Jealousy Incarnate Episode 12 Recap



Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) drags Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) to see Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin). He insists on an answer but since Hwa Shin kicked her bucket of squids she explodes. He asks about it again and she tells Jung Won that it’s not the issue. He tries to tell her that he’ll buy her 100 squids but she tells him that it’s not the issue. She goes on about how that he can’t buy her hard work. She admits she doesn’t want to see either of them right then and has to catch them again. This places both the men under her brother and they grabs her and remove her from the beach.

Once Na Ri calms down she asks what they’re both doing there, and Jung Won mentions that she had suggested it but she couldn’t remember. She suggests them to got clean up but Hwa Shin walks away against her suggestion. Na Ri mentions that he must have come instead of Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) and Jung Won suddenly feels bad.

Na Ri and Jung Won goes to see the shower stall is closed, so Na Ri suggests using the hose. Jung Won grabs it and tells her to put her hands up. He tells her that hands up and do as he days. She tells him that she doesn’t want to and he starts spraying her. They are laughing and have a good time together with Hwa Shin is walking gloomy away.

Hwa Shin is walking away and feels something. He pulls a squid from behind his neck and vents his frustration at it before letting it go.

Jung Won and Na Ri help each other clean up in the cutest way possible. (Seriously can he be her permanent boyfriend *begs*) He offers to let her blow her nose but she doesn’t have to. She tries to him but it doesn’t work. He is surprised and then invites her out for supper. He teases her for using formal speech and gets her to simply say yup instead of yes. (Un instead of de)

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Ja Young asks Sung Sook how long they are going ti go around like twins. Sung Sook admits that she wants to make it work with Rak, however, Ja Young believes that he likes her. Sung Sook uses his wink as the proof he prefers her. They decide to see who will make him their man.

Rak asks Red how long she can live with both of them and which one she prefers. Dae Goo prefers Sung Sook, Chi Yeol prefers Ja Young and when Rak is asked he admits that he wishes both of them were his wives. He admits that he started to look at them as the best fit for Red but he’s come to like both of them. He admits he started seeing them like women. He tells her to hurry up and chose and that the other woman can not live with him. They all ask him why and he sends them to study.

Na Ri is returning and she notices Hwa Shin’s clothes. She goes to check on him and he doesn’t answer the door she walks in. She finds him pretending to sleep. She tells him that Jung Won is coming to pick her up for supper and he should join but he doesn’t respond.

She goes and gets dressed but she checks up on Hwa Shin before leaving. She finds him to be running a high fever and his chest is burning. She tries to get him to go to the hospital but he doesn’t want to. She threatens to tell everyone and then finally asks if he’s trying to kill himself. She gets him into the car and leaves just as Jung Won pulls up.

The doctors check Hwa Shin out and ask if he has a breast cancer surgery. Na Ri confirms that he did and they believe it seroma. They don’t want t worry right away and they pull more blood.

Screenshot 2016-10-10 18.12.22.png

Jung Won calls Na Ri but she doesn’t answer her phone because she left it in the car. He asks the production crew if Na Ri went somewhere and they tell him that she went somewhere with Hwa Shin.

Na Ri takes care of Hwa Shin at the hospital but he doesn’t want her to. She tries to cover him up abut he tells her to go away and kicks off the blankets. She puts the blanket on him and hugs him.  When he asks why she’s so good to him, she admits it’s because she feels bad for him. She explains that since he’s alone she feels bad and wants to be with him. Hwa Shin sends her away to get something leaving him alone at the hospital.

Jung Won calls Hwa Shin and asks where he is. Hwa Shin tells him he’s going back to Seoul. Just then Na Ri pulls up and he yells at her. about being worried. She apologises and tells him that she went to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. When going back to the hospital she finds Hwa Shin not there. When Jung Won leaves her there is some tension between them.

Hwa Shin goes to see his doctor find out that it isn’t seroma but she’s giving him medication. She inquires to Na Ri’s whereabouts and he tells them that she’s not going to be coming with him since he doesn’t need someone around who pities him for his sickness. He tacks on that he’s tired of being pitied before leaving.

Once back in Seoul Hwa Sin ignores all of Na Ri’s attempts to contact him. When he’s at work the director comes and sees him and shows him the schedule for the anchor test. Hwa Shin gets asked if he could sit as 2nd to Sung Sook if it comes down to it. He can’t believe that they are asking him to be her second and he walks out. He goes see Hye Won and agrees to her plan.

