Switch Girl Season 2



After finally solidifying their relationship, Arata (Kimiyama Renn) and Nika (Nishiuchi Mariya) must now tackle being together. The two of them are new to relationships so they now have to figure out the ups and the downs that come with relationships. Due to the type of drama this is,  some of the situations are ridiculous. Though at the end they come out stronger because of it. Also, due to the main coupling being cemented we get to witness the budding of a secondary pairing. I won’t tell you who, but you’ll find out soon enough if you watch it.

They changed the actress who plays the monkey queen and they actually do play it up in the drama as well. I found this quite funny and stayed with the  tone of the show. the actors were again on point, and it followed the manga fantastically. I really wish there were more but I love the series none the less.


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