Let’s Fight Ghost Episode 16 Recap – FINALE-



We’re back to Myung Chul (Kim Sang Ho) trying to fend off the evil spirit and it getting a blow in. Bong Pal (TaecYeon) calls to him after he collapses and after he gets up Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) throws him the bracelet. Bong Pal grabs it in his hand and punches the evil spirit causing it to get destroyed. Bong Pal and Kim Hyun go to check on Myung Chul. After much screaming, Myung Chul tells Bong Pal to move his hand because he can’t breathe. He sits up and goes to check on Hye Sung (Kwon Yool). The man was still alive. Just then In Rang (David Lee) , Chun Sang (Kang Ki Young) and a detective (Yoon Seo Hyun) come around the corner.

Hye Sung is sitting in the back of the ambulance and looks up at the group. The detectives usher him off but before getting into the car he looks at them one more time. Bong Pal asks what’s going to happen to Hye Sung because in a way he is a victim too. Myung Chul agrees with him, however, to the rest of the world he’s a murderer.

Bong Pal takes Hyun Ji home. Her parents come out to greet her. Hyun Ji’s Mother (Choi Ji Na) rips into Bong Pal, saying that Hyun Ji was in danger twice because of him. Hyun Ji tries to defend Bong Pal but she gets ushered inside. Mother tells him that they’re leaving and he should end his feelings for Hyun Ji there is he knows what’s best for both of them. Bong Pal hands Hyun Ji’s mother her necklace and asks that she give it to her.

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Hye Sung is in the police station and the detective interrogates Hye Soon. He quickly admits to killing the 5 people that the detective showed him.

When he is being transferred his mother comes up to him. He looks at her briefly and a tear rolls down his cheek before looking back at his feet. He gets ushered off and right after his mother starts to cry.

Bong Pal comes back home to find Myung Chul drinking. Bong Pal mentions that he only ever drinks when injured. Myung Chul tells him that there is no medicine for being beaten by a ghost. Bong Pal chastises him for not having any food and tells him to wait for a moment. Bong Pall makes a stew and Myung Chul compliments him. He asks if Hyun Ji is leaving and Bong Pal confirms that she s. He asks if he’s sad and he claims that he’s not.

Hye Sung’s mother goes to see him in prison. She asks why he did it when she knows it wasn’t him. He tells her that with his hand he didn’t kill those people. He tells her the the crimes in his heart and larger than the crimes he did physically. If he hadn’t been the way he was this wouldn’t have happened. He then tells her not to come because it’ll just bring her more pain if she sees him. She tells him that she’s going to come every day even if he refuses to see her until he can forgive her.

Hyun Ji calls Bong Pal once more and tells him that their things are packed and they’re leaving. She asks if he understands what her mother did. He promises that he does and tells her to study hard. She agrees. When she steps outside she starts to look around for Bong Pal but gets ushered into the car. She doesn’t see him, but he steps around the corner to watch her leave.

As He watches her leave he remembers their conversation. He admits the is he sees her that he won’t be able to let her go. He wants her to get because to her normal life and not put anything on hold for him. He tells her to be patient and they’ll be together again when she comes for college.

We see Hyun Ji working really hard on her studies while Bong Pal continues his life at college.

Bong Pal checks Hyun Ji’s college application results while Hyun Ji waits for a phone call. She goes outside to calm her racing heart. A ghost pops out of nowhere and she tries to ignore it.She ends up hitting it and tells him to go way. She calls in for her results and gets a long face.

She calls Bong Pal and tells him that she didn’t pass the exam. He tells her that there is a next time. He offers to sit the semester out so they can go to school together, but she tells him that he needs a stable job. She starts hinting about the future and he plays dumb. When she says that he’ll be living alone he tells her that since he’ll be living with her in 4 years it’ll be impossible. She doesn’t know how she’ll wait another year but Bong Pal assures her that she can.

