Let’s Drink Episode 8 Recap



Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) comes in and tells Gong Myung to turn down the volume since it sounds like he’s having a party. Gong Myung turns the computer towards him and shows him the recording of the show. Gong Myung inquiries about his relationship with Ha Na and he tells him that there isn’t on. Gong Myung doesn’t believe him and Jung Suk tells him that he was only with her to help her out for his joint class. Gong Myung accepts the answer and Jung Suk asks why he’s so interested and he brushes it off to being interested in his brother’s life. Jung Suk tells him to stop wasting energy and leaves. Gong Myung is happy that he got scared for no reason.

Jung Suk goes into his room and looks into the mirror he remembers the kiss and chastises himself for kissing such a low-quality woman

Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) is at home looking at the comments on the picture and smiles. She turns on her phone and then starts to asks how she’s supposed to face him. Her phone replies about a beef soup and she gets mad at it. She goes to bed and her bear falls  down and taps her lips. She flings it away and wonders what she’s going to do. We get a split screen with Jung Suk telling himself that it was nothing.

The next morning Ha Na catches the same elevator as Jung Suk. She mentions the incident and he awkwardly asks which one. She mentions their lips accidently met and he tells her that it very insignificant to him. He asks if it’s bothering her and she tells him that it’s not. They both seem a little irked. When they get to the 9th floor there is a lovely awkward scene involving leaving an elevator.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 11.12.53.png

Jin Woong comes in with a new impression that Ha Na places right away. Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) tells him to takes his seat. Jin Woong congratulates her on her web show and asks how she got Jung Suk on. Jin Yi agrees that she was also going to ask her. She couldn’t believe he came on and even danced. Jin Yi jumps on the bandwagon of Jung Suk having feelings for Ha Na. Jin Woong tells Ha Na that is Jin Yi is right he’s excited. Ha Na tells them to knock it off.

Jung Suk comes in and Won Hae is soon to follow. Won Hae inquires as to who he wants to take with him to the special lecture over the weekend. He tells him that it will in help promote them. Won Hae turns to Ha Na and tells her that since Jung Suk has already helped her a lot then she won’t be going. Ha Na tells Won Hae that she wouldn’t dream of going and gets up to get the morning coffee. Jung Suk’s eyes follow her until Jin Yi tries to sell him on using her while Jin Woong does the same. Jung Suk leaves and Won Hae digs into Jin Woong. Jung Suk is in his office and he can’t believe that everyone really wants to come with him but he’ll make his own choice. He looks over at Ha Na and wonders if she has no ambitions. He also wonders how she’s the last teacher into Noryangjin and he doesn’t understand why she’s so nice. He wants to show her that nice people do succeed but things are still awkward surrounding the kiss. He opens his blinds and quickly shuts them again when Ha Na looks at him.

Ki Bum, Gong Myung and Dong Young are in Jin Yi’s lecture. Ki Bum starts talking about how Jin Yi was extra sexy that day. His eyes lay on Chae Yeon and he goes into attack mode. Gong Myung silences him and asks Chae Yeon if she would tutor him. Ki Bum tells him that he needs better choices than to have her tutor him. Chae Yeon tells him that she’s not interested in it either since a friend of Ki Bum is not a friend of her. Chea Yeon leaves and Dong Young asks Ki Bum why he hates her so much. Ki Bum doesn’t have a reason he just does. (Dude you’re acting like a 5-year-old with a crush.

Ha Na returns to the office to find Jin Yi with her head on the ground. She asks what going on and is told that she’s down because she’s not going to the lecture. Jin Yi rips into him and he tells her that he’s also sad that he can’t go. Ha Na is surprised that neither of them are going and Won Hae comes in and tells her that she’s the lucky person who is going to be going to the lecture with Jung Suk. Jin Woong mentions that if Jung Suk keeps helping her then he might really have feelings for Ha Na. Jun Yi leaves followed shortly by Jin Woong and Ha Na sits there confused because she had no intentions of going.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 11.46.10.png

Ha Na is at the bus stop and starts to wonder about Jung Suk’s feelings. She chastises herself about thinking like that and she hears Gong Myung call for her. He offers to walk her home but she wants him to study. He asks why she didn’t tell him about her web show and was sad that he only saw it later. She wanted him to study and not to be distracted. He mentions about working hard to be her boyfriend and she punishes him a little. Gong Myung tells her that she shouldn’t get close to Jung Suk because there is something about him that irks him. Ha Na tells her not to worry because since he’s the best of the best in Noryangjin, he exists on another plane of existence. Her bus comes and they go their separate ways.

