Let’s Drink Episode 3 Recap



The show opens with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) eating at a restaurant alone. (Seriously, if people eating and drinking is  your thing this is the show for you.)

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) can’t believe that she has lost her show and face in one day. She tells herself that a lot can change in 1 day.

Jung Suk’s mother comes and surprises him with the request of taking care of his younger brother, Gong Myung (Gong Myung).

They move to the lounge and Jung Suk asks his mother if she thinks that anyone can pass the civil servant exam. He pushes telling her that Gong Myung isn’t the studious type and will not be able to pass. Gong Myung agrees with him and his mother reminds Jung Suk that he’s the best teacher in all of Noryangjin and should be able to get his brother to pass. He tells her that he has not desire to teach or live with a person who can’t take care of themselves. Jung Suk walks away leaving his mother and Gong Myung in his den.

Jung Suk’s mother follows him to his office and tries to beg him. He reminds her that he likes living alone and he doesn’t get along with Gong Myung. She agrees that they are very different and he assures her that isn’t why he doesn’t like him. She reminds him that she’s never questioned him or asked any favours of him. She’s asking him to do this as her one request.

The next morning Jung Suk wakes up to a feast that him mother made him. She tells him to eat a little and he tells her that it’s ok he just needs juice. He tells her that if he eats something like that then he will smell. Gong Myung finds him picky and asks his mother if she went a little overboard. She tells him to start contributing to society. She tells Jung Suk that Gong Myung will be signing up for his school and Jung Suk is not happy about that. He tells Gong Myung that no one is to know he’s his brother or else people won’t take his class. Gong Myung agrees that he doesn’t want anyone to know that his brother is an ass hole.

Screenshot 2016-09-25 10.59.42.png

Ha Na is at work and can’t believe that she has to worry about being pretty. She wonders if how she looks will work. He’s checking her make up when Jung Suk shows up. She gets into the elevator and greets him. She apologises all over and he asks if she’s apologises to simply get into his joint class. She tells him that it’s not the case. He tells her that he’ll accept the apology if she never talks about joining his joint class. Ha Na agrees but feels hurt.

Won Hae (Kim Won Hae) is looking over the comments on Jin Yi’s (Hwang Soo Seul Hye) classes and he mentions that none of the comments are about the class. Jung Suk and Ha Na come in and Won Hae asks if she apologised. When she said she did and he accepted it, they ask if he’s accepted her into the joint class. She tells him that she’ll work hard to raise her class numbers. He tells her that she has to beg harder and shows her the comments. He tells her that there are no comments, which is worst than bad comments. Ha Na leaves and Ji Woong (Min Jin Woong) comes in parodying Signal. Won Hae yells at him and leaves.

Ha Na goes to the stairwell and complains to someone on the phone, but it turns out to be google. She hangs up after getting frustrated.

Ki Bum (Key) is told that Gong Myung will be attending his school. Gong Myung tells him that it was either that or work in the orchard for 100, 000 won a month. He asks if he’s moving into the student hostel. Gong Myung tells him that he’s living with is brother and inquires after Dong Young, Ki Bum tells him that he was asked to cover for him since he was sick.

They get into class and Ki Bum is setting up the camera. Gong Myung asks if he can do it but Ki Bum tells him not to worry. Chao Yeon (Jung Chae Yeon) arrives and an adoring fan follows. Ki Bum tells Gong Myung that she’s the school’s beauty but he can’t stand her. Gong Myung tells him that she’s not so bad. Ha Na comes to class and gets ready to start and the student who bought something Chae Yeon gives the drink to Ha Na to cheer her up. She gets touched and promises to teach them the best she ca.

After class is finishes, Gong Myung goes to see Ha Na and admits that he has something to give her. He hands her the shoe she lost and she suddenly remembers who he is. She offers to buy him a meal as a thank you for returning her shoe. He agrees and she tells him to wait outside the academy for her.

Screenshot 2016-09-25 15.21.19.png

Ha Na goes to the office to get her wallet when Jin Yi shows her what she got. Jin Yi had ordered wipes with her picture on it to promote her. She thanks her and tells her that she’ll hand some wipes out when she comes back from lunch. Jin Woong suggests to get a part-timer to do it, but she wants to meet the students.

