Apologies and Talk of the Future!!


As most have noticed, my recaps have been lagging the last few weeks. I have sadly been fighting multiple allergic reactions as well as a cold. I have been pushing myself to write the recaps but I can’t get motivated. So I’ve come to a tough decision. I am going to be putting recaps on hiatus until the new year to give myself chance to want to do them again. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop working on the ones I currently have. I will finish Let’s Drink and Jealousy Incarnate, but after that, there will be no new ones until January.

I know about 75% of you like my blog for my recaps, but as I run this myself while working a full-time job I have to think about my strain on myself. This will not stop the base of what I do. I will still have my reviews up, as well as my podcasts. I will continue expanding into different areas and look into different things that I can continue talking about. This break doesn’t mean my blog will fall silent, just that I need to step back a focus on other things.

I am very grateful to everyone and I know that this means my states will drop for the next few months. I’m ok with that so  can come back full tilt and ready to go. Thank you to everyone for your patience and I will do my best to come back full tilt in the new year.



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