Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 Recap



Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) introduces Yoon Sung (Choi Min) as the new main chairholder. She tells them that he has the chairman’s confidence and he will do well.

Ji Woon (Jun Il Woo) gets his blood drawn. He tells Ha Won (Park So Dam) that when he came to the sky house, his grandfather told him that he didn’t know his mother. He found out recently that it wasn’t true and that his grandfather actually kicked her out of the house. He planned on never seeing anyone from the house again but she was right. He wants to ask her to stay by his side, but she doesn’t want to and believes that family matters should be resolved amongst family members. She wants to take her leaves but he tells her to hold his jacket and he leaves her. She mutters out loud that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to leave if she doesn’t leave then.

Ji Woon comes out to find Seo Woo (Kee Jung Shin) and Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) waiting for him. He tries to send them home but they refuse to leave until his finished. Ji Woon sits down and the other two men flank him. Hyun Min asks if he came to the hospital because of Ha Won. He tells them no and admits that he has to save grandfather because he’s his only family. Ha Won comes down the stairs and smiles at the 3 cousins.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 15.10.31.png

Ji Woon is told by the doctor that he will be called when they have news. He’s told that the doctor has heard a lot about him from his grandfather and that he really does take after his late father. Ji Woon goes to see his grandfather with the doctor’s words running through his head of how the chairman was always most apologetic towards him. Ji Woon tells this grandfather that he has something to saw to him for the first time and he shouldn’t be lying there. He tells him that he’ll forgive him in his mother’s stead so he better wake up.

Ji Woon comes out and meets up with Hyun Min, Ha Won and Seo Woo. Hyun Min asks if he’s done and he says he is. Hyun Min mentions that it’s out of character for him to wait all day, but Ji Won reminds him that he didn’t ask him to. Seo Woo asks Ha Won if she’s going home and Ji Won tells them that he’s taking her, with that he grabs Ha Won’s wrist and walks away. Hyun Min asks if Seo Woo has a way to go home and Seo Woo mentions that he brought his car. Hyun Min mentions that it’s not like them to take care of each other and after he walks away, Hyun Min turns back and tells Seo Woo to drive safe.

Hyun Min bumps into Hwa Ja and Yoon Sung on his way out. He mentions how busy they’ve been ever since the chairman collapsed. Yoon Sung steps up to say something but Hwa Ja holds him back. She reminds Hyun Min that it’s difficult looking for a donor for the chairman. Hyun Min tells her that Ji Woon was tested and she reminds her that nothing is for sure yet. Hyun Min accuses her of wanting something to go wrong and Yoon Sung tries to end it by ushering her away. Hyun Min tells them to keep up the hard work and walks away. Hwa Ja looks irritated and Yoon Jung looks hurt.

Ji Woon and Ha Won are walking home when she tries to give back his jacket. He tells her that she can give it back at home. She reminds him that he’s not going back and he asks he to tell him that there was a misunderstanding. She tells him that she has nothing else to discuss and walks away. He apologises for letting her go that day and tells her that he doesn’t believe anything she said that day. He tells her that  he doesn’t care what the reason is or what she’s done but he wants her to stay by his side. Ha Won is fighting back tears when he hugs her from behind. A few tears run down her cheek and she nods.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 15.34.42.png

Hhyun Min is in his room and he picks up his phone. He contemplates calling Hye Ji but decides against it.

Seo Woo is at the record company when his manager comes in and tells him that all of his concerts were cancelled. Seo Woo laughs it off but his manager reminds him that it would have been ver kill had there not been so many articles about his grandfather. Seo Woo tells him that Ji Woon came to get tested and he feels like something good will happen.

Ha Won goes back into her room at the sky house and tells herself that she’ll break up with Ji Woon when the time comes but she needs to sort her feelings out.

Ji Woon sits on his bed and looks at his grandfather’s cell. Ha Won’s words run through his head. He pulls out his wallet to look at a picture of his mother. He tells her that he came back and wonders if he did the right thing.

The Doctor tells Ji Woon he ‘s a match, however, he’s allergic to general anaesthetics. They are unsure what his reaction will be if he undergoes the surgery. There is a chance that he’ll go into shock on the table. He’s warned that the worst-case scenario is that he won’t wake up. He must make a choice as to whether he will go through with the surgery or not.

Ha Won meets with Yoon Sung and she asks if he’s alright cause he looks down. He tells her to go in without answering her question. Ji Woon comes out and she asks what the results are and he tells her that they are having the surgery. Ha Won is super happy and Yoon Sung will tell Hwa Ja.

Seo Woo runs out and says that they’re having the surgery. He tells Ms Belgyo and Hyun Min that Jung Woo is a match. Ms Belgyo is happy but she as a lot of things to do and asks the young masters help before dragging them away.

Ha Won goes to see the chairman and tells him that he’s going to be able to have the surgery and he should hurry and wake up because the boys are waiting for him. She pulls out the family portrait and puts it down. Hwa Ja comes in and tells her that she’s just wishing him farewell. Hwa Ja asks when she’s going to leave and Ha Won promises that the day of the surgery, she will just slip away quietly. She leaves and Hwa Ja calls Yon Sung. She tells him that the day of the chairman’s surgery they are going to have a special shareholder meeting, because when the chairman wakes up everything will change.

Ji Woon is getting the warnings from the doctor and when he’s about to tell him about his allergy but Ji Woon stops him because Ha Won came in. The doctor leaves and Ha Won asks what he just hid from her. He tells her it’s nothing just the standard warnings. She threatens to ask the doctor but he assures her that it’s nothing. She admits that she’s worried about him and he tells her that he’ll be fine. He uses her worry to get her to go and get him some food.

Hye Ji is going through Henry’s Instagram when she notices a picture of him and Hyun Min together. She calls and asks for a meeting. When they sit down, Henry imagines she’s agreeing but she asks if he knows Hyun Min. He tells her that he did look at her work for Hyun Min but it’s not the reason he gave her the offer. She refuses and Henry tells her that he wouldn’t put his name on the line for anyone, even Hyun Min, and he made the decision about her skill on his own. Hye Ji starts to protest but Henry tells her that it’s only natural that a man wants to cheer on the woman he loves. He reminds himself of his conversation with Hyun Min about his feelings for Hye Ji and it spiked his interest. He tells her that it’s fine if she refuses now but his offer still stands because he refuses to let a talent like her’s get away.

