Jealousy Incarnate Episode 2 Recap



We rewatch Red’s (Mun Ka Young) scene in the hospital. After her freak out Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) and Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) try to calm her down. Chi Yeol tells her to call her uncle and tell him to come.

Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) tells Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) about her worry about what she felt in his chest. He reminds her that he’s a man. Na Ri tells him that men are still human and have chest too. Hwa Shin walks away not believing he had that conversation.

In the preview room, Sung Sook is already demanding that they re-edit the recruitment ad. Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) tells her that the director already signed it off and the director tells her that the CEO ok-ed it. she tells him that the director wants a fun video and so she stripped down and danced like an idiot but they put Hwa Shin as the picture boy of the company. She tears into the act that she wants Hwa Shin out of the video completely and that she believes that men shouldn’t be on screen because people tune in for the women. She then proceeds to go onto a self-important rant. Ja Young (Park Ji Young) butts in and tells her that the audience fears that she’ll claw out of the screen when she does the 12 am newscast by herself. They get into a fight about the merits of using an experienced freelancer than training someone from scratch. Sung Sook tells Ja Young that she will not be hiring a single announcer and Ja Young tells her that she’ll be certain to hire only ugly women.

Hwa Shin is walking and he says hello to Dong Gi. Dong Gi tells him to see the director because he’s furious because of him. He tells him he should at least say Hi. Dong Gi tries everything to stop him from going in.

The announcers start asking Ja Young if it’s true that all announcers will be on contracts like the weather girls. They wonder why Sung Sook has it out for them. Ja Young tells her that they just have to show the station that they can’t work without them.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 14.09.32.png

Na Ri notices Hwa Shin go into the bathroom and waits for him to come out. She tells him that she wasn’t finished talking. She told him that it could be nothing but he should have it checked just in case. She tells him that he only has to go to an OBGYN to get referred to a cancer clinic. He pulls her into the entrance and tells her that he doesn’t like women like her. When she asks what a woman like her is, he tells her an easy target. She nods and walks away.

Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) tries on a shirt and tells his assistant that he wants to give the shirt to Hwa Shin. His assistant starts to retaliate saying that Hwa Shin is just greedy. Jung Won tells him that he knows but they are friends so it doesn’t matter. While he’s changing Hwa Shin calls he’s told that Jung Won is back in Italy and he will have him call him back when he’s back. Jung Won tells him that he’s to give the shirt to Hwa Shin.

Na Ri arrives at the hospital just in time for the doctor to come out. The doctor tells them that they stopped the bleeding but they can’t say if Joong Shin (Yun Da Hun) will regain consciousness.

Hwa Shin comes home to find his mother gone. He wonders why she isn’t picking up her phone to find that she’s left it at home. He get’s the 1st aid kit out and complains that there is no one to welcome him home except for Na Ri.

When outside Na Ri bumps into Dong Gi who asks her to pick up 7 coffees. While waiting in line she notices the recruitment add and picks up an application under the pretence it’s for a friend.

The rain starts and Jung Won gets stuck in it. He thinks back to the time when he was with Hwa Shin in Thailand and it started to rain. Na Ri runs over for them to use it. They keep bouncing her and finally she gives up and tells them to just not use it. The 2 men come and cover her with the umbrella and she tells them that the one thing she hates the most was seeing other people get rained on. The 2 men agree to use the umbrella but when the thunder rings out Na Ri jumps and hides her face in Jung Won’s shoulder.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 15.08.12.png

Hwa Shin arrives and Na Ri doesn’t say a thing to her. Sh gets a phone call from someone to complain about the weather. We see that it’s Jung won’s secretary. Hwa Shin takes the phone and eats out the person on the other side and hangs up.

Jung Won tells him there is a rude person at the broadcasting company. He inquires about the name that Jung Won put Na Ri under.

Hwa Shin hands back the phone. She tells him that she’s going to worry because for her someone complaining about her segment means they’re a fan. Everyone only sees her for 60 seconds a day and no one treats the weather like the news. Someone calling to complain is essentially acknowledging her segment. She tells him that she’s gotten over her one-sided feelings for him 3 years prior and not to be mistaken.

Jung Won’s assistant asks why he asked him to do that. Jung Won told him just because and then chastises him for forgetting his phone. Jung Won looks out at the rain and smiles to himself.

Hwa Shin comes to see Sung Sook and asks about his brother and red. Sung Sook reminds him that she hasn’t been married to his brother for 10 years. He tells her never mind and turns to leave. The director asks if he doesn’t see him and tells him he should greet him properly. Hwa Jin advises him that he’s not back to work yet and he will greet him properly when he is. He leaves as Na Ri comes in. He tells her to go away and she steps out of his way after dropping the files.

He goes in search of Ja Young. When he finds her he asks where his niece is. She tells him that he’ll find out when his mother returns. She teases him about being a good uncle, and he tells her that it’s not possible after what she did and walks away. Both of the 2 women get up and go somewhere.

