Let’s Drink Episode 6 Recap



We open with to see Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) drinking at a chic bar. A drunk woman tries t hit on him but he turns down her advances. When she mentions that he looks lonely he tells her that he enjoys being alone. He notices Ha Na’s (Park Ha Sun) comment and scoffs at it.

Ha Na is at home mulling over why Jung Suk is drinking hard liquor with the Join class starting the next day. She wants to drink too but decides to stay sober. It suddenly starts to rain with she’s preparing for class. When she tries to go to bed, thunder strikes and scares her into going back to prepare.

The following morning, Ha Na steps out to find it raining heavily. So much so, that as she’s walking to the station her umbrella flips inside out. While at the station, Ha Na looks at the poster and wonders why Jung Suk did what he did. She promises to focus on teaching as a way to thank him.

Ha Na is in the office preparing when Jin Yi (Hwang Wo Seul Hye) comes in. Jin Yi is surprised that she’s there so early preparing for the class. Ha Na admits that she couldn’t’ sleep after thinking about teaching in front of so many students. She asks Jin Yi is she’s nervous, but Jin Yi tells her to just do like she always does. Ha Na asks if she was excited because Jin Yi marked the date on the calendar. Jin Yi tells her that it’s her ovulation day and she’ll be sleeping with Min Oh to get pregnant. (I hate girls like these) Jin Yi explains that Min Oh doesn’t want to get married until his business is secure but she doesn’t want to wait. Jin Yi tells Ha Na that it’s a very important day. Jin Woong comes in parodying another drama.Jin Yi complains about him imitating a dark character and it does make Ha Na a little uncomfortable as well. Jung Suk comes in and Ha Na smiles at him and wishes him a good morning. He closes the blinds and wonders why she’s smiling. He smiles to himself then goes to work.

Dong Young goes into the cafeteria a and asks if he can have Chae Yeon’s leftovers. He tells her that he’s run out of that month’s allowance. He takes it when Ki Bum comes in, in a suit. Dong Young asks if he’s going somewhere and he admits that it’s his grandmother’s 70th birthday and he has to go. Chae Yeon tells him that if he’s come to Noryangjin, then he should study. Ki Bum tells her that she needs a new line and she kicks him in the shin. Ki Bum complains that she’ll ruin his suit when Dong Young reminds him of the rain.

Ha Na is walking the halls when she walks by Jung Suk’s class. She peaks in and comments on how good he is and wish she could be like that. When Jung Suk notices her at the door she walks away. She finds solace in the stairwell and starts talking to her phone. She admits how nervous she is and how much she really wants to impress Jung Suk. He phone asks if she likes him and she denies it.

Won Hae comes in and invites everyone out to eat since his in-laws had been talking to him all day about the academy’s profit margin. Jin Woong suggests that they go have soup but Won Hae wants an octopus stir-fry. Ha Na tells them that she’ll skip lunch. Jin Yi tells her that she shouldn’t skip it since she stayed up all night and didn’t eat breakfast. Jin Woong gives her a supplement pack and tells her to eat at least that.

Gong Myung is at home eating ramen and reading a manhwa when he has an idea for some wine. He goes to get some when his phone rings. Ki Bum asks him if he’s going to class and Gong Myung tells him he’s not. Ki Bum tells him that he has some place fun to go and asks him to bring his brother’s car.

Ha Na heads to class and wonders why she’s suddenly dizzy. She notices that she’s sweating and her heart is racing. She chalks it up to being nervous and she goes in to teach the class. Within her introduction speech, she ends up fainting.

Jung Suk is in the elevator and notices the poster. He checks his watch and wonders if Ha Na is doing well. He chastises himself for caring. He tells himself that he’s not worried for her but or his joint class. He steps out of the elevator to find Ha Na being carried on Dong Young’s back. He asks Won Hae what’s going on and Won Hae tells him that Ha Na fainted during her class.

Gong Myung takes Ki Bum to the party and tells him he’s a dedicated grandson. Ki Bum tells him what a trouble child he was and wants to thank his grandmother. When he remembers his track suit he calls Dong Young. He’s told that Dong Young is at the hospital. When Ki Bum hangs up, Gong Myung asks if something is wrong and Ki Bum tells him that something happened to Ha Na.

Ha Na wakes up and finds herself in the hospital. Dong Young tells her that she’s fainted and she wonders if she was very nervous. The doctors came and told her that it seemed to have been anaphylaxis shock that caused her to faint. (Um can I have her anaphylaxis, because when I have an allergic reaction I nearly die, not just faint. Also, it’s not a slow onset thing…) They ask what she ate and it was only the supplement pack. They want to run an allergy test so they tell her to rest. She asks Dong Young to forget that he’s heard that it’s an allergic reaction and she leaves.

Jung Suk is walking when he hears other teachers bad mouthing Ha Na and himself. He goes up to them and tells them that they shouldn’t bad mouth people unless they can bad mouth them to their face.

