Uncontrollably Fond Episode 20 Recap – FINALE-



Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) brings No Eul (Bae Suzy) to the hospital. He tells that doctor that she wanted to die so to do their best to kill her. He leaves the emergency area and the nurse comes out with her phone that’s ringing. He answers it, but it’s spam. He starts to go throw the camera roll and watches a video the No Eul shot of herself. It was a little interview and in it, she says that she’s good at waiting but the one thing she fears is waking up to find that Joon Young is no longer alive. No Eul breaks down crying in the video which pulls tears from Joon Young. No Eul wakes up to find Jon young stroking her cheek. He tells her that she has acute pancreatitis and the doctor promises to kill her next time.

No Eul and Jon Young are walking back when Joon Young  gives No Eul his scarf and jacket. When he tries to get her on his back she just keeps walking. He yells to the heavens to let him live because he doesn’t want to die. This draws No Eul’s attentions as she turns to look at him. He complains about never being a good son to his mother and having so much he wants to do for her. He complains that he finally has a chance to be happy with Eul and he doesn’t want to give that up. With tears streaming down his face, he admits that he’s scared. No Eul runs over and hugs him. She apologises for it all being her fault.

Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is in the hospital when he watches the news and finds out about the video that leaked proving his father covered up a hit-and-run case years prior. Everyone is shocked at who was involved. There is a petition calling for a retrial and Hyun Joon (Yu Oh Seong) has agreed to make a public appearance, to tell the truth. Eun Soo (Jung Sung Kyung) is at home watching the news feed.

Hyun Joon arrives at the police station and is bombarded with questions about what came out in the video. All he tells the crowd is that he will be honest during the investigation.

Jung Sik (Choi Moo Sung) finishes watching the video when Deuk comes and starts asking if Young Ok (Jin Kyung) was Hyun Joon’s mistress if Joon Young is Hyun Jon’s son. Jung Sik hits Deuk with a tray and asks where Young Ok was.

Jung Sik goes to see Young Ok who is washing dishes. He tells her that Hyun Joon’s secretary did an interview telling the press that Hyun Joon told him to put up the video himself. He tells her that Hyun Joon isn’t such a bad guy after all.

Hyun Joon admits to everything to the police. How he blackmailed the prosecutor and switched out evidence and the guilty party.

Jung Eun (Lim Ju Eun) is getting ready to leave while on the phone with her father. She reminds him that she’s only ever followed what he told her to do. She yells at him reminding him that he was supposed to take care of everything and she was supposed to forget. Two police officers come up to Jung Eun and she’s under arrest.

Eul tells Jik (Lee Seo Won) to stop drying. Jik wonders if their father can rest in peace now. Eul steps out and Jon Young asks why she gave the video to Hyun Joon. She tries to lie but finally she tells him that she was satisfied knowing who killed her father. He starts going on that if she lets people act the way they do they will just walk all over her. She reminds him that Hyun Joon didn’t cover it up, but instead brought it to light and is getting his due punishment. She tells him that that’s the world she believes in. Just then they get a delivery and it’s a dog house. She tells him that it’s Pororo’s house and they should bring him there because she’s more reliable that Kook Young (Jung Soo Kyo). When they’re painting the dog house they get into a little paint fight and Joon Young’s voice over tells us that he and Eul talked about the life she lived while he wasn’t around and how once she fell asleep, Hyun Joon called and told him that he was proud t be his father.

Eun Soo tears up the paperwork the attorney Jang brought. She’s mad but Jang tells her that Hyun Joon has refused to use a lawyer. Eun Soo inquires as to what he means and Hyun Joon chimes in advising her of the same thing. Hyun Joon tells Eun Soo that Jang did nothing wrong as it was his decision. He tells her that he’s not going to use any legal representation or even appeal the decision. Hyun Joon tells Eun Soo that Ji Tae was right, they had become monsters somewhere along the way and they need to stop it. Eun Soo starts to freak out and ask if he knows the Hell she went through to get him to where he is today. Ji Tae comes in and tries to stop her from talking.  She reminds him that they were once so poor that he was forced to let his mother die. She reminds him that he wanted power so nothing of his would be taken away from him again. She tells him that to get that amount of power you have to give the same amount of sacrifice and pain. She looks straight a Ji Tae and tells him that it’s just like how she arranged for her own son to be hit by a car to protect Hyun Joon. She tells him that he can go back to rock bottom if he wants. Ji Tae tells his father that he doesn’t have to stay with his mother and can break his promise. In the middle of how Ji Tae will take responsibility Hyun Joon cuts him off and tells him that she’s his wife and mother of his children and he will stay with her no matter hw hellish it becomes.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 11.53.55.png

Ha Ru (Ryu Woh) goes to Jik’s workplace and complains that he’s not working. He touches her shoulder and they come face to face. They go for a walk and Ha Ru asks if it’s been difficult because he has a pimple. He mentions she has one on her cheek as well. She kisses him on the forehead and inquires if he found it disgusting but he admits instead that it made his head beat fast. She tells him that she knows that he lied about being gay since he knew who her father was and then asks for his number. He asks if they didn’t break up and she tells him that she’s not going  to call him or text him but in the future if she can’t find a better man than him she’ll call. He gives her his number and tells her that he’ll answer the call and they part ways.

