Let’s Drink Epsiode 5 Recap



We open with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) out eating drumsticks and having a nice cold beer. Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home eating drumstick crackers. She assumes that Jung Suk is mad because of the huge deal that she made about being a replacement. She turns on her phone to ask what to do since they have a photo shoot for the  joint class coming up.

Jung Suk arrives home to find Gong Myung watching Let’s Fight Ghost on the TV. He tells him he should be studying, but Gong Myung tells him he will after he’s done. Jung Suk turns to see the scene where Bong Pal is carrying Hye Ji on his back and this triggers his memory. He wonders if he should have told her the truth, but he doesn’t want to worry about someone like her. Gong Myung continues to talk about the drama and eventually Jung Suk tells him to go study.

Ha Na gets a phone call from Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) telling her to meet her at a salon. Ha Na is worried about the price since Jin Yi is paying. Hye Ji tells her not to worry because the poster shoot is very important. She tells her that she’ll take care of her. Ha Na admits that she’s worried about how she’s going to face him. She recalls yelling at him but not how she got back. Ha Na wonders if she should apologise. Jin Yi tells her not to bother because he should have been upfront with her.

They arrive at the photo shoot studio and Won Hae tells the 2 women that they look. He compliments Ha Na in a round about way which sounds like an insult. Jin Woong arrives in a full suit and acting as goofy as always. Ji Woong, Jin Yi and Ha Na’s pictures went smoothly. They take extra care for Jung Suk’s and Jin Yi complains. Ha Na meets his eye and then looks down. Jung Suk wonders why  she yelled at him if she was going to beat herself up about it.

Ki Bum (Key) goes to see Dong Young. He finds his room is empty and is worried he’ll try to commit suicide again. He goes in search for a note when Dong Young returns. He tells Key that he’s thought of his family and he’s not like that anymore. He tells Key that he wants to stop being friends until he passes so he can study. They get into a fight because of that, thought very silently, and it ends with Ki Bum being thrown out of the room.

They move on to the group photo and after a few shots, the photographer wants Ha Na to be brought into the 2nd position because she’s more photogenic.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 13.22.44.png

Won Hae agrees. During their break, Ha Na goes out and buys some Kim Bap for everyone. She notices Jin Yi with her head resting on the table and brings her a tuna roll. Jin Yi tells her she’s not hungry and when Jin Woong pushes, Jin Yi has a fit and stalks off. Ha Na follows after encouraging the men to eat. Jin Woong wonders what wrong with Jin Yi and Won Hae tells him that this is the second time she’s lost her place to Ha Na.

Ha Na goes to the bathroom and asks is Jin Yi is mad. She tells her that she’s not and goes to use the toilet. She starts to cry and Ha Na feels bad. Ha Na tells her that she’ll ask to stand behind her and she can have her spot. When they return Jin Yi is back to normal, and Ha Na tells Won Hae that she’s camera shy and would like to not be in the 2nd position. Jung Suk is a little surprised.

Gong Myung complains to Dong Young that he’s tired and asks to go to get coffee. Dong Young asks if he hasn’t heard from Ki Bum. Dong Young tells him that he’s not going to hang out with them until he passes.

while in the cafeteria, Ki Bum tells Gong Myung that Dong Youn wants to cut ties. Gong Myung is a little irritated by that. Chae Yeon takes the table next to them. A guy comes to ask her out and she refuses. Her friend asks why because he was cute and claims that she’s never liked a male idol. Chae Yeon tells her that she’s wrong, and informs her that she liked SHINee. Gong Myung asks Ki Bum is Min Oh hadn’t gone to school with him. Chae Yeon mentions that Min Oh is her ideal type. Ki Bum tells her that for her high and mighty personality she sure has bad taste in men. HE tells her that Min Oh is a thug and learnt his moves from him. He starts to dance but Gong Myung tells him that Chae Yeon is gone.

The group goes back to shoot and Ha Na takes her 3rd position. Jung Suk speaks up and makes it seem like it’s his idea that Ha Na should stand beside him. He tells Won Hae that Jin Yi gives off an old vibe and he would look older standing next to her. He wants Ha Na there to make him look younger. Jin Yi tries to tell him that Ha Na is camera shy but he doesn’t believe her. He tells her that the class has his name on it so he had the right to decide. When Ha Na doesn’t move right away he drags her to him, but his hand lingers a little too long.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 13.46.04.png

On the drive to the academy, Jin Woong is sleepy and would love to go home and sleep. He wonders what was up with Jung Suk because he’s notorious about staying out of people’s business. Ha Na tries to get him to stop talking to no avail. Ha Na tries to say he probably just felt bad for lying and he apologises to Jin Yi. She assures Ha Na she’s not mad and then starts yelling at the car before him.

Ki Bum is still going on about Min Oh and Gong Myung asks why he hates him so much because he seems like a good guy. Ki Bum remembers all of the times that Min Oh bullied him. He decided to do something about it. After class, Ki Bum goes to write a post about Min Oh’s past.

The teachers return to the academy just in time to see professor Choi. They greet her and wish her well. Ji Woong tells Ha Na to greet her well since her leaving is the only reason she got into Jung Suk’s class. Choi tells them that it’s not the case. Jung Suk told her that she didn’t have the position before she could tell him that she couldn’t be part of the class.

