Switch Girl Season 1



This 8 episode drama is based on a manga series I love. Switch girl follows Tamiya Nika (Nishiuchi Mariya) who is a switch girl. When she’s in public she is the perfect girl and is always looking for her peer’s approval while freaking out that they will find out about her off mode. When she’s off she’s loud, disgusting and not at all worried about what other people think. At her school, Arata (Kiriyama Renn) is a new transfer student and he does the reverse. When he’s out of his house he wears big glasses to cover his face. This allows him to hide the fact that he’s actually quite handsome.

They both find out about each other’s secrets and agrees to not tell anyone else about it. However, due to their new closeness, a budding relationship starts, well at least in Nika’s eyes.

This drama actually did the Manga justice. It is so over the top that I absolutely enjoyed it. The actors were cast perfectly and Nishiuchi portrayed Nika Perfectly. It’s a good quick watch.


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