Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1)



Ok So we just finished talking about the Mercy Thompson series but I’m not ready to give up  on that world just yet. Lucky for me we have the Alpha and Omega series that is based in the same world just with the focus of the Marrok’s pack and Charles.

So the series actually starts with a short series but this book focuses on Charles and his new mate Anna. Anna didn’t know that werewolves were even a thing until she was viciously attacked by one. After her change, she gets beat into submission until Charles comes along. While working as the enforcer, he must figure out why she causes such a stir in his wolf, get used to the idea of having a mate while also tracking down the werewolf that has been attacking people in the pack’s territory. We also get to know about the Moors, Asil’s, past.

This book really expands on the character of Bran and Charles. I loved Asil as a character when I first met him in the Mercy Thompson books. This book allows use to look past the perceived insanity that he puts on for people. We also get to learn more about Charles, who always seems like an enigma. He’s written in a relatable what and it makes up forget that he is a hitman. But what I really like about this book, is the depth that it gives Bran. Figuring what it is that makes him tick and act the way he does is amazing. I’m looking forward to reading more.

As much as I love this book, the story was a little confusing at times. Though I’m happy that I pushed through the hard parts. Also, I feel like Charles could use a bit more empathy, though I can understand why he doesn’t have much since it would possibly burden him even more.


Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega #2)


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