Hwa Shin’s mother comes to give him food and chastises him for not cleaning up. When she throws some  things out she pulls out a prescription for anti cancer meds. She doesn’t believe it’s her sons until she flips it over and sees his name. She wonders what he’s taking them for.

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Hye Won wonders if he should proposition her properly first. He wants to talk about the audition and Hye Won wants to talk about a date. They sit at the anchor desk and He sends Na Ri away because she’s finished recording. Hwa Shin and Hye Won start talking about their presentation and Hwa Shin gives her pointers. Na Ri doesn’t leave and takes notes for her own interview. Hwa Shin tells her to leave again and she wants to watch because she feels like she has a lot to learn. Hwa Shin reminds her that her job is only for 1 minute, unlike the anchors who have to do it for 1 hour.

Na Ri leaves feeling dejected.

Dong Gi comes in and tells the director that there were weather girls who applied. Na Joo-Hee comes on the screen putting on her guise as miss Korea. Sung Sook is certain that all of the male judges will vote for her. Dong Gi mentions that there was another applicant and everyone is floored that Na Ri applied.

Na Joo-Hee mentions to Na Ri that she isn’t what is expected and there are rival. Na Ri tells her to try her best and they go separate ways.

Hwa Shin goes to Dong Gi and asks to see the footage of him practising with Hye Won. Dong Gi tells him that Na Ri applied and plays her audition tape. In the tape she explains that her job as a weather girl has been the most interesting and Hwa Shin remembers all of her forecasts.

Hwa Shin walks out and comes face to face with Na Ri in the elevator. She mentions that the weather has the highest number of viewers because everyone is interested in the weather. She tells him that if he gets a position as the 9pm anchor that the ratings will drop. She assures him that even if she’s with Jung Won and he puts him on she’ll change the channel. She calls him a jerk and he tells her that Jung Won’s birthday is the following day and she should do something nice.

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Jung Won is sitting in his office trying to text Hwa Shin to meet up. Secretary Cha comes in with some paperwork and asks him to sign it. Cha inquires as to why he’s not meeting up with Hwa Shin and wonders if it’s because of the girl. Jung Won glares are him and Cha shuts up.

Na Ri waits for Hwa Shin and when he heads to his car she gets in. She asks him if she can get a lift because she wants to talk to him about Jung Won. She wonders what she should get him and Hwa Shin tells her to not use the money to buy him anything but to use her body. She decides to make a meal for him. Hwa Shin starts to answer her questions and ends up giving her a lift. Once they are close to home, she asks him to drop her off so she can do some groceries. She inquires briefly about Hye Won and he tells her that they’re dating. She wishes them the best of luck and heads out.

The war of the women start, Ja Young makes Rak a meal and gives him back the words he gave her. Sung Sook arrives in a black number with some wine. Rak seems to be enjoying the tug of war immensely.

Jung Won’s mother comes to see Jung Won but he’s out. She asks Cha when she started lying to her. She tells her that Na Ri has applied for the announcer position. She tells Cha to tell Na Ri and Jung Won that she’ll be on the panel of judges.

Jung Won waits for Hwa Shin at his apartment. Hwa Shin is about to walk away but Jung Won tells him that he came to see him and invites him out to drink. They go out and drink and Jung Won orders a box of Soju. The owner isn’t happy about it. Jung Won wonders why Hwa Shin never called him and Hwa Shin reminds him that he did the same. Hwa Shin reminds him that the winner is supposed to call the loser. Hwa Shin mentions that the soju tastes sweet and Jung Won tells him it’s because he’s drinking with a friend. He kisses him and Hwa Shin tells him his habit is coming out. Jung Won reminds him he use to do the same. Sung Sook arrives and they call her over she orders them peanuts and when Ja Young arrives they both kiss her on the cheek. Sung Sook leaves and Ja Young makes a bad comment about his friends.


Na Ri is walking home with the groceries.

Jung Won and Hwa Shin sing along to the radio when Na Ri happens upon them. Na Ri is pissed but Hwa Shin tells her that Jung Won drank most of it. Na Ri tells Jung Won that he shouldn’t drink. Hwa Shin tells Jung Won about the dinner and Jung Won insists on him coming to eat with them. He refuses but Jung Won won’t take no for an answer.

They arrive at the building and Na Ri chastises them for being so loud. They direct them to the bathroom. Once alone she notices Baum is in front of Hwa Shin’s door. She goes to get him but he scurries inside. He stops right next to Hwa Shin’s bed and she sees all  the drawing that Hwa Shin got from Baum. Na Ri is suddenly frozen in place.


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