Let’s Drink Episode 1 Recap



This show starts off right with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) having a tall glass of beer while grilling a steak at the restaurant. When he takes off his earphones he overhears a girl mention that it’s the first time that she’s seen someone drinking solo at a BBQ place. We get Jung Suk’s voice over telling the audience that since he has to talk all day, the solitude of drinking alone is the best. He explains that he has 3 rules when drinking alone.

1 : He drinks at a restaurant with a good atmosphere
2 : He snacks on luxury food items.
3 : He never allows his blood alcohol to go over the legal limit.

When he steps outside he calls for a designated driver to drive him home. He notices Park Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) helping a very drunk man home. He believes that she’s kissing his ass. He notices her watch, which is in the shape of a mickey mouse head, and wonders if she’s in elementary school.

Ha Na drops off the man at home and he tells her that he’s fine. He promises to get her the pay he owes her and she tells him not to worry. We find out that the academy that she taught at is closing and now she has to find another path to go down.

Ha Na heads to her new job to film sample classes and gets a call from her mother. She explains everything to her and tells her that she’s just now heading into work. She gets shown to her work area.

Hwang Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) is looking for parking and when she notices a spot open she angles for it. However, Jung Suk gets in and takes the 2 spots. She gets pissed and gets out of the car telling him he can’t take up 2 spots and he has to think of other people. He tells her that he is being thoughtful because the day before someone parked too close and hit his car so they had to pay a large sum of money to fix it. He explains that foreign cars are much more expensive to repair and he walks away.

While in the elevator, Jung Suk sees Jin Woong talking along with a show on his phone and trying to act out a certain scene. He notices Jung Suk and introduces himself. He mentions that he’s honoured to be working at the same academy as him. He tells him that he’s trying to learn how to mimic lines to make his lectures more interesting. The elevator doors open and Jung Suk mentions the emergency stairs and pushes him out of the elevator. He tells him that he shouldn’t be being such a nuisance in a public area. After he leaves, Jin Wong calls him premium trash.

Jung Suk gets shown his office to find Ha Na still her. She gets introduced and Jung Suk cuts her down for being the Korean teacher. She leaves and meets up with Jin Yi who introduces her to Jin Woong.

Ha Na goes off by herself and talks to her phone. She vents at it about that though it was her fault they didn’t need to be rude about it. Jin Yi finds her and tells her that she’s heard everything from her boss. Jin Yi tells her that Jung Suk is just premium trash, but she has to explain it to her. There is a rumour that he was paid 10 billion won to sign a 3 year contract with the academy and he’s worth it since the academy sales skyrocketed. He predicts what will be on the exam and is normally dead on. There is never enough room for the demand so his lectures are showed real time in other classrooms. He’s a best-selling author and his online lectures sell well. He’s the cream of the crop. She tells her that she only got there because of the premium trash since the director had to fire teachers that were just so-so to get him. The boss asked if she knew any cheap teachers he could hire. Ha Na is hurt that that’s the only reason she was hired but was happy to have been given the chance.

When they go inside they find that Jin Yi’s poster is being taken down and replaced with Ha Na’s. She ambushes Kim Won Hae and tells him that her poster shouldn’t be removed. He reminds her that she gets plenty of student without a poster and she should help Ha Na who has no following as it is. Jin Yi suggesting removing Ji Woong’s poster since no one signs up for his anyways. Once the boss leaves, Ha Na asks if Jin Yi is really mad. She tells her that she’s not and Jin Woong mentions that she should be helping to promote her since she’s so friendly with her. Ha Na wonders what to do since she didn’t ask to be put up and Ji Woong tells her to just ignore the situation.

Gong Myung is on the phone with his mother and he’s trying to convince her that Noryangjin isn’t for him. She tells him to look around again and he agrees before hanging up. Ki Bum (Key) comes to see him. Gong Myung is pissed that Ki Bum looks better than him in his new clothes and takes it out physically on him.

While walking Gong Hyung asks why Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) isn’t with Key. He tells him that Dong Young is in a bad mood because he failed his exam. Gong Myung asks if he passed since he’s so happy. Key admits that he failed but he likens the civil servant exam to a marathon. Ki Bum is aiming to pass his exams at the 5-year mark. Ki Bum asks if Gong Myung is going to join him, but Gong Myung hasn’t decided yet. Ki Bum takes him to eat at the buffet he goes to for 4000 won. He can’t believe that his friend, the student, eats better than him.

Ha Na tries to get on her good side and makes her coffee, due to Jin Yi’s scream it draws Jung Suk’s attention. He notices Ha Na graveling and when he goes to shut the blinds he notices Ha Na’s watch. He suddenly recognises her as the woman who was helping that man. He mutters to himself that her actions are as low quality as her watch and closes her blinds. Ha Na tells Jin Yi that she’ll ask the management to take her posters and this perks Jin Yi up. Just them Jin Yi gets a call to go film her lecture and she invites Ha Na along.

Jin Yi goes over the top with the sexy as she tries to sell her lecture. Ji Woong is pretty goofy and silly throughout his recording. When Ha Na’s turn comes up she gets nervous and it doesn’t help that Jung Suk shows up during her recording. She gets a little flustered with them being there.

Jung Suk steps out into the hallway and speaks with Won Hae about Ha Na. He tells him that she’s what he expected. her lecture wasn’t up to leave with what the school needs. Won Hae tries to see it his way.

