Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 8 Recap



Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) wakes up in the plane. He wonders where he is and Ha Won (Park So Dam) whispers from behind him to calm down. He unbuckles himself and  stands to see everyone there. Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) complains about him being loud. He asks why he’s shaking is brought back to his seat even though he claims he shouldn’t be on board. Ha Won smiles happily and goes back to her colouring.

They all arrive and start looking around. Ha Won asks Hyun Min if he;s happy he came. He asks who could he be when he came in the outfit that he has one. Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) mentions that it’s not Thailand and she apologises for lying. Seo Woo then asks why she brought Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) and she tells him that the more the merrier. They are all about to split up when Ha Won tells them to stop and Yoon Sung (Choi Min) comes in holding a bag. She pulls out a jersey with her name on it. She tells them that they are going to stay together and get to know each other better. Everyone decided against it, even Ja Young.

Yoon Sung calls Kang (Kim Yong Geon) to give him a report but he tells him to relax. Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) chastises the CEO for not telling anyone. He tells her that he did it on purpose, plus he didn’t want to force his grandsons to visit him in the hospital not that he’s sure that they would worry about him. Hwa Ja tells her that she will worry in their stead.

Yoon Sung gets a text message telling Yoon Sung that she won’t call him anymore but in return, she would like to have a meal with him. He seems torn.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 14.42.13.png

Hyun Min goes to his room and lays on his bed. He notices the glow in the dark stars and mutters that nothing has changed. He tries to sleep but instead walks out of his room. Ha Won asks where he’s going but is only met by silence.

Ha Won goes around and post the schedule on everybody’s door. When she calls a house meeting she’s met with crickets.

Ha Won goes to see Seo Woo and asks what he’s doing. He tells her that he’s having fun and she tells him that it’s only fun when you do things with others on a trip. He tells her that he only gets 10 days off a year. this was one of his days off and she shouldn’t ruin it. She comes out and meets up with Ha Joung who asks if Seo Woo isn’t eating. When Ha Won tells her that he’s not Ja Young loses her appetite.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is walking along the path alone when she comes along the bench that Hyun Min confessed his undying love on. She sits and strokes the  carving.

Ha Won finds Hyun Min and apologises about making him that laughing stock and for kidnapping him. He asks why she told him to reflect on his heart and if something would change if he truly loved her. She tells him that when a man and woman truly like each other they can fall in love. He calls her old-fashioned and teases her until she leaves. She walks away and Hye Ji comes out.

Hyun Min hears Hye Jisplashings and assumes it Ha Won. She swims and he looks over at her. He sees her come up to breathe and he sighs and looks anywhere but her. She comes over to him and starts reminiscing about their time there as children. He pretends to not remember. When she asks for him to swim with her for old time sack he tells her he’s not wearing a bathing suit and walk away. She ‘falls’ into the pool and pretends to drown. Hyung Min turns on a dime and jumps in to save her. When he gets her out of the pool, he asks if she’s gotten a cramp again and starts to message out the leg that always use to get them. She tells him he fine then thanks him. He tells her that anyone would have done the same.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 15.09.44.png

Ji Woon is looking at the schedule and can’t believe it. He looks at the names and wonders why Ha Won planned so much. Ja Young comes out and nearly bumps into Ji Woon. She asks if he’s looking for Ha Won. He says no and then asks if she’s in. Ja Young tells her that she went out and doesn’t know to wear. Ji Woon imitates Ja Young’s response and goes back to wondering about the schedule.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) figure out a plan where Ha Won would leave the Sky house if her real father shows up because she wouldn’t continue to mooch off of them. She gets a response about the address and she tells Yoo Na that they’ll send Ha Won away and get back every dime that they spent on her while raising her.

Ha Won goes to the little farm and feeds that sheep. She tells them that they’re the only ones willing to play with her. She tells them that they must be happy to have so many people to eat with. She thinks back to a memory of her parents. They had a picnic and were really close and had a lot of fun. She suddenly gets sad. She decided that she can have fun by herself.

Ji Woon feels bad that she’s worked so hard on something that no one is going to do. He finds her feeding a horse. He asks if this is the experiencing horseback and she tells him it’s as close as she’ll go. He teases her about not following the letter of the schedule. He goes to get the horse out but she’s scared because she’s never been on horseback before.

Seo Woo uploads a picture on social media and then gets a call from his manager. He asks if Seo Woo is enjoying his freedom. Seo Woo confirms that he is even though he’s mad that Ha Won and he went behind his back. His Manager reveals how he got his time off and sends him that pictures of him in the girls uniform.