Bong Pal is in class and gets assigned a class. He thinks about erasing his name and making a group for just him but he tells them that they should work hard.  Chun Sang comes to see Bong Pal and tells him that they’re in trouble with Seo Yeon (Baek Seo E) and In Rang gone they need another member. Bong Pal doesn’t care and Chun Sang tells him that he doesn’t like his attitude. Bong Pal tells him that he has to get to class and leave. Chun Sang gets a call from In Rang.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 11.11.02.png

In Rang starts yelling at Chun Sang about them not getting a single job since they opened the company. He shows him his receipts He asks about the new recruits and Chun Sang tells him that he’s still working on it. In Rang yells at him and banishes him to do the cleaning. (Like a good little wife 😛 I joke, I can’t clean for shit)

Myung Chul gets to a job to get the owner of the house tells him that the priestess says that his prayers have no power. He asks who is lying like that and a priestess comes down. She acts as if she says a ghost and when he calls her a fake she attacks him.

They get taken to the police station and Myung Chul tells them he didn’t push her she just tripped. She lunged at him again and it takes several police officers to hold her back.

Bong Pal gets invited to the freshman party and he tells them he doesn’t go to events like that. They beg him to come and finally he agrees.

At the bar, 2 seniors are talking about a really hot girl who was just accepted that year. They start their introductions and Bong Pal doesn’t pay any attention until he hears Hyun Ji’s voice. They make eye contact and he smiles. She gets asked if she has a boyfriend, she tells them she doesn’t and he’s there right then. Everyone turns to Bong Pal.

He asks why she lied about failing. She admits that she wanted to surprise her. He was trying to think of ways that he could survive another year without her. He finds out that she’s staying with her uncle close to his house. She promises to be stuck to him like glue. She tells him that he should call her Noona since she’s older than him but he refuses.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 11.30.51.png

When he drops Hyun Ji off her gets a phone call and heads to the police station. Once outside he tells Myung Chul that he shouldn’t be getting into fights. Myung Chul tells him that in his professions ethics are everything. He tells him he’ll take his leave and Bong Pal stops him. He tells him that he isn’t well and should stop working and move in with him. His place in the mountains isn’t very comfortable and he’s cleaned out the spare room. Since Myung Chul is the only family he has left he wants to take care of him. Myung Chul wonders if he has sausages at home and he does.

A woman is working late and the computer shuts off. She wonders what’s going on and finds a ghost under her desk. She runs out of the building screaming.

Hyun Ji gets asked to go on a blind date, but she mentions that she has a boyfriend. The girls tell her that it’s not like she’ll get with anyone and does she thinks that her boyfriend hasn’t been on a blind date. So she gets dragged along to the really awkward blind date.

Bong Pal buys food and asks her where she is she tells him that she’s discussing homework at a cafe with friends and will call him in a bit. He wonders what homework and decided to go home.

They are playing a game and Hyun Ji doesn’t get to drink the beer that she wanted and one of the guys uploads a picture of the girls with the caption of being on a blind date.

Bong Pal gets a phone call from In Rang and gets asked where he is. In Rang inquires if he knows where Hyun Ji is. He admits that she said she was at a cafe and he gets sent a video of the date. Bong Pal is pissed.

He shows up and heads straight to her. He stands behind her and one of the girls tells her. She looks up and then back down. He introduces himself as Hyun Ji’s boyfriend and places her hands on her shoulders. They leave and Hyun Ji tells him that she’s always wanted to go on a blind date in college. He can’t believe she went there when she had a boyfriend. She assures him that she told them that she was seeing someone. He tries to stay mad but ends up laughing.

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They get to her house and She tells him that she hates saying goodbye. She gets a text telling her that her mother is in town. Hyun Ji tells Bong Pal to leave because she doesn’t want her mother to say anything. He calls to her and then takes her hand before walking up to the door. Her mother comes to the door and he says hello. She invites him in.