Eul is on the phone with an English company when Ji Tae come. She trying to tell them she didn’t receive a blender but Ji Tae asks for the phone. He tells the operator about the order and when he hands up he just tells him that the product was returned and they shipped it out again. He adds on that they sent an email. She admits that all English emails look like spam to her. He asks about Jon Young and when Eul hesitates he asks if he’s not home. She tells him that’s not the case and Joon Young comes out telling her that he’s going for a walk. Ji Tae is surprised that JoonYoung didn’t recognise him. No Eul tells him that he’s been like that for about a week and most days he’s so confused that she pretended to be a woman working there.

Ji Tae follows Joon Young and when he turns around Joon Young asks if he knows him. Ji Tae admits that he knows him very well. Ji Tae describes Joon Young’s horrible attitude but strong moral code. He tells him that even though he had very little tact what he said was always true and right. Joon Young asks if they were close but Ji Tae tells him no. He admits that he hated him but that’s why he wants their paths to cross again so that he can love him and cherish him like a proper big brother.

Jung Sik comes into the back and grabs Young Ok’s hand and puts a ring on it. HE sits down and helps her clean. She asks what it is and at first he says he found it and then admits he bought it. She tells him to give it to his lover and he admits that she is his lover. He tells her that he likes her and she thinks he’s crazy. He admits that he is more level headed than ever. She tells him to leave before she pours dishwater on him. He puts the ring on her finger before leaving. She throws soap water and tells him that her son is dying and he can’t do this to her now. He tells her that Joon Young asks him to take care of her, so he tells her to show off the ring to ease his mind. He tells her that she should go see him before it’s too late.

Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that the trial won’t go as planned and she’ll crush all of them then she out. She asks why he’s not talking like he normally did. He asks her that if he told her that she nearly won him over once and that he thought it might be fun to be her girlfriend if she would believe him. We get to see a scene of Ji Tae and Jung Eun in high school where she was hired to get him into an English ivy league school. He tells her that he’s certain that she could get out of doing time, but he tells her not to. He tells her that if she does time he’ll wait for her to see if there is still hope for her as a human. He tells her he’ll visit again but she tells him not to dare come back.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 12.33.34.png

Young Ok goes to the house and Joon Young greets her. He asks who she is and when she asks where Eul is he assumes she there for her. He invites her in and when she asks when Eul will return he admits he doesn’t know. She was making him spicy beef stew but messed up. Young Ok goes into the kitchen to make him a stew. Eul returns and sees her there. She goes to the balcony rather than going in right away.

Joon Young is closing the glass doors when Young Ok finishes. She asks him to test the stew and he loves it. She watches sadly as he tucks into the food. He mentions that it tastes exactly like the food his mother use to make and then he suddenly stops. His brain clicks on and he starts to cry. He looks up and apologises to his mother for not remembering her. No Eul leaves them be, while eating chips.

Joon Young comes out and they start to talk. He tells her that she looks pretty. She goes down the run down of who gave her what. She tells him that Jung Sik proposed to her and he congratulates her. He tells him that now she’ll have children who are better than him but she disagrees. He simply asks his mother to not think that he didn’t try hard. She tells him that she’ll keep her doors open and he can always come see her. She promises to always think of him and thanks him for being her son. He tells her that it’s been an honour of having him as his mother and the two cry together. (Just like I’m doing. Seriously the feels. This is hitting way too close to my father’s death anniversary to not pull on the emotions I felt last year while I had the same conversation with my father.)

Ji Tae  comments on the results of the audit and admits that he and Eun Soo will be stepping down and taking responsibility. They will still remain major shareholder and owners but management will be seen too by someone else. Hyun Joon stops in and smiles at his son before leaving. Hyun Joon’s secretary comes and tells him that there will soon be a warrant for his arrest. This doesn’t phase him and he tells him to find a restaurant nearby that makes good spicy beef stew.

Eul is taking selfies when Joon Young comes in and teases her. She tells him the Jik misses her and asks for a few selfies. He grabs her phone and mentions that they don’t have any pictures together. She asks if he wants to take some. She jokes about her being too pretty and him about being handsome. They take a bunch of pictures together.

A little while later Eul tells him he looks tired and tells him to rest. They talk a little until he falls asleep. Eul tells him that he can rest and not worry about anything. Everyone is there for him so he can get plenty of rest. With tears in her eyes, she tells him that she’ll see him the following day. We see that everyday Eul preps herself for waking up to find Joon Young no longer in this world.

Screenshot 2016-09-08 13.23.16.png

The season change and Man Ok (Jang Hee Ryung) and Kook Young are outside. Kook Young is smiling because of the buds on the tree. Na Ri (Kim Min Young) calls him and asks what colour he prefers. He mentions that he likes her. Na Ri mentions that something and she has to have dinner with him too. Man Ok asks who the wench is and Kook Young tell her that Na Ri is a proper lady. Namgoog (Park So Young) calls to them and tells him that he found something.

They connect the camcorder to the tv and watch Joon Young’s tape talking about his illness and his worry that people will think he was miserable. He assures them that he was happy. He mentions that at the time of recording his doctor tells him he has 3 months left to live and he wonders if the’s still alive when they find the video. He also wonders what type of life Eul is living now he’s gone.

Eul is berating her manager for taken her footage. He tells her that it’s 3 billion won and he hands it to her. She says she’ll take it as a fee and asks for him to take it. He mentions that he got a car and that’s all he needs. She asks if they got it and points out the hidden camera. She thanks him for confessing and leaves. Eul is waiting for the bus and looks at a picture of Joon Young at the bus stop. She tells it that she worked hard and kisses it. She tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow.  She smiles at the poster warmly.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, but the caption at the end of the episode, where the camera is facing the poster, the caption isn’t translated. Do you know what it said at the end?


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