BTS Blood Sweat and Tears Music Video


I’m always in awe of Korean  music videos and the cinematography that goes into them. About 2 hours ago (when I’m writing this), Big Hit Entertainment just put up BTS’ new song. Similar to previous releases this is well worth the wait. I am really happy that this song really puts BTS’ rappers on display. This is the most screen time that I’ve seen for Suga, Rap monster and Jhope in a while. The song is catchy and upbeat and totally worth a listen.

The music video was stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off of any of the boys. They were all showed off nicely. The outfits are fantastic and colourful. I feel like I blink and these guys look better and better. The makeup artist did a fantastic job. This doesn’t quite beat out my favourite song but it’s close

This music video sheds the light on the boys as they turn into Men. Though they are still young, they have an older feeling in this video which allows the audience feel like they are growing up. Even though there has only been 5 months since Fire, and 4 months since Save Me, the group is giving off a different vibe and I like it.

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They are working hard and it shows so good going guys and I hope that Rap Monster’s leg heals quickly.


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