Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 10 Recap



We rewatch Hye Ji’s (Son  Na Eun) ‘confession’ to Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo). Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) goes back into his room. Ha Won (Park So Dam) and Ji Woon are both in shock. When Ji Woon tries to talk, Hye Ji tells him that he doesn’t have to give her the answer right away and bids him goodnight. Ji Woon walks towards his room and Ha Won looks down at the watch. Their eyes meets and Ji Woon tries to go inside. Ha Won tells him that she wanted to give him back his watch and goes over to hand it to them. Everything is suddenly very awkward between them. Ha Won tells him that she believes that he won’t be able to sleep because he really liked Hye Ji. Unbenounced to her, Ji Woon is feeling torn since he developed feelings for Ha Won. Ha Won keeps talking but Ji Woon remains silent. She tells him goodnight and then goes back to her room.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 15.46.38.png

Ha Won closes her door and the tears she was bottling up, puddled in her eyes. Ji Woon sits on his bed and replays Hye Ji’s words in his head. He thinks back to when they first met and he had been looking at an old camera when it went off accidently. He turns back around and goes into his workshop. Hye Ji follows him inside much to his chagrin. She asks who he is and if he took a picture of him. He tells her he did but doesn’t volunteer any information about himself.  He asks why she’s crying and tells her that if she’s going to continue crying he should do it in the workshop and he’ll leave. She is left alone and she takes the opportunity to cry. Ji Woon sits beside the door just like he used to do for his mother. He ended up falling asleep and Hye Ji draped her jacket over his shoulders as she left, thus waking him. He comes out of his memory and tucks into bed.

Hyun Min looks at the picture that he took of the smiley face that Hye Ji drew on his hand. After a moment, he turns and looks at the picture of him and the siblings as children.

Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) confirms that this fictional person got a confession of the person they like. Ja Young asks if the girls pretty and when Ha Won confirms that she is, Ja Young confirms that another couple is born. Ha Won retorts that looks aren’t everything, but Ja Young would disagree. Ja Young calls Ha Won old-fashioned and tells her that people flirt and see where it leads them. Ja Young does mentions that if he had an unrequited love there might be a difference because he might have found someone else.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon in his workshop and finds him cleaning his tools. She closes the door quietly and turns to leave. She looks back at the door and tells herself that it’s impossible that he’s found another girl he likes because he’s always alone. She tells herself that the only other girl that’s by his side is… and then she trails off thinking about their shared kiss. She tells herself that there is no way that would be the case.

Ha Won goes into her room and puts a post up asking how to tell if a guy likes her. One commenter tells her that if he doesn’t get mad at her not matter what she does he likes her. She proceeds to do things to piss him off. She hits him with a book, bumps into his as to spill his orange juice, and rearranges his workshop. The last straw was his workshop. He storms into her room and accuses her. He doesn’t fall for the cute act. He tells her that if she’s bored to sleep and stop being a nuisance. She tells him that he didn’t worry about her even once while she was sick. He asks if she’s a kid and tells her once again to stop being a nuisance. He leaves and Ha Won is sure he doesn’t have feelings for her.

Hye Ji gets ready to leave and looks at the childhood photo one more time. She texts Ji Woon to meet up. She checks the mail before she leaves and goes to her car. Hyun Min watches her leave while thinking about her last comment to him. Hyun Min goes to Hye Ji’s studio and waits for her to show up. He asks to talk, but she has nothing to say to him. He tells her that she shouldn’t use Ji Woon to get to him. She tells him that it’s a weak argument. Hyun Min asks what other reason she could be acting like this. She tells him that she realised that it’s was Hyun Min by her side but rather Ji Woon. Just then Ji Woon arrives and asks Hyun Min what brings him there. As Ji Woon has plans with Hye Ji he excuses them from Hyun Min. Hyun Min watches them go inside the studio.

Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) puts breakfast on the table and tells Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) to eat. Yoo Na asks if she’s made any progress with Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) and Soo Kyung assures her that she’s working very hard. She tells her that she’s given Hwa Ja extra minutes of massage and complains about how thick her arms have gotten. Yoo Na tells her mum to just wait until she’s married into the Sky House and she’ll get her all the botox she wants. Soo Kyung mentions that there were rumours floating around that it wasn’t her first marriage, but she supposes that given her status it would be weird if there weren’t rumours circulating about her. Yoo Na suggests that this might be the perfect way to get on her good side and be the person to give Hwa Ja the low down of all of the gossip about her. Soo Kyung thinks that it’s an excellent idea.

Ji Woon walks into the studio and starts unpacking the fabric. Hye Ji asks if there isn’t anything that he wants to ask her about the previous night. He does have one question and he asks if she really meant it. After Hyun Min’s words replaying in her head she tells him she did.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 17.00.03.png

Hyun Min arrives home and heads straight to bed. His encounter with Ji Woon replays in his mind and he gets frustrated. Hyun Min looks up and sees Ji Woon’s light on.