Ha Na tells Goong Myung that she would have bought something more since he brought back her shoe. He tells her that he likes hand cut noodles. Gong Myung asks her to drop the formal speech as it makes him uncomfortable. She tries to and then admits that she feels bad for showing him such a bad side of herself. He asks if she’s having a hard time and she assures him that she’s not. She finds that no matter what’s going on in her life it’s nothing compared to being a student where 1 test and make and break their life. She wants to be strong, but he tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about that with him since he was forced there. He explains that he’s not very good at studying or very smart. She tells him that she sees potential in him since he can recognise his weakness so he can work on it. She makes a deal with him that if she works to be less clumsy that he’ll work on himself too. He agrees happily. She apologises and tells him that she needs to go due to a phone call and leaves her back of promotional wipes behind.

Ki Bum goes to see Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) and teases him about the tissues telling him that he shouldn’t be jerking off with his girlfriend. He uncovers him to find Dong Young crying he tells Ki Bum that he broke up with his girlfriend. Ki Bum finds it hard to believe.

Ha Na goes to see the administration and they apologise for calling her since they found her class schedule. She tells them it’s ok as long as they have it. She gets a call from her mother about the apartment’s lease being up and needing a deposit.

She talks with Jin Yi about the issue. Jin Yi apologises about not being able to help. Won Hea overhears the conversation and tells her to hurry up and gets Jung Suk to agree to her joining the group class. Won Hae tells her that a Korean teacher from the 8th floor is aiming for that desk and he can’t afford to pay her the bonus.

Jin Woong, Jin Yi and Ha Na are at the cafeteria and Jin Yi asks how she can drink coffee. She tells her to go and beg Jung Suk and even bribe him if she has to. Ha Na refuses to since she’s already promised him she wouldn’t. They try to convince her otherwise but she leaves. Jin Woong complains about how infuriating she is.

Screenshot 2016-09-25 15.55.40.png

Ha Na goes to the rooftop and complains to her phone about not wanting to beg him. He phone tells her that some timew she has to do something she doesn’t want to to be able to move forward.

Jung Suk is heading to a meeting when he bumps into Won Hae. He tells Won Hae where he’ll be and after he walks away, Won Hae complains that he’s going to have to bring up the joint class again. While in the meeting, Jung Suk receives a bouquet from Ha Na with gift certificates and he couldn’t believe it.

Gong Myung hands out Ha Na’s promotional wipes on his way back to school. He happens hand one to his older brother. Jung Suk asks him what he’s doing and Gong Myung tells him that it’s none of his business since he wants to act as strangers. He waves Jung Suk off and goes back to handing out the wipes. His brother grabs the bag and walks away. Gong Myung gets a call from Ki Bum.

Dong Young is practically chugging soju and complaining to Ki Bum. He doesn’t want to lets his girlfriend go but it’s the right thing to go. Eventually, Ki Bum tells him to shut up. Gong Myung and asks if Dong Young and his girlfriend really broke up. It is answered by Dong Young crying.

Won Hae meets up with Jung Suk and asks him about letting Ha Na into the joint class. Jung Suk asks Won Hae if he could send Ha Na to talk with him on the terrace just after Jung Suk leaves, Ha Na appears and Won Hae sends her up to talk with Jung Suk.

Jung Suk asks Ha Na who she thinks she is. When she asks what he’s talking about, He dumps the pile of wipes at her feet. She inquires how he got her hands on them and he is appalled that she got a student to hands them out. She tries to tell him that she had left them at a restaurant but he’s not listening. He goes on to tell her that he can never work with her after she went back on her work and throws the note on the ground. This confuses Ha Na massively. Once he’s, Ha Na picks up the notes and can’t believe what she saw.

Jin Woong is bragging about how he sent a present to Jung Suk making it look like Ha Na sent it. Everyone is congratulating him. When Ha Na goes into the office everyone congratulates her. Jin Woong tells her about the present. She hands it to him and he’s shocked that he returned it. She tells them that they should stop trying to help her and walks away.

Dong Young is drinking with his friends and Ki Bum tells him to call Joo Yeon. Gong Myung tells Ki Bum that it’s a bad idea since  It was a decision she made after thinking about it. Dong Young asks them to keep his phone and wallet just in case he gets really drunk and wants to see her or call her on the phone.

Ha Na tells everyone that she’s leaving first and leaves with a few bags of wipes. Jin Yi and Jin Woong mentions that she looks sad. Won Hae considers taking Jung Suk out and talking to him about the joint class. Jung Suk refuses as always and leaves. Won Hae takes Jin Woong and Jin Yi out instead.