Back in the office, Jin Woong mentions that since he actually did see potential in her she yelled at him for no reason. When Jung Suk arrives at the office she goes to see him. She apologises and tells him that she spoke with Choi. He tells her that she was overreacting before and didn’t want to see that again. She promises not to overreact. As soon as she goes to leave he calls her back. He tells her that she shouldn’t lower herself too much. He finds it better that she says what she wants bluntly and for her not to be doing what other people want.

She goes out and talks about Jung Suk and wonders why he’s acting all tsundere. Her phone reads off the definition of tsundere and she doesn’t believe that he would have feelings for her. Her phone starts to play a song for her.

A bunch of teenage girls are looking at new donation Min Oh gave when one runs in with the post that Ki Bum wrote. They start to look into him.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.11.38.png

Ha Na is teaching about a traditional character and calls him tsundere, and starts to giggle. Ki Bum wonders why she’s going on and on about tsundere but Gong Myung tells him to shut up. So instead he sends bad hand gestures towards Dong Young.

After class, Gong Myung goes to see Ha Na and gives her some throat lozenges. She thanks him and he asks if something good happened. She asks how he knew and he reminds her that he’s interested in her. She reminds him to stop being cute and to go and study. She leaves and Ki Bum wants to go eat. Gong Myung tries to invite Dong Young but is blown off.

While eating, Gong Myung tells Ki Bum that his post is really popular and all the comments are negative. Ki Bum can’t believe that Min Oh has managed to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. He writes a response and Gong Myung takes the phone and corrects it. Ki Bum tells the girls to focus on their studies.

Gong Myung tires to get Dong Young to come out and drink but he pretends to not know him. Ki Bum puts a post-it with the middle finger on Dong Youngs forehead and drags Gong Myung away.

Back at the office,  Ha Na tries to apologise by offering to take Jin Yi to dinner. She tells them she has plans but Jin Woong doesn’t believe her. Jin Yi reminds him that she has a boyfriend and leaves. Jin Woong asks for her to go out and drink with him but Ha Na wants to finish up her work for the joint class. Jin Woong wonders what person he should impersonate the first day of joint class and runs through them with Ha Na. Jung Suk comes in and Jin Woong asks if he’s leaving. He is informed that Jung Suk has work to do and Jin Woong assumes that love is in the air.

Ki Bum and Gong Myung are out drinking when Gong Myung wonders about Dong Young. Ki Bum reminds him that he’s being pounded by young girls. Gong Myung looks through the posts and they found out who he is and his photo. Ki Bum flips out at his phone.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.33.16.png

Ha Na looks up from her work briefly and wonders what’s up with Jung Suk. Once their eyes meet she puts her head back down and he closes the blinds. She gets a mail from Kim Won showing her the poster and she is happy how well it came out. Jung Suk goes to leave and Ha Na offers to take him to eat. He tells her that it’s fine and leaves. She contemplates sending the picture to her mother.

Dong Young is heading out and is handed a new phone by the guard. He’s told that Ki Bum asked him to give it to him. Dong Young doesn’t feel like he deserves it.

Kim Bum is walking home when he’s surrounded by the girls. They proceed to beat him up and tape him to a pole. They tell him to delete the post and he tries to do it quickly. Dong oYoung sees this and confronts the girls who end up beating him up too.

Ha Na goes out to have a beer and ramen. She gets a text about how her mother is proud of her for making it. She sees a poster and considers going for a karaoke song but doesn’t want anyone to recognise her. So she covers her face with hair to go and sing.

Meanwhile, at the same arcade Gong Myung loses at the came that he was playing. He gets up to leave and notices Ha Na. He smiles widely as he watches her sing. He pokes her head in and she tries to hide but confirm it’s him. She asks how he recognised her and he assures her it’s because he’s interested in her. She tries to leave but he insists that she finishes her song.

While walking home he tells her that she can sing. She makes him promises not to tell anyone, but since she was happy she needed to celebrate. Gong Myung is happy about there because when they saw each other in Yeosu he found that she looked sad. She thanks him for always looking out for her and tells him that he’s her favourite student. He tells her that rather than be her fav student he would like to be her boyfriend. She reminds him that she’s his teacher and he should stop being so cute. He notices her bus and grabs her hand. He tells her to run and leads her to the bus. He wishes her goodnight once she’s on the bus.

Screenshot 2016-09-26 14.51.30.png

We finish off with Jung Suk at a sushi bar eating sashimi. He tells the audience that he’s drinking alone to focus on him.

We see Jin Yi at the wine bar drinking alone. Jung Suk’s voice over tells us that when we’re sad or hurting drinking alone can comfort us. Jin Yi sends a few texts to Min Oh about how she wants to quit her job and she only wants him and wants to get married.

We see Ki Bum drinking a beer. Dong Young comes with some ointment and the phone. He puts it on Ki Bum’s nose. Ki Bum pushes him away saying that he didn’t want to be friends. Dong Young admits that he was wrong and apologises to him. Ki Bum calls him mean but Dong Young pulls him into a hug to let him cry.

Jung Suk’s voice-over reminds us that when things couldn’t be better drinks never takes better. We see Ha Na wondering what Jung Suk is having that night.

Jung Suk enjoys his food and is given squid on the house. He is reminded of Ha Na and chastises himself. When Ha Na puts a comment on Instagram he looks and wonders why she follows him. He puts down his phone and then picks it up again. He looks through her Instagram with a smile.

Ha Na is at her desk and wonders if he really has any feelings for her. She doesn’t know why and he would other than the fact she’s pretty. She wonders what to do if he asks her out and ends up tilting her chair backwards.

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