Let’s Drink Episode 4 Recap



We open with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) at a Korean BBQ by himself enjoying some beef tripe.

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home looking at Jung Suk’s Instagram and tells him how much of a considerate person he is. She notices him having beef tripe and wants to have some too. She sits down with some chips instead. She toasts Jung Suk through the phone.

Jung Suk comes back to find Gong Myung (Gong Myung) on the couch watching Ha Na’s video drinking. Jung Suk asks him what he’s doing, to which Gong Myung replies that he’s studying. Jung Suk turns off the TV and tears into him drinking his alcohol and tells him to never touch it again or any of his things. Gong Myung agrees and lays down telling him to turn off the light. Jung Suk is appalled and Gong Myung tells him he can barely move his body. Jung Suk tells him to not worry as he’ll clean it up since it will be hard work at the orchard. Gong Myung is on his feet cleaning quickly. Jung Suk informs him that he will be out of town that week so he’s not to cause any trouble under threat of death.

Ha Na is walking Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) to the station that while Jin Yi explains why the event that she’s going to in Seoul is so important. Jin Yi wishes that Ha Na could come but Ha Na tells her to not worry about it as she’s still a newbie and it only makes sense. While at the station, Ha Na mentions that she could really do with some fermented crab and Soju. Jin Yi agrees but tells her friend that she might be pregnant so she can’t drink. Ha Na is worried since she’s not married, but Jin Yi is hoping that it will lead to marriage. When Ha Na asks if she’s sure, Jin Yi tells her that her period was late. She tells her about the dream she had about the claims. She promises to go see a doctor when she gets back.

Won Hae (Kim Won Hae) asks her if she’s there, and when they hang up he can’t believe Jin Woong isn’t there yet. He arrives in cosplay again and they can’t believe he’s going to the convention like that. He tells them he didn’t want to go. They get up to leave and Ha Na mentions that Jung Suk isn’t there yet, but Won Hae tells her that he’s coming separately in his own car.

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Once on the train, Won Hae notices that he doesn’t have his laptop with him. Jing Yi reminds him that he must have left it at the café since he asked them to charge it for him. He considers going to run but everyone stops him telling him that there are only 5 minutes until the train leaves. Jin Yi sends Ha Na who is the fastest out of all of them. She gets the laptop and arrives at the platform as soon as the doors close. She goes to the ticket booth and tells the director that the next train leaves at 4 pm.

Jung Suk comes out of his house to get his car and he gets a phone call. He tells the director that he’s about to leave, after a pause he tells him that Ha NA isn’t lecturing so he should send her home. He pauses again and tells the director that his laptop has nothing to do with him. He finally tells the director that he’s not driving Ha Na.

Ha Na is sitting next to Jung Suk in his car and she apologises. She is aware that he didn’t want company, that’s why he didn’t take the train. He tells her that it’s not her fault but rather the directors. She apologises anyways and says that she’ll be quiet. He then asks her why she didn’t tell him the truth when she seems confused he elaborates to explain what he’s talking about. She asks why she has to apologise for that and he tells her she doesn’t. He explains that he was made out to be some crazy person with one-sided assumptions. She apologises and asks if that’s what changed his mind. He tells her that it was that and the fact that he saw a sliver of potential in her. She starts to smile and he inquires to her reaction. She tells him that she’s so happy since she was always being insulted by him, that even though it’s a sliver, she’s so happy he saw any potential in her.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 09.54.28.png

Jung Suk stops at a convenience store to get some coffee and tells Ha Na to wait there. She gets out and tells him that she’ll go buy. He doesn’t want to let her as she doesn’t make a lot. She tells him  that as a way of thanking him for everything she would like to buy a coffee. She starts asking what he wants and he laughs and smiles a little. He tells her to buy him whatever. She skips away and loses her shoe, which she quickly puts back on. Jung Suk smiles to himself before putting back on his neutral face.

Ki Bum (Key) gets a call from Gong Myung inviting him on a ride. Ki Bum agrees and opens the cupboard. Chae Yeon (Jung Chae Yeon) comes in and grabs the last ramen. He tells her that she wanted it first, but she mentions that she grabs it first. He puts it in his shirt but she takes it back and does the same. He tells her to go halfsies with him but she’s not listening. He starts berating her and how ugly she is but she doesn’t care.

