Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 9 Recap



We get to re-watch Ha Won’s (Park So Dam) and Ji Woon’s (Jung Il Woo) drunken kiss. Ha Won wakes up and complains abut the weird dream. She gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. She comes across Ji Woon and thinks nothing of it until she sees the stain on his shirt and remember’s seeing him spill wine on his shirt in her dream. She exclaims softly, which wakes Ji Woon up, but she sneaks away.

Ha Won gets into the bathroom and asks herself if she’s crazy. She stops for a second and smile than berates herself for being happy. While prancing around she trips on a bar of soap and falls. Everyone in the house hears it and comes to check on her. Ji Woon notices HA Won’s shirts, then looks to his. It seems to have clicked what they did and he looks down at her in surprise.

Screenshot 2016-09-09 21.25.28.png

the Doctor comes out and tells Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) that Ha Won had a mild concussion. Yoon Sung asks if she’ll be awake soon, and the doctor confirms that she’s just sleeping. He asks to see if they can transfer her to Seoul and the doctor tells him they can. Yoon Sung calls Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) and tells him that he’ll be taking Ha Won back to Seoul and they should find their own way home.

Seo Woo relays the message and Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) can’t believe she managed to slip and fall in the bathroom. He starts to say something but switches it to her being a weird girl once he looks at Hye Ji (Son Na Eun). Hy e Ji suggests that they pack up and Seo Woo agrees because they won’t be doing anything without Ha Won there. Hye  Ji tells Ji Woon to pack but he tells her that it won’t take him long.

Ha Won wakes up and asks the nurse what day it is. She is distraint to find that it is the same day. Ja Young comes in and Ha Won asks about everyone else. Ja Young admits that Yoon Sung only brought her since he was in a rush. Ha Won mentions that people with concussions can sometimes have mild amnesia. She thinks back to the night before and remembers everything. She tells her not to worry. Yoon Sung arrives and tells her that he was worried when she didn’t wake up. She apologises and tells them that they need to hurry back and rest with the others. He tells her that she has to go to Seoul to get a cast put on because she sprained her ankle. The other’s will meet them in another car.

Ji Won is about to leave when he sees that Ha Won left her clothes there. He walks into the room and picks up her plans for the trip He finds it tacky and doesn’t understand why she would be so focused on something so menial. He smiles at the plan and Hye Ji calls to him and asks what he’s doing. He tells him nothing and encourages her to leave.

Screenshot 2016-09-09 22.18.02.png

On the way back, Yoon Sung tells her not to worry about cutting the trip short because none of them would have been there is not for her. She mentions that Yoon Sung had a really low alcohol tolerance and she tells him that it didn’t seem like he drank a lot before he passed out. Yoon Sung asks her to forget that it happened and then asks if she didn’t get drunk. She tells him that she got really drunk and can’t remember a thing. Yoon Sung asks if something happened and she says no but he catches her because she just said she couldn’t remember.

The doctor tells her that she’s pulled her tendons and should take it careful for the next few days. She says she will. He hands her crutches and tells her that it will be hard to get used to them but they’ll be useful. Ja Young helps her out of the room. They notice Yoon Sung and follow him. They see him go into the organ transplant wing.

Yoon Sung meets with a doctor and asks about the chances of finding a donor. The doctor admits that it will be hard to find and he should look within his family. Yoon Sung admits that he’s against the idea and she tells him that the only thing left to do it wait. He asks her to contact him if they do find a donor.

When they get to the car, Ha Won wants to bring up the visit to the organ transplant wing but decides to keep silent.

The boys and Hye Ji are waiting for Ha Won to return from the hospital. Ji Woon is in deep thoughts and Hyun Min keeps glancing at Hye Ji. Hyun Min finally leaves to get a glass of water and Hye Ji follows. She wants to talk about the previous night. Hyun Min tells her to pretend like it didn’t happen and Hye Ji can’t believe his request. Ji Woon is struggling with his mental problem but notices the body language between Hyun Min and Hye Ji. He asks if something happened between them and Hye Ji assures him nothing happened.

Hye Ji comes in and the all turn to her. Seo Woo is worried since she has to use tendons. She tells him that it’s ok and she just stretched some tendons. She tells them that it doesn’t bother her too much. She gets down the stairs and trips. Seo Woo goes to grabs her and Ji Woon catches her. There is an awkward moment between then Ji Woon lets go and looks away. This interaction doesn’t pass by Hye Ji. Hyun Min offers to help her but Seo Woo steps between her and him. Seo Woo offers but Ha Won tells him that it’s fine she just needs to get used to the crutches. Yoon Sung tells them he’ll help her and Ha Won hands him her crutches and hops off at a full run. Seo woo wonders why Ha Won is running away from them. They all wonder what is up and then turn to look at Ji Woon. He turns to Hye Ji and offers to drive her home and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-09-09 23.12.44.png