Ha Won returns to find Hyun Min, Seo Woo and Ms Belgyo there. She yells at them and they line up. They try to persuade her to let Ji Woon play. Ha Won tells them that Ji Woon needs to be completely calm for his surgery and asks if they are going to take responsibility if he gets worked up and damages his health. She ushers them out while Ji Woon smiles to himself. The trio leaves complaining about Ha Won when Hyun Min notices the lawyer. He tells Seo Woo and Ms Belgyo to go ahead and he’ll be following soon.

Hwa Ja asks the lawyer to throw and emergency shareholder meeting to removes the chairman from his position and she assures him that Yoon Sung is already working on it. Hyun Min overhears the conversation. Before leaving the hospital, Hyun Min calls someone and is informed that he was right and Hwa Ja’s stocks were transferred to Yoon Sung.

Hyun Min goes and confronts Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung asks him to leave and Hyun Min tells him that he knows everything. He asks if he’s aware that Hwa Ja is trying to remove his grandfather from his position. He accuses Yoon Sung of loving money that much. Yoon Sung snaps at him and asks him if he thought that the position would protect himself, because there are a lot of people who want the position of CEO of the company and if he continues to act the way he is he won’t be an heir any longer. Hyun Min tells him that he’s going to have to wait and see how well he protects things that are his.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 16.27.21.png

Ha Won wakes Ji Woon up to go for a wake but he wants to sleep. She tells him that she can’t have him gain any weight before surgery. He goes to blow his nose and the tissues appear to be coming out of woman’s behind. Ha Won takes the box and tells him she’ll bring something else for him to use. He can’t believe it. There is a little struggle for the box and Ha Won falls on him. He teases her that it’s because she wanted a kiss and she denies it. She tells him to watch TV and the announcement of the shareholder meeting comes on. The announcer mentions that they are unsure as to who is going to get the position. It’s between the newly appointed third largest shareholder or the Kang Cousins.

Yoon Sung gets a call from Hwa Ja reminding him what he has to do.

Seo Woo comes into Hyun Min’s room and asks if he’s seen the text message. He can’t believe that’s happening. Hyun Min tells him that they are essentially telling them that they will drag their grandfather down no matter what. Seo Woo doesn’t believe that this will happen. Hyun Min warns him that the other side is already starting to get people on their side to vote him out. Seo Woo asks who and Hyun Min warns him the Yoon Sung is the one orchestrating everything from behind the scenes. They split up who they have to meet with and Hyun Min tells him that they need to just stay afloat until their grandfather wakes up.

Hyun Min meets together with the shareholders that are essentially the founding father’ of the company. He tells them that he knows that they will have some doubts with him being so new, however, he wants to protect the company that his grandfather and they built. He tells them he is not dumb to think that it will be easy but he wants to protect it.

Hye Ji is at work and thinks over Henry’s words and when the news starts talking about the Hanuel group Hye Ji asks to step out due to an emergency.

Hyun Min goes to the hospital and tells his grandfather that he’s worked really hard and he should praise him when he wakes up. He goes to sit with Ji Woon who mentions that Seo Woo told him what’s happening. Hyun Min asks if he calls him to annoy him. Ji Woon hands him his power of attorney. He tells him that he’ll be in surgery the following day and he’s still a shareholder. Hyun Min mentions that it’s amazing that he’d step up to help him, and Ji Woon reminds him that he’s helping their grandfather survive by giving him a chunk of his liver, so Hyun Min better protect him too.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 16.52.15.png

Hyun Min pulls up, across the street from Hye Ji’s store and wonders why he came. He drives off.

Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) brings Seo Woo to a pizza joint. He tells her that he doesn’t feel like eating and she drags him in anyways because he’s lost weight. When seated she asks why he’s not eating and he tells her that he can’t eat when everyone else is suffering. He tells her everything that’s going on and he can’t help with anything. Ja Young tells him to sing and cheer them up because that’s what he does best. He wonders why he thought of her at a time like this and Ja Young jokes about them being fated to be together. Seo Woo tells her to eat and goes back to drinking is soda.

Hyun Min arrives home and finds  Hye Ji there. She tells him that she needs to speak to him and he asks her to leave because he’s tired. She tells him that he can stop feeling sorry towards herself and her brother. She tells him that it’s not his fault. He tells her that he’s going to go in first. Hye Ji sits down and starts to cry and Hyun Min looks like he really wants to say something. He looks out the window and sees her, so he steps back outside again. He tells her that it’s been really hard protecting his grandfather and company. He’s never once had to protect anything of his. He always felt so bad that he couldn’t protect what she cherished more than anything else and he always felt like he was hurting her. That’s why he’s closed his heart to her and pushed her away. He tells her that he won’t do that anymore. He goes over and kisses her and she clings on to him.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 17.06.19.png

Ji Woon is in the hospital thinking of the doctor’s warnings. Ha Won comes in and he smiles at her. He gets into bed and asks her what if something goes wrong during the surgery. She smacks him and tells him to not think negatively. He teases her about being scared and mentions that he’s going to be ok with her by his side. He tells her that it’s the last night and she looks sad but gets into bed with him. He tells her that there are so many things that he wanted to do with her that he wouldn’t get the chance to do. He lists them off and then mentions that she’s never granted the wish from when he found her necklace. He asks her to grant it and she asks what he wants. He wants to go on a date right then.

Ha Won distracts the nurses and Ji Woon crawls away. When they get off the elevator he’s fully dressed and bumps into a bunch of Doctors. They run through and go on a very cute date together consisting of a walk in the park, taking selfies, watching a movie and going to the aquarium. Finally, when they stop to eat something Ji Woon complains that he can’t eat anything. They go to cross the street and Ha Won realises she’s forgotten her phone. While waiting for him. Ha Won tells him no to be surprised if she’s not there when he wakes up and that she’s sorry. She screams to him that she loves him and when the light turns green he runs over and hugs her. She asks if he heard her and he kisses her.