Ha Won sits up in bed and wonders why she’s going around in circles. She decides to simply ask him what girl he likes and be over with it.

Hyun Min goes into Ji Woon’s room and picks up a model car and drops it. Right when he steps on it, Ha Won calls to him. They sit down and she starts berating him for breaking it. She tells him that he should tell Ji Woon what he did because he loves his models and she’s certain that he’ll treat it like murder. (You know this is going to blow up in Ha Won’s face right.) This excites Hyun Min and looks for something else to break. Ha Won asks if he’s acting that way because of Hye Ji. Ha Won asks if he’s really ok with them dating and Hyun Min tells her to stop asking. He suddenly realises that she came into Ji Woon’s room as well. He asks why she was there and when she doesn’t answer he tells her that Ji Woon is with Hye Ji.

Ha Won is lying on the couch when Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) comes in. He tells her that he only has one thing to do that day and asks if she wants to hand out afterwards. She tells him that she’ll pass and when he asks if something is wrong she asks about men’s preferences when it comes to women. Seo Woo is confused as to why she brought up Hye Ji and mentions that he finds her prettier. This perks Ha Won up and tells him that he’s good at flattery.

Ji Woon is sitting in his car thinking about what Hye Ji said. about her proposition. He looks over to see a bread vendor and Ha Won’s words played through his mind. He doesn’t bother getting anything for her.

Ha Won’s Mother’s business partner talks idly about the Hangul group and their wealth.

Seo Woo goes to an interview and gets asked about the final track on the album called confessions. She asks if he thought of someone specific while writing the track. His manager assures her that isn’t the case. Seo Woo gets given a gift from the magazine company. It’s a trivet that when you place a hot mug on it, words appear.

Hwa Ja comes back with the chairman’s (Kim Yong Geon) medicine and chastises him for not taking care of his health more. He tells her not to worry and she perks up. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) enters and he asks why he was called. Kang tells him that it’s nothing big but he requests him to take care of Hwa Ja the following day at her meeting as he hasn’t found someone adequate to work with her. Hwa Ji apologies for adding to his workload. He agrees though he doesn’t want to because he respects Kang.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 17.29.06.png

Seo Woo is making coffee to see what the trivet says but Ha Won comes in and surprises him. He spills his coffee and when she asks if he’s ok, he assures her that he is ok and rushes into his room. Ha Won wonders what’s going on and then notices his album on the counter. She realises that the following day is when his new song drops and puts that up to why he’s so jumpy.

Seo Woo is in his room and can’t believe that she scared him. She calls to him and he turns around. She walks in and hands him the album and apologises for forgetting that his song  drops that following day. She shows him her phone with a countdown as proof that she didn’t forget on purpose. He tells her that the album was for her anyways. She tells him that since she was going to get a preview if she could have a live preview. He tells her no but she best and tries to cheer him on. Finally, he gives in and sings it to her. He starts to sing the love song while looking her in the eyes. She suddenly feels self-conscious about it and tells him to stop. She promises to listen t it after midnight because she feels bad about listening to just a good song alone. She leaves him and wonders how he could sing that song while looking at her but just brushes it off to his showmanship.

Ji Woon arrives home grabs a bakery bag from the car. He heads to see Ha Won but he passes by Hyun Min who taunts him. Ji Woon asks if he felt like he lost something after Hye Ji asked him out. He tells Hyun Min that he’s lost to him this time. When Hyun Min explodes Ji Woon tells him that it shows him he’s regretting his decision. He warns him not to cling to Hye Ji until he regrets it even more.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 18.22.08.png

Ji Woon finds Ha Won in the kitchen and asks what she’s doing. She asks her if he went somewhere and he hands her a bakery bag. She asks if it’s for her and he confirms. He tells her that now that he’s bought her something she has to calm down. She agrees and he leaves her. She makes some hot cocoa and places her cup on Seo Woo’s trivet. She goes to her room to eat the cupcake that Ji Woon bought her happily. She picks up her cocoa and goes outside and on the trivet we see the word confession.

Seo Woo is sitting in his room and he looks down to the lyrics he wrote out. The subtitle says to Ha Won, but he decides to cross it out.

Hyun Ji goes t a bar and drinks a lot of alcohol. His flavour of the week comes over and asks him why he’s drinking so much. He tells asks her if she can like someone other than him and she says she can’t. He goes off about Hye Ji without mentioning  her name and complains that she’s acted like she’d never leave him. He can’t believe she’s leaving him now and doesn’t want her too. His girlfriend thinks he’s talking about her.