Kim Rak (Lee Sung Jae) is at the restaurant with all the girls fawning over him. He gets a phone call that the 3 kids left. He can’t believe that they didn’t’ listen. He goes to the apartment looking for red, but when he looks int Joong Shin’s room he finds his wedding pictures out. He wonders briefly who her mother is.

Sung Sook tells Hwa Shin to tell her when he finds out where Red is since as her mother she has the right to know. She tells him that she’s only putting up with Red living with Joong Shin until college. Hwa Shin tells her nothing will change when she’s in college. He tells her to not be greedy about Red and to just live her life as she always does/ Sung Sook tells him that Red might hate her, but not as much as she hates him.

Ja Young gets in Hwa Shin’s car and tells him to tell her when he finds Red. He admits that he didn’t know what type of person she was at first. She blames him for screwing up his brother’s life and her marriage ending in divorce.

Rak finds Red at the hospital waiting. He tells her that her father isn’t going to die. He tells her that he’ll talk to the doctor to let her see him during off hours so she should go to school. She tells him that if her father dies she’s going to die too.

Hwa Shin looks at the red light and things about the last story he shot that forced his brother out in the open for his wrong doing. Both of the ex-wives confronts him. You could tell that Hwa Shin was already having issues with the story without them rubbing it in.

One of the weather girls is talking about taking the exam. They tell her that they can’t believe it. They get Na Ri to do the most unconvincing rant to her about the reason why she’s being so nice to the announcing director is because of the exam.

Daw Goo gets food delivered and smuggles it in. Chi Yeol watches from the classroom while also keeping an eye on Red. Daw Goo comes in and tries to get her to eat chicken. She finally sits and asks if either of them have cigarettes. Dae Goo hands her a beer but Chi Yeol pulls it away. He chugs and he wants to get it out of her sights. The teacher comes in and chastises them for cutting class.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 21.12.24.png

Na Ri notices her junior  drinking near work. She asks why she’s drinking alone near work. She tells her that it’s sad. She apologises for earlier and wishes her god luck. She starts on how she’s younger and prettier than her so she’ll have better luck The junior asks her to drink one glass but Na Ri refuses until finally agreeing to 1 glass of Soju.

Hwa Shin goes to get his chest checked by a doctor. She takes an x-ray and tells him nothing is wrong with his ribs. He tells her about the car accident and hitting his chest hard and she wants to check for a rupture. She checks her chest and suggests he sees a specialist about it. He gets all defensive about it and she suggests just getting it checked. She really hopes that it’s nothing.

Hwa Shin stands outside the clinic and doesn’t go in. Na Ri’s words float through his head.

Na Ri is drunk at the restaurant and decided to call the viewer who complained. Meanwhile, at the office, they are looking for her because they’ll be on the air in 5 minutes. Jung Won picks up that phone and she starts to apologise about the previous call and hanging up. He mentions that it sounds like she was drinking and he looks at his watch. She promises to call him every morning for a week to give him a personalised weather forecast. He tells her that  she’ll regret it in the morning. She pesters him until he agrees. She eats and gets her something on her dress and she mentions that she needs to wear it for the forecast. This gives her junior and idea and gives her a wrap to mess her dress up completely the news starts playing and they run back to the station.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 21.39.56.png

Jung Won turns on the news and a secretary comes in with the outfit for Hwa Shin and Jung Won tells her that he’ll bring it to him.

Na Ri sends the junior to get her clothes as she climbs the stairs. She gets a call from Hwa Shin. She asks him why he’s calling and he tells her that it’s just because. She hangs up and he says it was because he thought of her. we pull away to see Hwa Shin in a pink gown.

Na Ri is doing her makeup when a delivery comes for Hwa Shin.Tthe secretary goes looking for the CEO. The Junior comes in and gives her, her clothes because there was nothing else. She arrives and they can’t believe she’s going to do it wearing the clothes she has on. The director tells her that she’s fired because she was drinking. She swears she’s fine and tells them that she can do the segment with her eyes closed. They want to skip the segment but Dong Gi tells them that they’re rolling. They get out of the way and Jung Won watches Na Ri read that weather. She goes through the news without a hitch but she’s still fired. Hwa Shin arrives to work and can’t keep his eyes off Na Ri during the entire weather forecast.

She goes after the director and he can’t believe she came to work drunk and smelling like meat. He tells her that this is the last after of kindness he’ll do for her and tells her to leave. She gets chewed out by both Sung Sook and Ja Young. She apologises.

Jung Won goes outside and his secretary asks where he was. He motions to go into the car but he closes the door and heads back inside.

Na Ri is sitting at her desk holding in the tears when Hwa Shin comes in. He asks what the director said and she stays quiet. He tells her to do better next time. He goes to walk out but then comes back and asks her why she was wearing her clothes and drank before the show. He claims that his chest was tight that entire time she was up there trying to make sure that she didn’t mess up. She turns to look at him with red-rimmed eyes and his words fall short. She tells him that she has no interest in his chest anymore and for him not to worry because that was her last broadcast. She tears up the application and walks out of the room. it takes a few beats for him to follow.

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