Ki Bum leaves and goes to check on Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) to find his door open. He tries the door to find it open. He checks under the bed to find ramen. When he looks on his desk he finds a suicide note. At first, Ki Bum doesn’t know what it is, but after thinking back to that night when Dong Young gives him his shirt, he clues in. He takes out his phone to remember that Dong Young doesn’t have his phone.

Ha Na is talking with the director on her phone when she returns to the car. she opens the passenger’s side and goes to sit down, to sit on Jung Suk. She hangs up and apologises for not seeing him. He tells her that she’s driving but she’s a little worried about getting into an accident in his Porsche. She offers to give it a try.

She gets in and drives super slowly and he tells her to speed up but she steps on the gas a little too much. He asks is she’s taking revenge and she assures him that’s not the case. She tells him that she wouldn’t do that to her mentor. He tells her that she doesn’t have to think of him as her mentor and asks to drive properly. When he tells her to pull off at the rest stop she tells him that she’ll get it together. He smiles to himself before dropping the smile.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 10.24.32.png

Ki Bum is trying to get Gong Myung to drive faster but Gong Myung doesn’t want to get into an accident and is worried that he’ll meet up with his brother in Yeosu. When Ki Bum inquires why Gong Myung tells him there are reasons. Ki Bum goes on about how had he known this would have been the outcome he would have been nicer to Dong Young.

Ha Na and Jung Suk arrive and he tells her to park the car when he goes up. She tells him that she’s not good at parking and he asks if she can’t. She tells him that she’ll try and he leaves. She tries to push a car out of the way when he sees her. He tells himself that he thought that she was a witty fox but she’s actually a sucker for compliments.

Jin Yi tells Ha Na that she was sure that Jung Suk would refuse to pick her up and finds it uncharacteristic. Ha Na tells Jin Yi that she won’t call him premium trash anymore because he’s something better for her. She tells Jin Yi that he’s told her that she had potential and Jing Yi can tell that she’s happy. Jin Yi has some stomach cramps and chalks it up to the baby not feeling well. She gets a call and goes to the hall.

Ha Na sits through the 3 presentations and they’re very different approaches. After the presentations, teachers can sign autographs and Jung Suk has a huge line.  Ha Na is sitting off the side when Gong Myung comes in. He smiles as he sees her. Won Hae sends her off to get Jung Suk some water when she goes to do that she bumps into someone and falls. She tells everyone she’s fine but she skimmed her knee.  Ki Bum running to Gong Myung and tells him that he’s found Dong Young.

Dong Myung is working and they can’t believe him. He tells the pair that even though he’s leaving it doesn’t mean that he’s going to be irresponsible. When he gets paid he mentions that he doesn’t want to do empty handed. Ki Bum tells him that he thought he was dead and pulls him into a hug.

Everyone is finished for the day when Won Hae suggests that they drink together. Jung Suk refuses and tells him that he’ll be drinking alone. Na Ri tells him to get home safe, aka the hotel room. Won Hae gets pulled aside by the headmaster of the school in Yeosu and offers him a little gift. He asks about professor Choi but is told she recently quit. Jin Woong tells them that her husband got transferred overseas and that’s the only reason that Ha Na got the position.

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The 3 students go to eat and Gong Myung is about to order the cheapest thing on the menu. Ki Bum tells him to order the most expensive thing and he’s got it. He’s trying to get Dong Young to enjoy life again. Dong Young tells him that he doesn’t deserve to live and that food won’t change that. They order a lot to eat and he has a healthy appetite and still taking care of his body. Though Dong Young wants to die, he has the most fun out of all of them. When Dong Young near causes a crash because he’s bothering Gong Myung he gets mad. Dong Young tells Gong Myung that he almost died and this really irritates Gong Myung.

Jin Yi is lying on the couch when she asks Ha Na is Jung Suk is still her saviour. She tells her that she was wrong. Jin Yi has to use the bathroom and Ha Na starts to trash talk him after she leaves. Jin Yi screams from the bathroom and when Ha Na goes to check on her she finds out that Jin Yi just got her period.