Ji Woon tells Ha Won not to worry because he will return to her side. He strokes her hair and watches her sleep before returning to his own bed.

Hyun Min is getting ready when he gets a text from Hye Ji cheering him on.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) are walking and Yoo Na is complaining that they had to go so far. Soo Kyung tells her that they’re cheaper and they are getting some exercise. Soo Kyung mentions that Yoo Na has no job and she can’t even keep  a part-time one. Just then, Soo Kyung gets a call on her cell and is surprised by it.

Ji Woon is being prepped for surgery and when the nurse leaves Ha Won takes his hand. She smiles down at him and he smiles up at her.

The shareholder meeting commenced with Hyun Min sitting opposite Yoon Sung and Hwa Ja. The voting process is shown and they are about to reveal the results.

Ji Woon and the chairman are wheeled into surgery and prepped. Someone starts to haemorrhage and more doctors are pulled in to help. Ha Won is sitting there looking at her phone when this happens.

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Are you learning Japanese? Do you want a very easy anime to follow? This is the anime for you. Bananya is a short anime that is shot almost like a documentary about cats who live in bananas. the language is simple and the narration isn’t very fast so if you’re learning Japanese it’s easy to follow.

The animation style is very cute and adorable. I kinda want a Bananya plushie, I might have to find one. Don’t expect anything riveting but if you like cute things this anime is brimming with cuteness.

It’s a fun little watch that will only run you until an hour as there are only 12 episodes, each run 3 minute long episodes. However, if you want more… there isn’t any. There is no source to this anime but just remember this will be a cuteness overload.

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Oh My Ghostess



I’ll be honest, this show never really interested into watching it, but my best friend (Natalia from Soju Nights) kept telling me to watch it. So I did and I was underwhelmed.

The story follows Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), a promising up-and-coming chef, who has a huge crush on her boss, Kang Sun Woo (Cho Jung Seok).  She works as a very timid assistant chef at the restaurant until one day she is possessed by Shin Seon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), a virgin ghost who is hell-bent on resolving her virgin grudge. She makes a deal with Bong Sun and tells her that she’ll get her closer to Chef is she can use her body to seduce him.

I will say that I couldn’t connect to the femal leads. I did, however, love the fact that I got to see Lim Ju Hwan in a different type of role. I got to know him in Uncontrollably Fond where I feel like most of the time he looked like someone just kicked his puppy, until the very end.

Over all, I didn’t really feel the cemistry. Cho Jung Seok and Lim Ju Hwan acting was superb, but I wish I liked the femal leads more. I will like to Natalia’s review to give you a more positive view. I feel like it could be someone’s favorite show, but it just wasn’t for me.

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Let’s Drink Episode 8 Recap



Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) comes in and tells Gong Myung to turn down the volume since it sounds like he’s having a party. Gong Myung turns the computer towards him and shows him the recording of the show. Gong Myung inquiries about his relationship with Ha Na and he tells him that there isn’t on. Gong Myung doesn’t believe him and Jung Suk tells him that he was only with her to help her out for his joint class. Gong Myung accepts the answer and Jung Suk asks why he’s so interested and he brushes it off to being interested in his brother’s life. Jung Suk tells him to stop wasting energy and leaves. Gong Myung is happy that he got scared for no reason.

Jung Suk goes into his room and looks into the mirror he remembers the kiss and chastises himself for kissing such a low-quality woman

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home looking at the comments on the picture and smiles. She turns on her phone and then starts to asks how she’s supposed to face him. Her phone replies about a beef soup and she gets mad at it. She goes to bed and her bear falls  down and taps her lips. She flings it away and wonders what she’s going to do. We get a split screen with Jung Suk telling himself that it was nothing.

The next morning Ha Na catches the same elevator as Jung Suk. She mentions the incident and he awkwardly asks which one. She mentions their lips accidently met and he tells her that it very insignificant to him. He asks if it’s bothering her and she tells him that it’s not. They both seem a little irked. When they get to the 9th floor there is a lovely awkward scene involving leaving an elevator.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 11.12.53.png

Jin Woong comes in with a new impression that Ha Na places right away. Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) tells him to takes his seat. Jin Woong congratulates her on her web show and asks how she got Jung Suk on. Jin Yi agrees that she was also going to ask her. She couldn’t believe he came on and even danced. Jin Yi jumps on the bandwagon of Jung Suk having feelings for Ha Na. Jin Woong tells Ha Na that is Jin Yi is right he’s excited. Ha Na tells them to knock it off.

Jung Suk comes in and Won Hae is soon to follow. Won Hae inquires as to who he wants to take with him to the special lecture over the weekend. He tells him that it will in help promote them. Won Hae turns to Ha Na and tells her that since Jung Suk has already helped her a lot then she won’t be going. Ha Na tells Won Hae that she wouldn’t dream of going and gets up to get the morning coffee. Jung Suk’s eyes follow her until Jin Yi tries to sell him on using her while Jin Woong does the same. Jung Suk leaves and Won Hae digs into Jin Woong. Jung Suk is in his office and he can’t believe that everyone really wants to come with him but he’ll make his own choice. He looks over at Ha Na and wonders if she has no ambitions. He also wonders how she’s the last teacher into Noryangjin and he doesn’t understand why she’s so nice. He wants to show her that nice people do succeed but things are still awkward surrounding the kiss. He opens his blinds and quickly shuts them again when Ha Na looks at him.

Ki Bum, Gong Myung and Dong Young are in Jin Yi’s lecture. Ki Bum starts talking about how Jin Yi was extra sexy that day. His eyes lay on Chae Yeon and he goes into attack mode. Gong Myung silences him and asks Chae Yeon if she would tutor him. Ki Bum tells him that he needs better choices than to have her tutor him. Chae Yeon tells him that she’s not interested in it either since a friend of Ki Bum is not a friend of her. Chea Yeon leaves and Dong Young asks Ki Bum why he hates her so much. Ki Bum doesn’t have a reason he just does. (Dude you’re acting like a 5-year-old with a crush.

