Jealousy Incarnate Episode 3 Recap



We re-watch Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) storm out on Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok). Na Ri heads straight to the elevator and Hwa Shin, though it looks like he’s following, walks to the broadcast room.

The elevator doors open and Na Ri comes face to face with Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo). He greets her with a large smile. The broadcaster who was in the lift calls to him and thanks for dropping off the outfit. His secretary comes around the corner and starts making her feel like Jung Won came for her and that he’s a fan. Na Ri walks away scoffing at the comment. Though Jung Won is trying to get away his secretary is trying to push him together with this woman for some reason. When Na Ri looks in from outside she says to herself out loud that had she worn something similar she wouldn’t have gotten fired.

Hwa Shin goes straight to his desk and print’s something. The director comes to him and asks him if he fired Na Ri and asks why. Hwa Shin asks if he’s changed in the last 3 years because he uses to only care about the ratings. He shows him the real-time ratings and the spike during her segment. Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) tries to claim that she’s not a real reporter and the weather isn’t the news. Hwa Shin tells her that she doesn’t just parrot off what someone else wrote for her, every day she researches the news and gives a report. If she’s not a reporter, he asks then why she’s in the news department.

Na Ri heads a street vendor for a beer.She sits down to drink. She notices the caller from that morning calling and she tells herself that she doesn’t need a fan now that she’s fired. We see Jung Won off to the side calling her. He hangs up and takes the seat next to her. She starts complaining about how he likes everyone and when he points out he did nothing ill towards her she apologises. she admits she wants to be  sponsored by his clothing company as well, but he tells her that he is a business man and she would need to provide something for him to sponsor him. She jokes about him not needing any more girlfriends or friends. She tells him that she knows he was passing by and tells him that he can leave. He asks if she’ll be ok because he knows that she drank a lot. She tells him she’ll be fine. He walks away and tells her that she did a good job that day. Needless to say, she doesn’t believe him.

Chi Yeol (Jung Sang Hoon) and Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) are following Red (Mun Ka Young) out of the hospital. Dae Goo complains that Red hasn’t eaten anything and is worried that she’ll pass out. Chi Yeol mentions that she hasn’t been sleeping either. He walks over and sits next to her.  Kim Rak (Lee Sung Jae) pulls up and tells the boys to bring her to the car.

Sung Sok is practising for the broadcast when Ja Young (Park Ji Young) asks her if she’s meeting with Red secretly. Sung Sook reminds her of the time she gave Ja Young 10 million won to raise her daughter yet she used it on a purse. She tells her that she used her own money to raise Red. Sung Sook tells her that she;s no waiting and she will find Red and raise her herself. Ja Young tells her that she can’t even cook and would starve the poor highschooler. She leaves after telling Sung Sook that her eyes look tight.

Na Ri is trying to get a taxi with no luck. Hwa Shin happens to stop at the red light right before her. He pulls in front of her and she gets in. She pretends ti not notice that it isn’t a taxi and then lets it sleep moments later.

Na Ri complains about no one willing to drive her home and how women have it rough. She keeps bumping into him. He asks how much further until her house and she tells him that they’re almost there. She admits that she can’t believe that he wants to drive her home. He teases that she must be happy that the taxi driver was walking her home. She asks if he isn’t curious about who she was drinking with and when he says he isn’t, she complains that he was never curious about her. He complains about her wardrobe and hands her his jacket.

Kim Rak is carrying Red and they notice Na Ri. Dae Goo is surprised to see a man next to her. Chi Yeol moves to go talk with his sister, but Dae Goo stops him. He also stop Kim Rak and tells them to just let Na Ri date. He then mentions that she looked sexy doing the weather that day.

Na Ri wonders what she’ll do that next day. Hwa Shin tells her to go on an arranged date and to get married. She looks at him oddly and he asks if he sounded too cold. He tells she’ll meet a man much better than him and get married. She reminds him that she’s unemployed and she wonders if she has any chance at all. They arrive and he tells her to go in. She asks if that’s really the end and agrees it is. He walks away and though she watches from the entrance he doesn’t turn back.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.59.22.png

He walks sadly by the gang and Red hides her face from him. She looks back at him and remembers petitioning for a correct on the story that Hwa Shin did 3 years prior. No matter what anyone told her she didn’t stop. She eventually gets pulled away but Sung Sook while a sad-eyed Hwa Shin looks on.

