Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7)



How can shopping on black Friday with her step-daughter turn into a search for the entire Columbia basin pack? Quite easily, a group of mercenaries has abducted the entire pack. All that Mercy can tell through her mate bond with Adam is that he’s in pain and furious. The clock begins to countdown for Mercy to find the pack and save them before God knows what else happens to the pack. While, also keeping her step-daughter, and friends safe.

Ok… I still love the series, and I love about 3/4 if this book. However, the ending irks me. It kinda comes out of left field with no prep or seeming relevance. Be warned that they ending might not be what you think. Other than that, if they ending out have been different this would have been another awesome book. We get to see how the pack bond and mate bond works for Mercy, as well as what powers  she inherited from her father.

Other than the ending I liked this book.


River Marked (Mercy Thompson #6)
Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8)
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