Ha Na returns and gets yelled at by Won Hae. She apologises and he asks if she’s hiding anything. She tells him now and he requests that medical report by Monday. He sends her off to reschedule her class.

Ha Na tries to cheer herself up but comes face to face with Jung Suk. She apologises and he tells her that she might not be ready for the opportunity. He reminds her that taking care of yourself is the first step of being a teacher but, in the end, he blames himself for picking her because he might have thought too highly of her.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 12.05.56.png

Ha Na goes to the stairwell and complains that she worked so hard for the opportunity that she messed up. She knew she was going to get yelled at but she didn’t expect to feel so sad.

Ki Bum goes to the party and hears his mother and grandmother talking. His grandmother has such faith that Ki Bum is going to pass this year and takes it as a good thing that he hasn’t come. Ki Bum decides to stay in the shadows and takes his grandmother’s words to heart. He watches the festivities before leaving.

While in the car Gong Myung contemplates texting Ha Na but he doesn’t want to disturb her. He calls Dong Young and finds out that Ha Na is away. When Gong Myung asks what happened Dong Young tells him it was an allergic reaction to a supplement but he’s not supposed to know. Dong Young hangs up with him. Ki Bum comes back to the car and tells Gong Myung to head out.

Jin Woong wants to go out to eat but Jin Yi tells them that she has plans. Just then Min Oh calls and cancels their plans. Ha Na wants to go home. Jin Woong offers her another supplement and she refuses before leaving. Jin Woong tries to get Jin Yi to come drink with him.

Ha Na is waiting for the bus when Won Hae texts her. he sends her comments and videos that the students are making. He wants her to write a formal apology when she gets home. Jung Suk happens to see her and wonders why she looks so down. He wonders if he was too harsh on her while she was sick. He tells himself that he’s not the one who made her sick.

Gong Myung pulls up and gets Ha Na to get into the car. While driving her home he tells her that he borrowed the car to drive her home. She asks if he heard and he’s up-to-date on what happened. He tells her that everyone probably thinks it’s nerves when it was really an allergic reaction. He feels like she should tell people but she doesn’t want to.

When they arrive home she thanks him and he asks which is her unit. She vaguely motions to one side of the building and he assumes it’s the 2nd floor. A neighbour comes to see her and tells her that he apartment is probably flooded due to a sewer backing up. Ha Na sends Gong Myung home but instead he comes inside to help her.

Screenshot 2016-09-27 12.33.27.png

Ki Bum drinks alone on the rooftop and opens his present for his grandmother. He pictures dancing with her. Chae Yeon comes out to see Ki Bum dancing and thinks he’s a psycho. When he falls and doesn’t get up, she starts to worry. She goes to check on him and she notices him crying. He tells her that she’s right that he should have been studying and had he passed he could have danced with his grandmother. He clings to Chae Yeon and cries until she pushes him off and goes back inside.

Ha Na takes Gong Myung out of supper to thank him for helping her. She apologises for taking up so much of his time. He tells her that it’s ok since he doesn’t study. She tries to asks why’s that and then remembers that she couldn’t teach the class anyways. She takes a shot of Soju and he asks if she ok enough to do that. He tells her that she probably needs a drink after how bad everything went. She tells him that she’s fine. As soon as Gong Myung tells her that it’s ok for her to be not ok in front of him the waterworks start. He tries to cheer her up but she feels like her life is ruined because of her fainting.

Jin Wong and Jin Yi are out eating and Jin Woong asks if she always really wants to see her boyfriend. She tells him that it’s the case and he’s really surprised. She asks if he and his wife were ready when they got married. He tells her that they weren’t and they started off in a rental unit and he was a newbie in Noryangjin. His alarm goes off and she asks if his wife is that important. After he leaves she admits that she wants to be that important for someone.

Jung Suk voice over begins with saying that drinking alone on a rainy day is the best because you can cry and it’ll be drowned out by the rain. By watching the rain you can feel like a little bit of grief gets washed away. We see Ha Na, Ki b\Bum and Jin Yi all drinking alone.

When Jin Woong arrives home, we find out that Wifu is his dog. He picks her up and grabs a beer from the fridge.

Gong Myung comes back and tries to give her a hangover drink She chastises him because she sent him home. She toppled over and he catches her. He lays her head on the other chair and looks at her sweetly.

Jung Suk checks Instagram and noticed that Ha Na hasn’t posted anything. He wonders if it’s because she’s mad or really sick. He tries to decide to call her but decides not to but he taps the button anyways. Gong Myung picks up the phone and Jung Suk hangs up. He wonders how she could be out drinking with a man and can’t think of who would date her, but he assumes any man would do.

Gong Myung tells her to wake up and tells her that he’ll go home when she does. She decides that they should go and when she sits up she has a napkin stuck to her face. He smiles and removes it before she goes to faint again. He catches her and places her head on his shoulder. He tells her that it looks like she really needs a boyfriend and asks her to be his girlfriend.

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