Wolf Girl and Black Prince



Let’s talk live-action movies, shall we! This movie came out earlier this year and I was excited for it. Mainly because Yamazaki Kento got to me on my screen again since Death Note. He’s by far my favourite L.

This is an extremely condensed version of the anime but it gives a good base for someone who’s starting. It runs from Erika (Nikaido Fumi) entering high school and constructing that lie that she’s dating Sata Kyouya (Yamazaki Kento) to them becoming an official couple. There isn’t much back story telling us why Sata acts the way he does around women but it’s to be expected with the time limitations that they have.

I still really liked this movie and thought that it was executed very well. Though it’s not my favourite rendition of the story, it’s one that I can recommend for people to get a taste of what it’s about. Overall, I really liked it and Yamazaki was perfection in this role .


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