CrunchyRoll Fall Anime Lineup 2016 Part 1


It always surprises me when a new season starts on anime. It’s like I blink and it’s time to start anew. This season we have a lot of good titles.


Dream Festival

Were you going into withdrawal after the B-Project finished? Don’t worry this season has another idol anime for you. We follow Chizuru Sawamura who is scouted to be part of a famous boy band. He has no musical background but he has a fierce desire to prove himself to others. When he decides to try out being an idol, he resolves himself to work hard to uphold the ideals of the fans. The graphics are stunning and even with only one show I’m hooked.


Kaiju Girls

This is a short anime with very cute graphics. The background is that the world has found against Kaiju’s, big monsters, for years. Now after winning, there is a time for peace. However, girls who are born with Kaiju spirits in them are starting to appear. They are given the ability to transform. This anime follows school girls who are taught how to control their powers.


The Ancient Magus’ Bride

This OVA series is a prequel that I’ve never seen before. This isn’t a prequel to a pre-existing anime but rather to a manga. This anime gives the background story of Chise before she was sold to Elise, a non-human sorcerer. This allows us to see what she was like before she was accustomed to being Elise’s apprentice and future bride. This is going to be a 3 episode series with some space between each so don’t expect a rapid succession  watch.



Aliens that look like cats who explore our world in a way to try and get home. Did that catch your attention? yes? good!. That’s this anime goodbye… I kid. Though that is the premise this anime does something intriguing that I want to bring forward. The entire anime is 3d generated on a live action background. If only for that alone I say that it’s a good watch and interesting

CrunchyRoll Fall Anime Lineup 2016 Part 2

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