Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls



Also known as Everyday Life with Monster Girls or simply Monster Musume, this anime is based off of a manga of the same name. I fell in love with the manga before I found the anime. There are currently 10 volumes out with more to come, but sadly only 12 episodes of the anime.

Since I haven’t talked about a good harem anime lately I thought I’d write about my favourite. This quirky anime follows¬†Kurusu Kimihito, who has “volunteers” or rather gets Volunteered to help with the¬†Cultural Exchange Between Species Act by having girls from another species stay at his house. Of course, this wouldn’t be a harem anime is all of the girls didn’t fall for him.This is a slice of life anime as well so you can imagine a lot of crazy scenarios¬†occur.

I would definitely suggest a watch or even  a read. Also Enjoy laughing at some of the situations in the anime.



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