Let’s Drink Episode 10 Recap



For a change, instead of opening up with Jung Suk out to eat, we have Ha Na having ramen while listening to music.

Jung Suk is driving Gon gMyung and he teases him for actually studying. Gong Myung tells him that he has a reason to pass now. When Jung Suk inquiries to the reason, Gong Myung tells him that it’s none of his business. Jung Suk gets Gong Myung to get out of his car so they don’t arrive together and when Gong Myung gets out he leaves the car door open and to bug his brother, he also opens the back passenger door.

Ha NA is walking to school and really doesn’t want to see Jung Suk that day. She tells herself that it’s not a sin to like him and she just has to get over him. She stops at a red light that Jung Suk pulls up to. He notices her and wonders why she’s distracted. Jin Yi’s words run through his mind. He is determined to get her to  give up on him. He blames her for wanting the unattainable and wonders if it’s his fault for being born so perfect.

Jung Suk walks into the office and Won Hae comes to see him. He tells him that he’s found a woman to introduce him to. He’s so excited that he’s found someone that he offers to set up the blind date. Jung Suk isn’t so sure about a blind date but after looking at Ha Na he agrees. Won Hae suggests meeting with her that day and Jung Suk begins to disagree but one look at Ha Na has him agreeing. He goes to his off, and Ha Na leaves. Jin Yi watches on sadly and glares at Jung Suk.

Jin Yi follows her out and asks if she’s ok because she seems a little down. Ha Na tells her that she’s fine and invites Jin Yi out for beer. Jin Yi believes that she’s pregnant this time and even brought a test before work. She tells Ha Na to wait while she takes it. Ha Na wishes her good luck. Jin Yi starts to cry and Ha Na asks if she got the 2 lines. Jin Yi comes out and tells her that she got her period. She comes to the conclusion that she has no chance of getting married

Screenshot 2016-10-15 19.41.52.png

Jung Suk meets with the woman and takes freely with her and happily. They are both happy to meet someone from the same school. Jung Suk’s mind keeps returning to Ha Na. No matter what the woman tells him he reverts back to Ha Na and compares the two women.

Ki Bum and Gong Young happen upon Gong Myung at the restaurant. Ki Bum tells him that it’s odd that he’s studying while eating. He tells him that he’s studying hard with master and his friends inquire to who his master his. He directs them to Chae Yeon who’s standing in line. Dong Young admits that it’s hard to imagine that she’d help anyone, but Gong Myung tells them that it’s payback for him finding the pervert. Chae Yeon returns and wonders why he called Ki Bum and Gong Myung tells her that he didn’t call them. Ki Bum agrees and then asks him to come play some games with them. Gong Myung refuses citing his studies as the reason and Ki Bum tries to persuade him. Chae Yeon tells him that he should respect Gong Myung’s desire to study and pulls him away.

Ki Bum tells Dong Young that he can’t believe that Chae Yeon is telling Gong Myung to cut them out of his life. Dong Young reminds him that he can be very disruptive. Dong Young tells him that the real reason that he doesn’t like it is because he’s jealous because he doesn’t want Gong Myung and Chae Yeon to get close while studying. He claims to not care and slaps Dong Young’s head. This just proves to Dong Young that he does care.

Jin Yi and Ha Na goes out to drink. Jin Yi tells Ha Na that Min Oh had told her that it was a relief that she wasn’t pregnant. Ha Na inquires about her obsession of being married and Jin Yi admits that it’s because she was lonely growing up after her parents passed and her plans were to get married after college. She tells her that they should make a fresh break. Jin Yi will break up with Min Oh and Ha Na should forget about that guy. (Is it wrong that I want Jin Yi with Jin Woong?) Ha Na inquires about ‘that guy’ and Jin Yi finally admits to knowing that Ha Na likes Jung Suk and that she accidently told him about her feelings. Jin Yi reminds her about her that he went on the date even though he knew her feelings which proves that he doesn’t like her.