Yoon Sung goes to the hospital and tells the chairman (Kim Yong Geon) that Ha Won has be returned to the house. He jokes about coming to rest but nearly getting caught. His doctor asks how long he’s planning on keeping his condition a secret. He suggests until he dies but Haw Ja (Kim Hye Ri) chastises him for saying that. Yoon Sung asks if it’s okay he’s being released and the doctor advises him that his hepatic cirrhosis is getting worse each day. (His liver if anyone hasn’t googled the disease yet.) The doctor pushes him to have a transplant and he reminds him that his name has already been put on the transplant list. He tells him that there is no point of going around telling people his sick. He goes to leave and Yon Jung grabs his bag. He tells Hwa Ja that he’ll take it and when she thanks him he assures her that it’s simply part of his duty. Kang tells him that it would be great to have a son like him. Yoon Sung tells him he’s too kind and then watches them leave.

Hye Ji asks Ji Woon if something happened between Ha Won and him the previous night. He is shocked and asks her why she thinks that. She tells him that there was something off between him and Ha Won. It also appeared that Ha Won was avoiding him. He tells her that she’s probably just embarrassed that she tripped. She agrees and mentions that they all drank way too much. She tells him that he was cute the day before and it has been a while since she’s seen him smile. He gets a little embarrassed and two men approached them and inquire about her father. Ji Woon steps between her and them but they back down. He sends her in and she tells him she’ll be fine.

The next morning Ji Woon goes for a walk and Hye Ji’s words play through his head.

Hyun Ji comes back from God knows where and notices Ha Won in her room. He goes to see if he can tease her. He asks if she needs help and she tells him that she was just going to change. She tells him to get out and then an entire conversations with grunting follows.

Mrs Belgyo gets Ha Won’s food ready and Seo Woo mentions it’s a lot. Mrs Belgyo tells him that Ha Won needs to eat to get better. Seo Woo tells her that he’ll bring it to her and she tells him to be careful.

Hyun Min comes out and tells Ha won that there is nothing in her wardrobe that is suitable to be worn. He tells her that he’s going to get her some half decent clothes. When he walks out he nearly bumps into Seo Woo who’s bringing Ha Won food. He asks what he’s doing and he tells him abut the food and then returns the question. Hyun Min tells him that he had something to do before leaving.

Seo Woo brings in the food and tells Ha Won that Mrs Belgyo made it. Ha Won mentions that she’s generous and Seo Woo tells her that it’s no the case of Mrs Belgyo being generous but Ha Won having a huge appetite. When she’s pickingg at her food Seo Woo tells her that something isn’t right. Ha Won admits that she doesn’t have much of an appetites and Seo Woo believes there is something wrong with her head. He starts checking her out but she tells him she’s fine. He tastes the food and it’s fine. She promises to eat a lot due to his freak out. He grabs her phone and starts downloading games for her to play while she’s cooped up. She thanks him as a friend and that hurts him a little.

Yoon Sung goes back to the hospital and asks about the Chairman’s place on the liver transplant list. He’s told that on the current list he will have to wait 2 – 3 years before he can get a donor. If he can get a family member to donate he could get bumped up. He mentions that they can’t tell the family members and she’s aware. The doctor puts him in contact with a man that if he can get a brain dead patient’s family to agree to it then can get a live donor liver. Yoon Sung seems torn by the decision.

Seo Woo is in his room thinking when his manager calls. He tells his manager he has a day off but his manager wants to know where he is.

Ha Won is outside stretching when she loks into Ji Woon’s room and wonders where he is. He, obviously, comes right around the corner at that moment. She asks about the night before and he tells her that he’s black out. She blames blacking out and the concussion for not remembering anything. He ruffles her hair and tells her to be more carefull with her alcohol consumption.

Kang takes Hwa Ja shopping and she tells him that she didn’t stay with him to shop. He tells her that he’ll buy everything in a store then and have her try it on. She calls him silly. While he’s away at the washroom she goes to buy a tie and he assumes that it’s for him. (I think it’s for her son.)

Screenshot 2016-09-10 00.22.32.png

Seo Woo arrives at the agency and he gets shown the pictures of him and Ha Won together. They tell him that they can’t make the pictures go away and only control the fallout. He tells them that they have to make sure they’re aren’t released. They don’t listen to then until he snaps. He tells them that they aren’t thinking about what will happen to Ha Won. She’s already been tracked through everything thanks to Hyun Min and he doesn’t want to do that to her himself. They tell him that it’s hard to make something this juicy go away. He reminds his manager that he has juicer pictures, in reference to the girl uniform pictures. His manager can’t believe that he’s grown up.