Ha Na returns to the office to find Jin Yi with her head on the ground. She asks what going on and is told that she’s down because she’s not going to the lecture. Jin Yi rips into him and he tells her that he’s also sad that he can’t go. Ha Na is surprised that neither of them are going and Won Hae comes in and tells her that she’s the lucky person who is going to be going to the lecture with Jung Suk. Jin Woong mentions that if Jung Suk keeps helping her then he might really have feelings for Ha Na. Jun Yi leaves followed shortly by Jin Woong and Ha Na sits there confused because she had no intentions of going.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 11.46.10.png

Ha Na is at the bus stop and starts to wonder about Jung Suk’s feelings. She chastises herself about thinking like that and she hears Gong Myung call for her. He offers to walk her home but she wants him to study. He asks why she didn’t tell him about her web show and was sad that he only saw it later. She wanted him to study and not to be distracted. He mentions about working hard to be her boyfriend and she punishes him a little. Gong Myung tells her that she shouldn’t get close to Jung Suk because there is something about him that irks him. Ha Na tells her not to worry because since he’s the best of the best in Noryangjin, he exists on another plane of existence. Her bus comes and they go their separate ways.

Ki Bum is on the roof putting out his laundry when Chae Yeon comes out. He asks what she’s doing and she tells him that staying in shape is important when studying. He leaves and as soon as he does, Chae Yeon’s stalker appears. She notices something but when she turns around she finds that door a little ajar. She goes back to her stretches.

Ha Na is getting ready for the special lecture that and wonders what she should wear. He pulls out an outfit and sees her bear in the back. She tells it not to gets it wrong that she wants to look good for the students and not Jung Suk. She gets a call from Jung Suk and is surprised where he is.

She tells him that she didn’t have to pick her up but he tells her that he’s doing it for his class. If she was late it would tarnish his reputation. She finds the view pretty and rolls down the window. He notices and takes down the top. He tells her that since she was enjoying the view, she can enjoy it better like this. He tells her that she’ll give a better lecture if she’s relaxed and tells her to enjoy the view. Ha Na notices the wine caves are near there and explains to Jin Woong what it is. She asks if he’d be interested in going since he likes alcohol and he tells her that he doesn’t like crowded places. He reminds her that they are there to work and she pulls out her preparations to review. He smiles at how organised the are.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 12.11.15.png

They arrive to find out that they were cancelled and when Jung Suk tears into the director he’s assured that Won Hae was told. Due to the electricity problems, emergency construction had to happen. Jung Suk tells Ha Na not to worry about anything and he’ll make sure they’re still compensated for the waste of a day. She tells him that she’s actually more disappointed because she’s worked so hard on the lecture and she wanted to show him a good lecture.

Dong Young is stealing Ramen when other students come in. They can’t believe what happened. They show Dong Young the post of Chae Yeon. Dong Young show it to Ki Bum and Gong Myung. He tells them that they were originally uploaded to a sit for upskirt shots and then shared around. They surmise that it’s probably someone who’s been dumped by her which is quite a few. They wonder if Chae Yeon knows about it and if they should report it. Chae Yeon comes over and asks what they’re talking about. She takes Dong Young’s phone and is shocked at what she sees.

Jung Suk brings Ha Na to the wine cellar since she wanted to see it. He tells her it’s to cheer her up since she was down and she needs to be in a good mood to give a good lecture. She thanks him and he tells her that he’s doing it for his joint class. (Liar!!) They go in and eventually Ha Na gets gold so Jung Suk tells her to put on his blazer. She only puts it on partway he finishes the process. She thanks him and he puts it up to the class again. Once her back is turned he admits that he’s cold but they continue on.

Chae Yeon comes to see the Ki Bum nd the phone who took the pictures is the same model as Ki Bum. Ki Bum tells her that he’s not the only person with this type of phone. Dong Young and Gong Myung tell her that the person who posted the pictures has a huge grudge against her for rejecting him and it’s not Ki Bum. Chae Yeon tells them that she did reject Ki Bum and we get to see that little experience , Chae Yeon throws out Ki Bum’s love letter and someone finds it and posts it to the forum. Dong Young comes and shows him and he thinks Chae Yeon did it. He confronts her and she tells him that it’s only natural that people hate roaches. He promises to hate her forever. He tells her that it’s not him and she doesn’t believe him and swears she’ll find evidence.

Jin Woong meets Won Hae for hiking. When Jin Woong asks why he admits he doesn’t want to be at home with his in-laws.Won Hae tells him how his in-laws were lecturing him about the academy and he just wanted a day off. They go hiking but Jin Woong turns into a pack mule. Won Hae feels so alive without his in-laws pestering him because of work. However, no  matter what Jin Woong says Won Hae brings it back to work.

At the wine cave, Ha Na and Jung Stastetse some wine. She finds it quite tasty but can’t read the label. Jung Suk translates it with his phone to red rose. She offers him to taste but he has to drive so he refuses. They find out that they have a similar taste in wine and when she goes for a high five he finds it tacky, but when she feels dejected he gives her a high five. She contemplates buying some but she sees the price and decides not to. She goes to the bathroom and Jung Suk checks the price and finds 30,000 won (30 usd) not that bad since he’s bought wine for 300,000.

Once outside, Jung Suk gives her the wine and tells her that she can drink it when she has time. He says it’s to help with the quality of the class. She thanks him and offers to take him out to drink. She tells him that she’s so grateful and would want to take him out to drink. She explains that if he feels under appreciated than it would have a negative effect on the teamwork aspect and his ability to manage the lectures. (Speaking his language now Ha Na) He agrees to go drinking with her because she makes a very good point.

Ki Bum is trying to figure out how to prove his innocents while Dong Young stares. He’s always wanted to meet the idiot in love and didn’t know it was his friend. He teases Ki Bum who lashes out. Gong Myung breaks up the fights and goes to do his online course. Gong Myung waits for the elevator with Chae Yeon. When the first one is full Chae Yeon goes to take the stairs. When Gong Myung notices she’s not there he gets an idea. He follows up the stairs and finds the creep who posted the pictures of Chae Yeon. She comes own the stairs and recognises the guy.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.28.18.png

Won Hae enjoyed the hike and Jin Woong agrees. He tells him that it was nice to get away from his in-laws and work. He tells Jin Woong he doesn’t know what it’s like and Jin Woong assures him he does. His impressions slipped out because he feels like he’s at work. He apologises and his alarm goes off early and he leaves. Won Hae pouts and mutter that he feels lonely.

