Let’s Drink Episode 9 Recap



We get the mandatory food porn at the beginning of the show with Jung Suk eating.

Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) goes to get Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) at the Han river. She asks what made her drink so much and Ha Na tells her that she was upset. Jin Yi wants to take Ha Na home but Ha Na doesn’t want to be alone.

They go to Jin Yi’s place to drink more and Jin Yi can’t believe that Jung Suk just left her there. Ha Na admits to her friend that the worst thing is that she has come to like Jung Suk. She tells her that she first thought he was just trash but the more she got to know him the more she wanted to be acknowledged by him. She ended up asking him and that’s what led her to being left on the bridge.

Jung Suk can’t believe Ha Na mistook him for having his actions for him having affection for her. He starts to regret leaving Ha Na on the bridge and then chastises himself for it.

Ha Na goes to call Jung Suk but Jin Yi stops her. She wants to ask him to like her. Jin Yi finds that she’s crazy and she asks for her hands to be tied so she doesn’t call him . The next morning she wakes up completely disorientated and thinks she’s kidnapped. She tries to escape and Jin Yi wakes up. She removes the bag from her head and tells her what happened.

Ki Bum and Dong Young are eating when Ki Bum gets a text from Chae Yeon. He doesn’t understand what it is about and says she should follow her own advice. Chae Yeon comes in and tells him that it is to apologise for what she accused him of and not keeping the fact that he was the idiot a secret. He brushes her off and she wishes him well on the upcoming test.

Once they leave, Dong Young asks Ki Bum if he really doesn’t have any lingering feeling for Chae Yeon. He tells him that he was only temporarily crazy at the time and doesn’t need sure a wish washy person. Dong Young inquires as to what makes her that way and Ki Bum starts to talk about her hair and the way she parts it. Dong Young is convinced her likes her. Ki Bum refutes again and this time, he talks about her diet. Dong Young tells him that he has it hard before leaving. Once alone, Ki Bum looks at his phone and smiles.

Screenshot 2016-10-11 11.05.47.png

Jin Yi and Ha Na were eating and she asks why her hands were tied. Jin Yi tells her it was to stop calling him. Ha Na suddenly blanched and asked who she was trying not to call. Jin Yi tells her that she didn’t tell her and ha Na seems relieved. They start talking about the wedding and Ha Na remembers she needs to go help with the mock exam. She runs away and Jin Yi wonders if pretending to not know she liked Jung Suk was the best idea.

She moderates the exam and Gong Myung is taking the mock exam. Half way through he asks for a new answer sheet and passes her back on with the note that she looks tired. After the exam, he runs after her and she asks how the exam went. He asks if it’s because she wants him to hurry up so they can be together. She snaps and him and tells him that because she’s let him talk that way he seems to have forgotten she his teacher. She tells him that he should either study or get a job because the academy isn’t his playground and people put their life on the lines for the chance he has. She walks away leaving a shocked Gong Myung.

Jung Suk is getting ready for the wedding and wonders what he did to make Ha Na mistake him as being interested. He decides to try and show her that he’s out of her league by dress to the 10s. So he picks out his most expensive items.

They arrive at the wedding and Jin Yi inquiries to the amount of money. Jin Woong tells here that he’s put enough. He puts on an impression and Won Hae mentions that he doesn’t do impressions outside of work. Jin Woong admits that he has a few lined up for that evening. Jung Suk arrives and Won Hae compliments him. When Won Hae mentions that he looks like he’s wearing name brand things and Jung Suk mentions that he loves anything high-quality including women.

Ki Bum takes a look at his exam and can’t believe that he did so poorly. Gong Myung admits that he didn’t really pay attention to the questions that he was answering. Dong Gong comes in super happy because he passed. Gong Myung asks if he’ll tutor him but he tells him that he has no time. Gong Myung leaves and Dong Gon asks what his make was. Ki Bum tells him 255 and Dong Gong thinks it’s good for a beginner. Ki Bum blows up that it was his mark and walks away. Dong Gong half-heartedly apologises but Ki Bum won’t hear it.

Gong Myung re-listens to the recording on his phone and is determined to get down to studying.

Screenshot 2016-10-11 11.46.00.png

Jung Suk meets with Ha Na and she asks if he said those things because she was there. He admits that he did. She asks him to forget about everything that she said and apologises for the inconvenience. He asks if she thinks it’s a drama and that she’ll get her own cinderella story. She leaves really hurt.

Gong Myung goes and sits with Chea Yeon and asks if she did well. She tells him that she did and she’s determined to get out of there. He is happy that she’s back to normal and he was worried she would be traumatised after the event. She tells him that it solidified her want to get out of there. She sends him to go study and he admits that he wants to but he doesn’t know how. He asks her once again to tutor him and automatically assumes it’s a no before leaving. She watches his back sadly as he goes.

