Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 Recap



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is sitting in his living room watching the news report of his diagnosis. Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo) comes in  and turns off the TV. Jon Young reveals he didn’t know he was loved so much and he tells Kook Young to take care of Pororo. Kok Young tells him that he’s not dying tomorrow, but Joon Young reminds him that he’s dying soon. Kook Young is suddenly overwhelmed. He makes an excuse to get out of the room and that apologises to Joon Young for calling him an asshole as he didn’t know about his condition.

Kook Young goes outside to find Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) and Namgoog (Park Soo Young) crying. Man Ok accusing him of crying and he tells them he hasn’t been. Namgoog tells them to no go in if they plan on crying in front of Joung Young. Nomgoog heads inside and Kook Young explodes about it not being fair that he has to deal with a life-threatening disease. Namgoog chastises him for bringing it up after he just calmed down.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) calls him to meet and he goes. Once there he is transported back to his college days. A little girl comes over and asks if he’s Shin Joo Young and tells him that he’s a celebrity. He tells her he’s not and send her off to play. He notices No Eul and remembers the incident in the cafeteria. He goes over and praises her. He uses her as his pillow and the little kids come back. No Eul assure them that it’s not Joon Young the top star. They leave and she looks down fondly at him.

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Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) is staring blankly at the article about Joon Young when a secretary comes in and tells him that Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) was moved out of the ICU as he has stabilised.

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) is struggling to stop her tears for her brother. Eun Soo (Jung Sun Kyung) reminds her that he’s not in critical condition and will wake up soon. Ha Ru finds that it doesn’t make sense that he wasn’t following the traffic laws because he always did. Hyun Joon comes in and asks to be alone with Ji Tae. Eun Soo brings Ha Ru out of the room even though Ha Ru protests vocally about leaving her brother. Hyun Joon remembers the last conversation he had with Ji Tae as he looks down at his son. Ji Tae had revealed that at one point he really loved him even if they didn’t share a drop of blood. He admits doing things that he knew was wrong just to make them happy for fear of him leaving his mother. He blamed himself for how his parents turned out and he asked his father to stay by Eun So’s side while casting him out since he’s the one who when against him. Eun Soo’s phone rings and Hyun Joon picks it up without saying a word. Secretary Kim tells her about the dashcams of the other cars that recorded the chase and the accident. She asks what to do and Hyun Joon is appalled at what his wife did. Eun Woon comes back in and he passes the phone to her. Eun Soo confirms that she’s the one who stopped Ji Tae in order to protect him.

Joon Young wakes up and No Eul doesn’t know when his memory is. She teases like she did in college. He tells her to put up the footage of Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) and him on the TV. He wants her to live on happily since he’ll be gone first. He tells her that that’s what he wanted to tell her. She reminds him that she’s the one who called and the one who wanted to tell him something. She tells him that it’s not his fault about what happened to her it’s just happened that way. He starts to cry as does she.

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Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) is tapping up the post-its left for Joon Young. Jon Young picks up one from a foreigner and chastises the grammar. He teases his uncle about the grammar in the letter and Jung Sik tries to hold in the tears. He asks where his mother is and finds out she’s in the kitchen.

He goes in and Young Ok (Jin Kyung) is peeling onions in the kitchen. Joon Young looks at his mother sadly. He goes ver and talks to her and finally removes the goggles. She chastises Deuk about still crying leaving Joon Young alone and feeling sad about hurting his mother. She cries and Jung Sik tells her to stop because of the customers. She leaves to be alone and Joon Young cries in the back store alone. (This is why he didn’t want to tell people.)

No Eul is walking home while remembering Joon Young telling her that she should make a world that she’s proud in and not to waste time. She arrives home and Sung Ho’s assistant wants to take her to see him. She tells him that he’ll take her whether she likes it or not. Hyun Joon arrives just then and apologises for being late for their plan.

No Eul sits across from Hyun Joon in his office. She tells him about Jung Eun’s confession and hands Joon Hyun the USB. She tells him to look it over and return it before the airing of it in 2 days time. She warns him that it’s her only copy and to not alter it in any way. She walks away.

Ji Tae wakes up and Eun Soo asks if he came to his senses. He calls to Gyo Chul, his secretary, and asks about Joon Young. He is told about the charges being dropped once everyone found out about his illness. He ignores his mother and continues to ask about Joon Young’s well-being.

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Joon Young arrives home to find No Eul on his couch. He calls to her and she tells him about her issues and asks to stay there for a little while until people stop looking for her. He hears her mutter that she wants to go on a vacation too and he throws his keys at her. He asks if she’s willing to drive because he never fulfilled his promise to her.

Hyun Joon is in his office looking over the footage that Eul left with him. He can’t control his emotions when Joon Young is telling Jung Eun about his dream. He pulls out a cigarette but before he can light it he receives a call from Young Ok.

They meet up and she begs him to save her son. She mentions that he must know amazing doctors who could save him. He tries to comfort her but she tells him that she raised her son to be like who he used to be. To always listen to the victim and to not turn his back on anyone. This cuts Hyun Joon deeply as he’s turned about from his values. She admits that she feels like Joon Young is being punished for their sins. She asks Hyun Joon what she should do, but like her Hyun Joon is on the verge of tears.

