Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 7 Recap



We re-watch Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) tell Ha Won (Park So Dam) that they should stop  their fake relationship and start a real one. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) overhears the conversation and drops the flowers she brought Ha Won on the ground. Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) notices her and follows her when she leaves. They both leave before hearing Ha Won’s answer to Hyun Min’s suggestion.

Ha Won asks him if he likes her. He doesn’t answer and she tells him to take a good hard look at how he feels about family and women. She walks out of the room, looking back only briefly before walking down the hall.

Ji Woon catches up with Hye Ji and tells her that nothing is going on between Hyun Min and Ha Won. She tells him that she already knows that. He suddenly asks why she’s there and she admits that she doesn’t know because she can’t be friends with a person like Ha Won. She tells him that she just wants to be alone.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) tries to leave but gets surrounded by girls. He fakes a stomach ache and points at a fictional CN Blue before running. He is barely outrunning the girls when Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) pulls him into a room. She wonders what they’re going to do with the girls out there. She comes up with an idea. Seo Woo proceeds to run back to his car with Ja Young’s uniform on. His Manager won’t lets him in so he runs to the front of the van and, finally, gets in. He tells his driver to head off.

Mrs Belgyo is worried and wonders where Ha Won went. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) confirms that she found it that morning. Yoon Sung decides to go looking for her and gets up right as Ji Woon arrives. Seo Wo asks him if he’s seen Ha Won and he tells him that he hasn’t Seo Woo inquiries about his concern for her well-being and Ji Woon claims to not care. (Lies!)Seo Woo calls him a piece of work and Ji Won is glad he’s noticed. Seo Woo decides to go with Yoon Sung to look for her and then wonders where Hyun Min is.

Hyun Min is walking down the street and notices people are looking at him oddly. He wonders what’s going on. Ji Woon texts him with a link to the video. He starts watching it and hides his face before scurrying off.

Yoon Soon goes in search of Ha Won at Soo Kyung’s (Choi Eun Kyeong) house. She asks if Ha Won really left the house. He tells her no, she starts rattling off about them kicking her out as he leaves. She tells herself that it serves Ha Won right after acting high and mighty.

Seo Woo heads to the café where Ja Young works. He looks at the paper and smiles about Ha Won having at least one friend. He goes to the counter and asks for Ja Young. She admits that it’s her and when he looks up he sees Ja Young and notices that she’s the girl who lent him her uniform. He goes to leave and she comes around. She introduces herself and calls him oppa.

They sit in a secluded corner. He starts to ask about the situation at school, but she assures him that she won’t tell a soul. He’s happy about that but she asks him why he’s there. He asks if Ha Won had come by because she’s left home and they can’t find her. It suddenly clicks as to why she has been looking for a place to stay. She mentions that she doesn’t have a place to go and no money.

Mrs Belgyo is putting the flowers in a vase while talking to herself. She wonders why she can’t have a peaceful day around that house. Things were starting to get lively but she’s certain Ha Won left because the boys were causing too many issues. She notices Ji Woon who had stopped to look at the flowers. He asks if Ha Won was the one to buy the flowers. Belgyo confirms his suspicions, she tells him that Ha Won suggested a white arrangement since the young masters would he tired from the death anniversary. She starts going on about how worried she is and starts to fidget with the roses. When she turns back around to face him he’s gone.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 16.19.20.png

Ji Woon goes into his room and stands by the window looking at Ha Won’s empty room. He remembers asking her what right she had to live at the house.

We switch to Seo Woo, who’s playing the piano before stopping to answer the phone. He tells Yoon Sung that Ha Won didn’t go to the café and asks how his search went. They hang up and Seo Woo wonders where Ha Won went. He looks over at his notepad and we see a new song starting to form.

Ji Woon pulls up in front of the convenience store and notices Ha Won. He smiles to himself. We pan inside and Ha Won uncovers 3 instant ramens. She pretends that she’s with her mother and father. She starts to cry as she tells her mother she can’t go to college. Ji Woon stands behind her and waits for a second until she calms a bit. He calls to her and then asks what type of girl can finish off 3 instant noodles by herself. He sits across from her and tells her to stop starving herself and to come home. He has to clarify that he means the sky house. She tells him that she can’t go back and he tells her that he went to see his father so she didn’t fail her mission. He asks if she the flower in front of his mother’s urn. She mentions that it was only right since they’re cousins. He tells her that he gave that rose to his father. She congratulates him. She asks if they’re going home together , he doesn’t answer only gets up and tells her to come outside quickly.