Ha Na and Jung Suk sit down for a nice meal of shrimp. She says that it’s an honour that she gets to drink with him. She admits that she also like to drink alone and he admits that he saw her pictures on Instagram. They find out that they drink alone for the same reasons. She tells him that she’s not a master like him because she can’t go to a restaurant and drink alone. He tells her that life’s too short to care what people think. She agrees and feels like she has a lot to learn. She takes a shrimp and has problems holding it because of the heat. Jung Suk shells it for her and gives it back. She’s touched by the action.

Chae Yeon and Jung Suk come out of the police station and he’s glad that it’s over. With the culprit caught they can get the photos taken down. Chae Yeon suddenly breaks down and cries, but she doesn’t know why. (Coming down from an adrenaline high probably.) Gong Myung tells her to be more careful about how she rejects people. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like she needs to be. He warns her about all the psychos in the world. Chae Yeon tells him that she’ll never forget what he did. He tells her that she can forget so long as she apologises to Ki Bum.

Ki Bum is grateful that Gong Myung cleared his name but it strengthens his resolve to hate her. When he’s in the bathroom two guys come in and are talking about Chae Yeon’s pictures. They kind of wish that they don’t find the guy who’s taking them. Ki Bum leaves and comes back with a bucket of water. He throws it at them and reminds them that the pictures were illegally obtained and sharing them is illegal and they should delete them.

Jin Woong goes to visit his mother in the hospital. She doesn’t recognise him at first but when he goes to put the flowers in a vase she asks him where her daughter-in-law was. He tells his mother that he’s gotten a divorce and asks if she remembers. He decides that it’s best to forget that. He gets her to lie down so he can give her a message. He looks at his mother and fight back tears as he messages her legs.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.52.40.png

Ha Na goes to the bathroom and tells herself that she didn’t know she would like drinking with him so much. She wonders why he’s being so nice and even though he says it’s to manage the class better she’s not so sure. She thinks back to all the nice times they had together. She comes to the conclusion that he must like her.

We get Jung Suk’s voice over about drinking alone and how it and help up forget the bad of the day. Drinking alone gives the illusion of having a friend. We see Won Hae drinking alone and irritated that no one from home has called to check up on him, but he doesn’t know why they would.

Jung Suk wonders why he would be drinking with a women that night. She comes back and someone bumps into her and she nearly falls on Jung Suk. She apologises and tells her after the last accidently kiss. She suddenly falls silents and he tells her that it’s ok to repeat the same mistake then goes around and kisses her. Sadly, it was just a drunken hallucination and he asks why she’s raised her head.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 14.05.57.png

On the way back, she asks why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he tells her that he doesn’t want anything distracting him from his work. She tells him that he got mad when he thought she had a boyfriend. She asks if he was jealous. He doesn’t believe her but he starts stuttering. She asks if she likes her since she was taking care of her all day. He tells her it’s for the joint class but she mentions that doesn’t make sense. He kicks her out of the car and tells her to get some fresh air to clear her head.

Jung Suk gets back in the car and talks aloud like a crazy person about her getting it wrong and he could never like a woman like that.

Ha Na is on the bridge drinking. She remembers that Jung Suk told her to drink the wine to celebrate but instead she’s drinking it when she got dumped. She wonders what she wanted to hear from him and then wonders if she’s the one who likes him.

Let’s Drink Episode 7 Recap
Let’s Drink Episode 9 Recap
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Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls



Also known as Everyday Life with Monster Girls or simply Monster Musume, this anime is based off of a manga of the same name. I fell in love with the manga before I found the anime. There are currently 10 volumes out with more to come, but sadly only 12 episodes of the anime.

Since I haven’t talked about a good harem anime lately I thought I’d write about my favourite. This quirky anime follows Kurusu Kimihito, who has “volunteers” or rather gets Volunteered to help with the Cultural Exchange Between Species Act by having girls from another species stay at his house. Of course, this wouldn’t be a harem anime is all of the girls didn’t fall for him.This is a slice of life anime as well so you can imagine a lot of crazy scenarios occur.

I would definitely suggest a watch or even  a read. Also Enjoy laughing at some of the situations in the anime.


Let’s Drink Episode 7 Recap



Gong Myung steps out of the shower and looks at his body. He fawns over his own muscles. (Yes I wrote this sentence just to use this screenshot I took.)

Screenshot 2016-09-27 13.29.50.png

Gong Myung comes out and Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) throws papers at him. He tells him their toll fees and that he’s noticed that the mileage on the car skyrocketed. Jung Suk asks if he thought he wouldn’t notice if he filled up the tank. Gong Myung tells him that it’s wrong for him to have a car he doesn’t use so it’d be fine if his only brother uses it. Jung Suk tells him that if he wants to use a car then he should by one. Every time Jung Suk makes a point he pokes Gong Myung temple. He gets mad and tells his older brother that he’s not a weakling anymore. Jung Suk pulls him into a headlock and reminds him that he has no intentions of letting him stay there long.

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is pulling out her mattress when Gong Myung arrives. She asks what he’s going there and he admits that he was worried after she didn’t answer her phone. She tells him that since she was bringing her furniture out to dry she hasn’t had time to check it. He offers to help but she wants him to study. Finally, she concedes to him helping her.

Once inside she tries to get him to go study but he tells her that he’s already had a fight with his brother so she can’t lecture him. She asks if he has a bad relationship with his brother. He tells her that his older brother always looks down at him and insults him. He wonders if his brother doesn’t know that works hurt. She agrees that words hurt and thinks of Jung Suk’s last words to her. He decides to clean instead of thinking about Jung Suk and he starts to skate on rags. She thinks it’s a good idea and does it as well but slides into the splits he helps her up after laughing.

