Jealousy Incarnate​ Episode 1 Recap



We start this series a little oddly. There are 3 little-cartooned entities in a space ship controlling the weather. However, their spaceship is hit by a meteor. They spin out of control before crashing to the ground. Their spaceship falls down a chimney and turns on the tv. We see Pyo Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) telling us the news.

Na Ri is reading the news and the person behind the camera is telling her how she should be acting and moving. We quickly see that they are selling her looks in their show. They pan to the newscasters once her segment is up. The show ends and everyone is focused on Hong Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye) The female newscaster. Though Na Ri thanks the crew no one pays her much mind.

Na Ri starts grabbing clothes for the next newscasters and grabs the makeup kit. The makeup artist worries about the male’s newscaster’s pours showing up. The lighting teach suggests adding another light to make his pores seem smaller, but there is no way to hide it. Na Ri suggests a vase but they decide not to. Na Ri presents Hye Won with her shoes and gets told not to put the shoes in the prop room like last time. On her way out Na Ri gets chastised for stepping on some wires. When the producer asks who is going for coffee she offers.

Lee Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) travels around Thailand to film a segment and we see him shooting the first part over and over again. He finishes up and walks through a bar before asking the barkeep for a glass of whisky. He then asks the guy to sell him his shirt. He manages to dis the guy’s girlfriend by saying that pretty girls are common but the shirt is a limited edition. He finally ends up in a fight with the guy because of what he said.  (You should see the WTF look I have on my face right now.) The guy punches him and leaves. He tells the girl that she shouldn’t be dating someone with no money.

Na Ri comes back to the station having finished everything up and she leaves her wires on the desk. She looks around to find no one there and she walks other to the desk. She sits down and imagines Hwa Shin sitting right beside her. She signs off of the imaginary show in her mind. She gets removed from her ravery buy the news director telling her it’s not her spot.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 18.52.45.png

Choi Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) is asking the News Director to sign off on the Thailand shoot. He reminds him that he told him to give him the ratings and he signed off on it. With them not even shooting that much he doesn’t understand why the price is so high. He calls Na Ri in and he’s reading off the list f things that are expensive. When she’s asked if he does the news on the weekends she tells him he doesn’t/. She offers to do that job for 1/2 the price. He assigns everything to Na Ri and tells Dong Gi that only he and Na Ri can go.

Na Ri is getting money when the other weather girls go to talk with her. They ask her why she stays at the station because they don’t pay her enough for her lively hood. They ask her why she does little things around the office for a little extra cash. They tell her that they are all announcers and they just tell the people around the weather. She tells them that their not announcers and even if they act as if they are no one will treat them that way.

They all leave when the weather girl group comes face to face with the announcers. The greet them and one of them points out that Na Ri is wearing but padding.

Pyo Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) is leaving the academy when he gets called to by a proof. he calls him a thief because he hasn’t paid his school fees. He tells him that he didn’t steal anything the class would still go on even if he wasn’t there just the seat would be empty. He tells the teacher that they can check his body because he didn’t steal anything. Na Ri watches this from the back and finally yells at him. She asks if he’s an exhibitionist because he stripped in front of all the girls. She tells him to put his clothes back on and then apologises for being late with the payment.

They are walking back and she tells him that she is always proud when she pays the academy fees. He complains that she reeks of alcohol. She tells him that she allowed to drink. She kisses his cheek and he tells her that he’s not a child. She tells him that he’s her child. She tells him that she planned on taking him with her when she marries. She tells him that she was going to throw herself at the first eligible man when that guy left but that didn’t happen because she was working hard to pay for his academy.

Later that evening Chi Yeol comes and notices Na Ri sleeping outside. He tells her that she shouldn’t bare everything by herself or give anything up. In his mind, that’s the man’s job. He picks her up and carries her inside.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 19.23.52.png

We watch Hwa Shin go for his morning run and then get a phone call from a friend asking if he wants to have coffee. Hwa Shin asks if he has a death wish and asks where he is.

Ko Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) tells his driver to take him to the airport. His driver asks where he would want to go after being in Italy for two years. Jung Won mentions that he wants to go for coffee.

At the airport, his secretary reminds him that there is a board meeting that afternoon. He advises him that they should just come for coffee too… in Thailand.

Na Ri gets on the plane with Dong Gi and though Dong Gi gets a first class seat she is in the economic section. She takes the middle seat and notices no one sitting by the window and slide over to look out the window. Jung Won arrives and notices that she’s in his seat but takes the middle seat. She tells him that the middle seat is hers. He informs her that the window seat is his and that she can have it since all he’ll be doing is reading his newspaper. She smiles at him softly before looking out the window again. Part way through the flight Jung Won falls asleep and Na Ri happens to look over as his newspaper slides off of his face.  She compares him to Dong Gi who was sitting in first class.

They get off the plan and she notices that they’re following Jung Won. She continues walking but Dong Gi tells her to wait because he needs to use the washroom. He goes off and she starts to walk but bumps into Jung Won. He tells her to watch where she’s going and to not let her eyes wander while working with him.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 20.21.45

Once they get into the car Hwa Shin starts asking Dong Gi about the rest of the crew. Dong Gi tells him not to worry.

Jung Won is at the hotel when he calls Hwa Shin. Hwa Shin tells him to just come across the river to where he is because it shouldn’t take long. Hwa Shin wants to look over the script but Dong Gi ushers him off to makeup and wardrobe thinking that it’ll take longer than normal.