Na Ri sits on the roof and looks at her work pass. Chi Yeol sits next to her and asks if she has anything to say. She tells him that she quite being a weather announcer. He tells her to no quit because he likes her as the weather girl. She asks if she knows why the lanyard is red. She tells him that since she’s a contract employee she can be fired at any moment. Announcers wear blue because they’re full-time employees and have a safe job. She tells him that she went to school 2 years, failed the exam twice and barely passed the 3rd time to be the weather girl for 4 years. She doesn’t know what she wants anymore but her dream is still to become an announcer.

Rak tells the kitchen staff to close up and tells the boys to watch over Red. Dae Goo tried to get her to eat and Chi Yeol chastises her when she doesn’t Red tells them that they need to help her and only then will she eat.

Hwa Shin gets home and looks into the fridge and suddenly remembers his visit to the doctors. Though a little taken back by the fact that the doctor is a woman, she mentions that the reason he was able to see her so quickly is the fact that he’s a man. She asks if she should get him a male doctor but there would be a 2 month wait time. He says it’s fine. He gets sent out to change in a pink robe. The ultrasound shows a lump so he gets sent to get a mammogram. Needless to say, it’s painful for him.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 14.21.50.png

When he leaves, people are talking about it being their first time seeing a man in the clinic. They assume men can get breast cancer as well. He goes to the stairs and calls Na Ri. He looks into the fridge once more and grabs a beer.

Jung Won also grabs a beer and goes to sit down in his living room. He thinks about his conversation with Na Ri and smiles. He pulls out a phone to make a call and is surprised that Hwa Shin’s phone isn’t international. He asks if he’s in Korea.

They get together and play a VR game together. When Hwa Shin goes to clean up Jung Won tells him about his new toothbrush and what lotion to use. He comes out and brings Jung Won a beer. Jung Won tells him to not leave again because he thought he was going to die f boredom. Hwa Shin asks if he didn’t have any girlfriends. Jung Won doesn’t say anything and then tells him about a mutual ex who is getting married. They start talking and realise that they were both played. They joke about going to her wedding and asking who she likes the most. Hwa Shin goes to leave and Jung Won complains about him not saying over the night. He complains about Hwa Shin not being good at listening. Hwa Shin goes to tell Jung Won about his chest but he can’t bring himself too. He leaves a slightly confuses Jung Won, who watches him go fondly.

The next morning Na Ri gets woken up but Chi Yeol reminding her about her appointment. She tells him that it’s fine. She gets a call from Jung Won. (while not knowing it’s Jung Won.) She has to wake up and tells him a forecast and he asks her out for coffee. She tells him she’s busy and hangs up after he mentions she’s lonely. She calls him a pervert. Rak and Chi Yeol assume it’s the guy she was with the day before and Chi Yeol freaks out.

Jung Won’s assistant comes in with 5 outfits and he tells her ti’s fine since Na Ri is too busy to come.

Hwa Shin is researching breast cancer at home. suddenly he is caught by a phishing call. He leaves and Ja Young gets into his house.

Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) gets everyone ready and the director asks if he wants to g have cold noodles. Hwa Shin comes in and invites them out to eat. He tells them that he wants to audition for the position as the anchor on the 9 o’clock news, putting him up against his sister in law. He tells them that it doesn’t belong to her yet. They tell him about the physical and he asks if he needs to hand in proof.

Na Ri goes to see the doctor and is told that she needs to remove the lump in her chest. She is told that it shouldn’t’ be cancerous but they need to remove it because it becomes a problem. She complains that her already flat chest will become flattered. The doctor reminds her that it’s not cancer so she should be happy.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 15.30.00.png

Na Ri goes to the bank machine and complains that she has no income and will have to keep spending.

Hwa Shin gets given the bad news that he has breast cancer. He freaks out and the doctor explains to him. She snaps and doesn’t have the best manner to deal with him, but this man suddenly has to come to grips with a man have breast cancer. He tells her to only remove his chest partly and asks about a scar. She adv him that there is nothing they can do with that and he tries to find a way around it. The doctor watches Hwa Shin leave sadly. She notices Na Ri coming up the escalator as well. Her nurse hands her the next surgery that she’s performing.

Red puts in her earbuds into her father’s (Yun Da Hun) ears. He starts imagining everyone he knows in the room with him and they push him down a hallway. Then proceeds a disco dance party… even he’s dying or very high. Red takes a picture of her father smiling softly. She leaves and asks the nurse to take care of her father.

Na Ri checks into her room, the day before surgery to find the other person sleeping. Or she assumes they are anyways. She unpacks as quietly as possible. She asks if she can turn on the TV and then asks to tell her if it’s too loud. Her neighbour starts to cough as she changes. She gets mad that they are fine without her. She tries to decide what to watch and Hwa Shin tells her not to change the channel. He opens the curtain and she’s shocked to see him.

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