Seo Woo meet and see the broadcast. Hye Ji quickly joins the group and Ji Woon starts to hear the beginning of the confession before heading off. Yoon Sung joins the group and asks if Ha Won is ok. Seo Woo motions him to the screen they are all watching. Ha Won dumps Hyun Min tells him that she wants to stop it there. Before it could go further Ji Woon shuts off the system.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 17.10.05.png

Ji Woon is walking away when he hear Ha Won tells Hyun Min that she wants to stop pretending to be his fiancée. He agrees and asks her to date for real instead. Ji Woon is in shock right away.

Hye Ji happens to be outside and drops her bouquet when she hears Hyun Min’s confession.

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