Yoon Sung frets over Ha Won until she tells him to stop. She tells him that he’s repeated himself 5 times over. He wants to see her off and Ha Won asks if he wants her to bring someone with her. She goes to see Ji Woon and can’t believe she’s asking him to he her escort. She tells him the both Yoon Sung and Seo woo are busy and she hasn’t seen Hyun Min since the previous night. He tells her no and even when she tries to pull the sad puppy act it doesn’t work.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 18.35.54.png

Hwa Ja leaves the building and Yoon Sung acts as he always does, very professional. When they arrive he tells her that he will wait outside but she asks him to come in. She introduces him to a woman who admits that she wasn’t happy that she was coming to the marriage meeting but is happy she did. He clicks into what’s going on and leaves. She asks what he’s doing and he tells her what he’s suppose to. She tells him that as his mother she wants him to marry well.  (Who else called that?) He asks if that’s why she’s using the Chairman for. She says that she’s done everything for him and he tells her not to use him as an excuse. He tells her that he’ll pretend like nothing happened in accordance to a previous promise they made. Hwa Ja looks at her son and remembers when she was introduced to Yoon Sung during a dinner with the chairman. As Yoon Sung drove her home she talks about it being 12 years since she last saw him. He advises her that she’s mistaken him for someone else because his mother died 12 years prior. She tells him that if he’s lived that way than he can continue doing so. She mentions that she told Kang that she was never married so Yoon Sung tells her that he’s not the only one who erased someone from their memory. She asks him to act like he doesn’t know her because she can live like a woman if he doesn’t that for. He doesn’t answer by a lone tear slid down his cheek.

Ha Won comes out of the house to see Ji Woon waiting for her. She asks if he’s not going to open the door and when he says no she teases him and tells him it’s fine. He stows the crutches and opens her door. She milks it as much as she can.

They get to the doctors and he tells her that she’s completely healed. He tells her that they can remove the cast. Ji Woon smiles as if to say I knew you were lying. He confirms that she’s no longer limited by her leg and the doctor assures him she’s not. They leave and she asks why he’s acting so standoffish. He tells her that he didn’t like being dragged there by someone under false pretenses. She tells him that up until a few moments ago she was still a patient. He tells her that she can find her own way home. She gets mad and asks him if it’s really so hard to come with her. He tells her that it was just a joke but she runs away. She notices once out of the hospital that she left her bag in the car and starts walking.

Ji Woon starts looking for her and wonders where she’s gone. He finds her walking and tells her to get in. She tells him that she will find her own way home even if it is by bus or subway. He asks if she has any money to do that and shows her her bag. She tells him that she was planning to walk and he ridicules her. She tells him that she’s in for a nice walk and him a long drive. He tells her to do the drive with him and get out to open the door. She tells him that if he really wants her too she’s take the drive with him and gets in. He smiles at the banter and gets in. Ha Won has a blast during the drive with Ji Woon. He smiles and laughs along with her.

Hyun Min is with his friends and winning at pool. His friends wonder what happened and then his phone goes off. They ask if he’s not going to answer and he tells them to turn it off. They offer to answer and Hyun Min repeats himself. As soon as they hang up Hye Ji calls back. Hyun Min looks over at his phone. Hye Ji calls him with tears in her eyes while men are coming to collect on her father’s things.

Ha Won and Ji Woon go to a mountainside temple and she finds it beautiful. She keeps saying it and Ji Woon stands beside her smiling. He gets thirsty so he grabs her drink and starts drinking it. When she protests he tells her that he finished his already. She looks at his lips and remembers the kiss they shared whilst drunk. Ji Woon asks whats with her expression is and she asks what’s wrong with it. He pulls her close and asks if there is something he wants to ask her. She tries to asks if he has a girl he likes but Hye Ji calls. He tells her that he’ll be right over and hangs up. He tells Ha Won that they need to leave.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 19.14.09.png

Ha Won asks where he’s going and when she doesn’t say anything she knows that he’s going to see Hye Ji. She tells him to let her out and he tells her that she’s crazy he’ll drop her off. She tells him that Hye Ji is waiting and he pulls to the side. Ha Won gets out of the car with a heavy heart. Ji Woon apologises as she gets out of the car. He drives off and Ha Won doesn’t let any tears fall until she is safely on the bus.

Ji Woon arrives and Hye Ji tells him that her house is going to be sold for foreclosure and her father was taken in for questioning. She’s not sure what she should do. He goes to touch her shoulder but she hugs him which shocks him for a second. He tells her that everything will be ok and tell her to get ready to leave.

Hyun Min is sitting in his room staring at his phone. He tells himself that he was going to pick up if she called a third time. He puts down the phone and gets hopeful when he gets a call but it’s from his friend. He tells him that Hyun Ji’s family business went bankrupt. He hangs up with them and calls Hye Ji but her phone is off. He goes to leave and meets with Ha Won. She asks where he’s going and right when he’s going to answer Ji Woon shows up with Hye Ji. Ji Woon tells them that Hye Ji will be living with them for a little bit. Ha Won and Ji Woon look straight at each other while Hyun Min and Hye Ji share eye contact.

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