They take a break outside and he admits that he’s glad that she’s perked up. She tells him that she just needs to brush this off and get more students in her class. He tells her that his goal is to be her boyfriend. She tells him that he should be studying. He tells her that it’s not like he doesn’t try it’s just that he has no motivation. She tells him that she’ll grant him one wish if he passed.He tells her that she’ll be his girlfriend and then has her record it. She only says that she’ll consider dating him. He suddenly wants to finish the work they have so he can study. She wonders if it was a bad idea and then thinks that he won’t be interested in his old teacher once he passes.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 13.51.04.png

Jung Suk is at a restaurant drinking Sangria and sees a couple who are touchy feely. He thinks back to Ha Na and is certain that she’s that way with her boyfriend. He believes that she doesn’t have time to date anyone and blames that for the reason she can’t plan her classes efficiently.

Monday starts and Ha Na tells Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) what happened. While walking Ha Na loses her show and goes back to put it on. Jung Suk arrives and nearly hits her. He blames her head being in the wrong place to lose her shoe and waves them away. (Someone is in a bad mood. Jealous maybe?) Jin Yi can’t believe what he did because he should apologise when he nearly hits someone not yell at them. Ha Na tells her that it’s probably because he’s mad at her for fainting and ruining the classes image.

Ha Na goes to a secluded area and talks to google. Her phone tells her that there is a saying for hard times, it’s that suffering in a necessary ingredient for the bread of tomorrow. She talks sweetly to her phone and Jung Suk overhears. He thinks that she’s talking to her boyfriend, which isn’t the case. She runs to him and apologises for messing up ad promises to not do it again. He tells her that he feels like her mind is elsewhere and he doesn’t know if he can trust her.

Dong Young comes in to ask for some toothpaste from Ki Bum to find him studying. Ki Bum tells him that he’s going to become the grandson that his grandmother can be proud of. Dong Young is encouraged by that and takes some toothpaste before leaving. Ki Bum is working and gets ‘distracted’ by the mess on his desk. He decides to get up and cleans it, then makes his bed…Then clips his nails.

Dong Young comes out to have lunch to find Ki Bum cleaning the fridge. He tells him that the fridge was dirty and it was bothering him too much to focus. Dong Young tells him that he’s making up excuses not to study. Dong Young asks about the spicy tuna to be told that Ki Bum threw it out. He can’t believe him and tells him to stop being a nuisance if he isn’t going to study.

Jin Yi is putting on lipstick when she smudges it. She grabs tissues from Jin Woong’s desk and he comes in doing another impression. Jin Woong takes his place when Jung Suk and Ha Na come in. Jin Woong’s phone goes off which sets Jung Suk off. He tells him to change the ringtone.

Ha Na goes to the lecture hall to find it nearly empty. After class Won Hae digs into her about what she caused. She apologises and he tells her to do whatever it takes to change the student’s mind. She is forced to do an online class to help with it. Jung Suk walks away with Won Hae following.

The trio are taking Jin Woong class and Jin Woong notices that Ki Bum fell asleep. He wakes him loudly. Gong Myung  chastises Ki Bum for coming to class if he’s going to sleep. Ki Bum tells him that he came to study and just happened to fall asleep. Ki Bum goes off to study and Dong Young asks what they are going to do with him. Ki Bum wants to study hard but he isn’t. Gong Myung tells him that he’s also going to study hard. Dong Young inquires if his plan wasn’t to waste a year away from his mother. He tells him that he has a reason to pass now. As he leaves he tells Chae Yeon that he’ll be studying well. She wonders what’s up with him. Someone secretly takes picture of Chae Yeon.

Jin Yi tells ushers Ha Na to her desk and tells her she heard what happened and Jin Woong finds that the students are unfair since she fainted once. Jung Suk comes in siding with the students and tells her that is she can’t stay focused the students won’t trust her. She asks why she keeps saying that. He tells them that Ha Na is dating someone since he talking with him on the phone but Jin Yi mentions that she’s a serious single person and Ha Na tells him it’s a student. Jin Yi remember’s her apartment getting flooded and a student helping her. He tells her that it’s still not alright for her to drink with students.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 14.43.00.png

He goes back to his office happy that it wasn’t her boyfriend. (You totally like her) He tells himself that no one would like someone like her and when he looks up he sees Ha Na seething at him. He closes the blinds and wonders what wrong with her. He opens them to find her still glaring and he doesn’t know why she’s so mad since she doesn’t have a boyfriend. He laughs and his arm slides off  the chair’s arm.

Gong Myung goes to study and finds everyone listening to Jung Suk’s lectures. He goes to search for another Korean History teacher but gets distracted by baseball states. Dong Young comes to check on him and finds that he’s been doing everything else but. He tells him that he doesn’t want to study which is why he’s browsing the web.

Ha Na isn’t certain what to do, and Jin Yi finds that it’s unfair that he asks her the day of. Jin Yi shows her the video of her class which she did Yoga stretches and then switched to Jin Woong’s who did cooking. Jin Yi tells her that if she could she would totally be a guest on her show. Ha Na tells her that it’s ok. Jung Suk is leaving when Jin Yi tries to get him to be on the show but he refuses. Ha Na tells Jin Yi that she will be good.

Ha Na is wondering what to do when she gets a text from Gong Myung. She considers asking him what to do but she doesn’t want to bother him. He tells her that there are a lot of things that he would love to do but he’s going to focus on studying. That gives her an idea.

Gong Myung is in the library struggling to study. He pulls out his phone and listened to Ha Na’s recording. He fantasies of  asking her to marry him. In the most  unrealistic way possible. Obviously, in his dream, she practically jumps into his arms. He tells himself to work hard.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 15.06.18.png

Gong Myung is annoyed by the clicking and notices Ki Bum. He fantasises about being the more handsome civil servant and everyone wanting their paperwork done by him. (um not how that works honey.) Once out of his day dream Gong Myung’s leg shaking distracts him.

Dong Youn is coming down the stairs when he comes face to face with Chae Yeon. They sidestep twice and finally she pushes him out of her way. He mutters that he’ll let it go because she’s pretty and get out the stairwell. Someone was stalking Chae Yeon and takes upskirt shots of her as she walks up the stairs.

Ha Na goes online and tells the students that she’s the teacher that fainted and since she wants to give them a break she just wants to have fun with them. She ends up acting cute, eating for them, as well as doing challenges. Won Hae finds it so tacky and Jung Suk can’t believe what she’s doing.