Dong Young, Gong Myung and Ki Bum are walking when Dong Young asks Ki Bum to check his phone. Ki Bum tells him that there aren’t any phone calls, but Gong Myung checks it anyways. Ki Bum goes to do that but finds the phone missing. They go back to the bar but no one turned it in. While Gong Myung checks the bathroom Ki Bum and Dong Young get into a fight. Gong Myung comes back out to find them. He tries to pull them apart but gets dragged into it.

Jin Yi, Jin Woong and Won Hae are out and wonders if Jung Suk doesn’t like to drink. His voice over tells us that use that he loves to eat alone. We are back to the scene from the beginning with him at the restaurantt drinking alone. When he’s about to take a picture 2 fingers goes into his image. He turns to see Won Hae, Jin Woong and Jin Yi standing there. They want to drink with him, but he tells them that he likes to drink alone. Jin Yi tells him that it looks sad and Won Hae tells him that it only tastes good together.

Ki Bum gives Dong Young to call Soo Yeon to find out if she called. He does but she hadn’t so he hung up. Ki Bum goes to punch him but he’s crying and finally he lets go of his hair. Dong Young starts to lean on Gong Myung’s lap. Ki bum tells him to stop because he’s going to make him cry. Finally, Ki Bum grabs Dong Young and cries with him. Gong Myung sits there patting their back.

Won Hae asks if he’s really not going to accept Ha Na. Jin Yi tells him about Ha Na’s past and how she’s always been the breadwinner. JinWoong tells him about the amount of money that Ha Na needs to help her mother out. Jung Suk asks if his joint class is supposed to be a charity event. Jin Woong gives him the gift certificate and asks if it from him. He confirms it and explains that since Ha Na is new she doesn’t know what to do so be bought them for her and added her name. Jung Suk can’t believe it.  He gets up to do to the bathroom.

After washing his hands, Jung Suk chastises Ha Na for not telling him that the gift wasn’t from her. He blames her for making it awkward. (Dude she tried to.)

Jin Yi finds Jung Suk’s breathalyser but doesn’t know what it is. Won Hae tells her and uses it on his phone. He’s surprised it works and is surprised to find himself over the legal limit. Jin Woong plays around with having to arrest him for drunk driving. They start getting rowdy and Jung Suk wonders how long the can go.

Ha Na is out handing out her promotional wipes. After a while, she goes to get a beer. We get her voice over that she drinks alone so that she can stand strong after a hard day and to rest when a day is to hard to sleep with someone else. We have a montage of Jin Yi and Han Wae trying to stop Ji Woong from leaving. We also see Ki Bum dropping off Dong Young and noticing the picture of Soo Yeon. He sits down and drinks a bead at Dong Young’s desk.

Once Ha Na finishes her beer, she back up and working. Gong Myung comes to see her and offers to help. She tells him that he should be studying and he wonders if Jung Suk said anything. She tells him no and it’s more to do with the fact that she felt bad. He tells her that he doesn’t study all the time, but she tells him not to think that way. She tells him that he’ll be good once he starts and she wants him to become a civil servant. She goes back to work and he smiles after her.

Jung Suk gets a call from Won Hae wondering where he is. He informs her that he is heading home. He hangs up on Won Hae. At a stoplight, he notices Ha Na there.

At home, Gong Myung is listening to Ha Na’s recording when Jung Suk comes in. Jung Suk asks what he’s doing and he tells him that he’s watching a video, to help him study. He sees Ha Na’s recording and Jung Suk tells him he’ll suggest a better teacher. Gong Myung asks what’s wrong with Ha Na and is told about her education and background. Gong Myung flies off the handle and tells him that it’s all he ever cares about. Gong Myung tells him that until he had to teach people he didn’t care about them, but he can tell that Ha Na wants to teach. Jung Suk inquiries about the passion he felt when she asks him to give out the wipes. Gong Myung tells him that she didn’t ask him to do it, he volunteered. He asks him not to say anything to Ha Na because she’s already told him not to do it.

Jung Suk goes to his room and can’t believe that she didn’t talk clearly. Once he finishes his shower he finds Gong Myung asleep on the couch. He goes to turn off the TV but ends up watching her lecture.

Ha Na gets to the bus stop and sits down to relax and wait for the bus. She gets a call from Jung Suk and he asks if she’s up to being in his joint class. She has to excuse herself but he tells her that he’s willing to give her 2 months probation and if her classes aren’t up to par she’s out. She starts thanking him and telling him that she’d do her best. He hangs up with a smile on his face.

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