Ji Woon takes Ha Won out on the horse and she’s scared. She mentions that it’s a little cramped being on the horse together. He asks if she’s feeling better and then decided to go faster. She tries to stop him but he tells her to not worry. And they are off horseback riding in picturesque scenery.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 15.45.16

Seo Woo finds Ja Young and asks if it’s her doing. He shows her the pictures and she spits water. He asks if she’s the one who sent the pictures to Ha Won. She confirms that she did and Seo Woo is mad. Yoon Sung comes in and hands the prep for the barbeque to Seo Woo. He tells him that he’s the one who needs to set it up. When he asks why Yoon Sung reveals that he needs to go out to buy food. Seo Woo wonders why they don’t wander in and Yoon Sung points to the schedule. Ja Young offers to help but Seo Woo tells her to clean up the water.

Ha Won and Ji Woon are walking back when she notices that she doesn’t have her necklace. She goes because to look for it but tells him to go ahead. He wonders why she makes him worry so much and goes after her. He asks if it was important and once she tells him that it belonged to her mother he starts looking as well. He asks what he’s going to get if he finds it first and then asks for her to grant him a wish.

Seo Woo and Ja Young are prepping the skewers when he asks if she’s shown the pictures to anyone else. She tells him that she’s only showed them to Ha Won. He asks how close she is to Ha Won. When Ja Young tells him that they’ve been best friends since middle school he pumps her for information about Ha Won’s family and older sister. When Ja Young tells him about sleeping on the balcony Seo Wo lashes out. He starts asking about Ha Won’s dating life and ideal type. Ha Young admits she’s never dated and doesn’t have a type yet. Ja Young hints about him being a little too interested in Ha Won. He tells her it’s because they live together. Ja Young asks him to take good care of Ha Won.

Ji Woon is looking and Ha Won apologises. She admits that she knows that he came solely for Hye Ji. He asks who took advantage of it and she assures him that that wasn’t the case. She tells him how Hye Ji lets her stay one night after she left the sky house and she was grateful to her and that’s why she wanted her to come. He looks over and notices the necklace and picks it up. He tells her that he’d find the necklace and asks what she’ll do. She starts with the mundane but when he threatens to leave she tells him that she’ll do anything. He squats in front of her and shows her the necklace. She launches herself at him and they go tumbling backwards, their faces a little too close.They jump apart, she thanks him and they make their way back.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 16.08.47.png

Soo Kyung goes looking for Ha Won’s real father and find out he works at a construction site. She meets with him and tells her that she knows of his affair and tells him to take Ha Won off her hands. He tells her that it wasn’t the case but she won’t listen. She leaves and is frustrated that she couldn’t get any money out of him. He gets a phone call and he promises to may the caller back by the end of the month.

Ha Won thanks, Ji Woon and hands him a milk. He asks if that’s all he gets and she jokes that he doesn’t know how delicious it is. He asks about her necklace and she tells him that it’s a ring and her mother was holding it tightly when she died. He mentions that his mother didn’t leave anything being and she tells him that she left him. He tells her that it gave him goose bumps. She tells him never mind and goes to leave. He tells her that they should leave together.

Hye Ji sees Hyun Min’s clothes and is worried that he has nothing else to wear. He comes out and she mentions it. He tells her that he can dry them and wear them later. She offers to get some of Ji Woon’s clothes. He tells her that if she wants to hand out with Ji Woon to do it and leave him out of it. She tells him that she came because of him. She asks if he feels nothing since they came there together. He tells her no and she mentions that he’s the same as always. He tells her that she should stop. She leaves and Hyun Min curses and asks why they had to come there of all places.

Ha Won and Ji Woon are walking back when they spot Hye Ji. They notice that she looks quite sombre. Ha Won tells them that she’s heading in first and leaves. Ji Woon asks what’s wrong and Hye Ji confesses that she had some expectations about the trip and things aren’t going her way. Ji Woon tells her that she’s pretty enough and should just keep acting the way she does. They look over the creek together.

Kang’s lawyer asks if everything is ready. He tells him that it’s not and mentions that he’s gotten himself more family members so things have gotten complicated. He mentions that he’s going to have to re-write his will. He mentions that many executives have been looking for him lately. Kim suggests making a decision about the successor soon. Hwa Ji looks into the room.

Outside Lawyer Kim meets with Hwa Ji and introduces himself. She asks what the business was but he doesn’t reveal anything more than the CEO called him. they shake hands.

Soo Kyung arrives late and apologises. She gets sent to a room containing 2 cheboel’s wives. They start talking about marrying off one of her children but the woman mentions she’d love to marry her daughter off to one of the Kangs. (Poor Poor woman. They’re all taken. )They start to talk about Hwa Ji and how she lied about being a virgin.