They leave the restaurant and Ha Na is crying. Jin Yi tells her that she should no longer cry over men and that they should live a happy life. Ha Na starts to agree but she stops short by crying. Jin Yi admits that she would love to go back time to before she met Min Oh and Ha Na agrees. So they go to a club to dance and then to a bar to drink and sing. Each time one of the girls starts to cry the other comforts her. It turns out that the girls are really good dancers.

Ki Bum tries to sleep but he can’t because he keeps thinking about Gong Myung and Char Yeon’s budding relationship.

Ha NA walks up at 8 am the next morning and when she notices the time she freaks out because she has a meeting with Won Hae at 8:30.

Won Hae is waiting for Ha Na but at 8:40 he gets frustrated and gets up to leave. He bumps into Jin Woong and admits that he finds that day’s outfit a little unnerving. Jin Woong goes off in his impression and then Won Hae tears into him about losing 18 students. He mentions that he won’t complain because his class has more people than Ha Na but he needs to increase his numbers. Won Hae leaves and tells Jin Woong to send Ha Na and Jung Suk to his office when they arrive.

Ha Na comes in and he yells at her for being late. She apologises and he smells the alcohol on her breath. He tells her that he can’t believe that she got drunk and that’s why she’s late. He tells her that there was no increase in her class size and warns her that if she doesn’t increase her class size she’ll be out. Just then Jung Suk comes in and Won Hae inquires about his date. Won Hae ignores Ha Na and probes Jung Suk about the date. Ha Na feels uncomfortable and leaves. Once Ha Na leaves, Jung Suk clams up about the date and the possible future.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 20.42.56.png

Ha Na gets a phone call from her mother requesting another 300,000 won because of an accident at work that ruined a customer’s silk blouse. Ha Na inquires if she doesn’t have even 300, 000 won. She tears into her mother about her working part time since college to pay off her debts and even now she’s paying for her living expenses. He mother apologises and Ha Na starts to say that she wishes she was born into a rich family but she stops herself. She tells her mother that she’ll send the money and hangs up. (I half expected to see Jung Suk in the background.)

Ha Na preps herself for class but walks into the wrong lecture hall and Dong Young mentions as much. She leaves apologises and when Jung Suk arrives she leaves quickly. Jung Suk asks what’s going on and Dong Young tells him that Ha Na came into the wrong room by mistake and wonders if she’s half asleep. Jung Suk puts it up that she’s distracted because the guy she likes is seeing someone else but that doesn’t stop him from worrying about her.

Dong Young and Ki Bum go to the cafeteria and notices Gong Myung sitting across from Chae Yeon. Dong Gon mentions that he has other plans and really wonders if he’s going to cut Ki Bum out of his life just because Chae Yeon told him to. He sits next to them and Chae Yeon asks what he’s doing. Ki Bum wants to spend some time with Gong Myung. Chae Yeon tells him that they should go and Though there is a mild tug-of-war, Gong Myung apologises to Ki Bum and follows after Chae Yeon.

Jin Woong is in class when he realises they haven’t taken a break. He dismisses his students for the break and calls the hospital. He’s told that his mother is looking for him and is looking a little worse. They ask if he can come right away when he admits he’s in the middle of class and will come once it’s done. He tells his mother to wait a little longer and goes back to teaching. His phone keeps ringing and so he shuts it off. After class, he turns back on his phone and is shocked the hospital called so much. He gets a text that his mother has passed away and he needs to call them ASAP. (That is not how you break the news. When my father passed away we got a call telling my mother to bring a driver with no other details until we got there.)

Screenshot 2016-10-15 21.06.37.png

Ki Bum is watching Hong Myung and Chae Yeon studying. Gong Young comes up behind him and asks what he’s doing. He teases Ki Bum about being jealous but Ki Bum denies it. Dong Young calls him a liar and Ki Bum makes up an excuse about being worried and will go back studying.

Jung Suk goes to the restaurant with his date and she mentions that he didn’t seem to enjoy the movie. He admits that it wasn’t to his taste. He gets distracted about Ha Na again and the woman notices. She asks if something is wrong but he assures her that nothing is wrong.