Won Hae wants them to turn it off when Jung Suk comes on. He tells them that even though Ha Na fainted in her last class she’s a talent teacher and he assures them. As the theme is to do what they which he will join in. They first ask him to smile and then to make hearts. Ha Na has to show him how to make hearts with his fingers. Someone asks for them to go to Yeobu and take pictures of the fir works for them. He agrees to do so if the views hit 500. He encourages them to spread it around. The next request is for them to dance. Both Jung Suk and Ha Na tells them that they’re aren’t good at dancing but they do it anyways. They dance away and they thank them for their support.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 15.25.27.png

Jin Woong’s alarm goes off and he leaves. Jin Yi wants to meet his wife just once. He goes to the hospital and gives the nurses some food. He goes into the room where someone was waiting for him.

Dong Young finds Ki Bum and Gong Myung building something in the study hall. Gong Myung tells him that he should have made it stronger but Ki Bum takes offence. He hits Gong Myung s and they get into a fight. Finally, Dong Young has enough and drags them out of the study hall. He tells them to shape up and focus on studying instead of finding diversions.  He reminds Ki Bum about his grandmother and Gong Myung about his goal. They agree to focus but then notices the fireworks and want to watch them.

Ki Bum is taking pictures when Gong Myung notices Chae Yeol and notices it’s the first time he’s seen her smiles. Everyone agrees that she’s pretty. Ki Bum tries to cover up what he meant but he catches her attention. He reminds her to study and she was heading down anyway. She bumps into a person and Ki Bum turns to look. She goes to pick up the phone and someone takes her picture.

Ha Na thanks him for coming to help and apologises that he has to go take pictures now. The traffic is so bad that they stop at a bridge. They take a picture but Jung Suk wants to leave. She asks if they can stay a bit and he agrees. She tries to take a video for the students but can’t because people keep walking in front of her. She looks envious at the little kid. He kneels and tells her to get one before she changes his mind.

The trio are watching the fireworks and reminiscing about coming with someone they like. gong Myung is about to leave when Ki Bum calls him over to show him that Ha Na and Jung Suk just posted a picture showing there at the fireworks. Gong Myung takes the phone and can’t believe it.

Ha Na records the video and once it’s done he asks her to get down and she agrees. She puts her phone away but Jung Suk has to sidestep a little boy which makes them kiss by accident.

Let’s Drink Episode 6 Recap
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Let’s Drink Episode 6 Recap



We open with to see Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) drinking at a chic bar. A drunk woman tries t hit on him but he turns down her advances. When she mentions that he looks lonely he tells her that he enjoys being alone. He notices Ha Na’s (Park Ha Sun) comment and scoffs at it.

Ha Na is at home mulling over why Jung Suk is drinking hard liquor with the Join class starting the next day. She wants to drink too but decides to stay sober. It suddenly starts to rain with she’s preparing for class. When she tries to go to bed, thunder strikes and scares her into going back to prepare.

The following morning, Ha Na steps out to find it raining heavily. So much so, that as she’s walking to the station her umbrella flips inside out. While at the station, Ha Na looks at the poster and wonders why Jung Suk did what he did. She promises to focus on teaching as a way to thank him.

Ha Na is in the office preparing when Jin Yi (Hwang Wo Seul Hye) comes in. Jin Yi is surprised that she’s there so early preparing for the class. Ha Na admits that she couldn’t’ sleep after thinking about teaching in front of so many students. She asks Jin Yi is she’s nervous, but Jin Yi tells her to just do like she always does. Ha Na asks if she was excited because Jin Yi marked the date on the calendar. Jin Yi tells her that it’s her ovulation day and she’ll be sleeping with Min Oh to get pregnant. (I hate girls like these) Jin Yi explains that Min Oh doesn’t want to get married until his business is secure but she doesn’t want to wait. Jin Yi tells Ha Na that it’s a very important day. Jin Woong comes in parodying another drama.Jin Yi complains about him imitating a dark character and it does make Ha Na a little uncomfortable as well. Jung Suk comes in and Ha Na smiles at him and wishes him a good morning. He closes the blinds and wonders why she’s smiling. He smiles to himself then goes to work.

Dong Young goes into the cafeteria a and asks if he can have Chae Yeon’s leftovers. He tells her that he’s run out of that month’s allowance. He takes it when Ki Bum comes in, in a suit. Dong Young asks if he’s going somewhere and he admits that it’s his grandmother’s 70th birthday and he has to go. Chae Yeon tells him that if he’s come to Noryangjin, then he should study. Ki Bum tells her that she needs a new line and she kicks him in the shin. Ki Bum complains that she’ll ruin his suit when Dong Young reminds him of the rain.

Ha Na is walking the halls when she walks by Jung Suk’s class. She peaks in and comments on how good he is and wish she could be like that. When Jung Suk notices her at the door she walks away. She finds solace in the stairwell and starts talking to her phone. She admits how nervous she is and how much she really wants to impress Jung Suk. He phone asks if she likes him and she denies it.

Won Hae comes in and invites everyone out to eat since his in-laws had been talking to him all day about the academy’s profit margin. Jin Woong suggests that they go have soup but Won Hae wants an octopus stir-fry. Ha Na tells them that she’ll skip lunch. Jin Yi tells her that she shouldn’t skip it since she stayed up all night and didn’t eat breakfast. Jin Woong gives her a supplement pack and tells her to eat at least that.

Gong Myung is at home eating ramen and reading a manhwa when he has an idea for some wine. He goes to get some when his phone rings. Ki Bum asks him if he’s going to class and Gong Myung tells him he’s not. Ki Bum tells him that he has some place fun to go and asks him to bring his brother’s car.

Ha Na heads to class and wonders why she’s suddenly dizzy. She notices that she’s sweating and her heart is racing. She chalks it up to being nervous and she goes in to teach the class. Within her introduction speech, she ends up fainting.

Jung Suk is in the elevator and notices the poster. He checks his watch and wonders if Ha Na is doing well. He chastises himself for caring. He tells himself that he’s not worried for her but or his joint class. He steps out of the elevator to find Ha Na being carried on Dong Young’s back. He asks Won Hae what’s going on and Won Hae tells him that Ha Na fainted during her class.

