River Marked (Mercy Thompson #6)



Finally, after dealing with the Faes, finding Samuel’s soulmate and a rather eventful marriage to her mate, Adam, Mercy gets to have her honeymoon…or does she. Her honeymoon is made up of 2 Fae gifts that Adam accepted, which is never good. Their honeymoon is quickly broken up by the ghost of her father, a lake monster and the reveal of more walkers. Will Mercy and her new husband make it out alive, or will their relationship suffer?

This was a hard book to recap. The stories seem to be getting a tad more elaborate. I love this book and it didn’t end as poorly as I was worried it might. Though at times a little confusing, they put an emphasis on new love and how Mercy wants to make sure that Adam is safe and health. While also trying to make sure that they’re relationship doesn’t go down the same path as Adam’s first marriage. Overall, it’s really cute and I love the character of Coyote.

If you like the first 5 books you’ll love this one.


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