Crunchyroll Fall 2016 Anime Lineup Part 4



Girlish Number

This anime follows and up and coming star in the voice actor scene. Chitose Karasuma is a headstrong girl with a bad attitude. Though she wants to make it big in the voice acting industry, she continues to clash with other actors and gets minor roles. Her only goal is to make it big no matter what. This isn’t really an anime for me, but if you like idol animes this might work for you because it has the same feel.


Kiss Him, Not Me!

Did you not gets enough with the fudanshis last season? No? Then this is for you. This is a full-length anime following Kae Serinuma who was overweight until the death of her favourite character sends her into shock and she loses a bunch of weight. Suddenly, she comes back to school after being missing for a week as a whole new person. I love this manga that this is based on and it looks like the anime is giving it justice so far.


Brave Witches

This anime reminds be of a very fanservice filled version of Irregular at magic high school. It is a military anime that surrounds a group of girls with special powers who are the only people who can save the world from the enemies. I’m not a fan of military animes, and the female lead, Hikari Karibuchi, is always being compared to her sister who is a well known and respected commander. The animation is very pretty but it’s not for me.


This  is a cute, over the top anime that I am enjoying quite a bit. This is a whacky slice of like anime that I love. After the passing of her grandmother, Kanea can’t afford to keep up with the estate so she decides to sell it. However, her lodgers Beethoven and Mozart refuse to leave and Sousuke refuses to move out his musical gear in hopes she’ll stay. When the house is about to be torn down, Mozart gets the organ working and Beethoven uses his magical music powers to protect the house and thus the story begins. I love this anime and I think it’s going to be really fun to watch it.

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