Jealousy Incarnate Episode 10 Recap



Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) walks away in the rain and Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) ushers Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) into the car. Jung Won apologises for making her day hard. She tries to tell him it wasn’t a hard day but then admits that it was a little hard. Jung Won tells her that the look on her face when she got out of the car, gave him some relief. She admits that she hadn’t planned on come back and wouldn’t have had the courage if not for Hwa Shin. Jung Won tells her that they should be nice to him and she agrees. Suddenly she wonders where Hwa Shin is since his car is still there.

Hwa Shin is walking aimlessly in the rain not caring how wet he gets. Na Ri checks in the car while Jung Won tries to call him. She mentions that he should be going to the hospital and that she’s free now.

Tae Ra comes to Rak’s (Lee Sung Jae) restaurant and gives him a bottle of natural supplements for erectile dysfunction that she got in Paris.  She tells him that her goal is to have him with kids before marrying Jung Won off. He tells her to stop and that his issue is a punishment for dating and sleeping with women so easily. He tells her not to look down on the people in his villa. She tries to convince him to take them but he tells her that his problem is mental rather than physical. She tries to sell it to him but he tells her that there could be a naked woman in front of him and he wouldn’t feel anything.

Red (Mun Ka Young) is at home listening to her 2 mother’s broadcasts and cries for her father.

Hwa Shin arrives at the station, apparently plastered and asks the women he sees if they would date him. Eventually, he makes his way to Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye). He asks her and she goes off about working for the audition together. She asks him if he knows who she is and he says he doesn’t. She tears into him about drinking and tells him that he shouldn’t come to the news floor and spout nonsense. She cusses him out and he tells her that she’s good at swearing. He leaves and we can tell that he wasn’t as drunk as he pretended to be.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 19.33.15.png

Jung Won goes to see Soo Jung (Park Hwan Hee) and tells her that he can’t marry her. He tells her that they should marry someone they like. When she asks if he has someone he likes because she doesn’t, Jung Won tells her that he’s in love with Na Ri. He tells her that he met her after they were set up. Soo Jung tells him that she’ll talk with her parents and that she’s ok with it. Though she had no real feeling for him she was ok marrying if it was with him. He thanks her for understanding.

Na Ri is putting her evaluation card away when Hwa Shin comes in. She complains about how much grief he caused her. She asks if he knows how long she and Jung Won looked for him and he went to drink. He laughs at the idea of him giving her grief. He asks her to date him and she reminds him that she’s dating Jung Won and he tells her that he’ll do anything to have her date him. She finds it funny that he use to hate if she so much as looked at him. She asks him to sing her wrongful encounters and he tells her anything but that. She complains that she didn’t hear it and tells him never mind. He gets up and sings it to her. The rest of the night he just entertains her until he gets serious. he asks about her feelings about her one sided love and if she ever thinks about it. She tells him that she doesn’t, he wonders how love can change. He falls asleep in the chair and Na Ri watches him fondly.

Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) and Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) go into the kitchen and find his supplements. While Chi Yeol gets the ramen Dae Goo opens the pack and throws a pill into Chi Yeol mouth.

Na Ri is reporting the news and Jung Won watches it fondly.

Red comes out of her room and Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) tells her to take and umbrella. Ja Young (Park Ji Young) tells her to head off so she’s not late. Sung Sook tells her that she saw her report card and she should stop hanging out with the boys since she’s ranked 200th. Ja Young tells her to continue hanging out with them because they are 1st and 2nd respectively and probably the only reason she’s not 300th. Red tells them that there are only 200 seniors in her school

Sung Sook starts yelling at Red about being dumb and how she was always first. Ja Young can’t believe she’s calling her own daughter dumb. Red tells her that she is dumb and when Ja Young mentions that her nails aren’t nails of a high schooler and she should cut them she finally breaks. She tells them that they have no right to be called mother and tells them how much her father sacrificed for her. She breaks down crying and Rak mentions she’ll be late for school. He gets the two boys into the car with Red.

Hwa Shin wakes up and remembers everything from the night before. Na Ri offers him a cup of coffee and he heads out. She follows and he comes face to face with an elevator full of the women he asks out. They ask who he’s going to date and Na Ri mentions he should stop drinking. He claims he’ll date Hye Won and they all fall silent.

Red is in the bathroom at school and complains that her mother’s slap hurt. She smiles to herself.

Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) comes over to Hwa Shin and asks if he’s really dating Na Ri. He tells Dong Gi he’s not dating anyone, grabs a coffee and walks away. He thinks about the night before as he walks to his car. When driving off Na Ri stops him. He asks if she’s crazy but she has something important to tell him. She asks him to not tell Jung Won that she had one-sided feelings from him for 3 years and to go to the hospital with her. He tells her to move and drives off. He tells himself he;s crazy and that he needs to forget her. Na Ri wonders if he thought she would like him forever because it’s not like he likes her.