Ki Bum is on the roof putting out his laundry when Chae Yeon comes out. He asks what she’s doing and she tells him that staying in shape is important when studying. He leaves and as soon as he does, Chae Yeon’s stalker appears. She notices something but when she turns around she finds that door a little ajar. She goes back to her stretches.

Ha Na is getting ready for the special lecture that and wonders what she should wear. He pulls out an outfit and sees her bear in the back. She tells it not to gets it wrong that she wants to look good for the students and not Jung Suk. She gets a call from Jung Suk and is surprised where he is.

She tells him that she didn’t have to pick her up but he tells her that he’s doing it for his class. If she was late it would tarnish his reputation. She finds the view pretty and rolls down the window. He notices and takes down the top. He tells her that since she was enjoying the view, she can enjoy it better like this. He tells her that she’ll give a better lecture if she’s relaxed and tells her to enjoy the view. Ha Na notices the wine caves are near there and explains to Jin Woong what it is. She asks if he’d be interested in going since he likes alcohol and he tells her that he doesn’t like crowded places. He reminds her that they are there to work and she pulls out her preparations to review. He smiles at how organised the are.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 12.11.15.png

They arrive to find out that they were cancelled and when Jung Suk tears into the director he’s assured that Won Hae was told. Due to the electricity problems, emergency construction had to happen. Jung Suk tells Ha Na not to worry about anything and he’ll make sure they’re still compensated for the waste of a day. She tells him that she’s actually more disappointed because she’s worked so hard on the lecture and she wanted to show him a good lecture.

Dong Young is stealing Ramen when other students come in. They can’t believe what happened. They show Dong Young the post of Chae Yeon. Dong Young show it to Ki Bum and Gong Myung. He tells them that they were originally uploaded to a sit for upskirt shots and then shared around. They surmise that it’s probably someone who’s been dumped by her which is quite a few. They wonder if Chae Yeon knows about it and if they should report it. Chae Yeon comes over and asks what they’re talking about. She takes Dong Young’s phone and is shocked at what she sees.

Jung Suk brings Ha Na to the wine cellar since she wanted to see it. He tells her it’s to cheer her up since she was down and she needs to be in a good mood to give a good lecture. She thanks him and he tells her that he’s doing it for his joint class. (Liar!!) They go in and eventually Ha Na gets gold so Jung Suk tells her to put on his blazer. She only puts it on partway he finishes the process. She thanks him and he puts it up to the class again. Once her back is turned he admits that he’s cold but they continue on.

Chae Yeon comes to see the Ki Bum nd the phone who took the pictures is the same model as Ki Bum. Ki Bum tells her that he’s not the only person with this type of phone. Dong Young and Gong Myung tell her that the person who posted the pictures has a huge grudge against her for rejecting him and it’s not Ki Bum. Chae Yeon tells them that she did reject Ki Bum and we get to see that little experience , Chae Yeon throws out Ki Bum’s love letter and someone finds it and posts it to the forum. Dong Young comes and shows him and he thinks Chae Yeon did it. He confronts her and she tells him that it’s only natural that people hate roaches. He promises to hate her forever. He tells her that it’s not him and she doesn’t believe him and swears she’ll find evidence.

Jin Woong meets Won Hae for hiking. When Jin Woong asks why he admits he doesn’t want to be at home with his in-laws.Won Hae tells him how his in-laws were lecturing him about the academy and he just wanted a day off. They go hiking but Jin Woong turns into a pack mule. Won Hae feels so alive without his in-laws pestering him because of work. However, no  matter what Jin Woong says Won Hae brings it back to work.

At the wine cave, Ha Na and Jung Stastetse some wine. She finds it quite tasty but can’t read the label. Jung Suk translates it with his phone to red rose. She offers him to taste but he has to drive so he refuses. They find out that they have a similar taste in wine and when she goes for a high five he finds it tacky, but when she feels dejected he gives her a high five. She contemplates buying some but she sees the price and decides not to. She goes to the bathroom and Jung Suk checks the price and finds 30,000 won (30 usd) not that bad since he’s bought wine for 300,000.