No Eul and Joon Young arrive at a house. Eul asks where they were and he admits that it’s a house that he built to live in with her. He tells her to stay there for a bit and then go back. She tells him since he built the house for them they should live there for 500 years. They go shopping and enjoy the normal things in life. When she helps a group of ladies with a game Joon Young gets a call from Hyun Joon. He goes to meet his father but his memories seemed to have switched and he forgets about Eul.

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Hyun Joon is changing when Eun So comes in. She asks when he arrived and he admits that it wasn’t too long ago. She asks him if he’s mad. He tells her that he has the right to be. He also mentions that since Ji Tae probably thinks that he’s behind the accident that they should leave it at that and warns her not to get caught. Hyun Joon is about to leave when he’s told that Sung Ho (Kim Byung Ok) was there.

Sung Ho gifts them ginseng for Ji Tae to eat to get better. He wants to bury the hatchet and recommends Hyun Joon for the promotion again. He also suggests a meeting between a nephew and Ha Ru. Eun Soo accepts but Hyun Joon remains silents.

Joon Young meets with Hyun Joon who is confused by his mannerisms. After Joon Young mentions the elections he asks him when the last time they met was. Joon Young reveals it was in high school and it clicks for Hyun Joon what’s going on. Joon Young starts complimenting him and telling him how much hope he has in him. This kills Hyun Joon and he starts to cry. He gets to have a glimpse of the kinds of person Joon Young once was and how he was ruined by him. Joon Young inquires about his health but he’s told that Hyun Joon is tired. He takes his leave and while going down the stairs he gets a notification for Jung Sik’s birthday. Someone bumps into his shoulder and he’s suddenly back in the present.

No Eul is at home when the ladies come to asks her to teach then Go stop. They ask where he husband was and she tells them he’s gone out but will be back. She seems to be having bad cramps when she calls Joon Young’s phone and Kook Young answers.

Namgoog takes the phone and No Eul admits that Joon Young was too sick to film the day she went. Namgoog threatens her and Kook Young mentions that he’s too mean to her. Kook Young apologises for being busy with a birthday party for Jung Sik. Joon Young tries to act normal when everyone else is acting sombre. He tries to tease them  about the sunglasses. They ask if Young Ok wasn’t coming and Jung Sik tells them she’s busy.  Namgoog starts t berate her and Jon Yiung tells him that she’s just freaked out.

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While Joon Young tries to get everyone in the party spirit, Eul waits for him to come back to the house. When Jung Young tells his uncle to make a wish and asks if he can make a wish. He asks Jung Sik to take care of his mother after he’s gone. Jung Sik promises to take care of Young Ok so he doesn’t have to worry. Jung Yung promises to trust him and to not worry about her while he prepares to leave. Young Ok is sitting in his room crying. Kook Young hears the door bell and answers it.

Jik (Lee Seo Won) comes to see Joon Young and admits that Na Ri (Kim Min Young) is waiting outside because she can’t look at him right now. He tells him that Na Ri wants to apologise for two-timing him when they dated in the past. Joon Young pretends to be mad. Jik mentions that he used to be his hero in the past and when Joon Young mentions that past tense, Jik reveals that he finds him an ass now. He tells him that if he wants to become his hero again, he better find a way to survive because his father told him that people die because they’re lazy. Joon Young promises to try his best to survive. Jik asks where his sister is and when Joung is confused Jik mentions that he called her and she said she was with him. Jon Young is about to deny that and then suddenly remembers. He calls himself a crazy bastard.

Jung Eun goes to see Ji Tae and tells him that she’s going to the states with General Oh’s eldest son and will marry him if she can stand to be with him. She mentions that while his in the hospital that he’ll be reported for embezzling and be looked into. She doesn’t understand why be picked that path. He apologises for not stopping her from fleeing all those years ago. He tells that though she’ll get away with it, this time, she will pay asks she has lived a bad life. He asks her to leave so he can sleep.

Hyun Joon research Joon Young’s condition. But while looking out the window, he remembers that last conversation he had with the level headed Joon Young in contrast to the regressed Joon Young who had so much hope. He tries to steel himself but he recalls the video that No Eul left him. He calls Eul and asks what the real reason was that she left the USB with him. She tells him that it’s because she wanted him to see it first. He can’t believe what she left it with him becausknows knews what type of person he is. She tells him that she does know because he’s Joon Young’s father. He hands up and breaks down in tears.

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Joon Young arrives at the house and looks everywhere for No Eul he finds her on the balcony crying. He apologises and tells her that he deserves to die. He crouches and notices her fever. He asks why she didn’t call him and tell him that she was sick. She tells him that she’s fine. He wants to call an ambulance but she tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital. He mentions that she’ll die if she keeps it up and she admits that she doesn’t care. He asks if she wants to die with him and she asks if she can’t. He tells her that they can die together and picks her up to care her somewhere. (That’s one way of getting him hospitalised.)

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