Surplus Princess



This drama is only found on kissasian and not on any other streaming services that I could find.

Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) is a mermaid who has fallen in love with celebrity chef Kwon Shi Kyung (Song Hae Rim) and in order to be with him she takes a potion to turn herself into a human. The only issue is that she must make her true love fall in love with her. She aims to get Shi Kyung to fall in love with her, all the while getting close to Lee Hyun Myung (On Joo Wan). Hyun Myung starts to fall for Ha Ni while trying to get over his recent breakup with Yoon Jin A (Park Hi Seo).

This is a cute little drama and I was routeing for Hyun Myung all the way. The only way I agreed to watch this was by knowing the ending and my friend Natalia told it to me. I liked the ending so I watched it. It’s fun and silly so I would definite suggest a watch when you can.


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