Yes, this is another live action movie containing Yamazaki Kento. I love him as an actor I’ve been binge watching his movies.

Yamazaki comes back as the main lead Kugayama Shuusei in this live action movie. Shuusei is the school prince who is good at everything. One day, he and Nichimari Aoi (Gouriki Ayame) have an altercation that ends with Shuusei getting hurt. Aoi starts to take care of him and due to an accident he comes to live with her. This is their story of love and falling in love while transcending past wounds.

They did a good job condensing this story. However, there is much more that they could have touched on when it comes to Shuusei’s past but I can’t complain. It was a good rendition and a definite suggestion for people to watch.

Otaku Talk Movies – L-DK


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