Seo Woo is calling Ha Won’s phone but it goes straight to voice mail. He wonders where she could be when she calls from the entrance. Everyone hurries over and greets her. She asks if they were waiting and Seo Woo tells her of course. Mrs Belgyo asks if she’s eaten, and though she says she has, Mrs Belgyo insists on making her more food. Ha Won looks back at Ji Woon who walks forward slowly. Seo Woo scoffs and says that earlier he said he didn’t care. Ji Woon simply walks away without saying a word.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 17.05.31.png

Seo Woo is playing his guitar when Ha Won walks in. He starts singing about how it’s god that she’s back. She tells him that she’s touched since she has 49 missed calls from him. He apologises to her on behalf of the 3 screwballs who life in the house.  He feels like they’ve put her through a lot because of their issues. She tells him not to apologises after all she made Mr celebrity call her 49 times. She threatens to put it online and he tells her that she’s can’t She tells him that she will and he starts to chase her to get her to delete the call history

A little later they walk out and he calls her impressive because she rejected Hyun Min so completely. She asks how she knows about that. He shows her the video and she’s shocked. He tells her that he’s never been rejected before and now there is a viral video of him getting rejected. She looks to his room worried and Seo Wo tells her not to worry because he’s probably out seducing someone.

Ha Won checks on Hyun Min’s room later that evening and is worried that she was too hard on him.

Hyun Min watches the video at an internet café and reads the comments. he gets frustrated and stands, suddenly everyone is looking at him and he curls into himself. He leaves the café and finds himself in a park alone. He replays Ha Won’s words in his head and wonders about his feeling. it suddenly starts to rain and he curses it.

He comes back home soaked and walks straight to his room. Ha Won comes out and see him, but when she tries to talk with him he walks right by. She wonders if he’s that shocked.

The next morning Ha Won wakes up and sees Ji Woon working on something. She smiles and him and he smiles back. She asks if he’s slept when and then if he’s eaten. He tells her to not act like they’re close. He goes to asks about her pretending about being Hyun Min’s fiancée but decided again it. She texts him again but it takes a little arm waving to get him to read it. She tells him thank you and then after they share a smile she goes back inside.

Seo Woo walks out and his manager tells him to stop. He’s glad that he wasn’t wearing the uniform. He asks when he wasn’t normal and his manager admits that he was worried that he started having a school uniform fetish. Seo Woo tells him to stop spouting nonsense and ruining his good mod. His manager asked if he was having good progress with his some. He tells him it was something better but doesn’t elaborate.

Hyun Min is by the stream acting lethargic when Yoon Sung passes. He glances at him a second before continuing on.

Ha Won is in the kitchen complimenting Mrs Belgyo’s cooking. She tells her the real feast is in the dining room but she admits that she prefers it there. Yoon Sung comes in and she invites him to eat. She says what he normally says which makes him chuckle. She tells him to say ah and right before he does so she shoves a pickle in his mouth. This makes him laugh and Mrs Belgyo smile. Ha Won asks if Soon Yung seems off to him. He admits that he did seem off. She wonders if he’s ok and Mrs Belgyo tells them Hyun Min’s new nickname. Suddenly, Ha Won is worried.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) is scrolling through her feed while her mother paints her nails. She sees the article of everyone admitting jealousy about Hyun Min’s confession. Yoo Na gets mad and Soo Kyung mentions that she dug her own grave with school. She asks what should she do next. Soo Kyung notices that Yoo Na nail polish on her face and starts to yell at her before Yoo Na storms off. Soo Kyung tells her that it’s unlucky to not match her toenails and Yoo Na opens the door to stick her foot out to let her mother finish.

Ha Won meets with CEO Kang (Kim Yong Geon) and he shows her the pressed flower made from the rose Ji Woon left for his father. He asks if she knows what it means in the language f flowers. She tells him respect. Kang is happy his grandson is changing. Yoon Sung brings over a plate containing trip tickets allowing her to bring anyone. HE tells her that he looks forward to seeing her luck this time.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 17.52.04.png

Ji Woon keeps calling Hye Ji but there is no response. He stands outside debating whether he should go in.

Soo Kyung is messaging Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) hen a call comes in. She offers to hold the phone to her ear. She finds out that hse’s arranging a marriage meeting for her grandsons. She calls Yoo Na and tells her. She took the number of the person arranging it and will swap her in on the day of the marriage meeting. She tells her to take care of her skin.

Ha Won wonders if the boys will come with her. Yoon Sung tells her that they probably will with her asking. She tells him that he’s the best, but he gets a phone call. His mood drops a bit and he tells the call no.

Ha Won goes to see Hyun Mini in his room to find him sleeping. She goes to find Ji Woon but he’s not in his room. She calls him and when he picks up he asks why she’s calling when they live in the same house. She is about to ask why he’s late but turns around. she asks for him to go on the trip wth her and everyone but he hands up the call and tells her the call is over. just then she gets a call from Ja Young.