Once outside, Jung Suk gives her the wine and tells her that she can drink it when she has time. He says it’s to help with the quality of the class. She thanks him and offers to take him out to drink. She tells him that she’s so grateful and would want to take him out to drink. She explains that if he feels under appreciated than it would have a negative effect on the teamwork aspect and his ability to manage the lectures. (Speaking his language now Ha Na) He agrees to go drinking with her because she makes a very good point.

Ki Bum is trying to figure out how to prove his innocents while Dong Young stares. He’s always wanted to meet the idiot in love and didn’t know it was his friend. He teases Ki Bum who lashes out. Gong Myung breaks up the fights and goes to do his online course. Gong Myung waits for the elevator with Chae Yeon. When the first one is full Chae Yeon goes to take the stairs. When Gong Myung notices she’s not there he gets an idea. He follows up the stairs and finds the creep who posted the pictures of Chae Yeon. She comes own the stairs and recognises the guy.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.28.18.png

Won Hae enjoyed the hike and Jin Woong agrees. He tells him that it was nice to get away from his in-laws and work. He tells Jin Woong he doesn’t know what it’s like and Jin Woong assures him he does. His impressions slipped out because he feels like he’s at work. He apologises and his alarm goes off early and he leaves. Won Hae pouts and mutter that he feels lonely.

Ha Na and Jung Suk sit down for a nice meal of shrimp. She says that it’s an honour that she gets to drink with him. She admits that she also like to drink alone and he admits that he saw her pictures on Instagram. They find out that they drink alone for the same reasons. She tells him that she’s not a master like him because she can’t go to a restaurant and drink alone. He tells her that life’s too short to care what people think. She agrees and feels like she has a lot to learn. She takes a shrimp and has problems holding it because of the heat. Jung Suk shells it for her and gives it back. She’s touched by the action.

Chae Yeon and Jung Suk come out of the police station and he’s glad that it’s over. With the culprit caught they can get the photos taken down. Chae Yeon suddenly breaks down and cries, but she doesn’t know why. (Coming down from an adrenaline high probably.) Gong Myung tells her to be more careful about how she rejects people. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like she needs to be. He warns her about all the psychos in the world. Chae Yeon tells him that she’ll never forget what he did. He tells her that she can forget so long as she apologises to Ki Bum.

Ki Bum is grateful that Gong Myung cleared his name but it strengthens his resolve to hate her. When he’s in the bathroom two guys come in and are talking about Chae Yeon’s pictures. They kind of wish that they don’t find the guy who’s taking them. Ki Bum leaves and comes back with a bucket of water. He throws it at them and reminds them that the pictures were illegally obtained and sharing them is illegal and they should delete them.

Jin Woong goes to visit his mother in the hospital. She doesn’t recognise him at first but when he goes to put the flowers in a vase she asks him where her daughter-in-law was. He tells his mother that he’s gotten a divorce and asks if she remembers. He decides that it’s best to forget that. He gets her to lie down so he can give her a message. He looks at his mother and fight back tears as he messages her legs.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.52.40.png

Ha Na goes to the bathroom and tells herself that she didn’t know she would like drinking with him so much. She wonders why he’s being so nice and even though he says it’s to manage the class better she’s not so sure. She thinks back to all the nice times they had together. She comes to the conclusion that he must like her.

We get Jung Suk’s voice over about drinking alone and how it and help up forget the bad of the day. Drinking alone gives the illusion of having a friend. We see Won Hae drinking alone and irritated that no one from home has called to check up on him, but he doesn’t know why they would.

Jung Suk wonders why he would be drinking with a women that night. She comes back and someone bumps into her and she nearly falls on Jung Suk. She apologises and tells her after the last accidently kiss. She suddenly falls silents and he tells her that it’s ok to repeat the same mistake then goes around and kisses her. Sadly, it was just a drunken hallucination and he asks why she’s raised her head.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 14.05.57.png

On the way back, she asks why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he tells her that he doesn’t want anything distracting him from his work. She tells him that he got mad when he thought she had a boyfriend. She asks if he was jealous. He doesn’t believe her but he starts stuttering. She asks if she likes her since she was taking care of her all day. He tells her it’s for the joint class but she mentions that doesn’t make sense. He kicks her out of the car and tells her to get some fresh air to clear her head.

Jung Suk gets back in the car and talks aloud like a crazy person about her getting it wrong and he could never like a woman like that.

Ha Na is on the bridge drinking. She remembers that Jung Suk told her to drink the wine to celebrate but instead she’s drinking it when she got dumped. She wonders what she wanted to hear from him and then wonders if she’s the one who likes him.

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