Won Hae comes to invite them out to drink. He notices that Jung Suk isn’t there and remembers he has a date. He tells the women that he’s happy about Jung Suk going out and admits that it’s his sister-in-law. He also tells them that his sister-in-law’s only fault is that she goes crazy when she’s mad.

Jung Suk tells his date about drinking alone and she admits that she finds it lonely. He thinks of Ha Na’s response of understanding when he told her about it. He admits that he doesn’t think that they would work out because he keeps thinking of another woman. The Woman goes to leave but then goes batshit crazy on him. This scene is hilarious and should be watched.

Jin Woong comes in and excuses himself from going out to drink. He tells Won Hae that his mother just passed away and everyone is in shock.

Ki Bum and Dong Young go to eat. Gong Young inquires to why Ki Bum wanted to drink and he tells him that it’s just because. Ki Bum inquires about Gong Myung and Dong Young tells him that Gong Myung is studying. Ki Bum tries to call him but there is no answer. He gets frustrated and Dong Young asks why he needs him. Dong Youn tells Ki Bum to admit that he has feelings for Chae Yeon. Ki Bum offers him 10,000 won to calls Gong Myung.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 21.33.29.png

Gong Myung is studying when he notices Chae Yeon’s nose starts to bleed. He tells her to get some rest but she doesn’t want to. He gets Dong Young’s call and goes to answer it when Chae Yeon stops him. He inquires as to Chae Yeon’s motivation and she admits that she couldn’t get a job so she came to the school She is determined to pass the test and move on. Gong Myung tells her that she’s very persistent and he admits that he likes that about her. He goes to take the phone call. He tells Dong Young that he can’t come and when Ki Bum asks why  and Gong Myung doesn’t give him the reason just assures him there is on. Gong Myung re-listens to the recording of Ha Na.

The teachers go to see Jin Woong and are shocked how suddenly it happened. While in the other room, they hear about Jin Woong’s life from the other people talking. They find out that he got a divorce the previous year and even went to see his mother every day.

Ha Na goes to see him and inquires to why he didn’t tell them. He admits that even when he’s giving interesting lectures he loses students. He didn’t want his sad personal life to become public. He admits to having got a call half way through class but he didn’t go and he regrets that his mother had to pass away alone. He also admits that even if he turned back time, he still wouldn’t have left class. Ha Na tries to comfort him.

Ha Na talks to her phone about how she’s feeling guilty about being so distracted by a guy who doesn’t even like her. Just then her mother calls and she apologises for earlier. He mother admits that she’s the one who needs to apologises because she doesn’t do anything for Ha Na. Ha Na promises to focus on getting successful so that She doesn’t have to worry about money.

Won Hae returns to the funeral home and tells Jin Woong that he’ll be staying the night. He doesn’t what him to and wants him to go home to his family but Won Hae doesn’t listen He tells him to perk up and goes to clean up. Jin Woon g is touched but Won Hae’s actions.

Chae Yeon and Gong Myung part way and Ki Bum comes out of no\where and attack him. He talks about then growing apart but Gong Myung is confused. Dong Young holds Ki Bum and Gong Myung leaves. Ki Bum jumps on his back and accuses him of liking Chae Yeon but Gong Myung admits to liking someone else.

They go to the park and talk about it and Gong Myung admits that he wants to pass the test so he can date Ha Na. Ki Bum is over the tome happy with the confession and it proves to Dong Young that he likes Chae Yeon. Gong Myung tells him that with the height he’s swinging he’s probably in love.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 22.15.10.png

Jung Suk is out to drink solo when he starts to think about Ha Na. He wonders if he might like her but can’t accept that. He’s determined to not think about Ha Na, but no matter what his thoughts stray to her. He ends up drinking way too much.

On his way home he hallucinates and imagines Ha Na in his car with him. He tells the imaginary Ha Na he doesn’t like her.

A very drunk Jung Suk goes to see Ha Na and requests an apology. When she asks why he tells her that he’s Jung Suk but she’s made him think of her. She doesn’t understand and goes to walk away. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that he likes her.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 22.42.11.png

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