She mentions that it’s late to be hanging out. Hyun Ji tries to tell her not to say anything. She asks if he had something to ask her. Bong Pal asks for her permission to date. She asks if they hadn’t been doing it behind her back. She admits that she had a bad feeling since the beginning and it was only natural that a parent worries. He says he understands and walks out of the house solemnly. Hyun Ji asks if she’s serious. She admits that she’s in college and can do as she pleases but Bong Pal doesn’t seem like a bad guy. Hyun Ji kisses her mother’s cheek and Bong Pal does a little happy dance before leaving.

Hye Sung’s mother visits him in prison with food. He asks the guard for something and hands her a box. He tells her that he made it for her when he had time to craft. She finds it pretty and is sorry that it took so long for them to get to the point where they are now. Hye Sung tells her that he’s not resentful anymore. She admits that they can’t go back but they can try to have what they never did.

Myung Chul sends Bong Pal off and the lady from the box incident watches him. He tells her that he’s putting things away, not picking anything up. She tells him that she didn’t say anything. She goes to walk away and she trips. He catches her and tells her that she has a face for good fortune and shouldn’t hurt herself. He stands her back up and walks away with a wink. She things that she’s batting outside his league but she’s happy about it.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 12.06.46.png

Hyun Ji bumps into a woman (Lee Do Yeon) She apologises and picks up her bags. She feels like they’ve met before. Her boyfriend comes out of nowhere and apologises for being late. She tells him that she can’t date someone who is punctual. Another guy shows up and asks for her forgiveness. Hyun Ji is confused and the woman walks away.

Bong Pal meets up with Seo Yeon and congratulates her on her job. He asks what she’s doing there and she tells him that she needs some academic papers. Hyun Ji comes up and calls him Oppa. Seo Yeon congratulates them and goes her way. Bong Pal asks what it was about and Hyun Ji tells him not to smile like an idiot. He claims he wasn’t smiling and asks her to call him oppa again. She refuses and then reminds him to go to class. When he heads out she calls him oppa.

Hyun Ji is eating kimchi stew and hears someone complain about it. The woman prefers it with tuna, but Hyun Ji mutters to herself that she prefers it with pork. A guy sits beside her and agrees. He goes off about the flavour and Hyun Ji agrees. He tries to get her to join the Let’s eat club that is essentially a cooking club. Chun Sang chimes in and the guy stands at attention. He sends him away. Chung Sang asks if she has time after class because he has something to tell her.

Hyun Ji has to then sit through the presentation. Bong Pal comes in partway and she mentions that Chun Sang isn’t a student but a scam artist. Bong Pal drags her away and the duo follows. Hyun Ji tells them that she’s not going to join a club. Chun Sang can’t believe this and In Rang tells them that they borrowed so much money that his grandmother will break Chun Sang’s legs and arms. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji both admits to not needing the money. In Rang gets a call about a ghost and they ask him what he’s going to do.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 12.26.13.png

Hyun Ji tells Bong Pal that Chun Sang isn’t completely wrong. Though it’s hard to see ghosts they can help them too. Since not all ghost are bad they’re just like them filled with sadness. Bong Pal things back about all the god ghosts he has helped.

He is eating dinner with Myung Chul when he asks why he does exorcisms. He tells him that it allows him to help the ghost close their lingering attachments and the people move on. Bong Pal asks if he thinks that he could do that job. Myung Chul tells him that the only reason that he was so opposed to him doing exorcisms is because of the hatred in his eyes. If making other people happy makes him happy then he should do it. Bong Pal mentions that it’s odd when He says nice things.

They gang gets together and heads to the office building. Chun Sang tells them that it’s nice that they’re all back together. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji heads upstairs and she asks why he changed his mind. He tells her that he wants to know why they can see ghosts. They find the ghosts and charges at it.

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  1. Alex

    Hey Dawn! Good recap of my favourite show so far 🙂 Did they ever get explicit whether Hyun Ji remembers her time as a ghost? It annoys me to no end not knowing that!


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