Na Ri comes in and tells him that she’s there to help him with everything. He tells her to leave and sent in makeup. She comes back in and does her makeup. She does the same thing again for his hair and wardrobe. He starts to laugh and looks at her. He tells her that he can’t blame her for what their stations plans where. He starts to put on a white shirt and she doesn’t want him to wear that. The fight over it and she scratches him and freak out. She tries to stop the bleeding but notices something while feeling his chest. He takes a tumble on the bed and she mentions that his chest and her mother’s… and then she trails off. She tells him to never mind and asks if he’s ok. He tells her he is and then yells at her to leave.

She leaves and chastises herself because he’s obviously a man. She then decided she should buy him ointment. (So she thought she felt a lump. Poor woman, men have breast tissue too, it’s just underdeveloped.)

Hwa Shin comes out with the outfit on and asks Dong Gi for the concepts. Dong Gi tells him not to go bad and starts explaining that it’s the president’s idea and they need to have it done today. While he’s talking Jung Won arrives. Hwa Shin stops listening to Dong Gi and wonders if Jung Won got the coffee he liked. He goes to head off the stage when Dong Gi tries to stop him saying he’ll make it art. Hwa Shin digs into the project and then about the fact that he tells the weather girls to put the breast and butts out. When Na Ri is in the position he can’t remember the day’s weather. He reminds him the  weather is news to and needs to be treat that way. He excuses himself to meet with an old friend.

He goes over to Jung Won and jokes about people saying he’s not a billionaire when he flies all over the place as he does. Na Ri shows up and walks straight to Jung Won, ignoring Jung Won completely.  He decides that he doesn’t want to do the shoot anymore and leave with Jung Won.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 12.45.06.png

Na Ri is laying down outside and she thinks about when she felt in Hwa Shin’s chest.

Jung Won is flying back when he remembers the conversation he had with Na Ri. She had been shocked when he knew who she was. He remembers how happy he made her with his little comment.

A girl runs through the apartment complex and gets everyone up. Na Ri asks her why she keeps treating her as a daughter as she didn’t give birth to her. Na Ri heads out to find Chi Yeol washing. She asks to see his chest because she’s curious about something. Chi Yeol tells her to try dating if she’s interested in a man’s chest and goes inside.

Everyone in the apartment building piles into the car. Kim Rak (Lee Sung Jae), the landowner, asks Oh Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) if his parents know about his test. He tells them that he does. He mentions to Red her skirt is too short. They are all waiting on Na Ri when Red mentions that the car full is family since they eat together, have coffee together and all go to work and school in the same car. When Red mentions that her father was still sleeping we pan to him.

Lee Joon Shin (Yun Da Hun) is sitting at bed looking at old wedding pictures. The picture of the 1 wife we see a flashback of Hwa Shin advising against the marriage. In The second marriage flashback. Hwa Shin is nothing but supportive. From the sidelines, it looks like the 1 wife was watching and she couldn’t imagine in choosing his current wife over her.

She notices Hwa Shin and he tells her to stop staring at him. They start to cross and she asks if his hands are full. He tells her he doesn’t need help and Na Ri admits she wasn’t going to help him and then starts to give him a breast exam. (Oh Na Ri.) He mentions that it’s too early in the morning for this. She continues to give him a breast exam until he finally screams at her. He mentions that 3 years prior she was innocent. He asks why she’s doing what she’s doing and she tells him that it could be nothing but they should talk. He asks if she still likes him because that scares him more than anything else.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 13.19.12.png

Dong Gi goes to see the news producer about something to find him nervous of Hwa Shin’s return. He mentions that as soon as Hwa Ji steps foot in the office tensions will raise because after all his uncle married Kye Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) and six months after divorced her and married Bang Ja Young (Park Ji Young) 6 months later.

Sung Sook and Ja Young meet in the elevator wearing the same suit. Sung Sook tells her to take it off and, obviously, Ja Young refuses. Sung Sook tells her that she’s going on air later it the outfit and Jung Young admits that’s she’s going live in it right then. When Ja Young mentions that she wasn’t going to live off her leftovers for long, Sung Sook mentions she didn’t mind it went she took her husband. They both get out of the elevator and rushes a senior to asks who is prettier.

Na Ri is following Hwa Shin from a distance when he finally stops. Na Ri walks right by him and he goes the opposite direction.

Kim Rak comes home to find and ambulance outside his building. He runs over and asks what happened. He’s told that Joong Shin came out to check his mail and rolled down the stairs. Kim Rak takes responsibility for him and gets in the car.

Red gets pulled out of class and told about her father. She is taken to the hospital. Rak asks if she shouldn’t call her mothers and she tells him that she has no mother.

Chi Yeol and Dae Goo both get up to leave. Their teacher tries to stop them because the school’s average will drop if the 1st and 2nd best student walks out. They tell him that it’ll go up a bit because red isn’t there. The both leave after that.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 13.51.04.png

Hwa Shin comes out of a public bath all shaved. He arrives at the stations and spots Na Ri. He picks up her bags so she wouldn’t hear him but she already noticed him. She mentions that the recruitment ad is about to show.

Red is at the hospital trying to contact her grandmother when Hwa Shin’s advert plays. The 2 woman are appalled that Hwa Jin’s is the first to play. The entire recruitment video is like a really bad music video.

Red gets pissed at the screen, mainly at seeing her mother so happy while her father could die. She throws her phone at the screen and tells her that she should save her father.

Hwa Jin mentions that it was art for once but it would have been better without the glittery shirt. He Notices Na Ri isn’t beside him and next to him. She sneaks behind him to give him a breast exam. He pulls her behind the scream and asks why she’s going it. She tells him that his chest feels the same as her mother’s who died from breast cancer. She tells him that it run in the family so she checked regularly. He mentions that he’s a man so obviously, breast cancer can’t be a thing.

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