Gong Myung is having some water when she comes over and agrees to tutor him. She tells him that she’ll tutor him and that he has to do what she tell him to and he agrees.

We’re back at the wedding and Jin Woong is MCing. Won Hae is complaining about it taking so long. Jung Suk continues being awkward and telling them he only likes the best and Ha Na continues to feel hurt. This scene is so awkward that I would suggest watching it if you like the cringe effect. Eventually, Jung Suk leaves and Won Hae wonders why Jung Suk brings everything back to women that day.

Dong Gong comes out with chopsticks determined to eat what Ki Bum doesn’t. Ki Bum is still a little sore about him passing. When ki Bum leaves he admits that he’s jealous and Dong Gong thinks that he should be.

Gong Myung meets up with Chae Yeon at the bibimbap stand. He is amazed that she can eat and study at the same time. She passes him a pack of cue cards and tells him to study. He has difficulty eating and studying but witnesses her having no issue. They walk to the bookstore and she continues to move around obstacles with no issues. Once at the store, Chae Yeon sends Gong Myung to get some workbooks. When he turns around he notices that one of the staff members might cause an accident. When the books start to fall he shields her from the falling books. She makes sure he’s fine and he tells her that he’s just happy that she’s not hurt. He goes to the clerk to ask fo the books her was looking for.

Screenshot 2016-10-11 12.27.56.png

At the dinner, Won Hae asks about Jung Suk’s ideal women. He describes her as a well-educated women who makes 6 figures and has a supermodel figure. Everyone thinks it’s too much. Ha Na excuses herself under the pretense of work. Jin Yi follows her out an makes sure that she’s notleavingn because she mad. Ha Na doesn’t know what she’s talking about and leaves.

Jin Yi bumps into Jung Suk and tears into him. She accidently admits Ha Na’s feelings for him. She tells him that he doesn’t need to go on and on about her not being his type because she knows it already. Since she was drunk she wanted to know if he liked her back. She tells him not to tell Ha Na because she isn’t even supposed to know about her feelings. This leaves a confuses Jung Suk.

Ha Na gets on the bus in a daze and looks at her wallet she agrees that he is way out of her league and has decided to give up.

Ki Bum bumps into Dong Gon who he starts to tease again out of Jealousy and he drags him into the library. Chae Yeon comes to give Gong Myung an energy drink but he ignores her. She gets close when he turns his head. She hands him the drink ad goes back to her desk because looking over her shoulder at him.

At the wedding, everyone complains that Jung Suk left. Jin Yi gets irritated because of him and calls him bad luck. The 2 men assume it’s because she wants to get married but she leaves. Jin Woong tells Won Hae that Jin Yi’s boyfriend seems to be pushing the wedding off. Won Hae wants to go bad mouth her boyfriend but Jin Woong gets calls away because his mother is asking for him.

Ji Woong goes to the hospital and his mother asks why he’s lost so much weight and asks if it’s because of the divorce. He tells her not to worry about him and she admits that she wants to go home to cook him meals. He tells her that if she gets a little better than he’ll have her home. He hugs his mother tightly

Dong Gong goes to a restaurant and wants to buy a chicken to celebrate however he finds out that no one has sent his allowance. He calls his sister to tell her about the mock exams and she realises that she didn’t send the money because of their mother falling. since everyone was pitching in to help with her bills they forgot. He tells him that he’s fine.

He goes to the roof and bumps into Ki Bum. He gets teased and Dong Gong tells him that he’s envious of Ki Bum. Ki Bum suggests a switch. He’ll give him his parents if he can have the high test mark. Dong Gong leaves and goes to his room where there is a post-it about his rent. He cries when he sees his family sending him money.

Screenshot 2016-10-11 14.13.19.png

Ki Bum wonders if he should really give up. He leans over the railing and sees Gong Myung and Chae Yeon. He wonders what’s going on and watches their interactions.

Gong Myung bumps into Ha Na and asks why she’s there. She admits that she had things to do at the academy. She asks what he’s still doing out late and he admits that he was studying. He apologises for playing around and she was right because he wasn’t taking it seriously. She admits she didn’t want to hurt his feelings but he tells her that it was more motivating than anything else. She leaves on her bus and they wave goodbye.

We’re back at the beginning with Jung Suk drinking alone. He thinks over everything that he found out that day and wonders why Ha Na couldn’t tell him to his face that she liked him.

Ha Na sits in her room drinking alone and we have her voice overs tells use that drinking alone allows you to remember memories best kept hidden. She remembers all of the bad memories she has with Jung Suk. She tells herself that she just needs to know her place. She gets a series of positive texts from Gong Myung while makes her cry because she finds herself to be something opposite to what he thinks her to be.

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