New Game



Another slice-of-life anime based off a manga series. There are currently  5 books out, and 12 episodes.

Though I enjoyed the anime, this isn’t going to make my faves anytime soon. It’s a very basic slice-of-life that follows Aoba Suzakaze through her entering her new job at a video game development company.  Now I love slice-of-life animes, but I prefer them to have some type of story, even if it’s just character based. This anime is similar to Shiro Bako where there isn’t much of a story past getting the game out, leaving the characters very 2d. The character design was cute I just which there was no to it.

I have not read the manga so my critic is just about the anime. I would say pick it up and try for yourself.

Otaku Talks Anime – New Game


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