W – Two Worlds -Review-



This is a show that had an interesting concept and I enjoyed it. As of writing this it’s rating on Viki is at 9.8/10 so I’m not alone.

This drama follows Kang Chul (Lee Jung Suk), a character in Oh Sung Moon’s (Kim Eui Sung) graphic novel. After trying to kill Kang Chul off, both Sung Moon and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) get pulled into the world of the graphic novel.  Sung Moon continues to try and kill Kang Chul off while Yeon Joo simply wants him to be happy. This struggle added on to the graphic novel’s story line of Kang Chul trying to figure out who killed his family makes for an interesting ride.

This drama was a slow start for me I will admit that. Around 4 or 5 episodes in I really started to get into it. Lee Jung Suk is super cute in this drama and it took a while for me to see him as an action lead, but he delivered. I enjoyed it completely and would suggest that you watch it.

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