Jealousy Incarnate Episode 6 Recap



We rewatch the conversation that Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) and Na Ri (Kong Kyo Jin) have about Jong Won (Ko Gyung Pyo). The next morning Hwa Shin wakes up to find Na Ri still sleeping. He looks her way and then after a moment gets up. He grabs the drink that she left on the bedside table and drinks it. She starts muttering about the director and he puts down the drink. He covers her up, sits next to her and pats her shoulder.

Cut to a very wet Jung Won. He swims a few laps while people wait for him. When he gets out of the pool some executives ask him to sign off on something for his mother. They tell him that they can’t proceed until he signs it. He tells them that he’ll look it over in his office and heads off to eat. He rants to secretary Cha about them thinking he is solely and figurehead and he starts to disagree but Jung Won knows he’s the one who leaked his location. He tells Cha that he’ll give him another chance if he can find out where Na Ri got her outfit because it suited her well. He wants to get something for her to wear on air and given that she went on after surgery the day before he can hardly expect her to be sitting idle that day. Cha starts to question him about it but Jung Won warns him that if he doesn’t find out then he will be forever seeing his back.

The director tells Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) he has a meeting with the president. While heading there he gets a call from Na Ri saying that she’ll be in and she was sickly the day before. He tells her that she should come in and face her punishment. She is thrilled that he told her to come in.

Ja Young (Park Ji Young) arrives at the studio and notices that she’s missing an earring. She goes to the locker room and finds it on the floor. She notices a key chain hanging on the locker door that is the same as hers. She looks at the name to see Na Ri’s name but when she tries to call her phone is off.

Rak (Lee Sung Jae) arrives at the hospital and sees the nurse because he heard that Joong Shin (Yun Da Hun) has woken up. He goes to see him and tells him that Red (Mun Ka Young) would be there soon. Joong Shin touches a paper under his hand and tells Rak Hwa Shin, but Rak doesn’t know who Hwa Shin is.

Na Ri asks if she can be discharged a day early and the doctor doesn’t want her too. She tells her that she’s fine and isn’t in any pain. The Doctor is firm about her staying and asks where Hwa Shin is. He comes out and starts asking the Doctor questions which she answers to Na Ri. (Oh I admit that Hwa Shin is annoying but that’s a bit much.) He complains about her only caring about Na Ri’s chest and blames it on him being a man. She tells him that she’ll help him too. When Hwa Shin asks about being discharged, she tells him that since he’s a cancer patient there is no way he’ll be released that day but Na Ri might.

Rak is in the hallway thinking while holding the letter that Joong Shin gave him. Red takes care of her father for a bit.

The nurse comes in and gives Na Ri and Hwa Shin their medicines. She hands Na Ri her a compression bra to help the healing and Hwa Shin asks for one as well. He’s told that he doesn’t get one because it doesn’t exist for men. (Actually they do! It’s just more of an undershirt.) He complains about it and eyes Na Ri’s post op bra. He complains about there not being one for men and whines to Na Ri. Eventually, she gives in and agrees to go buy him one. They don’t know his size so he tries on Na Ri’s to get a size check. The nurse comes by and from the sounds she thinks they’re going to have sex. Na Ri refuses to look and he tells her that there is no other way. He’s out it on backwards and she helps him fix it. He asks her to hurry up and measure without touching him. So she starts to record on her phone. He gets pissed off and tells her to delete it. She refuses to and tells him that she’s not the same girl she was when she was in love with him. He chases her and tells her he understands and that she needs to delete it. She tells him that it depends on his attitude. He freaks and pins her to the bed and asks if she really wants to cling to him that badly that she has to make up an excuse. He tells her he’ll do what she wants and date her. She tears into him about her feelings and what it felt like to be rejected and reminds him that she’s a woman as well. He lets her go and she rolls away from him. He tells her that if anyone sees that video other than her it’ll be at their funeral. He tells her that she has an awful taste in men and wouldn’t have liked him if she was a better judge.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 11.57.18.png

Secretary Cha tells Jung Won that he can’t find the clothes anywhere and can’t believe he’s forcing him to sit in the back. He tells him that he needs to look at something but he tells him to put it away.

Na Ri goes to get herself discharged and she notices the missed call from Ja Young. She is asked where she got the keychain and she tells her that her brother gave it to her. She asks if she knows Red and she tells her that she lives in the same building. She gives her the address and Ja Young hangs up on her.

When they arrive at the hospital Secretary Cha asks him to look at the tablet. He asks him what he wants to sign and he tells him that he said that he didn’t find the outfit but didn’t come back empty-handed. He shows him Na Ri’s debut episode of when she was a host for the shopping channel. Jung Won finds the video precious. He’s told of Na Ri’s history.