Ha Na arrives back to the office to see her poster being removed. She takes it and steps into the hallway. She berates the poster calling her the rising star and feels like she’s going to fail before she even starts. She feels bad about being put down because of her education since she struggled to get through. Since her father signed a bad loan she had to work full time as well as go to school. She expected herself to grow out of the academy but she never did. She gives herself a little pep talk and pushes herself to get moving.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 18.06.49.png

Gong Myung complains that Ki Bum is beating him at the same and Ki Bum reminds him that he’s always been good at games. He tells him to stop because he hears it all the time. He claims to have never been to that arcade before but Gong Myung mentions that the top 5 spots are held by him.

They go to get coffee and Gong Myung mentions that he can’t believe people go on dates there. Ki Bum tells him that it’s a misconception that people who are studying don’t fall in love. He notices Dong Young with his girlfriend Chae Yeon (Jung Chae Yeon). After seeing his girlfriend off Gong Myung takes offence to him coming to see him. He admits that she had something that she wanted to say to him. Dong Young heads back to studying but Gong Myung and Ki Bum drags him off for a drink.

Jung Suk starts to head out when Won Hae suggests that they go out for a drink. Jung Suk declines but Ha Na agrees. Everyone tries to convince him to come but he heads out saying that he doesn’t want to get to know any of them. Won Hae digs into Ji Woong about trying to get more people to sign up for his class, but they head out to drink anyways.

Won Hae mentions that even though Jung Suk isn’t there they should take a page from his book. Jin Yi wonders why he wouldn’t go out to drink with them. We get his voice over telling use that he prefers to drink alone and since he drinks alone he doesn’t get pressured into drinking. This way he can drink at his own pace.

Won Hae tells them how he started the academy by borrowing money from his in-laws so he has to be the best in the field. Jung Suk’s voice-over mentions that he doesn’t have to listen to boring stories or to force himself to smile. When Won Hea starts to sing Jin Yi prompts Ha Na to entertain him. Jung Suk mentions that for him drinking alone is healing time and rest.

Gong Myung, Ki Bum and Dong Young are out drinking when Gong Myung mentions that he expected it to be a boring place but it’s actually a paradise. Ki Bum agrees but Dong Young tells him that it’s not something that anyone should go through. he tells him that it’s hell and no one should go through it. Ki Bum mentions it being a marathon and Dong Young mentions that he’s simply leeching off his parents’ bank account. Ki Bum asks if he wants him to be at home being a lazy bum all day and Dong Young mentions he never said that. Gong Myung takes it as an attack on him since he’s unemployed. A drunk man then picks a fight and chaos ensues.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 18.44.23.png

Jin Woong’s phone goes off at 10 pm and Won Hae asks why must he always go home at 10 pm and Jin Woon mentions that it’s the curfew his wife gives him and he’s terrified of his wife. Won Hae mentions that his wife isn’t the only scary person. Ji Woong leaves and Won Hae complains about it being too boring. Jin Yi convinces Ha Na to dance and they start. The headmaster at Jin academy comes in and accuses him of poaching his teachers. Won Hae mentions that Ha Na is his new teacher and she’s from the suburbs. He takes new teachers and trains them, he claims to not know what he’s talking about. The other headmaster leaves him the bill and Won Hae goes after him with Ha Na. They try to get him to pay but he ends up pushing Ha Na into a tank of sea water.

She walks home and notices Jung Suk. She’s pissed off and will forgive him for berating her education. She swears to keep her enemies close and decides to keep him close. She goes inside and waves at him. He tells her to leave because she’s lowering the atmosphere and his reputation. She tells him that she knows that he doesn’t approve of her education. He cuts her off and tells her that he doesn’t want to know about her life story. When she tries to retort about having to hear her out but he refuses. He waves her away.

Ha Na sees a poster of Jung Suk and mentions that she can understand why he’s called premium trash. She beats up the poster. Gong Myung sees her and Ki Bum tells him that they see people like that all the time. Gong Myung pushes Dong Young off him and kicks him to get him moving. Before following his friends, he looks back fondly at Ha Na and wonders what up with her.

They drop Dong Young off at home and Gong Myung mentions that he’s gotten worst since college. Dong Young tells them that he wanted to start making money and be done with everything. His neighbour complains about him being loud and Ki Bum starts to fight back. Gong Myung silences him and apologises. The other neighbour calls his aunt t tell her that he’s passed and is packing to come home. A whole lot of yelling ensues.

Ki Bum and Gong Myung step outside and Ki Bum complains a little about his situation. He quotes a webtoon and Gong Myung asks when he has time to read the webtoons. Ki Bum asks if he’s going to stay with them or not. Gong Myung admits that he thought he may be able to but he’s not sure anymore. Ki Bum looks down and sees some bras. He asks offhandedly if they are C cups and Gong Myung chastises him for it.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 19.38.36.png

Ha Na returns home to find a package. She surprised and she gets a little note from her mother saying that this is all she can do for her. Sadly the first 2 containers had gone bad but the third was still good. She told herself that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and she needs to cheer up.

We get Ha Na’s voice over telling use that after a tiring day at work she likes to settle into a beer to calm her. That’s why she drinks solo. She spends a tiring day around people that she just needs to relax and see the next day through. She finds an article about Jung Suk forging his academic background and is shocked.

Jung Suk gets home and selects a wine. He gets a message about his academic background and he seems worried.

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