Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 15 Recap



We get a quick rundown of the most important part of the last episode. We Rewatch Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho)  telling Bong Pal (TaecYeon) about Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) being possessed by the same ghost who possessed him as a child. We also rewatch Hyun Ji (Kim  So Hyun) being drugged.

Myung Chul tells him about the weapon that was used on him. Bong Pal mentions that it was broken and thought Myung Chul agrees, he tells him about the second one his mother got made. Myung Chul tells him that his mother’s spirit was very strong. Some people would have taken it as a gift, but not his mother. She was pregnant with him at the time and was determined to raise him as a normal person. Myung Chul tells him that due to her rejection the goods were mad at her rejection and that was when the misfortune  started happening. Bong Pal gets told about how his father was being chased but the evil spirit and had asked Hyun Ji to deliver the weapon to him. She got into the accident while heading to him. Bong Pal takes away from it that it’s his fault and Myung Chul tries to tell him that it’s not. Bong Pal heads out to see Hyun Ji.

He tries her phone but Hye Sung closes it off. When Bong Pal can’t reach her he starts to run.

Hye Sung goes over to Hyun Ji after she’s collapsed to the floor. He leans her up against the wall and asks if she’s ok. He places his hand near her face allowing her to hear the ticking of the watch. This triggers her memories and they all come flooding back to her. Hye Sung tells her that it’s best to bury bad memories and Hyun Ji passes out.

Bong Pal goes to see Hyun Ji’s house. Her mother comes out and tells him that Hyun Ji hasn’t returned. She asks if anything is wrong and he tells her that it is and then runs off.

Chung Sang (Kang Ki Young) and In Rang (David Lee) are staking out the vet clinic. Chung Sang chastises In Rang for not being quick on the uptake. While Chung Sang is telling him why they are doing a favour for the monk In Rang notices Hye Sung coming out. He waws distracted so he didn’t see what he loaded in the back. Sung Sang decides to follow him.

Bong Pal arrives at the clinic after everyone is gone. Since the door is closed he throws a rock at it until it shatters. He goes in and begins to look for Hyun Ji. He looks everywhere and can’t find a single sign of her, but as he’s about to leave, he sees her necklace lying on the ground. He slides to the ground and starts to worry a lot.

Hye Sung is driving and glanced over at the unconscious Hyun Ji in the back seat. Apparently oblivious to the beaten up white van following close behind.

Bong Pal is staying outside when The detectives are talking about everything. They tell Bong Pal that they are going to start a search and rescue. Hyung Chul shows up and asks him what’s going on . Bong Pal tells him about Hyun Ji.

Hyun Ji’s mother is informed about Hyun Ji’s disappearance. The older detective asks if who’s going to Hye Sung’s mother’s house and he’s informed that the local police are.

The duo follows Hye Sung to a parking garage. They both agree that he looks suspicious as he’s changing cars in the middle of the night. In Rang mentions that he’s pulling something out of the car. In Rang notices it’s Hyun Ji and Chung Sang covers his mouth and drops them to the ground. Hye Sung hears them and starts making his way over to them when a guard comes. He heads back to the car and the guard tells him that he should move his car. The guard gets suspicious after Hye Sung covers the back seat window. When He heads to get in the guard sees Hyun Ji lying there. Hye Sung tells the guard he should have just left and he kills him. He throws the man right next to In Rang and Chun Sang. Hye Sung gets back in the car and drives off. Chun Sang and In Rang try to follow up the car is dead.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 12.06.35.png

Myung Chul is trying to comfort Bong Pal. He tells him that Hye Sung can’t hurt Hyun Ji until he has the weapon. Bong Pal asks why he’s so obsessed with the weapon and Myung Chul tells him that with the weapon gone he can fully possess Bong Pal since he inherited his mother’s powers. Bong Pal gets a phone call from In Rang and he gets their location.

They arrive in full force and the detectives discover that it’s a perfect place for a getaway since the camera was down. Myung Chul tries to get Bong Pal to go home, but Bong Pal can’t sit around idol because this happened because of him. Myung Chul reminds him that it’s him that the spirit is after. In Rang and Chun Sang tells Myung Chul to not worry because they’ll stay at Bong Pal’s side.

The detectives found several CCTV cameras that have caught a glimpse of Hye Sung on them.and they should know in a little while about the destination. One of the detectives asks Myung Chul to wait for them in the waiting area. When Hye Sung’s mother comes in Myung Chul gets told who she is.

Bong Pal asks In Rang if Hye Sung turned right. He says that it’s correct. Bong Pal tells them that he thinks he went to Seoul, because she got in the accident while trying to give him something, so he just came to the middle of nowhere to throw them off. Chung Sang gets the car working again. They try to decide if they should go to Seoul or not. Bong Pal mentions that the cops believe that this was planned. In Rang is certain he must have already cased the area. In Rang gets and Idea  and runs to the car.

In Rang pulls the SD from Hye Sung car and tries to pull data from it. He gets 3 address and Chun Sang can’t believe him. They call Bong Pal over and show him . Given the information, he tells the other two that they should head there.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 12.37.12.png

Hye Sung is sitting outside the warehouse and creepily looks over this shoulder.