She meets with Ja Young at the café and Ja Young asks what happened since Seo YWoo went to find her. Ha Won admits that was a misunderstanding. Ha Won pulls out her diploma and loks so happy. Ja Young tells her to stop smiling so she can stay mad at her. Ha Won thanks her but Ja Young shows her the picture fof Seo Woo getting into her uniform. Ha Won gets an idea and asks for her to sent the pictures to her. When Ja Young refuses Ha Won tlls her she can come too.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 18.22.43.png

Seo Woo’s manager walks through a construction zone and meets with Ha Won. He wonders if Seo Woo’s nudes were leaked. She shows him the pictures of Seo Woo in the uniform and he almost wished it was nudes. He asks what she wants for it and she says not much. He assumes money but she tells him to clear Seo Woo’s schedule for the next 3 days. She goes down the stairs happy that 1 boy is complete.

Hyun Min goes to see a plastic surgeon to get his face redone. He tells him that he hates his face and gets made whenever he sees it. The doctor mentions that it sounds like he lost his first love. He laughs at the idea and when wistfully says that someone else is his first love.

Hye Ji is at home and she sits on her bed. She turns on her phone and sees Ji Woon’s messages. She also gets a message from Ha Won wanting to thank her or her hospitality. She is about to delete it when she responds that she’ll meet her at her studio.

Ha Won walks out of her room to find Hyun Min plays the I love her Love her not game. He doesn’t react to her. She asks if he wants to go on a trip, but he doesn’t respond. She wonders if she should shock him. She takes his leaf but he walks away. She can’t figure out what to do.

Ji Woon calls Hye Ji one more time and texts her that he’s going to her studio since she’s not picking up.

Ha Won tells Hye Ji that she’s gone back to living at the sky house. She admits that she felt like she should tell her. She assures her that nothing is going on. Hye Ji tells her that it’s a good thing that Hyun Min finally knows what it’s like to be rejected by a girl. Ha Won tells her that she didn’t really reject her but everyone is talking about how cool she is. Ha Won asks her to come to the vacation house with her and the boys. She can’t get them to go on her own and Hye Ji agrees. Ji Woon arrives and asks if she has to g that far. Hye Ji agrees to go and Ji Woon says that he’s not going. Ha Won excuses herself. Hye ji tells him that she wants to go to the vacation house one more time. She tells him about her past and explains why she wants to go.

So Kyung is on the phone with the agency but she can’t sell Yo Na because she doesn’t have a job. She chastises her and tells her that she could have at least gotten into college.  Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) arrives home and he tells her that his construction job went under. He looks around for Ha Won and is told she hasn’t come back. Gi Sang heads to his room but hands his keeps off to Soo Kyung to get his bag.

While in the truck she hears his phone ring and there is a text about finding Kang Young Ji. She wonders who the person is and then finds the flyer. She brings a flyer in and gets Yoo Na off the couch and drags her to her room. Yo Na wonders who the flyer is for and why the apartment name sounds familiar. Soo Kyung reminds Yoo Na that Ha Won’s mother dies in that fire and a lot of people were wondering why she was there. The wonder how much money Gi Sang spent on the search. Soo Kyung thinks that it’s actually a good thing because the risk might get Ha Won out of the Sky House and Yoo Na in.

Ha Won goes to see Hyun Min to find him sleeping. She finds Yoon Sung and asks why he’s doing that. Yoon Sung mentions that Hyun Min is a very heavy sleeper and he wouldn’t notice if someone was to carry him around. She asks if that’s the truth and gets an idea.

Ji Won is looking out his window while thinking about Ha Won. She comes out and he hides. He watches as she goes over to Hyun Jin’s room and pound on the door. He asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that she’s trying to get Hyun Min to come to the trip. Kidnap him? Ji Woon asks if she’ll fulfil her mission. She tells him that the only person not going is him. He tells her that if she gets Hyun Min to go he’ll go to. She makes him pinky swear.

Ha Won goes into the room and starts begging Hyun Min to come. No matter what she says he doesn’t respond. She pokes his cheek and he turns away. When she shakes him he rolls over. She wonders how he could be in such a deep sleep and remembers that Yoon Sung warned her about his sleep. She replays Ji Woon’s suggestion to kidnap him and an idea begins to forms in her mind.

Hye Ji texts Ji Woon to see if he’s coming and he hesitates when sending the text message. Seo Woo gets a message telling him to enjoy Thailand. Ha Won comes back into the room with an evil smile on her face.

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