Yoon Sung arrives and Ja Young helps put the food away. Just then the housekeeper comes to give them a bottle of rice wine and milk. they both look the same but have a different coloured caps. Yoon Sung walks away with the housekeeper and Ja Young puts the bottles in the fridge.

Ji Woon is washing his face when he thinks about what happened in the fields. He smiles a little before washing his face vigorously. Hyun Min comes in and Ji Woon was certain he locked the door. Hyun Min mentions that it may be broken. He asks what’s on his mind and Ji Woon tells him to mind his own business.

Ha Won is in her room and wonders how Ji Woon could change so much just by seeing Hye Ji. She shakes her head and gets ready to shower. Meanwhile, Ji Woon is looking for his phone. He goes to the bathroom and calls to Hyun Min, but Ha Won jumps. He asks if he’s ok and goes to check the shower but Ha Won throws a soap at him and asks him to leave. He’s in shock and walks out.

Ji Woon stays outside the door and when Ha Won comes out he tells her that the door is broken. The walks side by side very awkwardly before turning to each other. They go back and forth about who should go first and finally Ji Woon walks away.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 17.12.16.png

Ha Won is pacing the room when Ja Young comes in and asks if she;She’s hot. She tells her she is because of the shower. Ja Young tells her to go have some milk that’s in the fridge. She screams after her to drink from the bottle with the yellow lid. Ha Won goes to the fridge and drinks from the red capped bottle. (Oh! a drunk scene, I love drunk scenes.)

Seo Woo tells Yoon Sung that they are ready and he tells him he’ll get the others. A very drunk Ha Won appears. (Cue Pokemon music!) She asks why he never talks informally to her. He tells her it’s because of the chairman’s orders. She tells him to forget about it and to talk informally to get. Yoon Sung is looking around and Ji Woon and Hyun Min look lost but amused. She waves the bottle in front of Yoon Sung while he says her name and notices the rice wine smell.  Seo Woo starts to giggle and her becomes her next target.

She asks if he finds her funny and he tells her that she is. She asked if he had fun playing with himself because she didn’t enjoy it at all. She tells him that she was really looking forward to the trip because she’s never been on a trip with friends before but none of them wanted to play with her. She tells them how she wanted to play games and where matching jackets since she’s never been able too. She essentially guilts everyone into cooperating with her.

They sit around with the food and alcohol, wearing matching jackets and playing games. As the night progresses they get even drunker. Eventually, Yoon Sung says her name before passing out and Seo Woo uses his leg as a guitar. They takes turns telling the person beside them that they love them. When Ji Woon tells Hyun Min he asks to switch spots with Ha Won. She inquires as to why he’s calling her girlfriend when they aren’t engaged and this is a revelation to Seo Woo. She complains about how hard her life’s become but she’s saved by Yoon Sung projectile vomiting all over Seo Woo.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 17.39.52.png

Yoon Sung is brought to his room. He wakes up briefly before going back to sleep. Someone should really wash his face.

Ja Young goes into Seo Woo’s room to offer to wash his sweats but he’s not there. She wonders if he’s in the bathroom. She looks at the lyrics and when he comes in he asks what she’s doing. She asks if he is in love with someone because his lyrics have changed. He asks how she would know that when he doesn’t even know that. She tells him that she’s a longtime fan, but also tells him he can’t having feelings for anyone. She warns him that he’s loved by millions and can’t belong to one person before leaving. He re-reads his love song. He reveals that on the folded corner that the song is for Ha Won.

Hye Ji meets up with Hyun Min. He goes to live but she asks him to stay. She thanks him for saving her but he brushes it off. They start reminiscing about the times together and of her older brother. Hyun Min starts to smile but claims he doesn’t want to go back. She asks why she feels like he’s hiding things from her. He assures her that he’s not and then she asks why he’s pretended to forget about that spoit. He tells her that he couldn’t sleep and went out for a walk and happened along this spot. She pulls out pen and grabs his hand. She tells him about what they use to draw on eachother’s hands when they couldn’t sleep and draws a smiley face. Hyun Min remembers their kiss as a child and when she tries to bring it up he pretends to not remember. She slides over and leans in. Hyun Min is in shock when he turns to her and she kisses him. For a moment he falls into the kiss but pulls away. She asks if he still doesn’t remembers. She asks him if it’s alright if she likes other guys even if they’re Ji Woon.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 17.56.21.png

Ji Woon tells Ha Won he loves her but she tells him to piss off and he pouts. He says it twice more before she asks if he means it. He says he does and he pecks her on the lips softly. The starts laughing and he takes her glass from her. He wonders who poured her so much min and drinks it while it drizzled  down in chin and throat. She complains that it was her. He grabs her face and leans in and kisses her again. He asks what happened and she mentions that he kissed her. He asks to do it again and leans in one more time.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 18.08.56.png

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