Uncontrollably Fond Episode 18 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is getting ready when he gets a call from Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan). He wants him that he told Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) everything. He tells him that he’s stopped him from becoming human trash. Joon Young tells him that he’s the only one looking out for him. Ji Tae tells him to make sure he eats 3 meals a day and to take his medication. After an awkward silence, he hangs up. Joon Young calls him back and tells him that he’s going to make Jung Eun confess to the hit-and-run. He tells him that now his chances of success have dropped to 90% due to him. He tells him that if he fails then h must keep his promise for revenge. Ji Tae asks why he’s telling him this because he could ruin his plan. He tells him that he’s the only person he could think of telling. If he wants to ruin his plan he won’t hate him for it.

After the meeting with Jung Eun, Joon Young wires his house with cameras. He checks to makes sure that everything works before called PD Joon and asks for No Eul (Bae Suzy) to come instead.

No Eul stands on the pier and looks at the video that Jon Young took. Joon Young tells Jung Eun about the accident he caused No Eul all those years back while trying to protect Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong). She tells him that it’s ok because people die when it’s their time regardless. He asks if that’s how she’s gotten over it after all this time. She pretends to be confused by this. He rattles off the date of the accident and all the information. He tells her that he was trying to get her to confess but he has enough evidence to get you convicted. She freaks out and reveals that her father did cover it up and she’s going to make sure her father can do it again. She realises that he played her and he confesses that he had no evidence but just got some. He tells No Eul that Jung Eun is the one who killed her father and he’s the one that stole the USB. He tells her that this was his one and only entry on his bucket list.  Jung Eun freaks out before leaving and No Eul is very whelmed.

Jung Eun comes out and finds No Eul missing.

Joon Young looks at the empty table and gets a call from Namgoog (Park Soo Young) telling him to run. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) tells him there is no need. Then Namgoog tells him that he should not say anything to the police until the lawyers arrive. The police show up and arrests him under the suspicion of use of illegal substances. (Unless Korea is way backwards, I don’t think that’s how that works. You can’t arrest someone because of an article with no evidence.) He gets taken away and Jung Eun looks on helplessly.

Secretary Kang tells Ji Tae that Hyun Joon was that one who orchestrated the charges not his mother. He asks how that’s possible with no evidence. Secretary Kang tells him that that’s the power his father yields. Ji Tae can’t believe he’d do that to his own son.

Hyung Joon asks if there is any soju at home because he would love it with a nice kimchi stew. Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) asks if he’s the one who is behind the Joon Young story. He brings her to bed to sit down. He tells her how Joon Young is his child that he abandoned years prior. He told his brother to chase Young Ok (Jin Kyung) away even though he knew she was having his child. He admits that he didn’t want to loose everything because of Joon Young.

Ji Tae listens to the conversation from beyond the door. (You have a lot of money, why did you cheap out on the doors.)  Jung Eun calls Ji Tae for help but he hangs up on her.

The police officer interrogates Joon Young. He starts laughing because of the hilarity of the accusation. The officer rattles off celebrities and even the ‘his’ meth dealer. (Seriously just do a blood test.) He grabs the paper and mentions that it looks like he simply wrote down what someone told him, then comments on his spelling.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 12.09.47.png

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) is putting up a sign when Young Ok asks why they should lose out on a day’s paycheck. Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) comes out and asks to close up because all that anyone is talking about is Joon Young’s scandal.  Young Ok tells her to educate the clients and tells then that Joon Young isn’t the time to do it and tells them to throw out the sign. They go into the restaurant and Young Ok talks with the clients on how the rumours aren’t true

No Eul goes into the restaurant she used to frequent with Ji Tae. When Bong Sook (Kim Jae Hwa) sees her come in sh e send a text. Bong Sook tries to move her over to another table and then asked if something happened. When No Eul confirms then she tells her she’ll leave her alone. She about to tell No Eul about Joon Young’s scandal and No Eul asks her to not mention him. Another table mentions him and she asks them to lower the volume. A new post about Joon Young comes out and No Eul asks is there nothing else to talk about. Bong Sook tells her that he’s a big topic and should leave if she doesn’t want to hear about him. No Eu l goes to leave and Ji Tae is arriving. He tells her they need to talk.

He apologises for the shock of finding out Joon Young is Hyun Joon’s son. She is hurt that she’s the last one to find out. She asks if it’s fun toying with her. He tells her that it’s not it and Joon Young was hurting more than then. She turns to walk away when he tells her that Joon Young is being investigated by the police for drug use. He tells her that he’ll be found guilty because that’s how his father has planned it. No Eul doesn’t care and asks what he’s expecting from her. He tells her that he should have left it alone and looked the other way. Ji Tae tells her that he can’t understand why he would stack the rest of his life on finding her the truth and he doesn’t know how he can continue being a coward. He tells her that it’s ok if she hates him for the rest of her life but he asks that she lets Joon Young off the hook.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 12.46.15.png

No Eul arrives back and Na Ri (Kim Min Young) calls to her. She tells her that Jik is there and she’s told him everything. She tells her that a situation came up and she couldn’t not tell him anymore. Na Ri tells her to text her when they are done fighting it out.