Tae Ra comes to the store and Jung Won tells her that he has a meeting. He goes to leave and she tells him that his father called her and told her that if she could get Jung Won to marry So Jung he wouldn’t divorce her. She calls Na Ri a liar for giving false reports of the weather. Jung Won tells her that it’s not the weather girls fault if it rains or not. He tells his mother that he wants her to be happy but he knows she wants him to be happy. He walks away and she follows him. She tries to tell him that Na Ri is only using him for his money, unlike Soo Jung who has her own money and doesn’t need his. She tries to tell him that Soo Jung likes him so much and he goes to the driver’s side and tells his mother that he doesn’t think it’s Na Ri who’s the liar but Soo Jung. He drives off.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 21.00.17.png

Jung Won is driving and thinks of Soo Jung’s words. He doesn’t like people who play him but if that’s how she wants to play it he will

Hwa Shin goes to the bank to find his account was wiped clean and they believe he answered a phishing call. He calls to get his stocks in China taken care of. (Oh I deal with these every day with my clients. Not fun.)

Na Ri is filming her introduction when Ja Young and a few announcers come by. She shortens her selfie stick and acts like she was caught doing something wrong. Ja Young asks the other 2 to leave and asks Na Ri if she can keep her keychain. Na Ri tells her she can and then calls to her. She tells her that she’s a fair person and she wants to be recognises by her.

Hwa Shin goes to a sauna and follows the procedure to get in and take video. He gets beat up on the way out but makes it back to make sure it’s on the news. Jung Won comes in and Na Ri sees him. She asks if he put ointment on his face and he assures her he did. He gets off the set and is told to take it easy. He heads to the couple and Jung Won asks if he’s alright, but Hwa Shin won’t let him touch his face and tells him he’s fine. Hwa Shin asks why they aren’t on a date and Jung Won admits that he wants them all to go together. Hwa Shin tells him he has plans but Jung Won doesn’t believe it. He takes Hwa Shin and Na Ri by the shoulders and leads them out while Hye Won watches.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 21.17.30.png

Once he’s lead out he gets out of Jung Won’s arm and tells them to go on because he actually has plans. Jung Won tries to fight for him to come out to eat with him but he refuses. HE finally screams at him and tells him to leave. Hye Won comes out reminds him of the plans they made and they leave. Na Ri tells Jung Won that they’re dating and she heard it from Hwa Shin.

While out in the parking lot, Jung Won mentions that Hye Won isn’t Hwa Shin’s type. When she asks what his type is Jung Won mentions that it’s similar to his. Na Ri doesn’t believe that but Jung Woon assures her it’s true. When she mentions that Hwa Shin doesn’t like her, Jung Won pinchers her cheeks and tells her that the only way he would suggest her is if he did like her. Jung Won gets her in the car and finds it odd that she still calls him president. Hye Won mentions that Soo Jung and Hwa Shin were made of fools and Hwa Shin wonders aloud what they’re going to eat.

Sung Sook comes back and Rak takes the groceries from her. She thanks him and he asks what everything is for. She admits that she wanted to cook for Red. He winks and then smacks himself. He apologises and it happens again. Sung Sook goes upstairs and can’t believe that he held out for so long. She looks in the fridge and finds dumplings that Red loves and a not threatening to stab anyone who eats them other that Red.

Ja Young goes to pick up the kids and Chi Yeol winks at Ja Young. He’s shocked and mentions that he had thought that it would be nice if his mother was there. Ja Young was surprised that he didn’t have a mother and offers to be his mother if he doesn’t expect a good mother. She ushers them in the car and calls to Red.

Rak goes into the restaurant and remembers his sister’s explanation of the pill and takes another one.

Hwa Shin and Hye Won arrives at his new place to find that it’s the building right next to the villa. Hye Won mentions that it’s really close and H admits that it’s a little close then he would have liked. Hye Won mentions that he can see everything that happens on the roof.

Jung Won drops her off and complains about her being so formal and calling him president. She admits that she’s not used to receiving love or even giving it for that matter. He tells her that if she remains polite she’ll have to do anything he wants. He tries to get her to drop the formal speech but she fails and he starts laughing. He tells her he’s going and gets into the car. She goes to his window and kisses his cheek. Thisembarrassess Na Ri but surprises Jung Won. He jokes about her being bold and she smiles and waves him off.

Jung Won notices Hwa Sing car and investigates. Hye Won asks why Hwa Shin asks her to come and he asks her for some money. She asks if he’ll date her even if she doesn’t give it and he tells her that he won’t date her even if she does give it to him. She laughs and tells him that he should tell Na Ri he likes her and he tells her he can’t because she’s dating his best friend. Hye Won believes that Na Ri can be won over easily because she had a 3 year one-side love for him and she may be waiting. He contemplates it and she mentions he will become a son of a bitch. We pan out and see Jung Won listening.

Na Ri returns home and and goes to wave but Hye Won tells her to stay quiet. She offers to date him and work to being an anchor with him but he refuses and tells her that he might have to become the son of a bitch. Jung Won seems mad and Na Ri is confused.

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