When they go out to eat, Jin Yi is drinking quickly and Won Hae is trying to slow her down. Ji Woong’s alarm goes off and he tells Won Hae that if he’s to get home by 11 he needs to leave then. He scurries off. Won Hae gets a phone call about a party with cute girls and leaves the 2 women. Jin Yi wonders if her boyfriend actually wants to meet a younger woman and that’s why he’s always working. Ha Na tries to tell her that it’s not the case but she won’t listen.

The trio are sitting on the beach and Gong Myung tells Dong Young that he’s not going to die. Ki Bum agrees by telling him that if he wanted to die he wouldn’t have eaten sashimi and made sure to fasten his seatbelt. Dong Young tells them that he’s been trying to stall and he knows he looks pathetic. He runs into the ocean and Gong Myung tells Ki Bum not to worry. Dong Young calls for help and both of the boys run in after him. The find that the water is waist high and tells Dong Young to stand. He tells them that he got a cramp.

Hye Jin is complaining to Ha Na about who her boyfriend and Ha Na tries to tell her that Min Oh loves her. Ha Na asks if she’s really going to complain to a person with no boyfriend. Jin Yi tells her that’s because she’s there to comfort her. She tells Ha Na that Jung Suk is weird because when drinking with friends, it allows you to relieve stress and to vent about your problems. Ha Na wonders what Jung Suk’s reason to drink alone is.

We get Jung Suk’s voice over telling us that he drinks alone as to not do unnecessary things, or t waste his time or money. We see Ha Na taking Jin Yi home.

Gong Myung, Dong Young and Ki Bum are walking back to the residence and Dong Young is freezing. Ki Bum keeps poking him about his resolve to die and then tells Dong Young that if he mentions that he wants to die again he’ll kill him. Gong Myung notices the pharmacy and wonders if Ha Na has point ointment on yet.

Ha Na gets Jin Yi in bed and Jin Yi asks where did her life go wrong. Ha Na tells her to sleep it off. When she steps outside she doesn’t know how she could be a comfort to anyone when she’s equally upset. She gets a call from Gong Myung inquires about a question. She tells him that she’s in Yeosu and he tells her he is as well.

They meet up and she gets them drinks. She asks what the question was and he tries to pretend that he actually had a question. He admits that he actually came to give her some bandages and ointment. He tells her that he saw her get hurt. She thanks her and admits he’s the only one who cares about her. He asks her if she has a boyfriend and she tells him she doesn’t because she’s too busy working. He reintroduces himself by his full name. She tells him to not play a trick and he tells her that he’s serious. She tells him to go back to Seoul and study before walking away. Gong Myung admits that the more he finds out about Ha Na the more she’s his type.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 11.58.54.png

Ha Na goes to drink by the ocean edge alone. She rants at her phone that if she was going to be someone’s replacement than he should have just told her. She suddenly wants to have octopus.

She stumbles back when she notices Jung Suk eating at a food stall. She sits across from him and orders octopus. Since the food cart is out, Ha Na ordered squid instead. She talks to the squid about it being the second option and Jung Suk asks her what she’s doing. She tells him that she heard everything on how she’s a replacement. He gets up to leave and she stops him she apologises for acting out before falling into his chair. He goes to leave and the owner wants him to take his girlfriend with him. He says he has no relationship with her.

He ends up carrying her back. She wakes up and believes that it’s a dream. She tells him that even though it was for a short period of time she was really happy. She tells him that she felt insignificant ever since she came to Noryangjin. She felt like someone was finally seeing her talent.

Jung Suk drops her off at her room when she asks for a blanket. He throws a folded blanket on her twice before she kicks it off. She asks if she was really a replacement and he wonders what she’s heard. He thinks back to his conversation denying Choi’s application but is told she’s going to have to quit. He gets mad and tells himself that he’s doing this for Gong Myung and tucks her in. He asks her to sleep. He mentions to himself that she’s a woman and looks best when she sleeps. Ha Na kicks out and hits Jung Suk in the crotch. He collapses on the bed.

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