Hye Sung’s mother apologises for not being of more help. The detective offers to drive her back but she tells him she’ll make it on her own. Myung Chul follows her out and asks to talk.

Myung Chul asks her when it started, and she tells him that he became that way because of her. We see a scene from his past where he and his mother was beaten by his father. The spirit gives him a way to help.  He goes back inside and finds his mum beaten and his father standing on the balcony. Hye Sung pushes him off. She blames herself for not taking better care of him. She tried to move without him and then after that he moved into his middle school dorms.

Hye Sung is looking out the window while he waits for Hyun Ji to wake up. He makes his way to the chair and sits. Hyun Ji has a dream about the locker she rented that day, the bracelet was in the locker. She wakes up and is frighten and disorientated. She asks him why he’s doing this. He tells her that if she has her memory back she should know. He tells her not to blame him but the man who gave her the item and his son. He asks if she’s scared of him. She tells him she’s not. He tells her that it’s good because the only thing worse than feeling scared is someone else finding out that you’re scared. The ghost flashes across his face. He asks if she remembers where the item is and when she doesn’t answer he holds a phone up to her ear and her mother’s voice rings out. He tells her that she better remember or else all of her loved ones will die one by one.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 13.15.24.png

The gang pulls up to the warehouse. Hye Sung hears them. Hyun Ji tries to call out but Hye Sung slaps her. She grabs the phone and texts a message before being pulled out of the room. Bong Pall goes up the stairs and calls to her. However, they are already gone. He finds the phone with the message of Myungsung University simply written. The police pull in right after he pulls out.

Myung Chul goes to see the priestess and tells her what happens. He gets his sword back and thanks her for the hard work. He tells her that he will go finish what he doesn’t 18 years ago. She warns him that he will not be about to walk if he does that and could die. He tells her that he hopes she marries again and leave.

Hye Sung tells her that she better not do anything stupid if she cares about her mother. He undoes her cuffs. He leads her into the subway system. The Gang pulls up right after they go in.

Myung Chul meets up with the group and asks if Hye Sung is there. He confirms that he is and though Myung Chul tries to go in himself, Bong Pal tells him that he’s going to be the one to put the end to it. Myung Chul tells the duo to stay there but they follow them in.

Hye Sung and Hyun Ji are in the subway when the attendant tries to stop them. Hye Ji snaps his neck and casts him aside before continuing on.

Bong Pal notices the attended and Myung Chul check. though he’s dead, Myung Chul tells them it hasn’t been for long. Bong Pal heads into the subway with the gang following. They hear Bong Pal’s calls and Hye Sung pushes Hyun Ji forward. They arrive a desiccate platform and she walks to the locker.

They can’t find her and Bong Pal is certain they ‘re there. In Rang tells them that 5 years prior there was a fire so they built a different station. He thinks the old station is close to exit 2. Bong Pal takes off like a shot.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 13.43.06.png

When they arrive at the lockers, Hye Sung pushes Hyun Ji out of the way. He canèt open it so he kicks it. He empties the contents and he gets the item he wants. However one of the items that he threw to the ground was an aerosol can, which Hyun Ji grabs. When Hye Sung turns back around she sprays him and grabs the item. She starts to run and manages to get out of an exit.

The gang arrives at the platform entrance, Bong Pal and Myung Chul go in while the duo gets too scared and head up to wait for the police. Myung Chul warns Bong Pal to be careful. Bong Pal very quickly finds the door and follows.

Hyun Ji keeps running away from him, and finally, Hye Sung sends some energy towards her to trip her. He walks towards her and she tries to grab the items but he steps on his wrist. He grabs the bag and pulls the bracelet out and it starts to burn her hand. He starts to pet her hair before grabbing her by the neck and lifting her. He tells her that she’s no longer needed. Bong Pal finds then and rushes him.

Bong Pal starts beating Hye Sung up and finally Hye Sung got serious and catches his punch. He tells Bong Pal that he was going to look for him and thanks him for coming to him. He beats him up a little and tells him that he waited so long for that day. He preps to take over his body but Myung Chul comes and attacks with the sword. The wounds don’t stay for very long. Myung Chul tries to get Bong Pal and Hyun Ji to leave.

Hye Sung tells him that he can’t let them do that. Hye Sung asks if he could really kill him because by killing him he kills the man ok. Myung Chul tells him that he will finish what he started. Hye Sung tells him that he shouldn’t kill himself over it. Hye Sung easily beats him and tells him that he shouldn’t have died for it. Bong Pal rushes him again and the fight continues.

Finally. Bong Pal is flat on his back and Hye Suing goes to him. Myung Chul asks Hye Ji about the weapon. She looks around while he slices open his hand. Hye Sung Steps on Bong Pal’s throat and tries to power his energy into Bong Pal.

Myung Chul sends a wave of energy thought Hye Sung and he screams. Hye Sung drops to the ground. Myung Chul tells Hyun Ji that it’s done now . The evil spirit begins to pull back together but Myung Chul steps in the way of it and Bong Pal. Myung Chul tells Hyun Ji that the only thing to stop the spirit is the weapon. Hyun Ji finds it right as the spirit goes into Myung Chul.

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