No Eul goes in and Jik (Lee Seo Won) starts yelling at her about not telling him about their father’s hit-and-run and about the threats on his life. No Eul tries to tell him that she didn’t want to burden him. He accuses her of making him a fool. She tells him about everything that comes with the burden of knowing and asks him how she was supposed to do that to him and force him to live like as she did. Jik holds his sister and tells her it’s his fault.

The next day, Jik meets with Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) and tells her that he likes men. (Nam Ja in Korean) She asks about this Nam Ja girl and he has to elaborate. She thinks it’s a joke but he assures her it’s true. That why he has a hard time touching her and why Na Ri freaked out on her. She gets up and not matter what he says she yells at him. She asks him to delete her number from his phone and he complies. As she leaves she calls a friend and tells them that they should go on a date. When she hangs up she starts crying and Jik watchings from inside. Jik Sits back down and starts to cry in the café.

.Jik returns home and asks if Eul is still sleeping. Na Ri confirms that she is and she can’t believe that she’s been sleeping for 15 hours. Na Ri asks if he’s broken up with Ha Ru and he confirms that he has. He asks Na Ri if she ate and then suggests that they go to eat while Eul sleeps.

No Eul dreams of all of the times that she’s been with Joon Young. A Single tear leaks out while she sleeps.

Young Ok screams and Jung Sik about the kimchi. He apologises for the mixup. She looks at him and slaps her face. She tells him that she must be crazy because her son was taken away and here she is complaining about the smallest things. He admits that she has been acting like a crazy person.  She tells him that she’s going to see Joon Young  and he tells her that he’ll get the car.

They arrive and there is a press conference. Namgoog tells them that Joon Young didn’t do any drugs. Kook Young sneaks out and tells them to look like they’re doing anything. He tells them that Joon Young is fine and visitation hours are over. If they’re found to be there then it’ll be blown out of proportions.

Hyun Joon meets with Joon Young and tells him that he seems to be in a bit of a pinch. Hyun Joon reveals that it’s his doing and not his wife’s. He tells him that once he’s out of there he should retire and leave the country. Hyun Joon offers him money, but Joon Young reminds him he has his own. He asks what will happen if he says no. Hyun Joon tells him that he must let it come to that. Joon Young mentions that he has a lot of power and Hyun Jon reveals he didn’t a lot of nasty things to get the power he wields. Joon Young inquiries about him casting his mother aside because he didn’t feel like she left by her own violations. Joon Young takes his father’s silence as a yes. He tries to get him to go out of the country but Joon Young tells him that it will be the last time he will call him father and will keep the fact that he’s his father hidden out of embarrassment. Hyun Joon is hurt, but just then Joon Young collapses.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 13.29.31.png

No Eul starts at her phone at all the missed calls. She replays the memory of the confession at the house in her mind. She finally answers Jung Eun’s call.

Eul goes to see Jung Eun at her restaurant. (Not the smartest move) Eul mentions the lack of staff and Jung Eun tells her that she wanted to talk to her alone. She lays out some cake and coffee. She tells her that she’s not the culprit for her father’s hit and run case. Eul tells her that she say the culprit’s face and is surprised that it took so long for her to recognise her. Jung Eun hands Eul money but not as an admission of her guilt. No Eul takes the money and tells her that she’ll but the video on tv and hands the money over the police. She asks if she thinks it’s possible for a freelancer PD. Eul reminds her that you don’t have to win every battle. She tells her that Jon Young will also be affected. Eul tells her that if someone commits a crime they have to pay, regardless who they are. She stands and tells Jung Eun that she didn’t even touch her coffee. She grabs the tablecloth and dumps it on her before leaving.

Hyun Joon is sitting at home thinking deeply when Eun Soon brings him herbal medicine. Ji Tae comes in and tells his father that it looks like he can’t stop his parents on his own. He asks his father if there really isn’t any way for him to stop them. His father admits that there doesn’t seem to be a way. In front of his parents, Ji Tae calls Gyu Chul and has him gets some reporters ready to tell them something about his parents. He tells his father to root for him to win before walking out.

A news article breaks  about Joon Young being diagnosed with brainstem glioma and told he has very little time to live. He’s kept it a secret from everyone including his family. He has to cancel all of his engagements while he battles the disease. Jung Shik sits down and absorb what the news anchor was talking about on the tv.

At the company Namgoog is answering the calls while Kook Young and Man Ok try to come to terms with the news. Man Ok starts to cry and Namgoog is forced to do their work. He asks the caller if Joon Young really has a fatal disease.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 14.00.10.png

Na Ri is at home when she reads the article about Joon Young. She scrolls through the articles in shock. A single tear runs down her cheek.

Jik overhears some classmates talking about Joung Young’s diagnosis and tries to inquire more about it.

Ha Ru reads about the diagnosis and starts to cry, by herself, in her room.

Ji Tae is driving and tells his secretary that he’d be there in. He notices the tail and does some defensive driving to loose them. However, that leads him right into the way of a truck and his car is t-boned.

No Eul is sitting on a bench when Joon Young comes over and tells her that she did a good job. He lays down on his lap and tells her about his tests. He asks for her to be his pillow for 10 minutes. She thinks back to the same occurrence all those years ago when he was in college. The doctor told her that it was call delirium, it’s when you mix up the past with the present. He told her to just let it happen.

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