Gong Myung takes Ki Bum to the party and tells him he’s a dedicated grandson. Ki Bum tells him what a trouble child he was and wants to thank his grandmother. When he remembers his track suit he calls Dong Young. He’s told that Dong Young is at the hospital. When Ki Bum hangs up, Gong Myung asks if something is wrong and Ki Bum tells him that something happened to Ha Na.

Ha Na wakes up and finds herself in the hospital. Dong Young tells her that she’s fainted and she wonders if she was very nervous. The doctors came and told her that it seemed to have been anaphylaxis shock that caused her to faint. (Um can I have her anaphylaxis, because when I have an allergic reaction I nearly die, not just faint. Also, it’s not a slow onset thing…) They ask what she ate and it was only the supplement pack. They want to run an allergy test so they tell her to rest. She asks Dong Young to forget that he’s heard that it’s an allergic reaction and she leaves.

Jung Suk is walking when he hears other teachers bad mouthing Ha Na and himself. He goes up to them and tells them that they shouldn’t bad mouth people unless they can bad mouth them to their face.

Ha Na returns and gets yelled at by Won Hae. She apologises and he asks if she’s hiding anything. She tells him now and he requests that medical report by Monday. He sends her off to reschedule her class.

Ha Na tries to cheer herself up but comes face to face with Jung Suk. She apologises and he tells her that she might not be ready for the opportunity. He reminds her that taking care of yourself is the first step of being a teacher but, in the end, he blames himself for picking her because he might have thought too highly of her.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 12.05.56.png

Ha Na goes to the stairwell and complains that she worked so hard for the opportunity that she messed up. She knew she was going to get yelled at but she didn’t expect to feel so sad.

Ki Bum goes to the party and hears his mother and grandmother talking. His grandmother has such faith that Ki Bum is going to pass this year and takes it as a good thing that he hasn’t come. Ki Bum decides to stay in the shadows and takes his grandmother’s words to heart. He watches the festivities before leaving.

While in the car Gong Myung contemplates texting Ha Na but he doesn’t want to disturb her. He calls Dong Young and finds out that Ha Na is away. When Gong Myung asks what happened Dong Young tells him it was an allergic reaction to a supplement but he’s not supposed to know. Dong Young hangs up with him. Ki Bum comes back to the car and tells Gong Myung to head out.

Jin Woong wants to go out to eat but Jin Yi tells them that she has plans. Just then Min Oh calls and cancels their plans. Ha Na wants to go home. Jin Woong offers her another supplement and she refuses before leaving. Jin Woong tries to get Jin Yi to come drink with him.

Ha Na is waiting for the bus when Won Hae texts her. he sends her comments and videos that the students are making. He wants her to write a formal apology when she gets home. Jung Suk happens to see her and wonders why she looks so down. He wonders if he was too harsh on her while she was sick. He tells himself that he’s not the one who made her sick.

Gong Myung pulls up and gets Ha Na to get into the car. While driving her home he tells her that he borrowed the car to drive her home. She asks if he heard and he’s up-to-date on what happened. He tells her that everyone probably thinks it’s nerves when it was really an allergic reaction. He feels like she should tell people but she doesn’t want to.

When they arrive home she thanks him and he asks which is her unit. She vaguely motions to one side of the building and he assumes it’s the 2nd floor. A neighbour comes to see her and tells her that he apartment is probably flooded due to a sewer backing up. Ha Na sends Gong Myung home but instead he comes inside to help her.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 12.33.27.png

Ki Bum drinks alone on the rooftop and opens his present for his grandmother. He pictures dancing with her. Chae Yeon comes out to see Ki Bum dancing and thinks he’s a psycho. When he falls and doesn’t get up, she starts to worry. She goes to check on him and she notices him crying. He tells her that she’s right that he should have been studying and had he passed he could have danced with his grandmother. He clings to Chae Yeon and cries until she pushes him off and goes back inside.

Ha Na takes Gong Myung out of supper to thank him for helping her. She apologises for taking up so much of his time. He tells her that it’s ok since he doesn’t study. She tries to asks why’s that and then remembers that she couldn’t teach the class anyways. She takes a shot of Soju and he asks if she ok enough to do that. He tells her that she probably needs a drink after how bad everything went. She tells him that she’s fine. As soon as Gong Myung tells her that it’s ok for her to be not ok in front of him the waterworks start. He tries to cheer her up but she feels like her life is ruined because of her fainting.

Jin Wong and Jin Yi are out eating and Jin Woong asks if she always really wants to see her boyfriend. She tells him that it’s the case and he’s really surprised. She asks if he and his wife were ready when they got married. He tells her that they weren’t and they started off in a rental unit and he was a newbie in Noryangjin. His alarm goes off and she asks if his wife is that important. After he leaves she admits that she wants to be that important for someone.

Jung Suk voice over begins with saying that drinking alone on a rainy day is the best because you can cry and it’ll be drowned out by the rain. By watching the rain you can feel like a little bit of grief gets washed away. We see Ha Na, Ki b\Bum and Jin Yi all drinking alone.

When Jin Woong arrives home, we find out that Wifu is his dog. He picks her up and grabs a beer from the fridge.

Gong Myung comes back and tries to give her a hangover drink She chastises him because she sent him home. She toppled over and he catches her. He lays her head on the other chair and looks at her sweetly.

Jung Suk checks Instagram and noticed that Ha Na hasn’t posted anything. He wonders if it’s because she’s mad or really sick. He tries to decide to call her but decides not to but he taps the button anyways. Gong Myung picks up the phone and Jung Suk hangs up. He wonders how she could be out drinking with a man and can’t think of who would date her, but he assumes any man would do.

Gong Myung tells her to wake up and tells her that he’ll go home when she does. She decides that they should go and when she sits up she has a napkin stuck to her face. He smiles and removes it before she goes to faint again. He catches her and places her head on his shoulder. He tells her that it looks like she really needs a boyfriend and asks her to be his girlfriend.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 13.10.54.png

Let’s Drink Episode 5 Recap

Let’s Drink Episode 7 Recap

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