Jung Won is watching the ad in the park when Na Ri stumbles upon him.  She is so embarrassed by him watching it but Jung Won has a huge smile on his face. She stops it and he grabs her wrist. She tells him that he really shouldn’t be watching that. He admits that he does because he wants to see her. He offers to be her sponsor if she lets him watch it. She thinks about it and then offers a live re-enactment instead. She goes through the motions and Jung Won smiles softly. (I died laughing during this scene) She turns away and apologises. She tells him that she’s done it hundreds of times and so it just comes out. He gets up and walks to her. He places a hand on her arm and shoulder. He tells her that she’s worked hard and she admits that she’s embarrassed. She grabs her bag and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 12.17.36.png

Once inside, Na Ri starts to cry. She thinks of her coming back home and her mother waiting for her. Her mother asks if she’s given up being an announcer but she tells her mother she’s already failed twice. He mother tells her that she shouldn’t give up her dream to pay for her hospital bills. She assures her mother that it isn’t the case and ushers her in. She regains her composure when Jung Won comes to see her. He tells her that they should go eat. She mentions that she needs to go to the station and he switches the plan to eating hospital food. He puts his arm around her and heads off.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 12.27.35.png

Hwa Shin is in the hospital cafe when he sees Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye). He tries to ignore her but she notices him. He sits to talk and make up a story of having Dengue Fever but she knows too much about it.

Jung Won asks Na Ri what she wants and she tells him that she wants a coffee. He suggesting buying something to eat first. They go into the cafeteria and she notices Hwa Shin with a woman. She suggests getting something with soup and they walk away. Hwa Shin starts to nit pick Hye Won’s broadcast. He mentions that there is a lot to teach her. He tells her that no one likes to correct her because of who her father is. She thanks him and he asks that she not tell anyone about meeting him there.

The two pairs head to the elevator and the fiancée pair don’t see each other. Hye Won offers to come visit him again if he’s going to be staying long and he tells her that there is no need. He notices Na Ri and they make eye contact. Jung Won asks about the older woman who was staying in her room and she tells him that she’s fine. She mentions that she must like rich women because her face lite up when a rich girl came to visit. Hye Won suggests that they go to visit her father together. She tisks and tells Jung Won that he should leave because the lady she shares a room with doesn’t like when her guardian comes. He promises to call her later.

She arrives and gives Hwa Shin his bra. He tells her to leave it here. He asks if she’s interested in Jung Won and offers to introduce them formally. He tells her that he’s really good to women and Hwa Shin admits that she’s wondered how they’re friends because of that. She tells him that it’s still painful at the end of a love even if it’s a one-sided love. She goes to leave and he tries to get her to turn around. He tells her that she should change before leaving. She stops just short of the door.

Jung Won goes to meet his mother, as well as Hwa Shin’s. He tells him that he didn’t know that they went to Paris together and he tells Hwa Shin’s mother that he’s in town.

Ja Young goes to Red’s apartment.

Jung Won is driving the women when he chats. Jung Won ass about Hwa Shin and she tells him that she’s told him to stay in Thailand and not to come back. Jung Won’s mother asks about the announcer and the other woman tells her that she shouldn’t be setting him up with people at the station because she doesn’t like them.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 13.24.37.png

Sung Sook goes to visit Red’s school.

Hwa Shin is in his hospital room thinking of what Na Ri said when he gets a call from his brother telling him he misses him.

Joong Shin suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Rak runs out of the restaurant and Ja Young sees her. Dae Goo’s (An Woo Yeon) phone goes off and he holds it too Red’s ear. She’s told that her father is in danger and the trio leave class. They run into Sung Sook who’s waiting outside. Red tells her that she has no mother and doesn’t listen to Sung Sook’s explanation. The boys run after her.

The boys and Rak arrive at the hospital ad Hwa Shin starts calling Joong Shin’s phone. He starts to cry and tells the air that he misses him too. Red cries as she looks at her father who the doctors are trying to bring back. They, unfortunately, lose him. Ja Young and Sung Sook are in the room when it happens.

The two mothers are dropped off and Jung Won gets the things. They joke about switching sons. She heads inside to find her phone ringing and answers it. Her face drops. Na Ri is in a meeting when Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) calls her.

Rak is setting up the memorial display with red. Everyone in the apartment complex gets together to make it happen. Ja Young and Sung Sook have a little tift over who should be there but Ja Young breaks down crying. Jung Won bring’s Hwa Shin’s mother to the funeral home. Na Ri is soon to follow and is followed close behind by Hwa Shin. His mother freaks out and tells Ja Young, Sung Sook and Hwa Shin to leave. She is in hysteria but Joong Shin got all of his loved ones together at last. We also get a replay of the weird dance scene but to different music.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 13.49.28.png

Rak is reading a note on how Red should be raised by Ja Young. He’s thinking it over when he notices Ja Young and Sung Sook both heading his way. Ja Young pushes Sung Sook aside and slaps him.

Hwa Shin is changing when his mother comes in and sees his bra. She throws a fit asking what he’s been doing living in Thailand and tells him to take it off. She won’t let him talk and she starts hitting him. He gets outside and everyone is staring at him and his mother.

Na Ri is helping out when Jung Won wonders if she’s not working too hard for someone who just had surgery. She tells him that she’ll work just as hard as Hwa Shin. Jung Won promises to look after him. She asks if he wants to see something fun and shows him something that features Hwa Shin.

He comes out and  sees Jung Won and Na Ri laughing. He complains that God took the wrong brother and suggests taking Na Ri with him. I think he assumes it’s the video of him in a bra but I’m sure it was the commercial.

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