Ha Won is in her room thinking about how unfair it is that Ji Woon can’t remember anything. She wonders if she should go yell at him but then thought that it was wouldn’t do any good because he doesn’t remember. She throws a fit and Hyun Min comes back in. He shows her the backs and she chastises him for buying so much. He tell her that she should be grateful and he shows that they cut the leg so she can wear it. He tells her that he’ll fill her closet so she should wear them. He teases about helping her get into the clothes before she thanks him and he leaves.

Yoon Sung meets with the chairman and Kang refuses to go down the option that Yoon Sung suggests. He tells him that certain lines shouldn’t be crossed. He tells him that there are certain things in the world that money can’t buy and certain things that shouldn’t be bought with money. Yoon Sung falls quiet and he tells Kang that he serves a great man.

Hye Ji is at her workshop, sewing, when she thinks about Hyun min. She thinks about their kiss and him telling her that they should pretend like nothing happened. She chastises herself for letting her mind wander.

Ha Won walks outside and notices Ji Woon’s light is off. She curses at thin air about him not remembering what happened. He comes in and she hides. He starts pacing and she suddenly wonders why she has to hide. Ji Woon looks at the jacket and the takes out his phone. He sees a few pictures that he took when they were drunk and he freaks out a bit. Ha Won crawls back to her room. Seo Woo happens to come to see her and she gets him to help her inside. He asks what she’s doing outside but she ushers him in. He checks her hands and goes to get her a cloth. He wonders why he’s being so nice to her before heading back out to clean her up. Ji Woon is thinking in his room before looking into Ha Won’s room. He notices Seo Woo there with Ha Won and them having a good time.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 00.57.20.png

Ji Woon goes to get something from the fridge and notices the banana Milk. He grabs it and walks back to his room. He sees Mrs Belgyo fretting about his red wine stains and he goes to grab it. Though she refuses he gets it. She mentions that it’s nice seeing him around more and she mentions that he’s been smiling more. He takes her at her word and leaves with the shirt. He looks at it and remembers bring Ha Won to her room after she passed out and crawling away. He tries to tell himself that it’s not like he wants proof of that night. He text Ha Won to come out so he can give her the milk but Hyun min comes in with a midnight snack.

Ha Won gushes over it and he mentions that’s why girls love him. She asks if any of the girls he’s dated had truly liked him like Hye Ji. He tells her that they have and she doesn’t believe him. She tells him that he’s mean and really stresses that Hye Ji likes him. She tells him that she’s not sure she could do why Hye Ji has done. She calls her brave and mentions that she’s noticed how Hyun Min has looked at Hye Ji she tells him that even though he’s mean to her, he still looks at her tenderly. She warns him that even trees don’t stick around forever. He tells her to eat up and leaves her room.

We get a little glimpse into the boys’ evening. Seo Woo is working on a new song. Ji Woon looks at the banana milk and the picture of him and Ha Won while thinking back fondly to the day they spent together. Hyun Min looks at the photo of him, Hye Jin and Hye Jin’s brother before trying to sleep.

Seo Woo gets into his van and his manager hands him the article. Seo Woo tells him that he must be a genius and tells him to read the comments. Essentially all of his fans are eating it up. He wonders if he should have just said they were dating.

Hye Ji arrive to see Ha Won and finds her outside. She had brought her a bouquet to cheer her up. Ha Won invites her in and when they get to her room, Mrs Belgyo has brought her in a pot of tea. Ha Won apologieses for just needing to wash her hair quickly. After being left alone, Hye Ji ventures into Hyun Min’s room. She looking around when he comes in. She tells him that they need to talk but he assures her that he has nothing to say to her. She asks what she was to him but he tells her that they don’t have any relationship. He warns her that if she continues acting the way she is he really won’t see her again. He tells her to leave and then leaves himself when she doesn’t leave. He looks back and sees hurt but that previous conversation. (Dude, I want to know what happened between Hyun Ji and Hye Ji’s brother.)

Ji Woon is on the balcony and he hears Ha Won scream. He goes into her room and searches until he finds her in the bathroom. He laughs and asks what she’s doing there. She asks him to get Mrs Belgyo but she’s out so he helps her out. He helps her finish washing her hair and then it gets to drying it, he teases her but scrunching it wildly.He tells him that she’ll do it herself. Their hands touch and they have a moment. He mentions she complains even when he’s trying to help her. He tells her the dryer i in the bathroom and leaves while she thanks him. She’s getting everything put away when she finds his watch in the bathroom.

Hye Ji comes out of Hyun Min’s room, his words still ringing in her ears. Ji Woon comes out looking happy when he notices Hye Ji. She comes out zombie like and doesn’t hear him call her name. He runs out in front of her and asks what happened. She stays silent but when Hyun Min steps outside after seeing them he knows. He reminds Hyun Min of his promise that he made when warning him about making Hye Ji cry. Hyun Min asks what right does he have, but Hye Ji tells him that Ji Woon has the right. She tells Hyun Min that she wants a break from him and asks Ji Woon out. Just then Ha Won in on her balcony and all parties are surprised.

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